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"Why do you have the boy's uniform? aren't you supposed to wear girl's one? and why is it your closet full of boys clothing? your need to find yourself a fashion counselor, your chest already flat you shouldn't hide too much or it'll disappear.."

Reborn keep rambling and bombarding the poor brunette with question and each of them is getting on her nerves.

"Will you stop that ! My chest is not that flat and it will not disappear !"

Tsuna began to take off her clothing, Reborn quickly stiffened.

"What are you doing?"

A tick appear on Tsuna's forehead.

"Changing.. what does it's look like to you? and will you please let me change my clothed in peace"

"Couldn't you that in the bathroom or something?"

"What? why do I need to? besides it's troublesome the bathroom is slippery.."

At this point Tsuna only wearing her bra and panties. Reborn quickly hides his face with his fedora hat and hop off to the kitchen.

'Stupid girl'

"What's with him? and his face is all red just now.. did he.. embarrassed?"

Tsuna chuckles a bit at the thought.

'He really does look kinda cute.. well, when his not his sadist mode that is..'


Tsuna have already done changing in her uniforms that is the boys uniform. Reborn is curios why is it her mother didn't question nor said anything about her uniform other than complaints to wear girl's one. He remember that the girl said something about hiding her gender last night.

But what he peek his curiosity is how the hell she hid it? Isn't the school student information will totally blow her cover off? or did he missed something?


Tsuna is on her way to the school followed by Reborn. Though she didn't question him but she did felt a bit annoyed because she know it'll be useless to retaliate at the little guy. The demon will never leave her alone especially when she have agreed to this.

They walked in awkward silence with Tsuna sweating bullet.

"How you did hide your gender?"

Reborn asked her bluntly. Tsuna laughed nervously.


Tsuna was thinking a lot of excuse and which one to pick and sound convincing she can't tell him that she hack the school student information and changed her gender now can she? she quickly look at her watch attempt to distract him but...


With a blink of an eye she gone with a flash. Reborn sighed and smirk he didn't need to rush things cause one by one the pieces will put together.

"Ne, ne Haru think polka dot designed is cute don't you think?"

"But isn't it kinda childish?"

"Hahi, then what designed would be perfect desu?

"Something more appealing and eye catching"

"Hana is so mature.."

"But Kyoko-chan would great with polka dot !"

"Frills too.."

Reborn who have been hearing those three girl talking reminding him the incident this morning he quickly shook his head. He can't think his target in that kinda way but she did have a deadly nice curve and her bre-... no, no, what the hell is he thinking he need to focus he needed to find to something that will calm his head down.

Leon who had been watching his master keep changing his expression to curios to mad to red to sad with a mixed of everything he quickly licked his master cheek and he petted his head and sighed.

"Lets go.."

At school

Tsuna barely made it in time luckily when she set her foot in the school the bell rang. She dragged her feet to her classroom like the usual no one payed any attention to her as if she doesn't even exist. Well whatever it'll be more easier anyway.

Before Reborn come crashing her life she still went to school wearing cap and glasses to hid her appearance but if she bumped into certain someone she usually run off before that certain someone catches her.

The teacher come in and announced about a student transferring he came from Italy and his name is Gokudera Hayato. The girls in Tsuna class was delighted having another hottie to droll over and make a fan-club to stalk him.

Tsuna had to wonder doesn't they have a life to live? other than stalking people.. really... Tsuna sighed as she hope this person also would ignored her existence. Much to her displeasure this Gokudera guy seems to look straight at her or more like in Tsuna opinion glared.

What now, what did she do now.. these days a lot of people invade her safety zone and breaking a wall that she always put on.


Gokudera Hayato have received an invitation to be one of the guardians of the next ruler and the candidate needed to be evaluate by him and deemed approved by all of his six guardians if he can't complete that mission that's mean the position will be given to one of his guardians.

This will be an easy win or so he thought but judging from the looks its hard to believe that a scrawny little guy is the candidate. The world will be in chaos if that piece of meat be the ruler.

Gokudera glared at him attempt to shake him off.



Tsuna suddenly felt a huge urged to kick someone ass and her intuition saying Gokudera Hayato. Now that's weird why would she want to kick his ass she would rather kick Reborn's. (Which is impossible)

It's lunch and Tsuna was about to go to her usual peaceful sanctuary that is at the roof top. But got interrupt when suddenly she been dragged by this new transferred guy.

"H-hey how rude ! Where are you dragging me?"

The class started to murmurs and all attention suddenly on her.

'This is bad I mean really bad ! Where is Reborn when I need him ! Oh wait ! No Reborn ! it possible his the one doing this... REEEBBBOORRRNN ! !'

Tsuna POV

This is weird why is this guy dragging me ! and what the hell is Reborn planning? So many thing I need to ask him and so little time and I bet Reborn even said to him don't even utter a word. And damn his grip is tight.

"W-where are you taking me?"

I asked him again. Still silence.

"H-hey are you okay?"






At this point my face is red as a tomato he doesn't need to point all those rude thing I know it myself.

"Evaluating done"

"what the heck are you taking about?"

Is he some kind a robot that Reborn send it to me to trained or something? Oh c'mon I'm still in school. But he seems pretty real to me though. No that's just ridiculous thinking Tsuna. This must have something to do with mafia thing.

"Intelligence - 0

Charisma - 0

Leadership - 0

Strength - 0

Appearance - 0

You're not fit to be the next ruler"

"H-hey ! That's rude who're you to judge me !"

"Now.. Fight me.."

He began to light up his dynamites and looks likes he want to aim it to me. wait, WAIT ! DYNAMITES ! ? where the heck did he got that thing ! and does he want to blow this school up ! we're in the building damn it !

I couldn't think of anything at this current situation and I could only see a shortcut to get the hell out the here is by the window but we are in the freaking fourth floor ! Like hell I want to suicide myself even if I'm that desperate to get the hell out of this mess.

I'll would never think of it ! ever ! B-but.. I clenched my fist and calmed down. He didn't make a move yet that's mean he want me to take the first move. I actually doesn't want to resort to this matter but..

Normal POV

Tsuna take a deep breath and closed her eyes. The second her open her eyes her personality changed to 360 degree. She had a menacing grinned attached at her face, she give out a weird and creepy vibe, her eyes is sharp and completely dark red.

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