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Summary: "Wimpy Skull, take care of my nephew for me – Reborn." From that letter, a life with Reborn's genius nephew, Tsuna Sawada becomes unavoidable. That wasn't good, especially when Skull himself has so many friends who might do the boy harm. AU; Skull27; All27

Note: If the Chapter titles are the atomic numbers, that means the chapter is mainly about Tsuna, or is in his point of view. And if the Chapter title is started with 'Stunt:', the chapter is mainly about Skull, or is in his point of view.

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~A Certain Wimpy Stuntman's Maelstrom~

Atomic Number 1: H (Hydrogen)

My name is Tsunayoshi Sawada. People call me Tsuna. I invent several nuclear warheads for my Dad's corporation. I live with my parents and brother in Italy. I love Chemistry. What I dislike is my Uncle, even if his mind is so brilliant that I can't help but feel attracted to him. It was purely intelligent, nothing else. Yeah, that's all. I don't even get why I should create this website, just browse away. You won't find anything anyways.

Iemitsu Sawada smiled when he saw his son's blog. It was purely academic, and only god knew how many scientists have open his blog for reference purposes, how many students have came and copy-paste Tsuna's blog posts as their Chemistry homework, and how many people came only to adore his son's face, like him now.

His eldest son was a genius. There weren't any other words for that. Tsuna was only three when he delved into Iemitsu's private study. With lovely ditzy Nana lost in her second pregnancy, Tsuna freely bit the weapon encyclopedia with his teeth, and eventually read it until he can recite weapons like fairytales. He was worried, Iemitsu was really worried. After all, his beloved son was only six when he can recite all parts of the encyclopedia. But he soon dismissed it as only Tsuna's hobby.

Their second son, Natsuhiko Sawada or Natsu was an exceedingly bright individual. He was born at the same day as his brother, and with the unusual sunset eyes he was born with, he made both Nana and Iemitsu forgot about their first son. When Natsu turned nine and Tsuna turned twelve, they gave presents to Natsu, but didn't give one Tsuna, saying that he was a big man already.

Tsuna didn't say anything as he usually does whenever his parents deal with him like he was an extra luggage compared to perfect Natsu. But instead of demanding presents like Iemitsu expects him to, Tsuna only gave him two sheets of paper. "Dad, I want you to look at these." He had said with undeterred confidence.

And it shocked Iemitsu to his bones. It was a nuclear warhead. And a very well-thought ones. And these looked like the final sketches he usually showed to the Boss of Vongola, CEDEF's sister company. The blond man was in the loss of words, and Tsuna only smiled to him. "Judging from your silence and awe-look, I suppose they're good enough." He said calculatingly. "Maybe I should show it to Verde." Tsuna said more to himself than to Iemitsu now. When the brunet turned around, Iemitsu could see something… weird in his eldest son.

It was coldness. Tsuna was cold and calculating. He demanded nothing but peace and quiet, and apparently he can't tolerate Natsu, or anyone else in that matter, being inside the study. Iemitsu's study was rarely used by anyone else besides Tsuna. It became Tsuna's personal sanctuary, and at first, Iemitsu didn't mind. Only when Tsuna nearly strangled Natsu for drawing inside the study that Iemitsu and Nana began to worry.

Nana was angry and it was really a rare occurrence. She sent Tsuna to his room – joint room with Natsu – and banned him from the study. It nearly drove his eldest son insane. After the punishment was over, he began to coop inside the study even more, designing weapons. Even when Nana, Iemitsu, and Natsu tried to get him back into their normal family routine again, Tsuna didn't want it anymore.

To be perfectly honest, Tsuna didn't like his family. That was why he rather played with people – scientists – online.

Tsuna proved himself to be extraordinarily smart and the headmaster had given him freedom from studies. He can stay all day inside the school's laboratory or library as long as he attended the tests. And only Takeshi Yamamoto dared to approach Tsuna amidst the boy's eccentric nature. And thus, he was his only friend.

In the middle school, Tsuna was granted the same thing by the principal: A freedom, laboratory, and library. Another scientist – although not as enthusiastic as Tsuna was – named Hayato Gokudera became his other best friend after Tsuna saved him on an accident in the lab. Life was good.

His uncle was a constant anomaly that Tsuna couldn't get rid of. Unlike his mother and father, who cared about Natsu more than they do about Tsuna, Uncle Reborn was different. He liked Tsuna more than anyone else in the family. The self proclaimed hitman even said that Tsuna is interesting. Much more interesting than Natsu could ever be.

