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I looked at the man before me, studying him.

He was clearly a vampire, meaning that he was the vampire that had exited the room before. His hair was bronze, unruly and long; my fingers itched to touch it, to run my fingers through it over and over again, repeatedly.

His eyes were the same as mine, but they held a deep pain within them… telling me that there was something that was torturing him; I wanted nothing more than to erase what that something was.

His face, pale and sure to be hard – to humans that is, to a vampire another vampire's skin was pliable and soft – was so devastatingly beautiful; it was the face of a man who had great courage… a man that had been through hell and back and somehow survived…

… It was the face of a man that I knew… and knew well.

A gasp escaped me as I realized what my mind had already concocted and accepted.

This was him; this was my soldier.

He'd finally come home to me.

"Edward?" I asked, my mind still coming to grips with even the possibility that the single love of my life was really here, now, in this very moment. My fingers twitched, aching to just reach out across the few little inches of distance and touch him.

I reached out toward him, gasping sobs breaking and rattling through my body. His eyes seemed to melt, and smoulder as they watched me and my every move.

"Please," I whispered, almost to myself as I closed my eyes. "Dear God, if this is some mighty dream or a pile of hallucinations of some sort then grant me permission to touch him."

"You needn't ask God, my love," Edward's voice sounded and I wrenched my eyes open only to find his face right there in front of me, his every sweet breath fanning onto my face. "I'm real, my darling; this isn't a pile of hallucinations, nor is it a dream. I'm here."

"Oh god," I choked, looking up at him, my love for him – and his for me – shining through in our expressions. "You're here? You're real?"

He smiled, closing his eyes as the sweet nectar of bliss crossed his face. "Yes, my love, I'm finally here with you. God, I can't believe I've finally found you."

"Found me?" I whispered, a smiling coming across my face at the thought. My Edward had been looking for me all these years. "You were looking for me?"

He looked down at me, opening his eyes, a bizarre look of disbelief there. "Of course I was. I never forgot you, my Bella." He said and I smiled to myself as he continued. "Darling, I thought I was going crazy without you. During the war, I thought of you so often. I dreamed of you and spoke of you all the time; it was starting to aggravate the boys, actually."

He laughed and I couldn't help but join it. It felt so strange, to be laughing whole heartedly… especially with Edward here, talking to me. "I imagine it would have, sweetheart," I said and I smiled when he bent his head to look at me through his eyelashes. They were longer than I had remembered from my measly and flawed human memories, but they were so similar in ways that shocked me.

But I couldn't help but laugh when just a lock of his gorgeous, thick hair fell to his forehead, nearly in his eyes… I brushed it out of the way.

Edward purred and I gasped at the sound. He was beautiful and handsome when he was human, and the sounds he'd made in any situation had always been endearing – at times very deliciously arousing amongst other things – but as a vampire it was a wholly different experience.

I was now having trouble stopping myself from rubbing my thighs together; he was just so sinful in his seduction… it was marvellous.

But what was better was that he didn't even know he was doing it. That had always been the way with Edward and I was glad that that had maintained through his change and over the years.

Over the years… my mind repeated and I sighed as an unwelcome possibility wafted through to my brain.

Edward noticed my distress and frowned. "What's wrong, darling?"

"Have you-" I stopped, knowing that I would need to rephrase. It was already hard enough to ask and I was terribly afraid of the answer. "It's been many years since the war, Edward," I stressed.

"Yes, yes it has," he said, shifting closer to me, if that were even possible. "Love, just come out with it... What are you trying to ask?"

A huff of breath escaped me and I thought to myself, well, now's as good a time as ever.

"Uh, well," I said, still struggling. I closed my eyes and just… said it. "Have you been with another woman? It's been ninety-seven years, Edward and I know that men have urges that they need to fulfil…"

A finger silenced me and I gasped, opening my eyes only to see a very angry and confronted Edward.

"My darling," he said slowly, looking at me as his finger fell away from my lips. "Are you really suggesting that I have been intimate with someone other than you?"

I swallowed. "Well, I-"

His finger silenced me again. "The answer is no, my darling. I have never made love to anyone other than you. You are my love; it is impossible – not to mention painful – to think of being with anyone other than you." But that was when he looked with me, curiosity shining brightly in his eyes… as well as a little worry. "Have you…?"

