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Once night had come, Sam and Dean had followed the demon to its usual haunts for a while, before skipping ahead, deciding to lie in wait.

The brothers watched as the demon entered an abandoned house just on the outskirts of town. With the lights on the two could see the demon sitting on a couch in the living room, reading, they were positioned at either door should the man try to make a run for it. They had arranged for Dean to go in through the back door to see if he could flush it out, Sam stood at the front door drawing traps, ready to confront the demon. As Dean was approaching the demon from behind, a voice from upstairs stilled him,

''Did you want to stay here or go somewhere else?'' someone chirped, appearing at the top of the steps.

''Harry?'' Dean hissed in surprise, ''Dude, what the hell are you doing here?'' Dean continued capturing both Harry's and the seated mans attention,

''Dean? OH!, hello again, did you want to play with us too? I'm sure Lewis wouldn't mind, would you Lewis?'' the boy asked eyes straying from Dean to the recently named Lewis. Lewis mouth drawn into a hard line shook his head, eyes narrowed at Dean.

''Great, but em, Lewis is it okay if we just watch a movie this time, today was a bad day...'' Harry trailed off tiredly, making his way to the plush couch.

Dean was unconsciously following the boy into the room, weapon ready the demon always in his peripheral. As 'Lewis' put a movie on, Harry curled up, hands around his knees, eyes glued to the screen. Dean starred on for a second, before a knock on the door reminded him of his brother still waiting outside.

''Sammy, you can come in!'' Dean yelled, the door opened to allow the other hunter entrance,

''I wasn't sure what was happening in here, you can't have killed him already, can you?'' Sam said playfully, gun still raised half-way, he stopped dead at the scene of Harry on the couch and the still here demon fiddling with the TV.

''What?-'' Sam began, gun raised fully,

''That's what I'd like to know'' Dean cut in eyes raking harry's form suspiciously.

''What's going on here?'' Dean asked, Harry raised his head tilting it in question,

''Nothing much, I'm just visiting Lewis'' Harry replied softly, ''Why is there something wrong?''

Dean spluttered for a second before composing himself,

''Is there something wrong? Is there something wrong? Yes there's something wrong, he's a DEMON!, What the hell are you doing with one? I thought you were on the angel's side? And what's up with you, you, you look younger or something!'' Dean ranted.

''Yes he's a demon, why shouldn't I spend time with him, he's my friend, just like the angels, he wouldn't hurt me, would you Lewis?'' Harry looked at the demon now seated beside him, holding the remote,

''Oh no, little one, never!'' Lewis replied adoringly, voice like silk escaping the quiet man, this seemed to appease Harry as he turned back to the Winchesters preceding to answer where he'd left off, ''I look younger, hmm I suppose I do, I think I'm twelve today...''

''Twelve, what? how?'' Sam interrupted voice interested.

''Oh well I have power over my appearance, I'm not really whatever age I usually appear to be that you've seen, I'm really at least twenty-four or was it twenty-five?'' Harry asked himself, ''I can change back if it upsets you, I just wanted to see what a normal child was like'' the boy finished quietly looking at his knees.

''N,o no it's okay you can stay like that, we don't mind, do we Dean?'' Sam prompted, not wanting to upset the young boy,

''No... I guess not...'' Dean answered weakly, Harry's head shot up regardless,

''Does that mean you would like to stay and watch the movie with us?'' Harry asked voice eager, Lewis sent them a slitted look, of was that annoyance?

The eyes that Harry had unleashed were almost as potent as Sams, Dean never stood a chance, he caved quickly, Sam followed soon after. The two remained for the length of the film, always aware of Lewis, when it had ended, Lewis accepted a goodbye hug from Harry before nodding at Sam and Dean and leaving the house for god knows where. Harry turned to them, smiling broadly,

''I'm happy you guys stayed, Lewis needs to make more friends! He's such a grumpy guts.'' he declared, ''I'll see you guys some other time 'kay?'' before disappearing with the same gun shot pop as before, leaving Sam and Dean standing in the abandoned house on their own, thinking what the hell just happened.

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