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I was spending yet another evening with Edward in his bedroom making out on the couch. Charlie was still not happy about the wedding but Edward said that his thoughts were becoming less angry and more resigned. The only way that I managed to get over here was thanks to Alice. Charlie was like putty in her capable hands and I'm sure the only thing that he was looking forward to about my marriage was that he would get the opportunity to spend even more time with Alice. She had talked to Charlie for an hour before rendering me free to spend my time here with Edward. Carlisle had a night shift at the hospital and Esme had gone to Seattle for a couple of days to look for some fabric samples for her next interior design project.

It was only three hours ago that Alice had driven me to the Cullen mansion and I had spent at least half of that time with Edward on his couch. His hands, always so gentle stroked from the top of my head to the back of my neck where he applied more pressure effectively deepening the intensity of the kiss. He drew my hands around his neck and then twisted so that I was straddling his lap. He pressed at the small of my back, drawing my hips closer to his. I moaned into his mouth and his lips increased even more in urgency. I pulled away gasping for breath and he continued to place hot, open mouthed kisses at the base of my throat before capturing me into another demanding kiss. I was surprised that he hadn't yet stopped me and my heart rate must have picked up double time when he licked my lower lip asking for access to my mouth. I complied immediately of course and he probed my mouth with his expert tongue.

I lifted my left hand from his shoulder and started to stroke his hair the way I knew he liked it making him let out a wild purr of pleasure. With our tongues still battling inside my mouth, I decided to step things up by rubbing down on his lap causing him immediately to stiffen and pull away from me. After we had both controlled our breathing some what, he frowned disapprovingly at me.

"Be reasonable Bella, we don't have to wait so long any more, only a few more weeks", he pleaded in a voice that told me he also found it difficult to stop also.

"It's not as though you weren't… getting excited too though is it", I said, blushing profusely.

"What do you mean?" he questioned, cocking his head slightly to one side.

I eyed his lap apprehensively where there was a very distinct tent in his pants that proved that he did indeed get carried away as he had never gotten to the stage where he had gotten this aroused, or at least if he had, he had made sure that I wasn't aware of his little problem… well, you could hardly call it little as even through his pants I could make out that it looked huge and although I had no experience in matters like these, it most certainly looked much bigger than the average penis.

He chuckled at my embarrassment but the sound was slightly discomforted as well.

Before we could talk any more about that, Alice danced into the room.

"Ali, you really should knock before you come barging into our room. We could have been busy doing… something" I said, only at the end trailing off as I flushed with embarrassment yet again.

He tinkling bell laugh filled the room. "Yeah, but you really would have your work cut out trying to get my virgin brother to agree to any of that! He has had a century's practise being this sexually deprived and he's as stubborn as you are!"

"Hey, I'm not as stubborn as Bella" he said a bit defensively.

"Anyways, this isn't why I have come up anyway" she said "I need you both downstairs right now because…" she trailed off dramatically.

"Just spit it out Alice", I said. I had a feeling I wasn't going to like what she said next.

"We're all playing truth or dare!"

Oh God, truth or dare. I thought back cringing slightly at all my past experiences of the dreadful game. You either looked like a coward if you didn't do the dare or looked stupid once you had done it and the truth questions were just ways for the nosy people to find out all the things that you'd rather not tell anyone. I'm sure playing with the Cullen's would be awful as they will have years worth of experience to think of some awful dares. Emmett would have a field trip trying to make me embarrassed and Alice would probably find an opportunity to play Bella Barbie. Just great!

"I'm not playing Alice" I said adamantly.

"Actually, you are! And there isn't any point protesting because I have already seen all your arguments and you lose every time" she smirked.

Stupid, smug, psychic vampire!

My resolve shattered immediately when Edward whispered in my ear how he wanted to play with me – cue inappropriate thoughts!

"Huh" Alice said, "If I'd have known that would have worked so easily I would have told you that myself!"

Ew, now I have a horrible mental image of Alice and me… together. I shuddered.

"Fine, we'll be down in two minutes" I told her.

She danced out the room whilst telling us that we better.

I looked over at Edward. "Why do you want to play so much?" I questioned.

"Well", he started, "I don't really know, I guess it's just another human experience that I want to share with you. And of course it gives me the opportunity to get pay back on Emmett for some of the horrible things he has made me do in the past!"

I laughed at the sheepish look on his face. "Okay" I giggled, "That does sound like a fun idea!"

"Come on let's go down stairs now", he gestured to the door.

I let out a sigh and let a hint of hesitance enter my voice, "I guess there isn't any point resisting, is there?"

"Of course not, I'd just drag you back!" he said smugly.

When we got down to the living area, Emmett was smiling hugely whilst Alice bounced excitedly in her place. Jasper looked affectionately at his wife and Rosalie offered me a hesitant smile as we entered the room. That would take some getting used to. I knew that it cost her a lot of effort as she was insulted with the way I was 'carelessly throwing away my humanity' when she would do anything to be in my position but in all fairness, she had made a lot of effort to be nicer to me and also argued a lot less frequently with Edward too.

"Right, I'll go first as it was my idea". Alice announced, clearly gleeful about this fact. "Emmett, truth or dare?"

And so the madness begins

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