I stopped him from proceeding any further. "Never and I never will. I would never dishonour our wedding vows."

Edward looked at me, hurt by what I said. "And you think I would? Do you doubt my love for you?"

I suddenly felt incredibly guilty, so guilty I couldn't look at him, so I looked down. But his hand was there under my chin and he made me look at him. "My darling, I have loved you since the first moment that I saw you. And I will love you until the end of my existence… or rather, until the earth stops spinning. I love you, Bella."

I whimpered, smiling as venom stung in my eyes. "I love you too, Edward. And I'm sorry I made you think I ever doubted your love and that you would ever be with someone else. I don't know what I was thinking because I know you love me; I have always known that. And I, too, have loved you since the second I first laid eyes on you. The only thing that kept me sane the last ninety-seven years was your things."

His brow crinkled as he smiled at me. "You have my things?"

I smiled, looking down at his hands. "Yes, of course I do. I could never give them away or sell them. I have everything of yours. I have your diary – which I still read often, by the way – and I have some of your plain clothes, your work clothes, your briefcase… I have every gift you ever gave me. I have pictures of you, as well; of our wedding day and your baby pictures." I smiled as I flicked through them in my mind, but then I breathed in deeply. "They sent me your uniform… and your medals… and all the things you had with you there in Gallipoli."

My breath hitched at the name of the place where I'd thought my husband had died.

"I'm sorry," I said, burrowing into myself only to gasp when Edward pulled me into his arms, spinning us around slowly so that he was sitting against the wall with me in his lap.

I curled around him, fitting him like a glove as I marvelled at the feeling of being surrounded by him, of being in his arms again after all this time. It was like a dream, in which I was floating only to be pulled down by what Edward said next.

"I had pictures of you, too, my darling," he whispered into my ear and I sighed as I leaned my head on his shoulder, looking up at him. I wasn't all that surprised. I knew my husband. Now that he was here, it only made sense that he had had something of me on his person for the years that we had been apart. Even as a human when he went to work, he had done so. He always had something of me to remind him. "I still do."

I looked down at his hands and gasped. Sitting there, on his left hand's third finger, was the wedding ring that I had put on him. I traced it, feeling Edward's lips on my temple. My hands or perhaps my entire body was trembling as I traced the symbol of our love over and over again, revelling in the sight of it.

"Oh Edward," I cried happily, looking up at him. He was smiling down at me, also emotional. "You still have your ring…"

I looked at it, stared at it and then at him, alternating constantly. I was just so happy…

Until Edward took my hand, obviously looking for my ring.

Of course, he did not know that the rings that he had given me were around my neck on the chain – as they always were when we were in public… when we weren't, they were on my finger – that had held the beautiful little necklace that he had given me on our first anniversary. It was our first of three as humans – first of two that we had celebrated together, the last one having been a few weeks after he'd died – meaning that this year, in a matter of weeks, would be our one hundredth wedding anniversary.

Something that now made me exceedingly happy.

"Where are your rings, my darling?" He asked and I looked up at him, smiling. He seemed hurt but that changed when he saw my smile; when he saw it, he became very confused.

I chuckled and kissed his nose; he had always been adorable and somehow very arousing in his handsomeness when he was confused. My hand reached up to the chain around my neck, bringing it to his attention and his hand came up to hold it, my rings resting against his palm. I smiled at the sight then looked at his face, watching him as he stared at the rings he had given me for a moment before looking up at me.

I had always been able to read him and so I knew instantly what I wanted. It was so sweet and loving that I nearly cried, nodding at him. He smiled to himself as he reached around to the back of my neck and unclasped the necklace. It fell away, quickly caught by my husband's hands.

He smiled as he slid the rings off the chain and looked between the rings and me, before sighing. "Dear Lord, how I've wanted to do this again. How I've longed to do this again… and now I can."

And then he grasped my left hand with his own left hand and we looked at each other for a sweet, sweet moment.

And when he slid the rings onto my finger, my breath hitched and I couldn't help but throw myself at him. Our lips collided and we were swept away in the greatest and most all-consuming kiss of our time together.


