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June 12th, 2010

Elektra leaned against the wall, taking deep breaths to calm herself down.

She looked over her appearance in the mirror, wishing the mirror was straight instead of on a slight angle. She fingered the white silk of her dress, closing her eyes and desperately wishing she was in another place. She was halfway through imagining a nice, serene place with no stress or wonky mirrors, when the door to the room opened and then slammed shut.

Elektra didn't even bother to open her eyes. "Abby, you know I am trying to teach you to knock."

"Yeah, whatever. You know you have to go out there."

"I know, but I just..." she trailed off, unsure.

Abby laughed in shock. "Are you kidding me? You, Elektra Natchios, fearless warrior and assassin, is afraid of walking down a little aisle and saying a few words at the end? Well, you do have to kiss my dad in the end, which is kinda gross, but that doesn't mean you should back out now. You're in a dress and everything! You NEVER wear dresses, E, so you might as well do what you came her to do, otherwise those hours looking for a dress you could actually stand wearing would all be for nothing, and I'll be damned if I let that happen since you practically dragged me all around every mall and wedding shop in the damn city!"

Elektra turned and glared at her. "Language, Abigail!"

Abby grinned. "See, that's the Elektra I know and love! So, you're not afraid to talk to the greatest warrior in all the land like she's a child-"

"Which she is," Elektra interrupted as she rolled her eyes.

"Not really. I am thirteen, so that means I am technically not a child, but a teenager."

"Yes, well, maturity wise I suppose," Elektra responded as she turned back to the mirror and began to tug and twist at her dress once more.

"I am so not getting into an argument with you right now. Right now, you have to get out there and get married!"

Sighing, Elektra turned to Abby once more. "I really don't want to," she moaned.

"Don't be a baby! You're, like, the toughest chick ever, but you're afraid of this? Puh-lease! It's just you, me, Dad and the creepy minister guy. No one else! The music is on a CD, for crying out loud! There's not even a piano player there!"

"I know, I just-"

"You just nothing! Your hair and make-up is done and you're in your dress, so let's go!"

"I really have to do this, don't I?"

"Well, come to think of it, you could leave now and run away, but then you would be breaking my dad's heart and I would have to hate you forever and swear vengeance and all that crap, so really, you don't have to, but it would be the logical choice. Besides, I know you love each other. I don't get it, but you do. It's really gross, but you do. Now, go!"

Elektra took a deep breath. "Okay. I'm getting married."

"Only if you get out there!"

"Okay, okay, I'm going." Elektra took a deep breath and opened the door.

August 17th, 2011

Elektra was freaking out.

She couldn't find her gun anywhere. She had looked all over the house and still couldn't find it. She had three hidden in separate place in the home, and she had found two of them in their right places, but the third was still to be found. She usually left that one in a locked drawer in the spare room, and she kept the key around her neck. She had looked in there, and it was nowhere to be found, but the key was nice and secure around her neck as it always was.

She hadn't been feeling well for a week or so prior to that, so she had wondered if she had taken it out for some reason and then forgotten about it and left it somewhere, but it hadn't been found. She sighed exasperatedly as she thumped down on the lounge, rubbing her face in frustration.

"Is everything alright love?" a warm, male voice came from behind her and her husband walked into the room.

"I can't find my third gun," she replied, and Mark frowned as he sat beside her.

"Why do you need it?"

"Well, I just wanted to have my guns with me on the trip, you know, just in case. You have a shotgun in your closet, and God only knows what Abby has hidden up in her room."

"Yeah, I believe I know where all the missing steak knives have been going."

"Me too," Elektra replied with a small smile. "Lord I am so tired and sore."

Mark looked at her with concern. "You haven't been feeling 100% lately. Are you sure you don't want to call off the trip and go see a doctor?"

"Yes, I am sure. Just rub my feet while we talk about the gun."

"You're so pushy, you know that?"

"Yeah, yeah," came the distant reply as Elektra turned so she was leaning against the arm of the couch and her feet were on her husband's lap. Mark took them in his hands and massaged them slowly, and Elektra shut her eyes and leaned her head back.

"Where do you think it went?" Mark asked his wife.

"What went?" Elektra asked distantly.

Mark laughed. "The third gun."

"I have no idea."

"I think I do," Mark commented, and Elektra shot up from her relaxed pose.

