Chapter 4

Roy awoke with Riza on his mind, more from the dream he'd had about her, than anything else. He really needed to tone down the stories he was telling Al, if this was the condition he woke up in every morning. Riza had been the star of many of his dreams over the years, and he had been more than glad to have them, but that was before she started coming over in the morning to make sure he was dressed properly. A cold shoer it would be.

She came in without knocking. Roy had just gotten out of the shower and had a towel around his waist. His hair was still dripping wet and he shook it around when he realized she had let herself in.

"Sir." She made her presence known. He like the way she said it, a little lowering of her voice with what might have been a purr at the end.

"Lieutenant." He smiled and let his towel drop a little lower on his hips. "I suppose I should be getting dressed. I don't want to be late for my first day back."

"If that's what you want to do...sir." Hawkeye was back. He could hear the change in her voice when she was in uniform, but...there was that purr at the end of 'sir' again.

"I...won't be...long."

It was amazing to Roy how little a difference losing his sight had made. The office was, by and large, the same well-oiled machine it had been when the fuerher had broken up his team. The credit, he could imagine, went to his lieutenant. They were still missing Falman, who would soon have a team of his own, but otherwise, all was well.

Except for the gaping hole in the side of Central. And the exponential increase of paperwork. He was blind for Pete's Sake! Roy immediately tried to excuse himself on account of his being unable to read, but the higher ups countered by assigning him a mousy (he was informed by Breda) girl, to read him each and every page.

The Promised Day and subsequent change in command brought plenty of challenges to each day. Even so, they settled into a routine rather quickly. Hawkeye picked him up earlier and earlier, they started working through lunch, and stayed later and later each day. Occasionally just the two of them, but, more often than not, everyone was there. There were even times when they just worked through, taking turns sleeping on the couch in Roy's office.

The steady stream of visitors did not let up as they worked to restore Ishval. Many people counted Roy and those that served with him as murders, monsters, and the like. But, people like him had to look beyond that. He was an eternal optimist by nature. He did believe in a bright future, full of repentance and hope. The events of the Promised Day only strengthened that optimism and the nights with Riza, in the hospital gave him hope. She had always been his hope in one way or another, her presence being at the back of his mind through many decisions.

Six month passed quickly with the amount of work they had on their plate. Old habits die hard, and Riza and he fell back into their roles of Colonel and Lieutenant, without much notice. The less subtle flirting fell away as the work grew, until there was hardly a difference from before the Promised Day and after.

Roy did notice, though, that when the guys would go out to the bars to blow off steam, Riza would join them. And drink with them. And, now this continually bothered Roy in the back of his mind, flirt with them. All of them. Including him. He couldn't tell if she was touching them as much as she touched him, but she was definitely flirting with them. It was her voice that tipped him off. He imagined her, beautiful brown eyes, half-lidded, one eyebrow slightly raised, while her lips tilted slightly at the corners, running her hands up a guy's arm while they prepared to dance, the guy looking down at her overly exposed... Roy didn't know what Riza would wear, but he stopped his imagination there, because she would never wear anything that would over expose her. Nowhere to hide guns and knives.

"...huge sandwich." The end of Breda's sentence drew Roy out of his reverie and back to the office, which was very full and it was well past lunchtime.

"I could go for a 'huge sandwich' as well", Hawkeye replied.

Riza being hungry spurred Roy into action and he ordered lunch for the entire office from a local sandwich shop that delivered.

The food came quickly and everyone, except Roy, gathered around the delivery guy and his cart ladened with food.

"Oh, hey! Good to see you. I didn't know you were in the military, let alone working so high up in Central." Roy heard the delivery guy say to someone.

"Well'.. This was followed by a throaty and, to Roy, rather sexy chuckle, "The best secrets are kept. Now that you know my secret, do you have anything special for me today?"

Why was Hawkeye flirting with the delivery boy?! Roy was more than a little confused.

"Not today, but now that I know you work here, expect a little special treatment,"

"I wouldn't have it otherwise. Perhaps a cookie...or two. I really like to share." This was followed by another sexy chuckle.

"That's it!" Roy thought. He stood up and attempted to break up the teté á teté, instead tripping on his wastebasket in his haste and falling flat on his face. His plan worked regardless because Hawkeye was yelling, "Colonel!" and was immediately at his side.

Roy was happy to have her attention again.

"Sir, are you okay? Nothing is broken? I'll move the wastebasket under you desk.."

Roy hugged her, cutting off her questioning and answering them with the same action.

He missed being able to communicate with her with their simple eye movements.

The whole office gasped, then coughed a little, then murmured amongst themselves.

"I'm okay everyone. I guess I was overly exuberant about the news I just received."

Roy waited for someone to ask, Fuery not letting him down.

"What news, Sir?"

"Ah, glad you asked. It seems Dr. Marcoh has finished his research on Havoc's condition and will be attempting to give him back the use of his legs today."

This was met with silence, then, Hawkeye hugged him.

"I'm..we' happy. When will we know?", Hawkeye asked while helping Roy to his feet.

"I expect quite soon actually."

As if he called it into being, the phone rang. Everybody looked at the phone, wondering who, should, or would, answer.

Hawkeye and the Colonel reached for it at the same time. Having the advantage of sight, Hawkeye reached it first.

"Hello...yes...we're all here...Hey bud! back as soon as you can...bye."

Hawkeye turned with tears in her eyes.

Everyone waited.

"That was Ha-Jean...he'll be here next week...the procedure worked!"

"YES!" Everyone exclaimed. They were excited, hugging, jumping, Fuery immediately called back, connecting to a party line. Champaign was produced form somewhere, and a couple of flasks as well.

Amid the celebration, Roy felt a hand slip into his and squeeze. He would know this hand anywhere. Anywhere, anytime, gloved, ungloved, wet, dry, shaking, at peace...Hawkeye.

"I wonder when it will be your turn.." She whispered, causing warmth to creep into his face (and elsewhere), and the hair on his neck to bristle, because her hot breath accompanied her whispered question along his ear. He squeezed her hand back, finding this to be the only response he had. She seemed to understand, giving a squeeze back.

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