Chapter 5

Whilst Charlotte and Rimmer were saying good-bye to the other (in an amazingly small space ;) ), Ace had met up with the others to find out where Charlotte was

"Ace! Don't you dare start on Milly and Kryten for what they did!" shouted Holly

"Well they shouldn't have helped Rimmer become human again!" Ace shouted back

"Well Charlotte said to me and Hilly that she was only 0.01% sure that she wanted to marry you. She LOVES RIMMER, she will always chocie him!" Holly shouted

"I DON'T BEVILE YOU!" bellowed Ace before he stormed out of the controll room.

After Rimmer and Charlotte finally left the bunk room (hand in hand) Ace spotted them

, marched right up to them and pulled Charlotte away

"HELP ME! RIMMER, HELP ME! ANYONE HELP ME!" shouted Charlotte as Ace dragged her away

"CHARLOTTE! HEY YOU LOT HELP! CHARLOTTE!" Rimmer shouted as Ace forced Charlotte into his ship

"What the Hell is going on? Rimmer? OH MY GOD, CHARLOTTE!" cried out Milly

"ACE, STOP THIS NOW!" bellowed Holly. But is was to late. Ace had flow off with Charlotte banging on the window to get out.

Sorry this is such a short chapter I just wanted to create a bit of excitement before I carried on.

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