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"Uh, dare?" I said, sounding more like a question than a statement. I could imagine that they both would be as bad as each other!

"Perfect" Emmett flashed his teeth and dimples at me in a wide grin, his whole face lighting up which could only mean something bad!

"Oh God!" I moaned. I was definitely in for it now!


"So Bella, I dare you to go into the store and ask for three packets of condoms, one of which must be flavoured", Emmett said whilst smirking at me, clearly pleased with what he chose.

I looked around me for anyone who would help but I was only met by the smug faces of five vampires. I pouted at Edward and made doe eyes causing his smirk to falter slightly and his brow to furrow. I knew he usually did anything for me when I gave him that look. Apparently not this time though as his features rearranged once again into an apologetic smile.

"But… but…Charlie would find out! And he'd try to kill Edward… and me! I told him that we hadn't… you know… and if he hears about me buying condoms, he'll think I was lying." I blushed at my innocence and then thought in horror about the last time Charlie had tried to give me 'the talk'. "Believe me when I say that that is a conversation I really want to avoid if possible!"

"Oh don't be such a drama queen Bellie, you'll be fine!" Emmett said causing me to glare viciously at him. "Hey, I'll even be nice and let you choose the flavour!"


"You can't back out of a dare Bella", Alice said, "It's against Cullen rules!"

"What if I see someone I know?" I asked them all

"I'm sure you will" Jasper commented, speaking for the first time in what felt like ages, "Forks is only a small town after all."

Whilst trying to think up another convincing argument, I saw Mike leaving his house, looking around warily probably thinking that Emmett was going to appear out of nowhere to attack him. I turned to look at the faces of my soon-to-be-siblings who also had noticed Mike's departure and were looking with admiration at Emmett who was clearly proud that he unnerved Mike so much.

"Fine… I'll do it…" I knew I was going to regret this as soon as I said it.

"Yay" Alice squealed and then her eyes went blank as she scanned ahead into the future to look out for any embarrassing moments I was going to have.

Edward leant over to peck me on the lips and mumbled against me how he was proud I wasn't going to back out.

"You know Edward" Rosalie snickered from her current position in Emmett's lap, "Charlie probably won't be as mad a Bella as he will at you. He's going to try and kill you if he knows"

Edward just smirked at Rosalie and shocked us all when he said in a lustful tone– "I don't care what he says. We are engaged and so he can confiscate all the condoms for all I care 'cause believe me when I say, when I take my Bella, I do not want a condom in the way."

Oh God – I think my panties have just soaked through… drip…

Edward turned to give me a heated look that clearly told me that he could smell just how excited his little outburst had made me. The only problem is that if he can smell it, so can the others. God, this is so embarrassing.

"Well, let's go then" Jasper said, "There's no use dragging it out, we should get it done so that we can fit more rounds in."

Alice gave him an approving glance that showed how pleased she was with the commitment Jasper was showing by wanting to play her favourite game.

Edward set off towards the store and before we reached the end of the road, we had reached eighty kilometres per hour. I trusted Edward with my life, but his love for speed scared the hell out of me!

We pulled up into a space quite close to the entrance and that was when the reality of what I had to do really set in.

"Could I have another dare instead please Em?" I pleaded.

"Nu uh, sorry Bellie, rules are rules" he smirked.

Stupid vampire…

"So here's what's going to happen" Alice began, "we'll all go into the store with you but you have to go down the aisle by yourself and go to the checkouts on your own too. Only if there is going to be a problem would one of us assist you." She smirked to herself, clearly knowing that something was going to happen so I looked over to Edward for clarification who was looking slightly frustrated; obviously Alice was blocking him from her mind.

As we got out of the car, I saw my school friends all gathering in the far corner of the parking lot gathering together for their trip to La Push. I could only hope that they didn't spot me and come to say hi!

Walking into the store, Edward held my hand tightly in his whilst glaring in Mike's direction. I guess he still hadn't gotten over Mike's lustful thoughts and actions...

"Well Bella, we'll all be in the next aisle so we are close by" Rosalie said

"Bonne chance Bella!" Alice smiled brightly to me still looking smug over whatever she saw happening.

"Don't worry love, you can get them back soon cause it's your go next" my Edward said to me, giving me a chaste kiss on the lips.

Jasper just gave me a small smile and said - "I don't think I can take so much of the lust between you and Edward much longer"

Emmett gave me a pat on the back which sent me flying into the aisle that stored the… personal items whilst laughing boisterously and giving me a sly wink.

Right Bella, you can do this, no one will see you. I repeated this over and over as a mantra in my head walking down the aisle until I faced the massive shelf full of various condoms. The plan was to grab the three packets as quickly as I could and get out but of course, luck was not on my side.

I stood looking for the flavoured ones in shock when I saw some of the concoctions they have made! Cherry, apple, orange, chocolate, strawberry, honey… the list went on. I found myself reaching automatically for the strawberry ones as that would be my favourite flavour and I flushed in embarrassment as Edward had made it very clear that we would have no use for the condoms if… when we made love.

I also grabbed one of the boxes of extra-large condoms 'for men nine inches or more'. I thought that there was no point getting anything that would definitely be wasted. At least if Edward decided not to go bareback then he would have something that fits him! Anything smaller than that and he would poke a hole through it! God, when did my mind start going down the gutter like this? Unfortunately though, there was only one packet of those so I had to settle for a packet of large ones 'for men sized seven to nine inches'.

