Gay, Straight, or Taken?

Chapter 1

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Narrator's POV

Gay, straight, or taken?

Mamoru will be dating three girls who all swear they're the one for him. But there's a twist. Mamoru has no idea that one is gay, one is straight, and one is taken. Think you can tell who's who? He'll be looking for clues.

If he picks the straight and available girl, they'll win a dream vacation together. But if he picks the gay or taken girl, he gets nothing. Will Mamoru be able to figure out who is gay, straight, or taken? Will you?

A man wearing a sky blue, long-sleeved buttoned shirt tucked under tan slacks, and black shoes, introduces himself in a confessional video.

"Hi, I'm Mamoru Chiba. I'm a doctor and today I'm hoping to meet three great girls, who hopefully would make this day fun and exciting."

Three girls walk side by side in slow-motion along the sandy shores of the beach. The first girl is a girl around 5'0" in height, with red, wavy hair. She wears a long white buttoned long-sleeved shirt, diamond earrings, a red knee-length skirt, and white high heels. She introduces herself in a confessional video.

"My name is Naru Osaka. I'm 23 and I own a jewelry shop."

The second girl is the tallest among the contestants and has aquamarine, wavy hair. She wears a revealing black dress, black high heels, and pearl earrings. She introduces herself in a confessional video.

"I'm Michiru Kaioh, 25 years old, and I'm a violinist and a painter."

The last girl is the shortest among the contestants. She is blonde and her signature hairstyle is pigtail buns. She wears a long-sleeved pink shirt, a gold necklace and pearl earrings, a white knee-length skirt, and white flat shoes. She introduces herself in a confessional video.

"Tsukino Usagi, 23 years old, currently unemployed. Nice to meet you all! I don't have any special talents except eating and sleeping."

Usagi snorts and laughs out loud after introducing herself in the video.

The three girls walk towards an empty wooden square table with 4 wooden chairs around it. They shake each others' hands and after that, sat down the wooden chairs.

"Hi girls! I'm Naru."

"I'm Michiru."

"And I'm Usagi."

Usagi looked at Naru.

"Wait… what is Naru doing here?"

Usagi approaches Naru and drags her away from the table. Usagi and Naru isolated themselves from Michiru.

"Naru, what are you doing here? I thought you were dating Umino?"

"Uh… we broke up."

"Oh… okay. Sorry to hear that. Good luck to us!"

"Yeah… thanks Usagi. Let's go back to our seats."

The moment they went back to their seats, Michiru asked them a question.

"So you girls know each other?"

"Uh… yeah pretty much." Naru said.

"We went to the same middle school!" Usagi said.

"That's nice." Michiru said with a smile.

"Yes it is…" Naru said while glaring at Usagi.

In a confessional video, Naru expresses her disappointment.

"I never expected Usagi would be a contestant in this dating game. Now I have competition. What's worse is that she's my best friend in middle school."

Usagi looks at Michiru's direction. She thoroughly examined Michiru from head to foot. Usagi becomes wide-eyed, her jaw drops, and blushes.

"Wow! You're so pretty, Michiru!"

"Uh… gosh. Thanks!"

Michiru smiled at Usagi.

Usagi notices an awkward silence between the three of them so she decides to break the ice.

"So, where's the hottie we're about to date?"

Naru answers Usagi. "Obviously, he's not yet here. But what do you think this man is going to be like?"

"Oh! Oh! I'm hoping he's tall, dark, handsome, sweet, romantic, a little protective, and a gentleman. But most importantly, he has to be handsome… and rich!" Usagi was blushing upon the thought of her ideal man.

"Usagi… don't you think that's a little unrealistic?"

"What? No! At least I'm honest, Naru."

Usagi giggles and blushes. Michiru and Naru sweat drops.

Michiru noticed she was a bit left out so she decided to join the two girls' conversation.

"How about you Naru? What do you think our date is going to be like?"

"Come to think of it, I really don't care about how he looks like. All that matters to me is the inside. If he's a good guy, then he will do for me."

Usagi criticizes Naru's answer. "Oh really Naru? That is… how should I put this? That answer is… something that only comes out of a celebrity's mouth?"

"Usagi, if you don't want to believe it, then don't."

"As you say… how about you Michiru? What's your type of guy?"

Michiru takes a long pause before answering.

"Hmm… I guess I go for tall, handsome men with sandy blonde hair."

Naru, Michiru, and Usagi spotted a well-dressed tall man with black hair walking towards them. Usagi and Naru drool over the sight of him while Michiru kept her composure.

"That guy must be our date." Michiru said.

"Oh my God! That man is a total hottie! Right, Usagi?" Naru said.

"I know right? He's the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen in my life! I wonder if he's also rich…"

Michiru just sweat drops. Usagi notices that the man walking towards them doesn't fit Michiru's type of guy.

