The Bride of the Desert

Chapter 4

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(Scene Break)

Last Time…

It was after supper with the Weasley clan that Selene received a package from Crocodile. She had read the letter in shock twice to make sure that she did not miss read it. He had sent her a devil fruit for her to eat. She knew that if she ate it, she would loose her ability to swim… well at least any chance to learn how to swim.

It did not take long for her make up her mind. Opening the package, she took out a white apple with blue lines on it and closing her eyes, she began to eat it. She had to force it down her throat literally as it tasted so horrible that it almost made her throw it back up, but in the end she ate it all.

Looking over her body, she noticed that she did not feel any thing changing or feel different. Shrugging her shoulders, she decided to just go to bed and deal with it tomorrow and to write a letter to Crocodile and Sirius, to let them know that she was alright.

(Scene Break)

Present Time…

It has been only a day since Selene and company got back from the Quidditch Event and with everything that happened afterwards. Selene was in Ginny's bedroom, which she shared with Ginny and Hermione. It had been fun with sharing a room with those two girls as it was like having a sleepover. Selene was glad to have good friends like them.

Right now, Selene was finishing a letter that she was writing to her husband, Crocodile about what happened after the Quidditch match. Like the arrest of Barty Crouch Sr. after his son, Barty Crouch Jr. was discovered at the scene where the Dark Mark was cast along with his house elf, Winky. The son, Barty Jr., apparently was a willingly death eater and was one of the death eaters who tortured Neville's parents into insanity. And according to Mr. Weasley, who told them that this came as a huge shock since Barty Crouch Jr. was dead as he had died in Azkaban from sickness.

Selene also wrote about the death eaters that show up drunk in their uniforms and causing chaos and how many apparently escaped when the aurors had showed up. And from the looks of it, a lot of them had somehow weaseled their way out of being thrown into Azkaban after the defeat of the Dark Lord. It was sickening. She wrote about the ones who were caught and arrested and how they would be probably free in the morning, thanks to the Minister of Magic, Fudge, who was a complete idiot.

She also wrote about how she still had the ability to speak Parseltongue as she had overheard a garden snake screamed in its own way at the local garden gnomes, the day before the Quidditch Event. Apparently, it was very creative of its swearing that the snake screamed at the gnomes that she had to write down what they were in case she needed to use them.

And how the devil fruit that she had eaten was giving her a crash course in speaking Bulgarian, which was confusing the heck out of her. It was until she got up to the Top Box, where Cornelius Fudge had introduced her to the Bulgarian Minister of Magic, Mr. Obalonsk. And before anyone could say anything else, the one and only Draco Malfoy had called Mr. Obalonsk a mudblood and demanded that Mr. Obalonsk to move out of his way. Never did Selene ever seen Fudge and Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy look so horrified before.

It was then when Selene understood why she received a crash course in Bulgarian as she began speaking to Mr. Obalonsk in his own language, much to everyone's surprise and to Fudge's relief. She had basically explained to Mr. Obalonsk the situation about some pureblood families were like and she even apologized on the behalf of Draco for being an idiot, who still did not get what the problem was that he had created. She even had a chance to badmouth both the Malfoys and Fudge.

Luckily, Mr. Obalonsk accepted her apologies and told her that every country had their bad eggs. It was after that Mr. Obalonsk had sat right next to her during the whole game. In the end, it turned out that Mr. Obalonsk really did know how to speak English. It seemed that some of the Ministers do have a sense of humor, since Mr. Obalonsk had pulled this little prank of his.

Finally Selene finished her letter and put it with the other two letters that were for her godfather, Sirius Black and her honorary Uncle, Remus Lupin. And she gave them to Hedwig to deliver, with the instructions of delivering Crocodile's letter first, so neither Sirius or Moony would find out about him.

Looking at her watch, Selene found that it was time for supper. As she opened the door, she thought to herself, 'I wonder what would have happened if Barty Jr. was not caught?'

Not even a moment later, a vision of an old graveyard, a dead Cedric, Voldemort with a new body, and dueling him while being surrounded by death eaters.

"That would have been very bad," Selene muttered to herself in shock at what she just saw in her vision. Mentally shaking her head to clear her thoughts as she made her way to the kitchen for supper and then it was off to bed, because as of tomorrow, she and the others were going to Diagon Alley to get their school supplies and to replace what her dear dead relatives had destroyed like her trunk, books, and wand.