"Where?" she asked, but they were interrupted as the front door banged open and a loud voice called out.

"I'm homeee!" Abby half sung.

"Of course, the banging of the door wasn't a big enough clue," Mark commented sarcastically.

"Well, I just wanted to make sure you knew I was here. I didn't know if you'd hear the door. You are getting pretty old, after all," she said cheekily.

Elektra rolled her eyes and grabbed a magazine from the coffee table and threw it behind her in the direction of Abby, but Abby swiftly turned and caught it, spinning around and throwing it right back. The magazine spiraled as it sailed through the air, the pages parting all over the place, before it landed in Elektra's outstretched hand.

Mark snorted. "Show offs."

"Just 'cause you can't," Abby commented teasingly as she left the room and went into the kitchen.

"Abby, pick your bag up from the middle of the kitchen!" Elektra called, and Abby stopped, rolling her eyes.

"I swear you have super hearing or something! How did you know I put it down?"

"It's not super hearing, well, it kind of is, but it's also just that I know you far too well," Elektra called back with a smirk as she stood from the couch and walked into the kitchen where her stepdaughter was hunting for any form of junk food. Elektra stopped to kick the bag out of the way as it was still in the middle of the floor, and then walked over to where Abby was. "We don't have any junk, Abby. You finished it all off yesterday afternoon."

Abby rolled her eyes. "It's not my fault you refuse to buy more than a certain amount per month. It's annoying! I am a growing teen, and I need my junk!"

"No, you think you need your junk. There are apples in the bottom of the fridge."

"You know what? I am suddenly not so hungry anymore," Abby decided.

"Well, I'm not surprised," Elektra commented. "You slept over at Miranda's, and she always has a ton of food around for you to devour."

"Yep, and it was sooo good," Abby teased before flouncing out of the room, passing her father on the way out.

"Abby, come back and get your bag!" Elektra called, but she received no answer but the slam of a door.

Sighing, Mark moved to stand behind his wife and he slid his arms around her waist. "She is just stirring. She'll come and get it later."

"I know," Elektra replied. "I you think I am too hard on her? I mean, I'm not her mother, so do you think she doesn't like it when I act like I am?"

Mark sighed, leaning backwards against the bench and cradling his wife to him. "Elektra, I think you do your best to care for her but not invade her space. She will always miss her mother, but she respects and looks up to you, though she may not act like it all the time. Deep down, I know she still feels the admiration she did for you when you first came into our lives."

"I just don't want to be too hard on her, that's all. But, at the same time, she can't keep getting into trouble at school like this. She is suffering socially because of her behavior, and no one wants to spend time around her. Sometimes she comes out of her room looking sad and upset, and I want to reach out and help her, but I can't."

"Why not?" Mark asked softly.

"Because...that's not me. Once upon a time I would have been right up there holding her and talking to her about all her problems, but I just can't do that anymore. I am not Elektra Natchios anymore. I am not the meek, obedient girl that would do anything to please her father and care for others. I have a past, and it means that Elektra will never come back," she finished bitterly.

"Says who?" Mark asked sternly, releasing his wife and walking around so he could see her face. "Who says she can't come back?"

"Maybe the Elektra that killed all those people, and enjoyed it," Elektra replied, biting her lip and looking at the floor.

"No, Elektra! You have to stop thinking like this! The meek, obedient girl and the deadly assassin are you! That was all you, Elektra. Yes, you did the wrong thing, and you are suffering for it. I know you still have nightmares. Did you honestly think you could hide them from me? I know you are still hurting and feeling guilty about what you did, but in the end, I would have done the same. You needed money, and the only skills you had were fighting and killing. That was what you had been trained to do, and then all of a sudden you were shoved out of the place you had come to think of as your home by a man you had come to think of as your father, that old crone Stick. You were upset and in pain, and you wanted revenge. So, you did the thing that Stick would have never done, what he never would've wanted you to do. You killed many people, but in the end they were all crime lords, people who had killed others and ordered countless lives to be taken. It may not have been right, but you sure have made the world a better place because of it."

"It doesn't matter what I have done for the world, I still killed them. All of them. Just for money. Their lives were ended because I couldn't humble myself to find another way to get money. Why couldn't I have thought more? Why couldn't I have tried harder to be a better person?"


"No, Mark, I don't want to have this discussion anymore."

