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Ghrisnt ran fast. Faster then any horse could ever run and Arthur liked it. The feeling he got when she almost flies between her steps. It took her three hours until she stopped and looked back at the king. 'We're almost there. I can smell Camelot.' He grinned after hearing her words. He already guessed that her smell was good, but after hearing her say something liked that he knew it for sure.

'Then let's go.' He would have enjoyed the trip if it wasn't for his friend that was dying. He frowned while he thought of Merlin.'I will be there quick. So don't you dare die before I arrive?'

She started running again, but after 40 meter the both of them were thrown into a tree by an unknown force. Arthur felt his head hit the tree and groaned when he landed on the ground. He grabbed his head in pain and heard Ghrinst growl beside him. He closed his eyes to try to squeeze the pain out of his head.

He quickly looked up when he heard someone laughing evil at them. Morgana stood a couple of meters in front of them. 'Hello, dear brother.'

'Morgana.' He gasped at her and stood up while Ghrinst started growling at the witch.

It was only now that Arthur noticed what the woman was holding in her left hand, his bag.

'Don't you think I wasn't aware of your little trip to the druids?' Arthur didn't say anything and only looked angry at her. She grinned and started rumbling through his bag and pulled out the potion Aston had made to heal Merlin. In her eyes he saw that she knew what it was and panic appeared in his head.

'No… please Morgana.'

She looked at him. 'Why should I? I want your little friend dead so why would I give this back?' She dropped his bag on the ground and stared intense at the bottle. 'I never would have believed that you would use magic to save him.'

She then lifted her hand with the bottle in it and threw it on the ground. The bottle bursted in small pieces while the liquid flew through the sky and Arthur felt some of it hit his face.

He could only look stunned at the witch and tears appeared in his eyes. He couldn't heal Merlin without the potion. Ghrinst started howling soft after Morgana broke the jar.

Morgana only enjoyed the sight of Arthur. 'Are you so fond of him that you shed tears for his dead? If I had known that I would have killed him earlier.'

Arthur's face darkened and he looked at her. 'How could you.'

'I have just done it.' Morgana said as if it was a simple joke.

'So what are you planning on doing to me know, expect for breaking my heart.' He said and his voice was cold.

'Don't worry little king, I will let you live for now so you can see your friend die. I would not wait to long if I were you, he doesn't have long anymore. I can feel it and with every breath that goes by he is closer to death. He will not live to see the sunset again.' She grinned evilly at him and lifted her hands to disappear into nothingness.

He fell on his knees and stared at the ground while tears ran even faster down his face then before. Ghrinst brushed her head against his and he looked up to see her dark eyes. They were filled with pain and sadness and he knew that she saw the same in his eyes.

'We have to go back to Merlin.'

'No, we have to go back to the druids to get a new…'

'There isn't any time left to do that.' He knew she was right, but he didn't want to believe it. He didn't want to let his friend die.

He slowly stood up and climbed back on her back after grabbing his bag from the ground. 'Yeah, let's go.'

He looked one last time back at the broken bottle and the liquid that slowly sunk into the earth. He then changed his gaze forward to see the castle walls rising in front of him. He was home.

She ran past the guards at the gate and scared the people at the market when she ran past them. She stopped in front of the stairs and he climbed of her. He turned towards her head and looked into her eyes. 'Thank you for everything you have done for us.'

'I didn't mind doing it.' She tried to smile at him, but it didn't work.

'You don't know any magic to save him?' He asked with his last bit of hope.

She lowered her head. 'I'm sorry, I don't know.'

The big doors burst open and the knights ran through them towards their king. Arthur didn't want to see their eyes when he couldn't do what he had promised them, to bring back a cure for their friend. They stopped in front of him and stayed quiet after they saw their king's reaction.

Percival slowly walked forward and grabbed the king at his shoulders. 'Didn't they know a way to heal him?' There was still some hope in the knight's voice.

