Chapter 13

                  Elrond entered their room from his study.  Celebrian lay upon their bed languidly, holding up a book in front of her face.  Elrond climbed in beside her.

                  " Are you sick, Kel?  It is not like you to lie in bed all day.  You missed breakfast this morning," Elrond kissed her forehead worriedly.

                  " I am an Elf, Herven.  I do not become sick, unlike you.  I simply lost my appetite this morning," Celebrian pulled the book closer to her face.

                  Elrond frowned at her mood.  She was pushing him away.  He glanced at the book title to see what she was so interested and then just stared: The raising of Elvin children.

                  " Kel, umm, Kel, what are you reading?" Elrond asked.

                  " A book, Elrond.  You spend your waking moments with them.  I am surprised you do not recognize them."

                  She smiled behind the cover of the book.  He knew and was trying to make sure he was right.  They had been married 20 years, a very short time indeed to already be bearing a child.  Celebrian refused to look at him, knowing she would give it away in a moment.

                  " Kel, the book is of children.  Did you forget to tell me something?" Elrond asked.

                  A child.  Elrond wanted to tell everyone.

                  " No."

His high hopes fell.  She was not pregnant.  Celebrian peeked over the book at his downcast face.  She knew how much he loved children.

                  " I did not forget to tell you anything, Herven.  Misheld certain information, but certainly did not forget," Celebrian finished.

                  A smile lit his face as he fell on his stomach to look up at her.

                  " Does this untold information have anything to do with the book you are reading?" he asked notchantly.

                  " Everything," Celebrian laid the book on her flat stomach, " We are going to have a child."

Elrond leaned up, giving her a kiss.  He flipped onto his back, scooting up to put an arm around hr shoulders.

                  " A child?" he looked at her.

                  " Yes, a child.  Do you want to write to tell my parents or shall I?" Celebrian asked.

                  " You.  Shall we announce it at dinner tonight?" Elrond replied.

                  " Yes, but I must tell Êlenrana first," Celebrian answered.

                  The talking ceased and Celebrian leaned against her immovable husband.  She closed her eyes, a peaceful smile spreading over her face as she daydreamt of a beautiful dark haired, blue-eyed child as Eletari had been.

                  " A child?"

Celebrian glanced up at her husband, catching the disbelief still on his face.  She giggled, giving his cheek a quick kiss with a slight nod.

                  " And do not try and tell me you do not want one or I will tie you to this bed and starve you," Celebrian poked his chest.

                  " I am hurt, Celebrian," Elrond feigned a hurt look.

                  " Oh hush and let me nap," Celebrian snuggled even more against him.

Silence fell again.

                  " A child?"


                  " Celeborn, Celeborn," Galadriel yelled as she ran down Lindon's halls swiftly.

Celeborn glanced over his shoulder, stopping his conversation with Círdan.  He watched her run with an admiring glance.  She had not lost one ounce of her fitness from when they had first met.  She was still as quick as Nessa.

                  " What is it?" he worriedly attached his hands to her waist to help slow her down.

Galadriel pushed his hands away, slapping them slightly, though she seemed to glow with happiness.

                  " I am fine, you old Elf.  Look at what came today from Imladris," she pushed a rumpled note into his hands.

                  Círdan watched with a smile.  He did not know what could cause Galadriel to light up so.  A grin spread across Celeborn's face as he glanced up.

                  " A child?"

                  " Yes, we must go to Imladris at once," Galadriel replied.

                  " We must.  I am going to be a grandfather."

Celeborn and Galadriel hurried away, talking together.

Círdan watched them go with a shrug.  He would probably act the same given the situation.


                  Celebrian watched Êlenrana closely as the girl sewed.

                  " Êlenrana, in Valinor, did you see an Eletari?" Celebrian asked suddenly.

                  " Yes, she and Nienna are my closest friends there.  Why do you ask?" Êlenrana replied, stilling her hands to look up.

                  " Elrond absolutely adored Eletari.  Both he and I knew her for the first 3 ears of her life.  I know he wants a little girl, but…" Celebrian trailed off.

                  " You know something you are not telling anyone," Êlenrana perceived.

                  Elrond paused outside the door, unsure of whether to enter or not.  They showed no knowledge of his presence and he had heard Celebrian's comment of Eletari.

*Surely she knows I will not be disappointed if it is not a girl?

                  " Êlenrana, you must promise not to tell a soul.  I'm still trying to figure out how to tell Elrond."

                  " I promise and you know my word is good," Êlenrana replied.

                  " We are not just having a child.  We are having children," Celebrian finally said.

                  " As in more than one?" Êlenrana asked.

Celebrian must have nodded for no answer came.

                  " You are not happy?" Êlenrana asked.

                  " No, I am just worried.  You do not think Elrond will be angry, do you?" Celebrian replied.

                  " And why would I be angry?" Elrond barged in.

He could not handle just listening to her anymore.

                  Celebrian's mouth dropped open as she stared at the stern lord in the doorway.

                  " I believe that is my cue to find Glorfindel," Êlenrana quickly left.

Elrond knelt in front of Celebrian.  She refused to look at him.  He tipped up her burning face.

                  " Celebrian, as long as the children are healthy, I care not if there is one or one hundred, though that would be an amazing feat," Elrond began.

Celebrian pushed him slightly, sending him an oh-thanks-a lot look.  His hands covered hers as his brown eyes met hers.

                  " What I'm trying to say is though a girl would be wonderful, I can deal with whatever is dealt.  Maybe Eru will bless us with one boy, one girl," Elrond said.

                  " I'm sorry for hiding it from you," Celebrian whispered.

Elrond gently kissed her forehead.

                  " Don't you ever, ever feel as if I am this solemn mean Elf-lord.  I am your husband, Kel.  If you care about something, I do also," Elrond smiled, their foreheads connecting, " I am your protector still."

                  " Though it was you who stole my virginity," Celebrian teased.

                  " Your parents allowed us to wed and you accepted," Elrond's mouth leaned towards her ear, " And as I remember, you were not the one complaining."

Celebrian blushed a little more.

                  Elrond stood first, then extending a hand to help her up.  One of his hands caressed the tiny bulge of her dress.  Celebrian slapped his hand away.

                  " I already feel as if I am a cargo bearing ship.  Do not make it worse."

He chuckled.  She was barely 5 months along.  He would hate to know how she would feel in a couple more months.

                  " Care to join me in a walk, m'lady?"

                  " Aye, my lord," Celebrian replied.

                  " Do not call me, my lord.  I get it enough from the servants and other dignitaries," Elrond said.

                  " Then do not call me m'lady.  I am your wife.  I get it enough from my handmaidens and other-"

Elrond pushed the smirking Celebrian slightly before she finished.

                  " Hey," she exclaimed, pushing back.

Elrond's arm wrapped around her waist as they entered the main hall.  He gave her a gentle kiss.

                  " Forgive me, love?" Elrond asked softly.

                  " Aye, Herven," Celebrian gently caressed his cheek, before leaning up to give him another kiss.

                  Many around smiled at the lord and lady's actions.  Elrond had never been one to display his affection, but Celebrian had quickly cured him of that.  At times, the 2 could be like children, playful and laughing, then angry the next minute.  Their bond was still young, but far from fragile.  Even after all the arguments the household staff had heard, not one time had the couple withheld forgiveness from each other.  Twas the way marriage should be.