"E, please-"

"Mark, NO! I said I don't want to talk about it!"

"You know it's just going to get worse, E. You have to let it go."

"As you said, it's a part of me. It's who I am. One day I will have to kill again, and I will be no better than I was. This war is not over yet, and in the end, I will have to fight it for you and Abby. I don't care if it gets worse. I don't care if it destroys me. And, as much as I hate to say it, if it pulls us apart, then so be it. Because if I let this go, I will have nothing. I have to fight for you, for Abby. If I let this go, then I won't be able to."

"There is always a way, E. You don't have to live like this!"

"How should I do things differently, Mark? How would you do things differently?"

There was silence. "I don't know, E."

"Exactly. There is no other way. I killed those people, and though I wish I didn't, it's a part of me now. As you said, that little girl and the killer are the same person. They are both me, and I can't let go of myself."

"E, you have to let go sometime..."

Elektra bit back tears. "I know, but I can't do it. Not now. Not ever..."

Mark sighed softly and pulled his wife to him once more. "Oh, know I love you, right?"

Elektra nodded from where her head was buried in his chest. "I know," came the muffled reply.

Mark frowned. He knew she loved him too, but it might be nice to hear her say it once in a while.

Elektra pulled back and wiped at her eyes until there was no trace of tears or anything wrong. "So, where do you think it is?" she asked out of the blue.

"What?" Mark was confused.

"The gun. You said you thought you might know where it is just before Abby got home."

"Oh! That. Well, this is going to sound crazy, and I hate to say it, but, what if knives aren't the only thing Abby takes up to her room?"

Elektra stopped. "You don't think that she would..." she trailed off and Mark nodded reluctantly. Elektra sighed heavily. "I'll go talk to her."

"Good luck," he told her. "Call if you need my help, but I don't know if I'd be able to do much."

Elektra gave him a smile, glad to have their argument behind them. "Will do."

She picked up the bag left in the middle of the room, left the kitchen and walked up the stairs, heading towards her stepdaughter's room. Once she reached the door, she knocked gently. "Abby?"

"Who is it?" came the call from the room, and Elektra frowned as she heard the slam of a drawer being shut hard and the sound of hurried footsteps. A great warrior Abby may have been, but she could still benefit from a few lessons in stealth, which Elektra had wisely refused to give her until she was older. Much older.

"It's Elektra, but you already knew that," Elektra replied with a roll of her eyes.

There was a silence and a few more strange noises, before Abby finally called out to Elektra. "Come in!"

Elektra turned the handle and winced as the door creaked loudly. "We really should fix that," she commented as she walked into the room, but she didn't really mean it. Abby's door being creaky was really a blessing, as it meant that Elektra, with her good hearing, knew from anywhere in the house when Abby's door was opened, and therefore she knew when to look out for the girl running around the place causing problems.

"Yeah, we should," Abby replied from where she lay on the bed, a magazine in hand, but she wasn't really paying attention to what she was reading.

Elektra closed the door behind her and walked over, sitting on the bed. She threw the bag from where she sat and it landed in Abby's lap.

Abby looked up at her stepmother. "Thanks," she said sarcastically. shoving the offending luggage of her lap and onto the floor, picking up her now crinkled magazine.

"You're welcome," Elektra replied cheekily. She looked at the magazine, and shrugged. "It's not like you were reading it or anything."

Abby rolled her eyes. "Yeah, it was in my hands because I just thought it might be fun to hold."

"Well, I don't see why not! You weren't reading it after all."

"And how do you know that?" Abby asked, annoyed at Elektra's presence and comments.

"Well, I kinda got a hint when you were holding it upside down when I came in."

Abby's cheeks went bright red and she bit her lip, not knowing what to say. "What did you want?" she asked after a while.

"I was just wondering if you happened to know anything about the whereabouts of my gun," Elektra told her truthfully.

The red vanished from Abby's cheeks and she went a pale white. "I-I don't know what you're...what guns?"

Elektra laughed. "You know, you used to be such a good liar. Not so much anymore." She then became serious. "Abby, where is it?"

"I..." she trailed off, not knowing what to say. Elektra shook her head and looked around the room, seeing the set of drawers Abby usually kept her clothes in. All the drawers were open, except the top one.

