Love and Life

Dear Diary,

I'm falling in love with a boy called Joe he has blonde hair, deep blue eyes and a sweet smile. We have never spoken to each other and I'm afraid to. Every time I look at him I catch his eyes. And he never seems to look away until I do and I still feel his eyes on me. I feel that he wants me to make the first move but… it's never going to happen

with me because, it's me.

~Next day

Today he let me get on the bus before him. He was in front of me and let me get on before him I didn't realise that so we were stood by the bus for about 5 minutes staring into each others eyes.

~Next day

He did it again this time we were standing side by side. His friends keep giving me odd looks so I'm worried they know I like him. But people say when a boys friends give you odd looks the boy likes you but….I don't believe that rubbish.


Its Saturday I'm missing him, my friend sent me a photo of him which was…stalkerish. I'm sat in my window and I see him walking down the road with his dog, I was trying not to let him notice me. But I felt his eyes on me, I looked at him and I saw a smile emerge on his face. Then a bird pooed on him. I let out a giggle it was hard not to, I think he saw me giggle then smiled again.

~Next month

OMG! Valentines day is coming up! I'd be soooo embarrassed if he got me something but I'd kinda be glad too. Ok, so I'm at school he hasn't done anything yet.

He came up to me and said "Hi" I was so freaked out I just stared at him. On the bus…he asked if he could sit next to me, I said "Yeh" and we just started talking we are like Bffs.

~Next week

Yaaay I have his phone number. He keeps texting me and says stuff like "Hey just wanted to know if you have a boyfriend?" I said no. He did a smiley face and said "W...Would you like to be my girlfriend?" "YES!" I replied.

~Next Year

We are still going out everyone says we are made for each other. I'm trying to help my BFF find a boyfriend according to my boyfriend his friend Loves her.

~Next week

Oooh Yeahh! My BFF Is going out with My boyfriends friend they are so cute together. This is my last diary thingy until I feel like writing stuff.

~10 years later

We are getting married he proposed on my birthday, best birthday ever!