(Scene Break)

The next morning…

It was after breakfast that everyone was ready to go to Diagon Alley to get their school supplies, while Selene replaces her things that were destroyed by her relatives, when they tried to kill her. Luckily, Selene gave her most precious things to Ron for safe keeping. Unfortunately, that did not include her wand and she is not looking forward to seeing the creepy wand maker, Mr. Ollivander, again.

Once everyone had arrived in the Leaky Cauldron safely, Mrs. Weasley turned to everyone and told them, "We will meet back here in three hours."

Everyone nodded in agreement as they went their separate ways. Selene had told Ron and Hermione to go ahead and start shopping for themselves as she needed to take care of some things at Gringotts, before she began shopping for her school supplies.

When Selene entered the bank, she made her way to the nearest teller. When the goblin's attention was on her, Selene respectfully said, "I would like to make a withdrawal from vault and to ask whoever is in charge with my vaults about some changes that need to be made, please."

"Key?" The goblin sneered, clearly showing that he did not like humans at all.

Selene handed the goblin her vault key, for only him to glance at it and say, "I need you, Ms. Potter to follow me as you need to clear up some things with Gringotts."

Now, Selene was very confused as to what things needed to be cleared up with Gringotts. As she could not think of anything, that was until she had entered a room and saw her husband, Crocodile there and sitting behind the desk was the first goblin that she had ever met, Griphook, who was sitting behind a desk with a stack of paperwork in front of him.

Selene smiled at Crocodile, while he nodded back with a small smile of his own. She took her seat next to Crocodile. Selene wondered when Crocodile had arrived at the bank.

"Ms. Potter," Griphook spoke up with a tone that said he was not happy with something or someone. "This man here claims to be your husband. Is this claim true, Ms. Potter?"

Selene blinked in surprise as she answered, "Yes, its true. Crocodile is my husband."

Griphook nodded once as he wrote something down on what it looked to be some sort of form. Griphook then asked without looking up, "I take it that you two would want to keep the knowledge of your marriage from the public knowledge and to have Ms. Potter or rather Mrs. Zero keep using her maiden name until she reaches the age of seventeen?"

Selene and Crocodile exchanged looks and Crocodile answered, "That would be for the best, I believe."

Griphook turned to Selene and asked, "Do you agree with your husband, Mrs. Zero?"

"Yes, I do agree with him," Selene immediately answered.

"Very well, I need you two to sign these forms and Gringotts will take care of everything," Griphook said as he handed them some paperwork to fill out and read through.

After both of them read the forms through and signed them. It was when Selene had finished signing and handed Griphook the forms; she asked Griphook "Is there anyway to allow Crocodile access to my vaults, Master Griphook?"

Selene could feel the surprise stare on her back coming from Crocodile as he probably did not expect her to do something like that.

Griphook, however, did not look surprised at her request at all as it was probably normal for married couples to allow access to each other's vault or vaults. Taking out a couple more forms that he had ready for this sort of thing, Griphook pointed to where she needed to sign and soon enough, Griphook was handing Crocodile two tiny golden keys, one for the trust vault and the other for the family vault.

But before any of them could leave, Griphook gave them some news that they, especially Selene, did not want to hear, "Mrs. Zero, we Gringotts will have to inform your godfather of your recent marriage to Mr. Crocodile Zero."

Selene's face turned almost white as a ghost as all of the color in her face drained from it. That was the last thing that she ever wanted to hear. Although, she had only met Sirius just a couple of months ago, and she already knew that he was stupid enough to try and kill her husband.

"May I ask why that my wife's godfather is going to be informed of our marriage?" Crocodile requested as he raised an eyebrow at Griphook.

Griphook showed off his sharp pointy teeth as he smiled at them, when he answered, "He is your wife's godfather and guardian some what and since he was never really convicted of any crime, he still has guardianship over Mrs. Zero in the eyes of Gringotts. Besides, its our policy to do so."

Crocodile looked into his young wife's pleading eyes when she looked at him. He sighed and reassured her, "When Sirius Black does come to kill me, I promised that he will be only knocked out, tied down, and things will be carefully explained to him. And if he wants, he can live at the mansion with me."

