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Charlotte Mallone is my own character who is an alter ego of myself who when I get to loading the story up you will meet and learn her whole life story. Milly is also my own character and is based on my best friend.

Set quite after THANKS FOR THE MEMORYand after they meet Ace the first time.

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-Blah- Rimmer's thoughts

-Blah- Charlotte's thoughts

Chapter 1

One day the Red Dwarf crew were going to a moon for a party when they were hit by a craft tgat they remember being hit by before; it was Ace Rimmer agian. Before anyone could say "we're going to crash land" Charlotte Malone was gone. She went get a silver outfit on that will protect her clothes and when they sort of landed, went to help Ace to fix Starbug. When Charlotte and Ace came into Starbug, Rimmer as jealous as he was that Charlotte (the girl he loved) and Ace were together asked "Are you going off around space with Ace or are you staying on Red Dwarf?" -please stay- he added silently

Charlotte replied in a matter-of-fact voice "yes, I'm going with Ace. It will be a whole lot better than staying on an old rust bucket with you" and to show that she ment it, Charlotte showed all of them her new engagament ring.

It was the most beautiful ring ever. Rimmer who was still jealous about Charlotte and Ace, went off to sulk in the engine room; Milly (Holly and Hilly's daughter) was just about to go after him but Charlotte shook her head 'let him cry in the cornner. I don't care' she thought (only because Ace could read minds) -though I really don't mean that. I really don't- she added to herself making sure Ace could read that thought.

After they got back to Red Dwarf, Rimmer went off to sulk again and Milly went with him because what noone knew is that she, along with Kryten, were helping him to become human again so that he could actually be with Charlotte and not pass right through her as he did in his hologramatic form.

Else where Holly and Hilly (who are both human and not computer heads) were having a private chat with Charlotte

"Charlotte, are you 100% sure that you want to spend you life with Ace? You know how Rimmer fells about you" Asked Holly, Hilly added to prove the point said

"That's right, Rimmer would do anything to be with you, even become human again if he could"

Charlotte replied with a sad sigh "I know, I know and I feel the same about him I just *sigh* I want a change of life and as for your question Holly, no I'm not 100% sure I want to spend my life with Ace, more like i dunno 0.01% sure that's what I want"

"Then why? Why be with him if your only 0.01% sure that its what you want?" asjed Holly

"I dunno, I love him buit not as much as Rimmer. Ace is more like, I dunno a cousin or a big brother even. *SIGH*." What they didn't know is that Rimmer had heard every word of what was said.

While Holly, Hilly and Charlotte were talking, Lister, Cat, Kryten and Ace were in another part of the ship catching up on everything that has happened since they last saw each other

"So what have you been lot been doing been up to since I left?" asked Ace

"Not much, unless you count the fact that we lost three whole days last year" laughed Lister

"So what made you deside to come back, Mr Ace sir?" asked Kryten

"Well Krytes, he main reason was to come back and get Charlotte so she didn't have to stay here with old Arnie" replied Ace

"Well before you came back Charlotte and Rimmer were really close, in fact Rimmer would have done anything for her, even become human again if he could" said Cat. They all laught at the fact of Rimmer being human.

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