With a big sigh, Elektra got up and opened the top drawer, peering inside. She sorted through the many pairs of socks for a moment before her hands met an all too familiar shape. Shaking her head, Elektra pulled the gun out and checked to make sure it was unloaded. After doing this, she turned to Abby, disappointment on her face.

"Abby, first the kitchen knives, now this? What next, a bomb?"

Abby merely remained seated on her bed, inspecting her nails and picking at imaginary bits of dirt.

Elektra moved forward and sat on the bed right next to the young teen. "Abby, I understand."

Abby looked up to her, tears in her eyes. "No, you don't," she managed weakly.

"No, I do. You take them because you're scared, and the fact that you're scared scares you. It's a big loop you can't break, no matter what you do, and you live your days in fear. You take those weapons because you want to feel safer and sleep better at night, and you do that knowing there's a gun in the top drawer and a knife under the bed."

"I'm scared..."

Elektra nodded in acknowledgement. "You're terrified that one day those people will walk through the front door and kill your father and I, and then take you away. And yes Abby, that is a very real possibility. I won't sugar coat it. No matter how hard we try to hide, they have the money, time, determination and resources to find us. And they will eventually. We have been lucky so far, to be able to catch wind of their presence in the area and leave in time, but one day, we won't be fast enough, and they will catch up with us, and they will try to kill and capture. And yes, that's scary, Abby. But you can't let the fear control you. You have to tell yourself that when they walk in that door to hurt us, you will be strong enough to stop them. I will be strong enough. We will fight together, and if I'm not mistaken, together, we're a force to be reckoned with."

Tears streaked down Abby's face. "Yeah, but what if they win? I mean, even if we defeat them in a battle, they have the people and the skills to win the war. We can't fight them forever."

"What happens, happens Abby. Neither of us can stop it. We just have to try our best, and keep telling ourselves that one day they will be gone and we will be free to live like we should." Elektra wanted to hold the crying girl in front of her, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. Not just yet. She could sit there and give a pep talk, but she would never let her guard down like that. She loved Abby as though she were her own daughter, and she would die for her, but she found herself unable to give the teen a simple hug.

Yeah, she was an incredible warrior.

"Bye, E. Stay safe, alright?" Mark instructed as he held his wife tightly. "I know you won't be gone for too long, but I know just how much mischief you can get up to in five minutes, let alone three days."

Elektra gave him a strained smile. "I think it's not you who should be worrying about me, but the other way around. You do have to be on 'Abby-Watch' 24/7 for the next 36 hours. Good luck." She leaned up and gave him a quick kiss, before turning to Abby, who had cleaned up to see Elektra off.

"Bye Abby. Don't get into trouble while I'm gone," Elektra instructed, giving the girl a nod before turning to hop into the car.

Abby couldn't help the twinge she felt in her heart as her stepmother turned away from her. She was supposed to be incredibly tough and an incredible warrior, but she hurt greatly at not receiving a hug from her stepmother. Stepmothers were supposed to be evil, right?

"Bye," Abby said softly as she watched Elektra open up the door and begin to hop in. The former assassin turned to smile at the two one more time before closing the door and driving away.

Elektra may have them behind that day, but for some reason unknown to her at that time, the sight of the two together, Mark's arm around Abby as he smiled and waved, would remain with her for the rest of her life.

Elektra lay down on the bed in her tent, letting out a big sigh. Her muscles were incredibly sore from the intense training, and she was feeling incredibly sick. She had been for a few weeks now, and she had no idea why. She was a little out of shape, but not much, and exercise should not be this difficult.

"Elektra, are you decent?" a rough voice came from outside, and Elektra groaned as she recognized it.

"Stick, you're blind. I hardly think it matters," she replied hesitantly, and the flap to her tent opened to reveal Stick, her blind mentor.

"I was just checking that you're alright," he explained, and Elektra gave a small chuckle.

"Yeah, thanks for the consideration. I am fine, as you can see," she told him as she lifted herself up so she was sitting and facing the old man.

"Do not use sarcasm with me, Elektra. You may be a grown woman with a husband and daughter, but you are still under my instruction and as such you are expected to respect and obey me, not that you have ever been very talented at either of those."

Elektra fought the urge to roll her eyes at him, and she now understood how Abby felt when she and Mark became very patronizing toward the girl. It wasn't very pleasant. "I wasn't trying to be sarcastic, Stick. I'm just tired and sore."

