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Silence Shouting

Silence Whispering

Silence Eternal

"Go ahead, Bella. Kill your son." Voldemort sneered.

Bella's eyes glazed over. Harry stared at her in shock. The woman stood still for a minute. She started trembling as the time went on. Voldemort's voice rang out yet again, sounding almost impatient. "Well? What are you waiting for? KILL HIM!"

Bella's wand arm raised, pointed at Harry's chest. He stared at her, feeling unable to move.

The word came out slowly, and it suddenly hit Harry that Bellatrix may be resisting. "A…vada…"

Just as the next part of the spell past Bella's lips, she gained an ounce of control over her body, enough to jerk her arm to the side, so the curse whizzed past Harry's left ear. "H… Harry. Get up… And run!" She struggled to say. Harry jerked back into reality. Grabbing Cedric's body, he raced for the Cup.
"NO!" Voldemort yelled angrily. "Imperio! Imperio!"

Harry heard the yells, yet felt too afraid to look back. He grabbed onto the TriWizard Cup, and span away.

Later, in Dumbledore's office, Harry came face-to-face with his godfather. Sirius and Dumbledore began speaking about 'Finite Incantatem'. They explained it to him, and then it was Harry's turn to drop some new news.

"There's something else that happened in the graveyard." Harry said in a low voice. "What is it?" Sirius asked. "I met… that Death Eater, Bellatrix Lestrange." Harry's head was hung low, and he didn't see the flash of recognition, and then malice, replaced with concern that seemed a bit overdone. "What did she say?" He said sweetly. "She said… she said that she was my mother."

Sirius forced out a laugh. "That woman? YOUR mother?" He lied easily. "Please. It's ridiculous."

Harry looked at his godfather in shock, but then laughed, too. "Yeah. I guess so." He admitted ruefully. "At least, I did. Until I saw my mum and dad's ghosts. They told me that she was telling the truth. I think… I think that she might have been."

"Even if she is, she is unfit to be a mother! She's a goddamn Death Eater, for Merlin's sake! Tell me you won't go trusting anything she tells you!" Harry stared at his godfather. He'd never seemed so harsh before, especially not with Harry. What was wrong with him?

Sirius yawned. "Well, it's been a long day, especially for you, Harry. You ought to get some sleep." Harry left to the infirmary, at long last feeling exhaustion fill him. When he finally got to the room, he was asleep before he even hit the pillow.

*** Last Day of School ***

Harry and his friends were already waiting in the train, for the departure, having an animated conversation about the notorious Rita Skeeter, who turned out to have been spying on them in the form of a beetle, her Animagus. Then, they heard a knock on the train window. There was Hedwig, with a letter tied to her leg. Harry quickly opened the window, took Hedwig in, and unfolded the letter.

He read it quickly, then passed it to Hermione, since she clearly wanted to read it.

Dearest Harry,

Yes, it is true. I am your mother. Allow me to explain, my son. When you were born, I realized that I didn't want you to grow up as I did, so I gave you to Mr. and Mrs. Potter. I didn't have a choice. I was going to come for you, once you got old enough to make your own choices. I just wanted you to learn the difference between right and wrong. I have always been on the wrong side, and never by choice.

I do care for you, and one day, I hope I can see you again. For now, Harry, I only hope that you can give me a chance to redeem myself.



Harry didnt know what to do, but maybe, he'd give this woman a chance. She was his mum, after all.