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Chapter 8

Breath into me.

He was staring up at a sky filled with doors.

The grass was soft and the wind ruffled his hair. A movement out of the corner of his eye made him turn his head and he found himself staring into a pair bright violet eyes.


A smile appeared on her face and reaching up she stroked his cheek gently, a tear falling down her face.


Her voice echoed in his head and he found himself crying along with her. "I miss you so much." He whispered to her, reaching out to brush away a tear and trailing his fingers down Sam's face, memorizing her, her hand caught his and hugged it to her face.

'Missed you'

Her beautiful voice whispered back in his mind.

"I'm so sorry it was all my faultI'm so sorry." His apology was cut short, as she kissed him gently on his lips. She pulled away and smiled gently as she placed a finger against her lips. He smiled back sadly and they laid there together, just staring at each other, his eyes taking in every detail of her face all over again. A sad expression flickered across her face after what seemed like hours and she kissed him gently on the cheek and got to her feet, Danny standing up with her.

'Must gocalling…' She said in his head once again and then she was walking of into the forest behind them. Danny felt his heart shatter and he quickly ran after her, trying to reach her before she vanished into the forest. "Don't go!" He cried desperately.

She turned and smiled at him.


And then the branches shifted around her, blocking his way and hiding her from sight.

"Don't go!"

Danny's green eyes flashed open and he shot upright, breathing heavily. The room was bright and white and terror filled him as he smelt the smell of antiseptic.

He was in a lab.

Blue eyes widened as he remembered Vlad telling the heroes of Dan…he couldn't remember much of what happened after…it was all a blur!

What had happened?!

Where was he?!

Terror filled him, The Heroes knew that he would turn into a villain…they had put him in a lab.

They were going to experiment on him…and kill him…just as Vlad had told him they would


Vlad had won and was going to punish him again.

A beeping was filling the room as his breath came in sharp bursts.

He couldn't go through that again!

The door suddenly opened and Danny shrank back in fear. He shivered violently as someone entered and shut his eyes tightly, covering his ears with his hands, not wanting to hear the cruel words that, whoever it was walking towards him had to say.

He heard a voice speaking to him, the words muffled as more footsteps followed and curled up tighter, not even noticing that he was muttering "No." over and over again. Any second they were going to hurt him…tear him apart molecule by molecule.


He tensed slightly as he heard his name spoken softly, but just curled up tighter. 'No more tests, please…"

Oh my godDanny

His eyes snapped open as he realised the voice was inside his head. OhDanny we would never do that to you! You're not in a- a lab The voice was female and gentle, he could feel the concern from whoever the girl was.

You know me Danny, I'm M'gann rememberYou need to calm down, your panic is clouding you thoughts and memories. Just focus on me and breath

Danny continued to take calming breaths eyes slipping closed again, the girls voice was so calming…she was in his head before…helping him out of the red…M'gann

That's right. He could see her smiling in his mind. When you're readylook around okaywe're your friends.

Slowly…fearfully…Danny uncurled himself and opened his eyes. His shoulders slumped in relief as he stared into the warm brown eyes of M'gann. She smiled at him and held open her arms in offer, and without even realising he had moved, Danny was clinging to her tightly, face buried in red hair as he sobbed. Her hand stroked his hair and his eyes closed tightly as he was reminded of Jazz doing the same thing after his nightmares.

"It's alright Danny…you're safe here." She whispered softly out loud.

M'gann felt tears falling down her face as she hugged the teen, feeling the loss and fear flowing from him. A glance at her Uncle J'onn told her he could feel it to, as he was watching them with sad eyes.

They had both been almost physically struck by the emotions from Danny. She had almost collapsed, tears dripping down her face as she clutched her chest. Wally had caught her before she had hit the floor, as Batman caught her Uncle. She had met her Uncles eyes, "Danny." she whispered, before flying off her Uncle on her heels, even as she heard Superboy say he could hear loud beeping.

She opened the door and froze as she saw Danny curled in a ball on top of the hospital cot. Shivering feverishly with shaking hands covering his ears, as he muttered under his breath. The feeling of terror grew and she stumbled slightly.

"Danny?" She asked worriedly, but the teen didn't answer her and instead curl up even more as she walked towards him.

She heard others arriving behind her as she floated to sit cross-legged in front of him.

He didn't even notice her.

Cautiously she reached out with her mind. Danny?

The boy curled up and his muttering grew loud enough for them to hear. "No more tests, please…"

M'gann jolted back as memories flooded her mind, her glowing green eyes wide. Oh my godDanny

Danny laying on a table, cold metal against his bare back. Metal restraints around his wrists.

Vlad Masters was approaching him, a device in his hand that sparked with green energy.

"Now, now My Little Badgerdon't try to resist. I just want to test your endurance to pain in your human formits for your own good. Now Don't Move."

His vision glazed with red and he watched Vlad approach him. Lightning danced across his skin and he let out a cry.

