Call Me Maybe

A ridiculously catchy annoying song by Carly Rae Jepsen. I thought if I used it as writing inspiration, the song would get out of my head. No such luck. Watched this movie on Hulu, and also serves as my inspiration. Don't own any of it.

The fall was beginning with brutal force, if the winds gusting across campus were any indication. [She] pulled her scarf up tighter around her neck, but it did little to keep out the cold. It is days like this when she wonders why she didn't choose a school in a warmer climate.

After all the hard work she put in in high school, she'd certainly not let a few snow flurries deter her from walking across campus to English. That's when she saw him. Or at least she thought it was him. Aaron. He was walking towards her, his hands stuffed in the pockets of his blue coat to avoid the cold.

She didn't know if he'd want to see her. It had been years, and her life was so fucked up back then. Then they moved to her grandmother's house, and five long years had gone by.

She had only said it in passing before, but she thought maybe now, maybe in this stage in both their lives there could be a shot for them.

She handed him a scrap of paper on it, her phone number hastily scribbled down. It was a last minute decision, to give him this, and she didn't know how Aaron would react, if he would even recognize her.

She gave him a half smile as she said, "Call me, maybe." She figured he got that all the time now, what with being a big shot engineer. He looks at it, and back to her, as if sensing his confusion, she begins to walk away. But then suddenly recognition dawns on Aaron's face. A broad grin appears, and he pulls her into a hug. It feels so right to be here, together again.

"Do you want to grab lunch?" she asks.

He has a grin on his face, the one that makes her feel positive everything will come out all right.