First attempt at a Bade drabble? Fingers don't fail me now!

And Their Lonley...

Jade's Part.

She was so lonley.

Jade never realized how quiet everything was. How much the silence irked her.

"La..La..La.." Jade sang silently to herself, as she continued driving. Her hands gripping the wheel rather loosely.

Then Tori screamed, grabbing her bag and opening the car door, throwing herself out.

Jade paused her singing, stopping the car. "Why'd you do that?"

"I, um, I'll walk!"

Jade was silent for a second, before closing the car door. "Another time then.."

What was she so afraid of? She wasn't going to do anything.. She was just joking..

Then sadness overtook her, Beck would've never been afraid.. Jade's eyes narrowed at that assumption.

She missed Beck..

And it was quiet again.