The air in the prisons was musty and stale, and the walls were bleak and grey. Yue, Fern and Merleawe's footsteps echoed slightly, but the sound was muffled by the dampness of the stones and the moss that grew along the walls. Merleawe looked for a guard, but there didn't seem to be anyone around. Then she saw a flash of colour against the stones in the corner. She walked over to the corner, where a guard was collapsed and bleeding.

Yue looked grim, "Fern, hold his head up and I will heal him as much as I can," he said, his voice sounding tight with what Merleawe knew was worry. The guard's head was bleeding, but she watched the wound slowly close under Yue's hands. Yue's eyes were shut, and his mouth was in a think line indicating his focus. When he seemed to be exhausted, his magic flickering, the guard's eyes flickered.

"Are you alright?" Merleawe exclaimed quickly, "Is Vaith alright? Where is he?" The guard's eyes focused and he jumped up, only to lean on Merleawe as he realized the extent of his injuries.

"Cap'n brought in someone in a Black Knights uniform, said 'e found 'im in the street stealin'," began the guard in a tired voice, "but, weird thing was, Cap'n said 'e didn' know the man; 'e wasn' one of the Knights." Merleawe gasped. She hadn't realized the man in the street had been a fake. "When we 'eard that, us guards did some investigatin', an' we finds out the man's on the run from Caldia, Fisner an' Tilber. All that, an' the guy's a mage. 'E killed the prince in Tilber five years back. No sooner'n we discovers this, 'e's gotten out of 'is cage. 'E's fightin' us an' the Cap'n who's came back to check up on 'im, and 'e's mighty strong, too. 'E used wind magic an' took out some of us, then took one o' the other guard's swords an' started fightin' with it. 'E knocked me back with a blast o' wind just as the Cap'n was backin' 'im up out that there door." He pointed to the door they had come from.

"Yue, please stay and heal as many guards as you can," Merleawe managed to say through the haze of worry and fear that had taken over her mind, "I'm going to find Vaith." She ran out where she had come in, now noticing that the floor was scuffed up: in indicator of the battle that had been fought. She followed the footprints and small scrapes from swords along the path into the main road. The Man must be running low on magic; there was no evidence of wind magic being used anywhere around her.

Merleawe ran to the street and saw a man picking vegetables from the ground and putting them into a cart. "Excuse me," she said to him, "did you see two people fighting here?"

"Sure did," he huffed, "less than an hour back, I'd say. Two people in Black Knights clothes, I figured they were training. They went and knocked my cart over on their way and didn't even stop to pick it up!" He pointed her in the direction they had gone. Vaith seemed to be chasing the other man down the road, overpowering him.

Merleawe stopped and asked a few other people where they had gone, until she reached the end of the big road and saw, down a small path, some broken trees and leaves that had been blown around. The man had used his wind magic down that path. She ran as fast as she could, hoping desperately to not be too late. Vaith might have the upper hand with his sword, but not with magic. Finally, she heard the clanging of swords against each other. She stepped around a tree just in time to see Vaith's sword sweep down and put a shallow cut in his attacker's arm. The man jumped back, threw his sword at Vaith, and used the moment he dodged to unleash a blast of wind on him. Vaith flew back, dangerously close to sharp rocks and a cliff behind him, and his sword went flying from his hand. Merleawe stepped forward.

"Vaith," she cried, "are you alright?"

"I've been better," he replied, wiping a small cut on his cheek and spitting out a bit of blood. His attacker picked up Vaith's sword and grinned, advancing on him. Merleawe quickly surrounded the man with a circle of fire, trapping him. She turned to walk to Vaith, but heard the "whoosh" of wind putting out her flames. The man approached her, holding Vaith's sword. He threw gusts of wind at her and she parried them, but he came closer and closer, brandishing the steel weapon before him. He even threw some other spells at her: attacking spells that were weaker than his wind magic but more deadly. She continued to parry them, hating to think that she may have to take his life.

He swung the sword at her, and she dodged and knocked it from his hand with her magic. She cast a quick spell that bound his hands while they were free. "Vaith!" she cried. He had gotten up and was retrieving his sword.

"Turn away, Merleawe," Vaith said sadly to her, "many countries would like this man's body, but he is a dangerous criminal alive." She heard steel sinking into flesh and shuddered, then turned back to Vaith.

"I was so worried about you!" she cried. Strange, instead of settling now that they were out of danger, her heart seemed to be speeding up.

"And I was worried, watching you!" Vaith exclaimed, walking toward her, "I was no help at all."

"That's not true! You fought him back all the way over here, and got him away from people he might have hurt!" She took a step toward him as well, and her heart rate increased so that it was throbbing. "Thank you, for gathering everyone together, by the way. You know exactly how to put me at ease. I haven't been happier than today in ages. I.. I love you!"

"I haven't either," Vaith said, closing the distance between them and cupping her cheek in his hand, "and I've loved you for so long."

He tipped her face up and pressed his lips to hers. Merleawe slid one arm over his shoulder and the other into his hair. He deepened the kiss, sucking on her lip, and slid his hands down her sides. Everywhere he touched tingled and seemed to burn. Too soon, he broke the kiss.

"We shouldn't.." he said.

"There's nobody here to judge the Master Wizard now" she said breathily, and drew him back in.

This kiss was more intense. He lifted her and sat her on a rack nearby, making her slightly taller than him. His hands continued to run along her sides, and her fingers worked his hair as their lips moved against each other, their breath coming hot and fast. She licked his lip lightly, and he caught his tongue with hers. Her need for Vaith made Merleawe nearly breathless, and she was sure if she was standing, she would collapse into a puddle. Vaith broke the kiss again, leaning his forehead against hers.

"We really should get back," he panted, "not that I want to stop you."

"You're right, everyone must be worried sick at this point," her voice sounded airy, and she wished they didn't have to stop. Vaith walked over and threw the corpse of the man that had caused him so much trouble over one shoulder. He took Merleawe's hand with his free hand.

"Don't worry," he smiled at her, "we have all the time in the world now!" And with that, he pecked her on the cheek and they started walking toward their future.

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