I moaned, my finger reaching up to thread through his hair and he groaned, his tongue darting forcefully but sweetly through his lips and in through mine.

The feeling of our tongues meeting made me whimper; this was what I had day dreamed and, when I was human, dreamed of doing since that horrible morning that he left for the war.

And I was finally feeling it again. I was finally here with my love, and in this moment, I wanted him. Dear God, did I want him.

Edward growled when he felt my core grind down on his erection. I was shameless; this was a new age, but it was also the desperation to be one once again with my husband after all these years.

"Edward, please," I moaned against his lips. We were both panting as we looked at each other, reading the other and what they were thinking.

He frowned. "And to think that I can read every mind I've ever come across… except the one I want to hear so dearly."

"You read minds?" I asked, my mind flying at the possibility of what he must have heard over the years.

He smiled, nuzzling his nose against mine. "Mm-hmm," he breathed, his breath once again fanning across my face and I inhaled it gladly, smiling at the sweetness of the taste.

It made me forget my own name… it made me forget everything besides him and me and what was happening right now.

I moaned as he kissed me again, barely feeling it when he lifted us off the ground, holding me and cupping my ass with his hands as he took off, away into the forest.

We kissed and kissed as he ran us through the trees and I could feel his smile as I nipped at his lips, smiling myself.

I laid my head on his shoulder tightening my legs and arms around his waist and neck. Our hair was flying behind us and the feeling of elated joy that passed through us as he ran us to a place that I didn't know was palpable.

I looked up at my soldier's face and was happy to the point of tears to see the smile that I had always loved as a human on his face. In his vampiric state, it was all the more beautiful.

And it made me want him so. Very. Much.

"Edward, stop," I whispered against his neck, leaning up to kiss the tender spot behind his ear.

Somehow, this was all different. As humans, Edward and I had known each other's bodies like the back of our hands; we knew what made each other squirm, whimper and moan, groan and scream in pleasure.

Now, it was all different. Nearly a hundred years on, we were both vampires that would have to learn those reactions all over again.

And I knew that we would not mind at all.

Edward slowed, eventually coming to a stop just as we reached a creek that I had never seen before. It was in a pool of sunlight, all around it were beautiful flowers; blue, purple and yellow.

Beyond the flowers, into the not-too-far distance was the end of the cliff. It was facing the east, meaning that this would perhaps be the best place in Forks to view the sunrise.

But we were not paying attention to the surroundings; only each other. Edward moved to put me down and I let him, staring into his eyes. I was mesmerised, as I had often become by doing this… by staring at my lovely man.

"I love you," he whispered and I closed my eyes in bliss at hearing those words again. I swear that I would never get enough of it, especially now after all that we had been through.

"I love you," I whispered back, reaching up on my tippy toes to be level with him. Well, as much as my 5'4" could with his 6'2".

He smiled back at me and dipped down oh so slowly to kiss me. I leaned up at the same time, and as our lips met, we both smiled.

What started off as a sweet, reuniting, loving kiss soon became a kiss that was like the one we'd had after he'd slid my rings back on. It became a kiss of fire, need and desperation, and soon whimpers and growls of need and lust resounded within the small clearing.

"I need you," Edward whispered against my lips, his hands trailing down my front.

I closed my eyes, venom stinging my eyes for a moment. I didn't reply; there was no need.

My breath hitched when Edward's hands reached the top of my skirt at my waist and I shuddered when Edward leaned down, his mouth open so I could feel his warm breath – warm to me because we were the same temperature everywhere – on my neck as he undid the bow there. His lips then touched my neck, caressing it finely as the skirt dropped to the ground, pooling at my feet.

I stepped out of it, arching my neck back and to my right so that he had better access to it.

This was going to be slow, I could feel it. And I loved my Edward for that all the more.

It continued on this way, Edward's lips at my neck, caressing and kissing as he slowly but surely undressed me down to my panties and bra.

Then I leaned back out of his arms just slightly so that I could undress him down to his underclothes.

And then, gone were his shirt, his shoes and his slacks; my blue shirt, my heels and my black skirt. We stood there, looking over one another for the first time in ninety-seven years.