But, Tsuna did feel that his uncle was horridly brilliant. That was probably why he felt close to the fedora wearer.

Tsuna never thought that his life would change. Boy, he was wrong.

~A Certain Wimpy Stuntman's Maelstrom~

"Onii," Natsu knocked the study's door carefully. He knew better not to disturb his brother when he did who knows what inside. He glanced at the wristwatch his mother gave to him when he was eight, four years ago, and sighed. His brother had been inside for almost four hours without any food or drinks. No wonder his brother was shorter than him.

The door opened slowly, and his brother greeted him with a narrowed eyes. "What is it, Natsu?" He asked hostilely.

But, by god, hostile or not, his brother was so hot – cute.

He wore a blue long pajama pants and a pressing white t-shirt with 'H2O ~Water for life~' plastered on his chest. It enveloped his petite body so tightly that it looked like he was naked. They looked alike, and they could be mistaken for twins. Natsu was taller than Tsuna, and got sunset-colored eyes instead of the brown ones like his brother. Other than that, they look alike.

"Wh-what? Why are you staring?" His brother stammered, still hostile. 'By god, Onii. You dunno what effect you can have on people just by dressing like you do now!' Natsu took a deep breath and looked at his brother in the eyes. "You got a phone call, from Uncle." He said, trying to not just drool at his brother's splendid features.

Tsuna sighed and took off the orange-rimmed glasses from his face. He put the glasses on the table beside the door. "Don't enter the study." He said menacingly to Natsu as he walked passed him. Natsu couldn't help it. He pouted and creased his eyebrows. His brother hated him. That's for sure. Apparently, Tsuna got ignored as a child because he constantly took Mama and Papa's affection from the older boy.

And Natsu was ready to do anything in his power to make his cutest Onii forgive him.

Natsu sighed to himself and closed the door. He made his way to the stairs and spotted his brother. He was still descending ever so carefully. Uncle Reborn once called him a wimp for being stupid enough to trip on the stairs of his own house and ever since then, Onii has been very careful to not slip and hurt himself.

Unfortunately, Onii's luck was scarce in any field that wasn't academicals.

"By god!" His brother screamed when he lost his footing. Natsu ran and held his brother's hand. The sunset-eyed boy pulled him into a hug and shielded his Onii from most of the blow. "Potassium Nitrate!" His brother shouted. "What the hell was that? !" Natsu thought that his brother was shouting at him, but he was wrong. His brother was looking at the stair where he lost his footing.

Natsu smiled and instinctively pulled his brother into a hug again. "Thank goodness you're fine, Onii!" He whispered.

The older brunet looked at him with narrowed eyes. He still looked hostile, but at least he was looking at Natsu straight in the eyes. "Thanks…" Onii whispered, and Natsu couldn't help but blush. Tsunayoshi Sawada, his own brother, was the cutest human being he'd ever seen. No amount of hostility could cover that natural charm his brother gave.

Onii helped him stand before taking the phone.

"How do you know it's me? What? Really? Darn…" Onii shook his head in defeated expression. "Huh? Your friend? By the door?" Onii looked at the door curiously. "EEEH? But-but, okay…" Onii closed the phone and approached the door. "Onii?" Natsu didn't like this one bit. Uncle Reborn's friends were bound to be dangerous. After all, their Uncle was a hitman.

But his brother said nothing, and kept on approaching the door. The steps he took were small, yet quick. And inevitably, his foot bumped to the umbrella holder and he tripped right in front of the door. "Onii!" Natsu jumped to his brother, accidentally sitting on his pelvis. At the same time, the door opened, revealing the oddest man he'd ever seen.

He had the oddest, spiky purple hair and purple make-ups to match his hair. He got piercings on his ear and mouth, and it was linked with a chain. Several bandage was on his face. He wore a full leather outfit and carried a motorcycle helmet.

"O-oooi, is dame-Tsuna here? I got a letter from Reborn-senpai." His voice was… weird. It resembled a girl's, but still deep enough baritone. Natsu could tell that he was nervous though. "Skull…-san?" Tsuna said with a slight blush.

Oh gods. Natsu knew exactly that his brother's tastes are always… the weird one.


Opening Stunt: Skull de Mort.

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