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Dean and Sam were currently resting in a motel, they were discussing the latest case, the two had been arguing for the last hour over how best to capture the demon in question. Dean having had enough figured that a third opinion might help shouted out their on-call angels' name,

"Dean what the hell you can't just call Castiel in when ever you want someone to agree with you,he always chooses your sid-" The younger Winchester brother was cut off as the aforementioned angel appeared before the two men. Dean who was about to open his mouth to explain the situation was cut off by a gun shot sound and the joining of yet another person,

"Castiel~, why'd you just disappear like that, we agreed no powers-OH!", a man who looked to be in his mid-teens had popped up behind the emotionless man, arms sliding around his neck, head peeking over the older mans shoulder before he noticed the other two men in the room.

"Cas, who're they?" the young man inquired, eyes turned to the angel seeking an answer.

"These are my wards, Dean and Sam Winchester, they called me away from you to ask about something, I would have returned to you shortly" The man responded fond smile on his face as he looked back at the other, making the other two choke at the amount of emotion being displayed.

"OH! Okay well hi, my name is Harry, nice to meet you." the teen said, smile lighting up his face at the thought of meeting more of Castiel's friends. Harry began to retract his hand when the two gobsmacked men didn't move, Sam seeing the boys face fall stepped forward and shook in greeting.

''Hey I'm Sam and this is Dean but don't mind him he's an idio-''

''Hey!'' the shorter of the two men pouted and shoving Sam about.

''Castiel has funny friends'' Harry giggled into the angels back ''I better leave you guys then, but hurry back 'cause it's your turn, 'kay?'' giving the older man a little squeeze before disappearing. Dean and Sam continued to stare at where the strangely happy Harry had gone in disbelief. Eventually the two snapped out of it, Dean sat back on the bed and Sam folded his arms leaning against the dresser.

''Ah so... Harry huh?'' Dean prompted, Castiel not taking the hint just nodded, seeing that the angel wouldn't say anything the young man unless outright asked Sam cleared his throat before talking

''Eh so how do you know the munchkin Castiel? What is he like you?''

''Munchkin?'' Castiel questioned.

''Yeah you know the kid, Harry'' Dean continued, slightly annoyed.

''Harry, he is the Master of Death of course'' the angel replied indicating that the answer was obvious.

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