We looked over the changes that the transformation from human to vampire had created. My hands drifted to Edward's muscled, chiselled chest, swallowing when he whimpered quietly and pulled me against him, into his arms.

My breath hitched at the feeling of us, our stomachs bare and touching and I wanted nothing more than to be one with him, in this instant.

"Edward," I whispered, leaning up to kiss his soft lips. Our heads cocked to opposite sides, our tongues delving together to meet in his mouth.

I moaned; his taste really was indescribable. Then again, it always had been.

His hands were all over me now; sweeping across my back, to my ass and then to my stomach only to glide up and between my breasts to cup my face.

My own hands wrapped around his waist, feeling the luscious skin there before my hands darted up his sides, to the back of his neck. I wrapped my arms around him tighter, gripping the hair at the back of his head and he pulled me against him even harder, making us moan.

We were never close enough; something we had distinguished even during our human years together.

I whimpered, needing totally bare skin against totally bare skin. Edward seemed to feel the same way, because he ripped off my bra and panties and then his boxers were gone, in tatters on the ground as well.

I moaned once again; he wouldn't believe how perpetually that turned me on.

We fell to the ground in a heap, all wrapped around each other. I smiled as I looked up at him, the sun on his skin making me gasp just as he did. We gazed at each other's bodies in wonder, never having seen anything as beautiful as what we were witnessing now.

"Dear God, love," Edward whispered, his hands cupping my full breasts. I moaned and whimpered, squeezing his waist with my legs as he rolled my nipples with his fingers, lovingly… softly…

It wasn't enough.

"More," I whispered and he smiled at me softly before his mouth descended on my left breast.

The breath in my body left me, my hands gripping at his hair as I moaned. Loudly.

This was like nothing I'd ever experienced.

This was pure, innocent and sweet bliss in its finest hours.

His tongue laved my breast and my nipple before sucking hard; he alternated between flicking licks, nips and sucking but all of it was amazing.

I was lost in sensation and for one moment, or perhaps a little longer, I wondered if anyone could come purely from this sweet torture that I was experiencing now.

If Edward was there partner, I was sure that he would.

I was surprised by the feelings that coursed through me in retaliation to that thought; possessiveness washed through me like a tsunami.

And so I couldn't help it when my mouth formed just one word.

"Mine," I whispered and I felt and heard Edward's purr. He released my breasts and crawled up my body so that we were face to face before he lay down on top of me.

I sighed at the feeling of his complete body weight on me. It was a glorious feeling…

… one that I would be experiencing many, many more times in our forever.

The thought made me smile.

"Yours, my darling," Edward cooed lovingly and I bit my lip as his lips leaned down and kissed across my collarbone. But then he sucked on it, before biting it… making me growl… and then he growled. Looking up at me, his eyes a glorious, delicious black – as I was sure mine were too – he smiled like the sinful seductive man that he was. "But you are mine, as well," he whispered before unleashing the greatest of pleasures and the worst of tortures on me, all in one.

His lips wrapped around one of my nipples and I arched up into him, rubbing my core against his glorious erection… moaning at what I felt.

My Edward had never had problems when it came to love making or anything intimate. Something that – by the looks of it – had carried on into his second life, much to my extraordinary pleasure.

I purred, "Oh dear, so hard for me darling." My hand slipped down to his length and I stroked it, making him groan and growl like a fierce lion.

"Always, love," he grunted against me as he grinded against me. We worked together, the pleasure making all sorts of sounds come through our mouths.

"Darling, please," I said passionately, looking up at him when I just couldn't take it anymore. "I need you inside me. Now."

He smiled and nodded, and then in one full thrust… he entered me.

A sob burst through my lips at the feeling of being one with my love, my soldier, my husband again after all these years. Edward gasped, his back arching, his head thrown back with a look of amazement, joy, elation and love on his face.

I clung to him as he slowly pulled back so that just the tip of him remained within me, only for him to thrust just a little faster back into me.

It was heaven and we swallowed each other's sounds as our lips met.