"I know. I was wondering if you would consent to be examined by our healer-"

"What, that hocus pocus one you keep for the warriors? Please. If I decide to see a doctor, it will be the one back in New York, the one with machines, instruments and a degree. You know, a real doctor."

"I will never quite understand you, Elektra."

"Oh, why not?"

"Well, you have seen so many supernatural things in your life, you yourself have been brought back to life by Kimangure twice, yet you refuse to believe that a man could heal you with something other than medicine. You know you are unwell, Elektra. You can feel there is something off, and I can tell. You have been my student for a long time now, and as much as you would like to deny it, I know you better than Mark or Abby ever could. I know who you are inside, not the person you pretend to be, and I know that you are sick, and it scares you. But, I also don't think it will be as bad as you fear."

Elektra looked up at him, her green eyes meeting his sightless ones. "How do you know?"

"I have my suspicions as to what it may be. Now, are you sure you won't see the healer we have here? He is completely free, no money is involved, and you have every right to walk out of there and ignore anything he says, and return to New York and that doctor you spoke of."

Elektra sighed, knowing the old man would never give up on this. "Fine, I will go and see him, but I have the right to leave at any point in time if I think what he is saying is a load of crap, understood?"

Stick smiled at her. "Of course. Now, follow me, I believe he is free at the moment."

"How convenient," Elektra commented dryly as she followed the blind man out of the room.

They walked through the city of cream colored tents together, and came onto the training fields. Elektra watched the trainees fight and spar as she passed, and she felt a twinge in her heart as she remembered a time when she was filled with just as much hope as they. But then she had woken up to the real world, just as they would have to one day.

They eventually reached a large tent at the top of the hill. It sat there, all alone. Evidently, this miracle healer preferred solitude.

Stick did not pause to announce his arrival, but opened the flap and stepped aside to allow Elektra access, and Elektra realized that he had organized the whole thing, knowing that she would have to agree to accompany him to the healer.

She walked inside, and her nostrils were filled with the strong stink of herbs she had never smelled before. There was a swish as the tent flap closed, and Elektra turned to see that Stick was gone. Frowning, she continued to walk forward into the tent, and all she saw was piles of books and texts. It was very dark, and Elektra could hear nothing.

"Hello?" Elektra called, confused.

"Hello child," a voice came from behind her, and Elektra whirled around to see yet a man older than even Stick. He was bald, thin and bony, and his eyes were completely black, much to Elektra's shock. There was no pupil, no iris, just entire black eyeballs that sent shivers down her spine.

She didn't know what to say, but she was saved from having to work it out as the man gave her a chilling smile and motioned for her to follow him, his red robes dragging on the floor behind him as he walked.

He led her to an area behind a screen, and there were two cushions on the floor. He seated himself at one, and Elektra carefully lowered her sore and tired body onto the other.

The man studied her for a moment. "My name is Thaddeus. It is a pleasure to meet you, Elektra."

"Likewise," Elektra replied softly.

"I have heard many things about you, my child."

Well that's not weird, Elektra thought to herself, and the old man chuckled.

"You're right, it's not weird at all."

Elektra stared at him, her mouth hanging wide open. "How...what?"

The man merely smiled infuriatingly. "Now, what seems to be the problem?"

Elektra was too confused to even process the query. "How did you know what I was thinking?"

The man looked her in the eye, but did not reply. Elektra groaned. "Let me guess, you're just as annoying as Stick when it comes to giving out information."

The man smiled at her a little. "Correct. Now, what is the problem child?"

Elektra pushed all thoughts about the strange occurrence out of her mind and focused on putting together an understandable answer to the question. "Well, umm, I have just been feeling sick I guess."

The old man gave her a soft smile. "Well, you would not be here if you weren't. Describe this sickness to me, would you?"

Elektra tried to not glare at his sarcastic remark. "I just feel so tired all the time, and I feel sick to the stomach most days."

"You do look tired," he commented. "How is your sleep at night?"

Elektra shrugged. "The usual for me I guess."

"The usual meaning nightmares and little sleep?" he asked, and Elektra nodded.

"How did you know?" she asked suspiciously.

"Well, you have been through much, and have the look of one who has not slept well for a long time. Tell me, have you taken any form of medication for your insomnia?"