Vlad shook his head looking disappointed.

"Stop pretending to be strong Daniel, we both know you're weaknow show your pain!" He ordered, the ring flashing and suddenly he was unable to hold back the screams.

Vlad with a scalpel.

More screams.







With a sob M'gann pulled herself from the memories. She noticed vaguely that her powers were making everything in the room float slightly, but ignored it and instead spoke to Danny. OhDanny we would never do that to you! You're not in a- a lab

She could feel that her voice was calming him slightly, but his mind was clouded, he couldn't remember her clearly or how he defeated Vlad.

You know me Danny, I'm M'gann rememberyou need to calm down, your panic is clouding you thoughts and memories. Just focus on me and breath

She felt and saw him relaxing, watched as the memories held back by the panic floated to the surface.


She sighed in relief as she heard him finally answer her, even though he sounded scared and slightly dazed.

That's right. She smiled at him mentally. When you're readylook around okaywe're your friends.

She waited patiently for him to be ready and watched as he slowly uncurled. The fear grew slightly, a part of him still expecting to see Vlad or something called GIW that he whispered fearfully in the back of his mind. She smiled as she saw his beautiful blue eyes fill with relief and also a need for something. She smiled as she saw the image she had shown him-of his sister comforting him after a nightmare-float through his mind.

Even though she wasn't his real sister…she still felt like he was her little brother now too, just like Dick was. So she did the only thing that made sense to her and opened her arms.

And then her arms where around him as he clung to her sobbing his heart and soul out. She raised a hand and stroked his hair gently, like she had seen humans do on TV.

"It's okay Danny…you're safe here."

Danny pulled away after a few minutes. Reigning in his emotions, he tried to smile at her as he wiped the tears from his face with the sleeve of his pajamas. "Thanks." He said softly, before finally glancing at the rest of the room. He blinked in surprise as he saw Dick, Barbara and Artemis, standing with Superboy, Aqualad and a red haired boy that he realised must be Kid Flash out of uniform. Standing behind them was Martian Manhunter, Black Canary and Batman.

He blushed slightly as he realised they had all seen his break down and vanished from sight.

"Whoa…where'd he go?" Kid Flash asked confused.

"Don't worry Daddy does that when he gets embarrassed."

All thoughts of embarrassment vanished from Danny's head at the teasing voice of his daughter and he flickered into view as Dani phased through the heroes, leaving them all shivering at the sudden cold apart from batman, who only shuddered slightly and then Danielle was in Danny's arms and they were hugging desperately.

"I'm so glad you're okay." They whispered at the same time, causing Dani to giggle as she pulled away. She floated away from him and Danny smiled as he realised how at ease she was using her powers around the heroes…it had been a long time either of them had used their powers in front of people so freely.

He watched bemused as Dani grabbed Superboy by the arm and dragged him over to him, bobbing up and down excitedly. "This is Conner Daddy. Guess what he's like me! He's a clone too!" She said happily.

Danny glanced at the black-haired teen in surprise as Conner shifted uncomfortably. Danny inwardly frowned realising that Conner's status as a clone had not been well received by some.

Danny held out his hand, an easy-going smile appearing on his face. "Nice to meet you, Conner." He said warmly. The other teen looked relieved before reaching out and taking his hand. Danny flinched slightly as Conner gripped slightly to hard and regretted it when he saw the upset look on Conner's face and adjusted his grip to match the boy's strength.

He grinned at the surprised expression on Conner's face. "Strengths the hardest power to get the hang of isn't it." Danny said letting go.

Conner nodded in agreement as he relaxed.

Kid Flash stepped forward and held out his hand. "Hey, Wally West, fastest boy alive." He said with a grin.

Danny grinned back and shook his hand too.

Aqualad bowed his head in greeting to him. "I am Kaldur'ahm, my friends call me Kaldur."

Danny returned his nod and smiled at Dick, Barbara and Artemis. "So I'm guessing that you lot are, Robin, Batgirl and Artemis then." He said with a cheeky grin, which the three returned. Glancing around the room he repressed a shiver.

"What is this place?" He asked curiously.

"This is Mount Justice, headquarters of Young Justice." Batman answered, motioning to the teen's surrounding his bed. "A team of super teens huh…cool." Danny muttered, wondering vaguely how different his hero career would have been if he had super powered friends.

"Why did you bring me here?" He asked curiously.

"We didn't know whether your powers had altered you human physiology, so we thought it best to treat you at a medical facility that would be able to handle any surprises. We decided that Mount Justice would be perfect as you had met most of the team already and it is a secret location." Batman explained.

Danny frowned. "Vlad escaped didn't he." He guessed, resigned.

The faces of Young Justice were enough proof for him and he sighed. "I should have guessed…" He muttered quietly, before a bright flash transformed him into Danny Phantom and he flew up and through the ceiling, vanishing from sight.

