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"Ow! Dang it Hawkeye!", Jean Havoc was floored. The last thing he expected from this sharp shooting challenge was to end up with a bullet hole in his pants and a slowly bleeding scratch on his rear.

"That could have been very bad! Geez!"

Riza Hawkeye just laughed, a bit maniacally and too joy filled.

"You should be happy you could feel the bullet. It wasn't too long ago you couldn't feel anything at all from the waist down."

Havoc just grimaced at the words while he rubbed the blossoming wound on his butt.

"I guess this effectively ends this challenge, and anyway..." Jean paused to point his free hand at Riza, "I thought you meant it when you were hitting on me. You were hitting on me, right?"

Havoc was answered with another laugh.

"I was and it was just for fun," She said this very loudly while looking back over her shoulder. Then she turned back toward Havoc and continued. "But (snicker) I wasn't the one to shoot you (giggle)."

"If you didn't shoot me, then who?...! BOSS!" Havoc grabbed for his pistol and went storming toward the back of the firing range, red faced, red pantsed, and all together confused and embarrassed.

He was already having a hard enough time adjusting to his legs and the reinstatement into the military, but, adjusting to this new Hawkeye was just plain too much.

Roy was hiding behind some lockers in the firing range locker room, trying to catch his breath. He kept forgetting he had been blind until a little while ago, and today it had led to him injuring his newly reinstated subordinate.

He was a pretty good least he used to be.

He had wanted to scare Havoc off, away from his lieutenant. His lieutenant?

He shouldn't have had to step in between those two. Ever. But, Hawkeye wasn't herself anymore and Havoc was desperate, and Hawkeye was pretty good looking to be truthful, and she was coming on to Havoc pretty strongly, and Havoc wasn't one to back away from the advances of a woman with...well...a lot of assets...AND, Roy HAD to intervene.

It was his job to protect his subordinates, and a relationship between any of his man and Hawkeye wouldn't do.

What was up with Hawkeye anyway? The change in her had been subtle at first, starting shortly after The Promised Day.

The first inkling of something having changed was in the hospital where Riza and he shared a room.

They had finished their dinners, replacing the lids at almost the same moment, about a week after Roy had lost his eyesight and Riza had almost lost her life.

Roy heard a soft chuckle from Riza's direction, and, though blind, turned his head her directions.

"Something amusing about dinner time, Lieutenant?"

"Nothing Colonel", She retorted rather succinctly.

Roy was skeptical. Riza wasn't a chuckler, and he distinctly heard her chuckle.

He decided to confront her.

"Nothing? You clearly chuckled, and, though I'm glad to hear your light hearted voice, you lied to me."

Even in the darkness, Roy could almost feel her grin grow.

"Sir (chuckle), I'm sorry I lied (sigh). I'm so thankful that we are here, together, and the sight of you eating and carrying on as if nothing had changed made me chuckle with the mundanity of it all. You reminded me of when we were younger and you used to study all through dinner."

Riza's voice had a lightness in it that Roy had never heard. Not in all the years he had known her.

"Okay lieutenant. I'll forgive you for lying...if you promise to kiss me."

Roy was pulling out the flirtatious charm, knowing it would set Riza back on track and give her something to heckle him about.

He waited for her "Sir, protocol" and all that, but it never came.

Instead, a rustling of her sheets, the soft padding of bare feet on linoleum, and the whisper, right next to his hear "you promised", and then the gentle pressure of her lips on his cheek.

Roy stiffened at the shock. What in the world was going on?

He relaxed a little too late to enjoy the sensation.


"Yes sir?"

Roy was thankful she hadn't gone back to her bed yet.

He reached out with his left hand, grabbed his lieutenant around the waist, and proceeded to hug the stuffing out of her.

Riza wrapped her arms around Roy and hugged back.

"I forgive you" he whispered.

Riza patted Roy and slowly let go of him. He could feel her slide off the bed and return to her own.

"Goodnight sir." Riza sighed.

"Goodnight lieutenant."

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