Seto's eyes widened as he stared at the message on the crumbling wall. Laying by the wall in the once lively neighborhood, he shut his eyes to rest. Pondering on what the message on the wall could mean, he felt his heart swell with hope. Despite the pain he moved to get up, his wounds still bleeding from the savage dog bites.

As he limped back through the worn down streets, cracks in the buildings and concrete covered with overgrown greenery he saw Ren. She was fighting of the crying ghosts, catching her eye as she struck the final blow she called out.

"Seto!" Ren ran towards him with a worrisome look. " My god what happened to you?!"

Seto just shook his head, "That doesn't matter now Ren." He said appreciation in his voice for her concern of him.

She raised a brow at him "What? Of course it matters your bloodied and battered you need to let me-"

"Listen Ren, we need to get to the amusement park." he said interrupting her in mid-rant.

" What-Why?! Do you think there are survivors there? " she said sympathetic yet suspicion in her tone of voice. She knew that is where Crow lays, drained of all battery he was "dead".

"I can't tell you why yet, and I don't know maybe, we just need to get there okay? " he said urgently, determination clear in his desperate tone.

She stared at him with a blank look before she spoke again.


"Okay." he said back.

"But let me tend to your fricken' wounds already before you pass out!" She said in a scolding just smiled sheepishly. "Hehe, sorry...Go ahead." He said sweat-dropping.
"Finally..." She muttered bitterness swelling in her at thinking she agreed to go to the place where Crow met his "end." ' I have a feeling I am going to regret this...' she thought with a sigh.