Their Lonley,

Beck's Part

Beck inwardly cringed.

Whenever he would stare at his ex-girlfriend, Jade, in class or at lunch, and she would meet his gaze, and her gaze was unfitting for him.

Jade West glared at everyone when she looked at them, except for Beck. He was used to her greenish-blue eyes softening profoundly when he was granted a glance from Jade. But now, her eyes remained like cold, unmoving stone.

Maybe even more so.

They've been broken up for about five weeks now, Beck himself had counted. Because the weeks felt like months, and the weeks like years. He would wake up at weird hours, he couldn't sleep normally any longer. Knowing that Jade was out there, hating him for breaking his promise.

Promise. To never leave her.

Beck had always relished at being a man of his word. Whoever asked him of anything he loved being able to come through, to prosper for his friends.. Pathetic, he thought to himself. He couldn't even help his own girlfriend.

Whilst Sikowitz gave his speech, Beck could feel Jade's eyes on his. And, he was just to ashamed to look back.