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Chapter One

Red Eyes

The truth is hiding in your eyes

and it's hanging on your tongue

just boiling in my blood

but you think that i can't see

what kind of man you are

if you're a man at all

we, i will figure this one out

on my own.

-Decode - Paramore-

Richard 'Dick' Grayson tugged uncomfortably at his tie. "Urgh, why do I have to be here again Bruce?" He asked Bruce Wayne quietly, Bruce shot him an amused grin.

"Because this is your school benefit."

Dick huffed slightly and scanned the room, he perked up when he spotted a familiar redhead and blond.

"Babs! Artemis!" He called with a grin, the two girls spotted him and quickly made their way over.

"Wow…Artemis you don't look whelmed at all."

The blond, Artemis Crock glared at him, but didn't deny it, she looked extremely uncomfortable in her long green dress and she eyed the crowd nervously.

"How can you two stand this?" She asked quietly, Dick grinned at her. "I've been going to these things since I was nine and I still can't stand it, I just think of it as undercover work, just try to act whelmed." He explained, she rolled her eyes but relaxed slightly. He turned to Barbara Gordon and opened his mouth to speak, but noticed she was staring at something in the crowd with a slight frown. Dick followed her gaze and spotted a guy he had never seen before. "Who's the kid?" Artemis asked, having noticed who her friends were staring at as well.

"I dunno but he's with Vlad Masters." Dick said quietly with a frown, as he noticed the man with long grey hair in a ponytail and a dark black suit, he looked sideway's at Bruce who was now watching Masters and the boy as well.

"Bruce you know him?" He asked in a low whisper.

"No. I heard a rumour that Masters had adopted a child though, that must be him."

Artemis was frowning, "Who's Vlad Masters."

"He's forth richest man in The States, after Bruce, Luthor and Oliver. He has his own company DALV Corporation. No one knows where his money came from, but he has had a lot of dealings with Lexcorp and various other shady companies, but, at the same time he donates to various charities as well."

Artemis studied the man and felt a shiver run down her spine. "He's creepy." She said quietly, the other two teens nodded in agreement. The boy Masters was with suddenly looked straight at them, as if he had felt them watching and all three recoiled slightly in surprise.

Masters noticed the movement and followed the teen's gaze and spotted them. Dick didn't like the smile that appeared on his face, before he gripped the boys shoulder and began to steer him towards the small group. At the mans touch the boy moved his gaze to the floor and his black hair fell forward to hide his eyes from view.

"Bruce Wayne, how are you?" The man said cheerfully, he sounded almost grandfatherly, but something in his voice was off. "I'm fine Mr. Masters, and how are you? I didn't expect to see you here today." Bruce replied, falling easily into the laidback attitude of Bruce Wayne playboy millionaire.

"Ah I'm fine. I just brought young Daniel along so he could meet some people his age. He will be starting at Gotham Academy Tomorrow you see." Masters explained with a smile. Bruce took this as an opening to look at the boy.

He had dark messy hair that went to just above his ears, he had pale skin and wore a simple black tux. That was what Bruce Wayne saw. Batman however saw more and he did not like what he saw. The boy was tense and his hands shook slightly as they curled and uncurled into fists. "You are being rude Daniel, introduce yourself." Something sharp entered Masters voice as he spoke to the boy. It was then Daniel gave an almost unnoticeable flinch and Bruce narrowed his eyes. The three teens had also noticed and had followed his lead.

"Sorry." The boys voice was quiet and had a strange roughness to it like he didn't speak often. Bruce noticed the slight tightening of Masters hands that made the red stones of the rings he had on each hand flash slightly in the light and Daniel shuddered, but he lifted his head and looked at Bruce, who was shocked to see that the boy's eyes were a bright blood red, but even with the bright colour they seemed…dull…Empty. "It's nice to meet you Mr. Wayne…I'm sorry for not introducing myself, I'm da-Daniel-" Daniel paused "Masters." The whole sentence was spoken in an odd empty monotone voice. But his voice was slightly strained as he spoke his name.

"It's okay kid. This is Richard Grayson my ward and his friends Artemis Crock and Barbara Gordon. The three teens smiled at Daniel and Dick offered a small wave and the boy smiled slightly in return.

"Is he your son Mr Masters?" Bruce asked curiously.

Masters shook his head. "No…He is the son of my best friends Madeline and Jack Fenton. They were caught in an explosion at a fast food restaurant, Daniel's sister and his two best friends were with them. Daniel was running late and was just outside the restaurant when it exploded, he was the only survivor."

There was a horrified silence as Daniel looked down at the floor again.

"That must have been horrible." Bruce said quietly, as he looked at the teenager, causing Daniel to look up surprised, he seemed to have heard the pain in his voice.

"It was." Daniel said quietly as he met Bruce's eyes. Vlad spoke again frowning slightly. "As I was saying they died and I adopted young Daniel as soon as I heard and I moved him here with me to gotham, to get away from all the painful memories-" He stopped suddenly as his charge let out an almost silent snort.


It was so softly spoken, that for a moment Bruce thought he had imagined it. Daniel looked almost pained as Vlad turned to him and frowned. "I think it is time for us to return home Daniel." He said and once again there was something strange in his tone, but this time there was a definite darker tone under his words.

Daniel looked at him and met his gaze and almost instantly looked away, Bruce blinked because, he could have sworn he saw a flash of blue in those red eyes of his. Vlad narrowed his eyes before he turned and looked over the crowd. "Mrs. Spectra!" He called out suddenly and a woman in a black dress, her red hair in a neat bun at the base of her neck stepped out of the crowd and made their way over to them, she peered at the over the rim of her glasses and smiled. "Yes Mr. Masters?"

Vlad patted Daniel on the shoulder. "Daniel is in one of his…moods again. Would you take him home and give him another session." His tone made it clear it wasn't a question. Daniel looked suddenly distressed and stepped away from the woman. "I don't need anymore sessions!" His voice no longer devoid of emotion, but shook slightly and they could definitely hear more than a hint of fear.

Vlad grasped him by his shoulders and held him still. "Obviously you do." He turned to the watching group and notice their expressions. "Oh I apologise for not explaining. Since his parents died Daniel has struggled with his temper, he sometimes has violent mood swings, Mrs. Spectra is his psychologist. As this is Daniel's first time in a large crowd since the accident I though it best she came and it looks like I was right too."

He gave Daniel a slight push towards Mrs. Spectra and the woman took her chance to wrap her arm around Daniels shoulders, she lent down and whispered something in his ear and the boy paled and his shoulders slumped, his red gaze fell once again to the ground, giving up. Bruce stepped forward as they started to leave.

He held out his hand to Daniel. "I'm sorry for your loss Daniel…My parents were murdered in front of me when I was young, so I understand how you're feeling right now and if you ever want to talk or maybe some just some help dealing with anything, just call me." He said quietly. "About anything." He added as he released the boy's hand, no one noticing him pressing a business card into his hand.

Daniel looked up and met his eyes and offered him a weak smile. "Thank you Mr Wayne." He whispered before Spectra led him away.

Masters nodded to them and left as well, shooting Bruce a contemplative look as he went.

Bruce waited till he was out of sight before he frowned.

"Dick, Barbara I think it's time to leave." He paused as Artemis looked at him hopefully. "Artemis inform queen and your mother that you'll be sleeping over tonight." The Teenager grinned and rushed off to tell her mentor.

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