"Ha! Michiru! He's not blonde! So does that mean you're going to back out?"

"Not a chance."

In a confessional video, Michiru expresses her thoughts regarding her competitors.

"I was surprised that Naru and Usagi know each other. Small world isn't it? I'm confident though that I will win this game… even if they team up."

In a confessional video, Mamoru says his expectations about the girls.

"Well, I'm not looking for anyone special. I hope to connect with them and have fun. I want to see where this date takes us."

The moment Mamoru reaches the table where the girls are, he begins introducing himself. One by one, he shakes the hands of the girls. He first shakes Naru's hand.

"Hi! I'm Mamoru and you are?"

"I'm Naru."

"Nice name."


Naru blushes.

In a confessional video, Naru gives her first impressions regarding Mamoru.

"Mamoru is dreamy. He is definitely Prince Charming material and he's too good to be true."

Mamoru shakes Michiru's hand next.

"I'm Mamoru. You are?"

"Michiru. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too!"

In a confessional video, Michiru gives her first impressions about Mamoru.

"Mamoru seems nice. He's tall, handsome, and he dresses well. He also seems like a gentleman. Definitely the type any girl would fall for."

Lastly, Mamoru shakes Usagi's hand.

"Name's Mamoru. What's yours?"


Usagi stared at Mamoru for a minute. She was so smitten by Mamoru that she zoned out and couldn't let go of Mamoru's hand.

"I can't believe I'm actually holding a handsome man's hand like this. We've only known each other for a minute but I feel like I've known him for an eternity. If he picks me, we're going to have a blast together in a vacation… we're going to swim together with the dolphins… build sandcastles together… go surfing… diving… you know? Vacation stuff in an island… just me… him… together… yes… what a really romantic sight… and we'll share a passionate kiss in the sunset… ah…"

"Uh… you can let go of my hand now odango-atama…" Mamoru said to Usagi.

Usagi wakes up from her daydream and lets go of Mamoru's hand and quickly apologizes to him.

"Oh… I'm really sorry. I was zoning out, huh? Wait, what did you just call me?"

"Uh yeah whatever, odango-atama."

"I can't believe it! Your handsome face contradicts your attitude! Stop calling me that name!"

Michiru and Naru intervene before a trivial fight happens between Usagi and Mamoru.

"That's enough you guys." Michiru said in a calm manner.

Michiru and Naru put themselves in between Usagi and Mamoru. Michiru blocks Mamoru from Usagi while Naru blocks Usagi from Mamoru.

In a confessional video, Mamoru gives his first impressions regarding the girls.

"The girls are really good-looking. In terms of first impressions, I would say that Michiru stands out the most. Not only is she the tallest, she's also the most gorgeous and she's well-composed… well-mannered… elegant… She's stunning, really."

Mamoru's cell phone rings. When Mamoru answered his cell phone, he heard a voice of a man.


"You may think that the girls you're dating today are single and available but they're not. One of them is taken and she's my girlfriend. If you choose her, we'll be taking your vacation. Good luck!"

The man on the other line hangs up. Mamoru was wide-eyed and couldn't believe what he just heard.

"So girls, it turns out that one of you is taken. Gosh. I wonder who among you is taken. Are you taken Naru?"




"Uh… what's your name again? Odango-atama?"

"Geez! Stop calling me that. I have a name and that is Usagi!"

"Oh right. You couldn't possibly be taken…"

"What did you just say?"


In a confessional video, Usagi expresses her disappointment over Mamoru.

"ARRRRRGGGHH! Mamoru! What a douchebag! How come he remembers Naru's name and Michiru's name and not mine?"

In a confessional video, Mamoru expresses his opinion regarding the twist of the game.

"This game is tough. Now I have to find which one of them has a boyfriend."

A few seconds later, Mamoru's cell phone rings again. This time, a woman with a deep, husky voice was on the line.


"Hello Mamoru. Now that you know that one of the girls is taken, I just want to let you know that one of the girls is gay. I know because I'm her girlfriend. If you pick her, we'll be going on a vacation together with your vacation. I wish you luck. And oh, turn your gaydar on. Bye."

The woman on the other line hangs up. Mamoru, again, is wide-eyed.

In a confessional video, Mamoru expresses his thoughts regarding the second twist.

"One of them is gay? Unbelievable!"

Mamoru reveals the new twist to the girls.

"Wow girls. Not only do I have to figure out which among you is taken. I also have to figure out which among you is gay. This game couldn't get any better. So, who among you girls is gay? Naru?"

"Not me."




"You finally said my name! Uh…do I look gay? I don't think so."

In a confessional video, Mamoru expresses his thoughts.

"Well, looks like I'm going to do some detective work. None of the girls would like to give themselves away. It's going to be a thorough investigation, if you ask me."

To be continued…