Parker Family

Alan Parker Sr.- Paterfamilias. Former Chief of the Toronto Police Service. Was the first person to get a perfect score on the Police Academy shooting qualifier, and remained so until 1998, when one Sylvia Tamory shot a perfect score AND beat his time record.

Nicknames- Chief Parker, Old Man, Sir, Boss

Married to Marion Parker (nee O'Neill). They have six children- Donald, Robert, Gregory, Margaret, Scott, and Emily.


Marion Parker- wife of former TPS Chief Alan Parker, mother of six and generally regarded as the best cookie maker ever by the majority of the force.


Donald Parker

Commonly known as Donnie

Age- 48/49-ish

Occupation- member of the Toronto Police Service

Rank- Inspector

Division- Operational Services

Spouse- Lindsey Meagher

Children- Theresa Jane (TJ) and Alan, twins; Luke; and Webster

Robert Parker

Commonly known as Bobby


Occupation: Member of the Toronto Police Service

Rank: Staff Sergeant

Division: Organized Crime

Spouse: Claire Gallagher

Children: Four- Rebecca, Avery, Molly, Kellan

Note: possesses the ability to accurately identify the different components of a designer outfit, which he justifies as necessary, since trademark infringement is often related to Organized Crime; the women find it somewhat disturbing, as the only other men they know who can accurately case their outfits are usually gay

Greg Parker

Age- 45/46

Occupation- member of the Toronto Police Service

Division: Strategic Response Unit (Team Sergeant, Team One)

Spouse: Joanne Miller (divorced)

Children: Dean Parker

Significant Other: Sylvia Tamory

Margaret Parker

Commonly known as Maggie

Age: early 40's

Occupation: Member of the Toronto Police Service

Division: Homicide Squad

Spouse: George Monaghan (divorced)

Children: Twin girls, Amelia and Salem

Significant Other: Glenn Gish

Note: before she joined the Homicide squad, Maggie was the Training Officer for rookie constable Sylvia Tamory

Scott Parker

Age: 36/37

Occupation: Prosecutor for the Crown

Spouse: None

Children: None

Significant Other: None

Note 1: Scott Parker attended law school after a serious car accident necessitating the continued use of a cane; before this, it had seemed that he would be joining his siblings as a police officer

Note 2: In his words, Scott is 'married to Lady Justice'; the reason for this is generally accepted as being that he has a serious thing for junior prosecutor Sidney Moretti, which people keep teasing him about- it is also generally accepted that Scott will eventually make his move, provided he has enough help (aka, push)

Emily Parker

Also known as: Emily Parker-Weir, Doctor Parker, Doc

Age: 34/35

Occupation: Doctor

Specialties: Obstetrics and Pediatrics

Spouse: Dr. Thomas Weir, Associate Medical examiner

Children: Jordan, Piper

Note: Pregnant with her third child

Theresa Jane Parker

Also known as: TJ

Age: 24

Occupation: Member of the Toronto Police Service

Rank: Constable

Time on force: Four years

Note: Twin sister of Constable Alan Parker Jr.

Alan Parker Jr.

Also known as: Junior

Age: 24 (twin brother to Constable Theresa 'TJ' Parker)

Occupation: Member of the Toronto Police Service

Rank: Constable

Time on force: Four years

Note: Many are initially intimidated by Constable Parker due to his standing six feet five and a half inches tall

Note 2: Given his grandfather's almost legendary status on the force, the fact that he carries his grandfather's name has led to Constable Parker developing somewhat of an anxiety-prone inferiority complex

Note 3: Since he has often ended up responding to calls in which Sylvia ends up being involved, Constable Parker has started to refer to his uncle's girlfriend as 'Boss Lady'

Amelia Parker

Also known as: Mia

Age: 19 (twin sister to Salem Parker)

Occupation: Student, Computer Science, University of Toronto; occasional/contract employee of the Toronto Police Service

Security Clearance: Yes

Note: Remains the favourite baby-sitter of Charlie Tamory, son of her mother's former trainee Detective Sylvia Tamory

Note 2: Is listed as being able to use certain weapons belonging to Sylvia in the event that she is baby-sitting Sylvia's son and something wanders into the backyard from the Rosedale Ravine and it looks like things could get dangerous before Animal Control gets there

Note 3: Much of Mia's access to TPS computer systems is due to the fact that Sylvia has backed her ideas in front of the higher-ups; if it weren't for this, and if it weren't for the fact that she is on the TPS payroll, certain people think that Mia Parker would be on some list somewhere in the TPS records as a security risk

Note 4: main point of contact between her cousin Dean and everyone else in the months preceding his return

Salem Parker

Also known as: Sales

Age: 19 (twin sister of Amelia Parker)

Occupation: Student, University of Toronto

Note: Uses a wheelchair, due to the fact that she was severely injured in the same vehicle accident that injured her Uncle Scott

Note 2: Is noted for her repeated changes in hair colour

Dean Parker

Age: 18

Also known as: Dino

Why?: Because his middle name is Martin

Whose fault is that?: His paternal grandfather's

Siblings: None

Half-siblings: several

Step-siblings: two

Best friend: Fellow Canadian transplant Olivia Katz

Occupation: student, University of Toronto

Program: Computer Science

Another One?: Yes

Former occupation: Summer office worker at the Dallas Field Office of the FBI

Really?: Yes

Drives: a 1960's Volkswagen hippie van

Seriously?: Yes

Why?: He crashed his last car

How?: Wrong place at the wrong time- got involved in a street racing dust-up

SAT score: 1200.

Extra-curriculars: Rugby, Band, community volunteer

Medical conditions: Asthma

Pets: a chinchilla and a dog

Note: caught what was probably a version of swine flu in the initial wave that hit the southern US; made Olivia swear not to tip anyone in Canada off

Note 2: Will occasionally stumble over his words due to the fact that trying not to acquire a Texas accent over the past decade or so has resulted in some random speech impediments

Note 3: Goes to temple with Olivia every Friday; conversely, Olivia will attend church with him on Sundays

Note 4: Used to make fake IDs for his classmates; Sylvia demanded that he hand any he had left over as soon as he crossed the border

Note 5: Tends not to drink too much after the whole ordeal of his step-brother and step-cousins taking him to Tijuana for his eighteenth birthday

Note 6: Still has his Ontario red and white Health card