The Bride of the Desert

Chapter One

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Three thousand years ago, Eris the goddess of chaos and discord created the cursed devil fruits that gave a person a special ability, but also took away their ability to swim in the sea or any body of water. After the Paramount War, Eris decided to give her favorites who did not have any devil fruit ability and those with the abilities of a devil fruit, immorality, so they could live forever. And then Eris decided to have those that were dead like Whitebeard, Ace D. Portgaz, and Bon Clay reincarnated and also to remember what they were before they died, but that did not happen until a thousand years passed. As the years went by, they all began to notice that they were not aging, just remaining the same.

Soon it began to get tiring to be immortal and to watch the rest of the world age and die, while they could not have that same peace as the rest of them. They tried every way that they could think of to get the same peace, to never wake up to the aging world while they remain ageless. But soon every thing was about to change and it began with Crocodile and his crew.

(Scene Break)

Selene Potter knew something really bad was happening to her as she woke up in the trunk of her relatives' car. She was in severe pain and everything was hurting. It was a good thing that she gave her most important possessions to Ron who understood that whenever she got a feeling that something bad was going to happen, it was going to happen. She even told Hedwig to fly to the Burrow, just in case. It was a good thing too, because as soon as she stepped into the house, she was knocked out.

(Scene Break)

Mr. 1 was driving the car and Crocodile was in the back, looking out at the endless trees. Suddenly, he saw something that looked to be a body dumped in the ditch, normally he would just let it go and forget, but this time something told him to not to leave.

"Stop the car, Mr. 1 and turn it around," Crocodile ordered.

When they stopped at the side of the road where the body was, they got out and walked closer to the body and they saw it was of fourteen or thirteen year old girl, lying there covered in blood and badly beaten. As he got closer, he saw that it was the Girl-Who-Lived, Selene Potter. Yes, he and the others who were also cursed knew of the magical world. And frankly, they did not think much of it as it was very backward society.

But to his and 1's surprise, they thought that the wizarding world would take better care of their celebrities than this. Crocodile suddenly smiled as a thought came to him as Ms. Potter began to wake.

(Scene Break)

Selene slowly opened her eyes to see where she was and if there was any hope that she could get any sort of help, when she saw a blurry face come into view.

"I will give you two choices, one you can die here or you can marry me and live. What will it be, Ms. Potter?" A man's voice asked.

Selene could not believe what she was hearing, but she wanted to be selfish for once in her life and live. Opening her mouth, she said, "Live."

She heard a chuckle and before she could focus, she was falling back into the darkness, but as she was falling, she heard, "Good choice, Ms. Potter."

(Scene Break)

Picking her up, Crocodile ordered Mr. 1 to drive to the nearest hospital. Once they got there, the nurses took one look at the girl in his arms and flew into action.

The cops came and asked him about the girl and he answered by saying that he found the girl in the ditch not too far from the town. Discovering that she was still alive, he had told his driver to drive to the nearest hospital. Then the police asked if he had seen the girl before and he said no, he has not.

Before anyone could say anything else, a loud alarm went off and the nurses and the doctors were trying to revive the girl who's heart stopped beating.

(Scene Break)

Selene Potter woke up naked in what it seemed to be, King's Cross Train Station, looking around to see if there was any clothes for her to put on, but did not see any. Sighing, she wished to have some clothes and suddenly a pair of jeans and a button up shirt appeared in front of her. Quickly, she put on her clothes and started walking around to see if there was anyone who could help her.

"Where is everybody?" Selene asked, but suddenly she heard a baby crying in the distance. Following the crying, Selene came across the ugliest baby that she ever seen in her life. But she picked it up, ugly or not, and began to rock back and forth to get it to calm down.

"Well, I wouldn't be doing that to a baby that looked like that," A male's voice said behind her. Turning around at a speed that she did not know that she possessed. She saw both her mother, Lily Potter and her father, James Potter.

Selene was in shock, she whispered, "Mom, dad, is that really you guys? Does this mean that I'm dead?"

Lily smiled and replied, "Yes, its really us. And for the question whether or not that you are dead is yes and no."

Suddenly, the ugly, sick baby disappeared from her arms. Selene asked, "What just happened to the baby?"

"That was a piece of Tom's soul, that bastard ripped to shreds," James spat out. Selene felt her eyes widen at what her father had just said. Tom, the Dark Lord, had ripped his soul into pieces. Even she knew that was against nature itself.

"Well, I should not be surprised at what he did. I miss you two so very much. I wished that you two were alive." Selene said as she hugged her parents.

"So, what are you going to do?" James asked her.

Selene thought for a moment and then answered, "I want to live, even it means to marry someone that I never met. I owe him a life debt."

James growled, "If he hurts you in any way, I will find a way to get a body and kill him slowly and painfully."

Selene smiled at what her father said as she knew that her parents really do care for her.

Lily let Selene as it was almost time for her to go. Lily said to her, "I will be watching and you better not give me any grandbabies any time soon or I will be very angry. Oh, tell Sirius that he better not corrupt you with pranks or when he dies, I will get him fix permanently."

Selene laughed and said, "I love you, mom, dad."

As they were fading away, Selene could hear them say, "We love you too."

(Scene Break)

Selene woke up to see a white ceiling and she knew that she was in a hospital. Sighing, she knew that she made the right choice to live and to see what life would throw at her.

"Its good to see you awake," The same voice from before said.

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