"Yeah, but nothing that I haven't been taking for years. Ever since I was first brought back ot life through Kimangure I have been sleeping horribly, but the nightmares didn't start until after I was kicked out of the Academy."

Thaddeus nodded thoughtfully. "I believe I know the cause for the lack of sleep. When a person is brought back to life from Kimangure, they have a certain amount of power bestowed upon them, but it does not usually interfere with their physical health. However, it makes the person more alert, and incredibly aware of their surroundings. Your hearing is better than most of our warriors because you have not only been brought back once, but twice. Your lack of sleep is due to a form of 'hyperactivity' that is quite common among people in your position. People who have been raised from death often also have horrific nightmares, depending on how they died originally, but you did not at first. From what I have been told, your death was a difficult and horrific one, in the arms of the man you thought you loved at the time, and that would have been traumatic for many. But you had no nightmares from that instance, which leads me to believe that the nightmares you experience are not from that."

"Then what are they from?" Elektra asked.

"Well, seeing as you began to have them after you left the Academy, I would say that they are a result of you feeling that you have a huge responsibility, and they stem from your fear that you will fail and be unable to complete a task set before you. Tell me, what are they often about?"

"Well, my father often appears in them. But it's never about his death. It's just childhood memories all the time. He isn't necessarily being pleasant in them, but he isn't hurting me or being cruel, because he was never like that. I used to have nightmares about my mother and her death, but they stopped once I confronted my fears and returned to my childhood home and the scene of her death."

The man nodded, studying her more. "Well," he said finally. "There is not all that much that can be done about the sleep and the nightmares, I am afraid. However, I do have some herbs that will undoubtedly make you sleep deeply once you have fallen asleep, but as for the nightmares, they will continue. You should know that should you choose to take the herbs, you will be unable to wake up by your own power. Should someone attempt to awaken you, you will, but if you have a nightmare, you are trapped until the morning comes."

Elektra paled a little at the thought of being trapped inside one of her nightmares, but nodded slowly. "Would it improve my functioning during the day?"

"Yes, I believe it would."

"Then I'll take it," she replied with confidence. "I need to be better than this."

Thaddeus looked at her skeptically. "If you say so. I shall give you some on your way out. Now, describe this sick feeling you have been getting." He leaned back and looked at her, and she caught a gleam in his coal black eyes.

"Well, I just feel like I am going to throw up, and I have a few times. I don't really understand why."

"When do you get this feeling? All the time?"

"Mainly in the mornings, like it's some kind of cold that's always worse after you get up."

Thaddeus nodded and a smirk formed on his face.

"What?" Elektra asked cautiously.

The man seemed to come to a decision. "Lie down please Elektra."

Elektra frowned. "What? Why?"

"Just...lie down, child."

Elektra was confused and a little cautious, but she did so, leaning back and folding her arms over her stomach, looking up as the old man stood from his position. He walked twoard her and knelt by her side.

"Relax, Elektra, I am not going to hurt you. Now, move your arms from your stomach please."

Elektra moved her arms and tried her best to relax. Thaddeus leaned forward and placed a wrinkled, leathery hand on her stomach. His eyes drifted shut and he remained still, and Elektra wondered for a brief moment if the old man had fallen asleep.

But just as she began to wonder his eyes snapped open, and he removed his hand. He stood shakily and motioned for Elektra to do the same.

"What is it? Do you know what's wrong?" Elektra asked quickly, and Thaddeus gave her a big smile.

"If I told you now you would not believe me, so I must explain some things first. You may wish to sit, Elektra." Elektra did so quickly, impatient to hear the old man's diagnosis.

"I have always had this gift. I knew when someone was happy or sad, ill or well. You see my dear, when you walked in here, I could see that you were troubled, but I sensed no illness."

"So you think I am lying to you?" Elektra demanded.

"No, I do not. I think there is a reason you feel the way you do. Your body is telling you something."

Elektra snorted. "And what is that exactly?"

"Your body is telling you that there is an...intruder of sorts. Your body is incredible, and your senses have been enhanced over time through your training, but it cannot be specifically trained for this. It will be fine, though. You will be fine."

Elektra raised her eyebrows. "So I have a parasite or something?" she asked sceptically.

"Not a parasite, but a precious life."

Elektra froze. "I'm pregnant?"

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