The Heroes were left startled at Danny's sudden departure. Dani stepped forward, a flash of light transforming her into her ghost form. She shot the Heroes an apologetic grin. "Sorry…if we don't come back…it was nice meeting you and thanks." She said quietly, before following her Father.

Dani found him floating in the clouds above Mount Justice.

She hesitated to approach him as she saw the look of peace on his face as he hovered, looking over the beautiful landscape around the mountain, arms hugging his chest.

His glowing eyes were terribly sad.

Dani's hand found herself echoing him as she watched him for a few minutes.

His families death had shattered him.

And her Mothers death had broken him.

She had no idea what to do anymore.

She had searched for him after Vlad had taken him. She had spent weeks on the streets alone and when she finally found him, the ghost shield kept her out. Oh she had tried for hours to get inside, screaming her fear and anger out…Vlad had chased her away. She had tried to find help for him, when the men from Cadmus had found her. It had been terrifying…but now she had her Daddy back and she wouldn't let him out of her sight now.

She flew over to him and gently wrapped her arms around him from behind. "Daddy, are you alright?" She asked softly.

"What do you want to do Danielle?"

She pulled away in surprised and stared at her father as he turned to her curiously. "What do you mean?" She asked confused. He reached out and placed a hand on her head, smiling softly. "Do you want to stay? Here with the team with Conner…you seemed to have adopted him." Danny said with a teasing smile. She blushed slightly in embarrassment, looking down at the mountain she smiled slightly.

"I don't know…it's nice, isn't it? Meeting people our own age with abilities like us…I was watching a training session and Superboy is strong…I would love to fight him…" She said with a slightly feral grin. Danny laughed and ruffled her hair. "That's my girl."

She smiled happy to hear him laughing, before turning serious. "I do like the idea of hanging around here for a bit…but I won't make the decision…you've had to do what Vlad wanted for so long…it's your choice now." She said quietly, causing Danny to look away, green eyes dimming slightly.

"I…I don't now if I remember how to make my own choices anymore…it's been so long…" Danny whispered so quietly she almost didn't hear. Her hand found his and gripped it tightly and reassuringly, he smiled down at her.

"Why don't you go find Conner and hang out with him for a bit…let me think about it." Danny answered quietly. Dani studied him for a second before nodding and floating back down towards the mountain. Danny 'lay' back in the air, staring silently up at the clouds.

He honestly didn't know what to do now.

He had nowhere to go…he had no home anymore.

His family was gone.

His best friend was gone.

His soul mate was gone.

He screwed his eyes shut as he felt tears gather in them and took a calming breath.

What should he do now?

He could leave with Dani…travel around the world maybe…he dismissed the idea as soon as he thought it, they would starve and have to live on the streets, he couldn't do that to Dani…she had already lived on the streets for too long.

The Ghost Zone was a no go…he had more enemies there than allies.

He flipped in midair and stared down at the Mount Justice.

It was a beautiful place.

Surrounded by the ocean and a vast forest, he could see a small city a bit further up the coast…it looked safe. Green eyes locked in on a sudden movement on the beach and he watched as his daughter ran across the beach a white wolf and Conner on her heels. A smile lit up his face as he watched her playing in the waves with her new friends.

The rest of Young Justice appeared and settled down on the beach.

M'gann looked up at him and waved, the rest of the team quickly following her lead.

Danny hesitated for a split second before waving back. He studied them from where he hovered. Watching as Kaldur vanished beneath the waves and Wally carry a struggling Artemis over to the water and throwing her into the waves, only for Dick to jump on top of him and knock him into the waves. M'gann and Barbara sat next to each other and talked, giggling at the three-way battle between their friends.

They really were just normal teenagers like him.

Maybe…Maybe he would hang around for a bit…it wouldn't hurt.

What the heck…it might be fun.

Grinning he dived towards the group.

As he went faster and fast he couldn't help laughing, it had been so long since he had been allowed to fly.

Vlad had no say in how he lived anymore.

For now Vlad was Gone!

For now…

For now he was free.

He was still laughing as he shot over the water, sending a wave that drenched Dani and the rest of the team and laughed more as Dani took to the skies after him promising revenge.

M'gann smiled at the two as they raced in the sky.

Barbara nudged her and tapped the side of her head and M'gann connected The Team's minds together.

How is he? Barbara asked.

He seems pretty happy. Wally said, before getting drenched by a sudden wave of water from the father and daughter shooting past.

Indeed. Aqualad agreed, as he strolled out of the waves towards them not caring as the same wave crashed over him.

Maybe. Dick answered, as he dropped down next to Barbara.

For now he's happy. Artemis added, as she joined them, grey eyes following the two Halfa's.

Yeahfor nowthere is still a lot of pain and sadness in himhe's still brokenbut he's decided to stay. M'gann said softly, as she lent against Conner who had slumped into the sand next to her. And maybe with our help he can get himself back together again. She added as Dani and Danny shot into the air together laughing together.

Chapter End.

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