Selene suddenly launched herself at him and hugged him while saying thank you over and over, again. But thanks to her devil fruit, she knew that Sirius would tell Remus and then Remus would tell the Headmaster and which in turn Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape will find out and then they will track Crocodile down and demand answers.

Selene let go of Crocodile, who was surprised when she hugged him, and she told him, "Well then, expect a visit from Headmaster Dumbledore, Professor Lupin, Professor McGonagall, and Professor Snape soon as they will be demanding answers from you and threatening you with death, and using your body parts as potion indigents."

Crocodile let out a chuckle before asking, "When should I be expecting them then?"

Selene's eyes glazed over, before she replied, "A day after Sirius finds you."

Selene was suddenly pulled into a hug and was kissed on her forehead. Crocodile quietly said, "Stay safe and be careful."

"Alright, I promise." With that Crocodile left the room as his business with Gringotts was finished for now, leaving Selene alone with Griphook.

"You know, Mrs. Zero," Griphook said. "I have to approve of your marriage to him. You made a fine choice in choosing a husband."

Startled, Selene looked at Griphook with confusion and surprise on her face as she never expected that ever from a goblin.

Reading her silent question, Griphook explained, "Like you, Mr. Zero shows us proper respect, unlike so many other witches and wizards. And besides, he is almost as blood thirsty as us goblins."

(Scene Break)

When Selene walked out of Gringotts, she looked at the time and realized that she has only an hour and a half to do her shopping, before meeting up with the others.

'I better get my new wand first,' Selene thought to herself as she made her way to the wand maker.

As Selene walked into the creepy dirty store, she could not help, but feel the goose bumps making their way down her back as she felt like someone was watching her. She knew it had to be Mr. Ollivander as he does have a little habit of scarring people shitless. Turning around, Selene greeted cheerfully, "Hello, Mr. Ollivander."

Mr. Ollivander looked just like before when she first met him, just before her first year at Hogwarts, but this time, she could see the surprise and disappointment of not being able to sneak up on her like before.

"Ms. Potter, eleven inch, Holly and Phoenix feather. Still working alright for you?" Mr. Ollivander asked as he continued to stare at her without blinking with his silver eyes.

Selene felt dread coming down on her, when she replied nervously, "Actually Mr. Ollivander, I came here for a new wand, since my old wand was destroyed by my relatives when they tried to kill me, sir."

"I see," Mr. Ollivander slowly said. "Well come on, we will try and find you a new wand."

(Scene Break)

This time, it only took about fifteen minutes to find Selene a wand. Like her old wand, it was eleven inches, but instead of it being made of Holly, it was made from white oak from ancient Greece and its core came from a very rare Snow Phoenix. According to Mr. Ollivander, his ancestor mad this wand in hopes that the user would lead the magical world into a better future, but sadly he had died before that ever happened.

Well, that threw Selene's theory of Mr. Ollivander being immortal out the window.

Selene paid for the wand and also bought a wand holster before leaving the store as quickly as possible, but not in a way that seemed rude.

Selene then bought a trunk that has only one compartment, which acts like a storage room. Basically it was an empty room. Then she got her writing supplies like parchment, quills, and ink, but thankfully in her suitcase back at The Burrow, she has regular pens that she had bought in the muggle world as they work so much better than quills and ink. After that she got her things for potion class. Soon, Selene went to Flourish and Blotts for her books and she might admit that she might have a bit overboard when it came to buying books. She only bought fifty books, though she order more when she is in school.

Soon it was time to meet up with the others and go back to The Burrow.

(Scene Break)

After an hour and a half of explaining what had happened in Gringotts and confirming that yes the scary man with a scar across his face and smoking a cigar was indeed her husband, Crocodile. She even told them that Sirius will be informed of the marriage between them and that Crocodile promised her that he or any of his workers would not kill Sirius when he does come after him.

Ron suddenly looked thoughtful as he said, "I wished that I could see Sirius' reaction when he gets that letter. I wonder, would he faint or would we hear his scream of rage from wherever he is?"

Trust Ron to find some humor in this situation and that was what Selene needed to have.

Hermione and Selene exchanged looks as Selene spoke up, "Well then we better keep our ears open, just in case we do hear him scream."

That was enough to send all three of them into laughing fit.

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