Ashley's POV

Platform 9 ¾ was busy as I hugged my parents and left them to get onto the Hogwarts express. It is my final year at Hogwarts, and I have been made head girl this year along with James potter. I walked through the train until I came to the compartment where my friends sat, they were called, Jinxx, well that is his nickname his real name is Jeremy Fergusson, Ashley Purdy, we have the same name which is why he is referred to as Ash and I am referred to as Ashley, Jake Pitts, CC, again that is his nickname his real name is Christian coma, Andy biersack, Sammi, Jinxx's girlfriend, and Ella, Jake's girlfriend. I opened the door and sat next to Andy.

"Andy, what the hell happened to your nose!" I screamed as soon as I sat down.

"Some girl punched me when I was gonna help her cause she looked lost, I then tried to heal it but it didn't work." He said; healing is his weakest area in magic; luckily I am quite good at it.

"Oh come here." I said to him. I pulled out my wand and healed his nose. "There much better."

I am a 16 year old muggle-born with black hair which is dip-dyed yellow, my favourite colour. I have large green doe eyes, with long lashes. I'm thin, but curvy. I am wearing fishnet tights and gloves, and black and yellow, knee high converse; I will forever be a hufflepuff. I'm also wearing a tight short black skirt and an oversized black and yellow striped of the shoulder jumper, with a black strappy top underneath.

The train ride there seemed to get shorter every year, and soon enough it was announced that we would be arriving in 10 minutes. I stood up and told my friends that I was going to get changed into my school uniform. I kept my skirt, tights, gloves and shoes on, and changed into my shirt and robes and put my hufflepuff tie on. By the time I got back to my friends it was time to get off the train. I grabbed my suitcase, and shrunk it down; it already had a spell on it that made it lighter for me, so there was no need for that, and shoved it into my pocket. I stepped off of the train and got into a boat, to take me across the lake and into the castle.

Entering the castle, I sighed, glad to be back. After saying bye to my friends and telling them that I will meet them in the great hall for dinner, I made my way up the stairs to my new dorm, and whispered the password, which was beautiful teapots in parseltounge, yes, I can speak parseltounge, to the portrait of Dumbledore, the previous headmaster, who was the one who came up with the password.

I fell in love with the heads dorm; it was decked out in black and cream. Cream carpets and black sofas facing a large fireplace, with black curtains on the windows. Scattered around the room where red and yellow cushions. There were two doors, one on either side of the room. The one on the left side was charmed to say 'James' in red writing and the one on the right was charmed to say 'Ashley' in yellow writing. Walking to the door that said my name on it, I entered what I presumed was my bedroom, and came to a room that I instantly fell in love with. Everything was in black and yellow. There was a large queen sized four poster bed with black pillows and a yellow duvet. The canopy was black and black curtains hung down to the floor, they were tied back at the moment. The wall paper was striped black and yellow with the odd hufflepuff house crest dotted here and there. The rest of the furniture in the room was black, there was a small bed side table and a large set of draws, there was also some double doors, that when opened revealed a rather large walk in wardrobe. Finally I turned to a black door, opened it and inside was a large on suite bathroom; the walls were tiled in white and the floor in black. There was a shower in the corner with 3 heads, and a glass door. I walked out of the bathroom and into the common room where I noticed the time and decided to make my way to the great hall for dinner and to meet my friends.

Draco's POV

Ok, so I will admit I'm slightly nervous, I am never nervous. Not long ago, slughorn, the old potions professor had retired, for good this time. And since Hermione granger, now weasley couldn't take the job because she had already worked her way up high in the ministry of magic and didn't want to quit her job there, it had been offered to me, and of course I took it, as I hated my job at the ministry. To be honest I only want to teach so that I can tell people off I don't like and take away house points as it sounds like fun, snape obviously enjoyed it.

I was sat at the head table in my new place as potions teacher and head of slytherin. It felt weird, different in a good way; I feel more superior sitting at the head table than I did on the slytherin table.

The students started to trickle in and sit down at their tables. After everyone was in and seated professor McGonagall, started the sorting ceremony. Not long after, everyone had been put into their houses, and she started the beginning of term announcements which included me being announced as the new potions professor.

"And finally" McGonagall started, a smile on her face, "We have a new potions professor, Mr Malfoy" she gestured her hand towards me and I stood up and nodded my head in a polite manner at her. A few gasps where heard around the room, some obviously knew that I was a former death-eater. I slowly sat down, and my eyes automatically scanned the room to find out where the gasps came from, and that's when I saw her, the most beautiful girl, chatting amongst her friends. My heart started to beat slightly faster against my ribcage and I felt a fluttering feeling in the pit of my stomach, I have never felt like this before. I put the feeling aside, but it remained there, and I kept my eyes locked on hers, a lovely green colour.

Finally the food was bought out and everyone began to eat, while I just sat there and stared. The delicious aroma soon got to me and I heard my stomach growl, so I began to tuck into my food, as always it was amazing. When everyone had, had their fill the desserts came out, but I just picked up a green apple and excused myself from the table.

So that's the end of the prologue, let me know what you think. I would be grateful for any ideas you are willing to offer. I'm gonna add another O.C in the next chapter so it might not have much to do with Draco or Ashley, but she is very important to the story.

Love you all

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