Feeling successful, I quickly made my way down the aisle towards the checkouts. Of course, I got too complacent and before I knew it, I had tripped over my own feet and went sprawling across the floor whilst my items flew around me.

As I stood up and brushed myself off I heard the sound of shoes rushing towards me. I knew it couldn't of been any of the Cullens, -I wouldn't have been able to hear their approach - and when I turned, I was horrified to see my high school friends – Jessica, Mike, Angela, Ben, Tyler, Eric and even Lauren (although her and myself had yet to make any progress to liking one another.) They had clearly come into the store to pick up some items before their trip to First Beach.

Angela looked at me with concern.

"Are you alright Bella" she asked me, "We heard a bang and came to see what it was"

I saw Jessica and Lauren sniggering at the back, Jessica saying something that sounded a bit like, 'should have known it was her'.

"I'm fine" I said a bit defensively, I just wanted to get out of this shop now.

For some unknown reason, they didn't seem to have heard me and were instead staring at the floor I front of me with various expressions of shock. I turned confused to see what it was and to my abject horror, I saw the condoms.

Now I know why Alice looked so smug and Rosalie was trying to stop laughing. I can't believe this is actually happening!

"Ehm…" I said, trying to explain it in someway.

Unfortunately, all that seemed to do was draw their gaze back to me.

Lauren and Jessica started whispering together and this time, there was no mistaking the words 'whore' and 'slut' that I heard. This of course caused me to blush a bright red.

Ben and Angela also turned slightly pink whereas Mike looked at me with a mixture of anger and arousal prominent on his face.

"I can't believe you are actually sleeping with Cullen!" he said.

"That's none of your business Mike" I replied, scooping down to pick up the condoms, this time holding them tightly in my hands so as not to risk dropping them.

"Does Charlie know?" Jessica asked, finally turning away from Lauren.

"Of course he doesn't" said Tyler "He wouldn't stand for that"

Lauren smirked at me and said "I bet she doesn't really plan to use them" How right she was, although not for the reason she thought! "In fact, she is clearly only doing it so that she looks like she is screwing the hottest guy in town. He's probably dumped her already!"

"Actually" said a voice from behind me as two strong arms wrapped around my waist and his smell saturated my senses making my knees weak, "I have not, and neither do I intend to dump Bella. I love her. And also, you seem to be mistaken in your thoughts if you think that Bella is just buying protection to make it look as though she is 'screwing me' as you so nicely put it. If I had it my way, we wouldn't be using them at all but until Bella is on the pill, it is necessary! After that…" he trailed off suggestively.

It seemed strange to imply that we were waiting for me to get birth-control before we could disregard the condoms because the idea of my vampire getting me pregnant was almost laughable.

He then moved to my side and took my hand before directing his next question at me.

"Did you get enough, my love?" he asked, not waiting for an answer before taking the packets out of my hand.

"These aren't big enough" he said, gesturing to the large packet of condoms. "It only goes up to nine inches long; we need at least ten inches!" I knew I was more or less on target with my guess earlier this afternoon!

Lauren and Jessica shamelessly dropped their gaze to Edward's crotch as if they could marvel its length from within his pants whilst I shot them a possessive glare. Edward's cock is mine!

"As for the flavoured condoms" he continued "that was a good idea and this other packet of extra large ones is fine. We'll just ask at the till if they have another packet of extra large."

I looked up to see the open mouthed stare of my friends, finding it almost comical. Angela recovered first giving me a subtle thumbs up which made me laugh and also awoke the rest of them from their shock incurred stupor.

Jessica and Lauren were too caught up in eyeing up my boyfriend and the guys (excluding Ben) looked as though they wanted to go and spread the gossip.

"Well, it was nice bumping in to you" I lied before pulling Edward in the direction of the checkouts giving Angela a small wave.

I had to buy the items alone as per Emmett's request but that was not much of a problem as the line was very small. Just as I reached the cashier, I was interrupted by Edward who called over reminding me to swap the sizes over. Oh God, he was so going to pay for that one! I blushed and timidly asked the middle aged lady behind the counter for some more extra large ones. With a start, I realised I knew the lady as the wife of one of Charlie's colleagues. Oh no, the news was definitely getting back to him now! I would have to get Alice to think of a good excuse for me as it's her fault we are playing this stupid game anyway.

The lady returned with a second box from the store room and I paid for the items.

"Take care" she said, emphasizing the 'care' part and giving me a disapproving look.

I met the rest of the Cullens by the exit and we all walked together to the car.

"I am not happy with you Emmett" I said, getting into the passenger seat with Edward holding my door open – always the gentleman. The frame of the car shook with laughter from all of my soon-to-be-siblings including Edward who looked very pleased with himself.

"Right, well so I did the dare and now it's my turn" I said, causing the atmosphere to change to one of anticipation now.

Everyone turned to me expectantly. It was my plan to get back at Emmett through Rosalie but thinking about it, my embarrassment could have been escaped had Alice told me that I was going to run into my friends. So now I had a choice between her and Jasper. I couldn't chose my Edward even though I was annoyed at his stunt at the cashier, I could get him back in another way when it was time for bed.

"So…" I was pinned by five intense stares. "Jasper, truth or dare?"

I took satisfaction in the look of shock on his face. He clearly hadn't anticipated this.

"Ehm, I'll go for truth" he said.

"Chicken" Emmett and Edward said together causing me to raise my eyebrows at him. I expected that kind of behaviour from Em but not from my Edward!

"Okay…" I said, thinking on the spot before coming across the perfect question.

"My question for you is…"

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