My hands nestled into his hair as we kissed and made love. Before long, we had established our rhythm and with each time that our hips met, the slaps of our skin against each other, grinding against each other before pulling back, we climbed higher toward that place that we needed to reach… that heaven that was waiting for us.

"I love you, I love you, I love you," I whimpered against his lips as he drove into me, slowly increasing his speed, his thrusts getting harder and faster which each thrust he made.

Before long, we were so close; our tongues were dancing, our hands gliding across each other's smooth skin, gripping and gripping, eliciting moans and whimpers of utter pleasure.

And then Edward smiled against my lips, signally that he was going to do the one thing that he knew would get both of us over that awaiting edge.

His finger wandered down between the valley of my breasts, down my tightening and flexing stomach and abdomen to my bundle of nerves.

He pressed it; hard.

And I shouted my husband's name to the bright, bright sky, the sun and the clouds, Edward doing the same as we came together.

We remained in the small clearing all day and all night, getting acquainted with one another's body again and again until we knew it just as well – if not better – than we had as humans.

Hours later, we were sitting there in the clearing, still wrapped up in each other – Edward's length still nestled deep within me – watching the sunrise of the new day…

… of the new era.

I smiled as I leaned my head against Edward's shoulder, feeling content for the first time since my darling had left for the war.

We touched and caressed each other, our lips never leaving the other's skin as we watched the sunrise.

It truly was beautiful, ethereal.

These sunrises were longer than a million years old, at the very least… but it had never looked this beautiful – seeing it with our better, vampire eyes – because Edward had never been there.

And now he was, making it perfect… serene.

As the sun rose in the sky, we stayed there, in each other's arms.

Something came to me, as I sat here, wrapped in Edward's arms. A question that I had wanted to ask since I'd first seen him, but that I'd never asked, having been too busy to do so.

"Edward?" I whispered into the almost completely silent opening.

"Yes, my darling," he whispered against my shoulder before kissing it.

I purred before answering, "How?"

He knew what I meant immediately and sighed. "You know the circumstances do you not, my love?"

"I do," I said, looking at him.

He smiled. "Well, I was laying there for twelve hours, my darling. I was alive, but just barely and it was hot; ever so hot, making it terribly hard to so much as breathe. When night fell, it was so very silent and it smelled… terrible; most others were either dead or about to die, just as I was… my eyes were closed and I could only think of you."

He looked down at me and I swallowed, my face twisted in pain. He hushed me and kissed my temple, my cheeks before continuing. "But then, I was moving. The air was all around me, blowing against me before it stopped suddenly. And then there was a searing, blinding pain, as if I was burning from the inside out."

He looked down at me once again, smiling. "I clung to my memories of you all through my transformation, darling. I was so very determined, from the minute I woke up, to find you." He shook his head, but there was a smile on his face as he trailed his finger across and down my bare shoulder and arm. "If I had known that you were here, in America… oh, my love I would have found you years ago. As it was, I had combed the world for you, or so I thought and as time went on, I thought that maybe you had… died," his voice faulted on that last word, but he carried on in a whisper. "That perhaps I was too late, but still I did not give up, instead becoming just that much more determined to find you before time ran out."

I smiled at his sweetness and devotion to me, but it was then that a thought occurred to me. "How did it not cause suspicion the next day, when your body was missing?"

He chuckled, "well, my love I would imagine that each side thought that the other had taken my body for some reason. And since neither was exactly on speaking terms with one another…"

He trailed off and we laughed, the sensations doing something yet again to the way we were connected…

We lost ourselves in one another for a small matter of minutes, our need having already been there but just needed a small push to fall off and over the edge.

And when we were ready to face what was coming and leave our isolation, we got up and dressed in the remainder of yesterday's clothes – without any under clothing, as it had all been ripped off by my darling – before taking the other's hand.

Edward held me against his body and I sighed as he kissed me, the perfection of his lips never ceasing to amaze me.

"Come on, soldier," I whispered against his lips. "Let's start our forever."

He smiled down at me, the still rising sun casting strangely coloured glints across his skin. It was beautiful.

"We already have, my darling."

And then he kissed me, there in the clearing… and I knew.

Yes, our forever had already started, many years ago… I had just been made to wait for my soldier to come home.

And now, he had.

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