The king could feel coldness spread through his heart. How could he say that he lost the potion when he was attacked by Morgana? Ghrisnt noticed the hesitation of her friend and answered the question for him. 'We had it, but when we were attacked by Morgana we lost it.'

The knights gasped and Arthur felt even more terrible after hearing their reaction. They walked towards their king. They knew how much he loved the sorcerer and wanted to share a part of his pain, but they knew they couldn't do something like that.

'Then let's go see him.'

Arthur spoke with a soft voice. 'Is he still alive?'

The knights looked at each other knowing their friend would not have much longer. 'Yes.'

They slowly pushed their king inside towards his chambers. He froze a moment in front of the door before opening it. He walked inside and saw that Gwen sat on the ground in the corner while crying. Gaius face had no expression and when he looked at the king, Arthur saw that he understood that he didn't had anything. The physician stood up and offered his king the chair and Arthur accepted it.

He looked down on his friend. His skin was as white as snow and he looked so cold. His eyes were closed and his expression showed signs of pain. Arthur knew that Merlin was close to falling into the darkness of death.

Arthur slowly grabbed the warlock's hand. At first he was shocked at how cold it felt, but then he hold it as if he tried to warm it. It didn't work and he dared to look back at the others and saw tears falling from the knights eyes. At least Merlin would die while he was loved by all of his friends.

He turned towards Merlin's head and made their foreheads touch. The king's tears fell down on the sorcerer's face and Arthur closed his eyes while remaining in the same position.

He felt something warm spread through his body, but he didn't give it any special thought. He felt as if his surroundings disappeared and in his head he could hear as voice speak to him.

'Hello mighty king of Camelot.'

'How can I be mighty when my friend is dying in front of me?'

'The sorcerer who is part of your destiny is dying and only you hold the cure for his pain.'

Arthur started sobbing. 'Not anymore I lost it.'

'The potion was never the cure for him.'

'What, did the druids lie to me?'

'No, the one that holds the cure is you, young king.'

Arthur was silent for a moment.'I don't understand.'

'You will if you truly care for him.'

'I do.'Arthur almost whispered and he could feel the voice leave his head.

He knew he was back at his chambers and even wondered if he had ever left them. He still had his eyes closed in fear of looking at the face of his friend. 'I don't want you to leave me, please stay. I love you.'

At the same moment he could hear the knights gasping and he opened his eyes to see that he and Merlin were both covered in a bright blue light. He knew immediately that it was magic and he felt not fear, but a warm feeling filled his heart. He looked at Merlin and saw that the expression of his friend became soft as if his pain was lifted away from him. The magic felt so strong, powerful and warm. If he had known that this is what it felt to use magic then he could only love it.

He could hear Gaius say what he already knew. 'It's magic, but how.'

He didn't care for anything his friends did and only had an eye for Merlin. Colour came back in the sorcerer's face and the blood on the bandages started disappearing. Even the scar he knew was on the neck of the warlock disappeared, same as the scar on his right hand. Arthur started smiling when he understood that everything would be alright.

Then it happened, Merlin opened his eyes and those warm blue eyes stared at Arthur's eyes. A smile appeared on Merlin's lips and the king replied it with another smile.

The others in the room looked only shocked at the two of them and this time Gwen started sobbing tears of joy and the knights started to smile while Gaius quickly sat down from all the excitement.

Merlin said with a voice that he clearly hadn't used in while. 'Thank you for healing me Arthur.'

'I did that?'

'Yes.' Merlin said with a warm voice.

'But I have no idea how I have done that.'

'Magic isn't something that someone can understand. Even I don't understand it completely.' He sat up and Arthur wanted to push him back, but saw that Merlin was completely healed and his body was filled with energy.

Tears fell down his face again, but these tears were full of joy while he embraced his friend. He whispered in the sorcerer's ears. 'I'm so glad that you're alive.'

'Thank you for everything you have done for me.' Merlin said back.

Arthur let go of his friend and gave the others the opportunity to hug their friend and watched them silently filled with joy.

'Welcome back.'


Even when it was clear that Merlin was healed completely Gaius had ordered him to stay in bed. Arthur knew the sorcerer wouldn't like this and the next day he already wandered around the castle. Everybody greeted him when they saw him again and Merlin was as happy as he always had been.

Arthur looked out of his window and saw his friend wandering around. He smiled. He never thought he could be so happy to see that boy walking around doing nothing. He then decided he would join Merlin and quickly headed outside.

The king opened the large doors and walked outside. He looked around and didn't she the black haired warlock. He quickly walked around to search for the warlock. When he found him, Merlin sat down in the middle of the training ground. Arthur smiled and sat down next to his friend.

'Hello Arthur.'


They sat down silent and watched the people around them.

'Hey, Arthur?' Arthur looked back at the sorcerer. 'Ehmm... I heard what you told that voice yesterday.'

Arthur froze for a moment and he began to blush a little. '...You heard that?'

Merlin smiled. 'Yeah and thank you that you said it.'

Arthur didn't care anymore about his pride. 'And it was the truth.' He sighed for a moment. 'The voice told me that the potion the druids gave me was not the cure, what did he mean by that?'

'How am I going to explain that?' The warlock closed his eyes for a moment. 'The druid let you drink a part of the potion so it also worked on you. The potion increased a person's magical powers and when you wished for me to be healed a magical reaction appeared and together with the power from that voice it was enough to heal me.'

The king frowned from this answer. 'But I don't know how to use magic.'

Merlin smiled. 'Magic is part of everyone and everything. It's true that yours is not so strong, but it is still there.'

Arthur nodded. 'I have one last thing to tell you.' The warlock looked curious at the king. 'I have decided to allow magic in this kingdom again.'

Merlin couldn't be happier and jumped on his friend to give him a hug. Arthur found it a bit awkward at first, but put his hands around his friend. Merlin whispered in Arthur's ear. 'Thank you.'

They let go of each other. 'But I don't know much of magic and so I need some help with understanding it. Are you willingly to get a promotion?' Arthur couldn't help but laugh a bit, because Merlin looked like a little kid when he told him and shook his head quickly up and down. 'Would you like to become my court sorcerer?'

'I would love it.' The warlock said and his eyes were full of joy.

'Then that's a deal. I will announce it tomorrow.'

Merlin grinned. 'You have a lot of people to meet.' Arthur looked confused at him. 'I mean you have to meet the druids and Kilgharrah and Athusia.'

'Who are Kilgharrah and Athusia?'

Merlin looked at him with wide eyes. 'Oh yeah, I forget you didn't know… ehmm.. they are dragons. I kind of saved the dragon's egg and hatched it.'

The king looked at his friend with his mouth wide open. 'You… what… but…' He sighed. 'I guess I need to meet them then.'

'Good, so what are you plans after that?'

'I want you to help me create a kingdom where the people can live in peace and freedom.' The two of them looked at each other and smiled.

'Yes, let's create Albion.'


Ghrinst watched the king and warlock who where discussing their future. She smiled when she heard someone appear behind her. She knew who it was and never thought she would see him again.

'Hello Ghrinst.'

She slowly turned around to see a grey Shadow standing in front of her. 'Hello dear brother.'

'It's time to go home.'

She brushed her head against his in a greeting. 'I know.'

He smiled. 'So are you ready to go?'

She looked at the two men she was looking at before. 'Yeah, I can't help them anymore. They are strong enough to create the future they want, together.'

He followed her look and saw Arthur and Merlin. 'Are they the predicted king and warlock that will unite all of the kingdoms?'

'Yeah they are. We should get the children and return home.' She took a last look at her friends. 'I wish the two of you luck with creating that future.' With this last thought she left Camelot.

'Goodbye dear friends.'



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