Since nobody replied for a part I'm going to create the siblings myself so here for your reading pleasure is A Very KND Kick Buttowski FF

Angela Mckenzie

Angel Mckenzie was flipping through a fashion magazine all starring the newest teen sensation Kendall Perkins who on top of being smart also took on modeling classes.

"Ohhhhh why couldn't I take modeling classes? I'm so much prettier than Mrs. I'm too sexy to be smart and a role model for future smarty pants kids" Angel said sipping a Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Angela's cell went off and she saw she had a text from her BFF Kendra Uno Nigel's little sister.

Hey Angel

I heard you were looking for a good time tonight so I scheduled us a date with Brianna Buttowski and her friends tonight for a no boys allowed sleepover. If you're in and when you're done drooling over pictures of a person you wish you could be text me back Your BFF


Angel closed the magazine and immediately texted Kendra back saying she would be ready at 6:30 for the sleepover.

"ANGELA MARYANNE MCKENZIE GET YOUR LITTLE TAIL IN THIS KITCHEN AND CLEAN THESE DISHES. I MEAN WHO DO YOU THINK I AM YOUR PERSONAL MAID?" Rachel Mckenzie screamed as Angela sighed in disgust and stomped downstairs into the kitchen.

"I- did- them- last- time- sister- on- a- power- trip. I- am- not- touching- another- dish- until you- clean- them- first" Angela said a sense of pride in her voice.

"Fine I'm calling mom and we'll see what she has to say on the subject shall we? I mean you and her are really close aren't you? Ohhhhh wait that's me and her and you're in cahoots with her".

Rachel dialed a number on her phone as a little boy caked in mud sailed into the house and was stopped by Rachel who smiled down at him.

"Well looks like someone's going to have a lot of explaining to do and by someone I mean Angel who was supposed to be watching you" Rachel said leading her little brother Jackson upstairs to run him a bath.

"It's all Angela's fault I got muddy sissy. I asked her to play with me and she told me to go in the yard and play with the hose for a while and she'd be outside to play in a minute" Jackson said spitting mud into his hands.

"Let me guess one minute turned into three hours later and you got bored wanting to come inside caked head to toe in mud.

"Yea well it was my last day of school and I needed a little bit of me time so I sent Jackson outside not knowing the little twerp knew the concept of time" Angela said quickly hiding the fashion magazine.

"Yes mom you should see him head to toe in mud and toe to head in mud the poor thing is going to need like one hundred baths to get clean again" Rachel said running hot water into the tub.

Rachel grinned handing the phone to Angela who heard the screechy, hoarse, angry voice of her mother greeting her.


"But- but- but- but- but Rachel lives here too why couldn't she watch Jackson today? Yes mom I understand Rachel works at the mall and she comes home to do her chores but I have things to do too".


"Look if you're going to ground me then could we maybe reschedule say tomorrow? Wait tomorrow's no good I have a beach date with Lindsay Fullbright tomorrow" Angela said and Rachel winced knowing Angela just stuck her head in the lion's mouth.



Angelica handed the phone back to Rachel and ran downstairs to check the damage in the kitchen and saw dishes piled to the ceiling and carton after carton of takeout piling across the counters.

"Ohhhhh this is going to take forever and ever and a day on my own. I need reinforcements but how to get people to help clean without really asking them is the hard part" Angela said texting Kendra with three numbers 911 and the same text went to the rest of her friends.

"I hope they get the text soon or I'm going to be stuck cleaning this mess myself and it'll never be done before mom gets home if I do it by myself".

"Hey Angela sissy says you have something to tell me and make it quick Kick, John, Gunther, and I have a Night O Fun planned" Jackson said standing on his tiptoes smiling at Angela.

"Yea I'm sorry I left you outside all day to have fun by yourself and next time I promise we're going to have the biggest game of tackle football if you like".

"It's ok Angel I know sissy and I aren't your favorite people but one day you'll need us and we're going to be there to bail you out".

Angela quickly looked around at the kitchen and saw the take out containers in garbage bags and the sink filled with sudsy water.

"There it's half done you just have to wash the dishes and since I'm feeling extra helpful I'll dry while you wash and we'll be done in no time" Jackson said grabbing a dish towel.

"Jackson sweetie get over here so I can brush your hair and then you can bother Angela all you like sweetheart" Rachel said walking into the kitchen to find Jackson with a dish towel.

"Jackie get over here little bro I'm sure Angela can handle the dishes by herself for a while. I mean did you already forget what Angela did to you today?"

"No but we're family and as family we need to stick together through thick and thin and Angela needs me to help her get her life back together".

A wristwatch on Rachel's wrist beeped and she picked up her cell phone dialing a number and walking out of the kitchen.

"Why does she always walk off after her watch beeps I mean you'd think she didn't want anybody to hear her watch beep".

"It's a two way communicator little bro. Once you get into the KND you'll get one of your favorite color invented by Lizzie Devine and Hoagie Gilligan Scientists of the KND" Angela said showing Jackson a purple sparkly watch on her wrist.

"Why doesn't yours beep as much as sissy's? I mean if you're both active agents then you should both get the same beep on your watch right?" Jackson asked drying dish after dish handed to him.

"Because big sissy is what everyone in the KND calls as World Leader and that means that whenever something big is going down she's the first one to be told about it".

"Yes Fan I understand but this is hardly worth the wristwatch beep. I mean I do have a cell phone you know and that's for non emergencies like this" Rachel said closing her wristwatch and looking down at Jackson.

"I wish I could join the KND and get a beeping wristwatch too. I mean how old do I have to be to join the KND like you and Angel sissy?"

"Seven is the age KND accepts people Jackie. There are some exceptions to the rules but mostly agents take seven year olds in" Rachel said as Jackson dried the last dish not knowing that Kick had Jackson's first sense of adventure mission planned tonight.

Jackson Mckenzie

Jackson Mckenzie was packing his bag for the night which consisted of soda, candy, chips, marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, his pajama's, video games, and clothes for the next day.

"I so can't wait for this sleepover tonight because Kick and Gunther always throw the best sleepovers. Who knows maybe John will even crack a bit of a smile tonight" Jackson said slinging his backpack onto his shoulders.

"Jackson sweetie where are you? Mama's going to be home soon and you need to be ready to go when she gets here just like Angela does".

"All ready sissy I have the best sleepover package ready. Plus mommy doesn't need to drive me I have Kick Buttowski Suburban Daredevil himself giving me a ride back to his house on an actual skateboard".

"Yea just be sure to wear your helmet because rumor has it that Kick has other little boys he has to pick up after you" Rachel said as the doorbell rang and Jackson dashed downstairs beating Rachel and Angela to the door.

"Oh it's just you I thought it was someone important like your model/girlfriend Buttowski. I mean doesn't she ever visit home?" Angela grumbled as Rachel smirked knowing her tomboy sister was reading fashion magazines and jealous of a fashion model.

"Sure she does just not your part of town Mckenzie. Mine on the other hand always has Kendall Perkins Model and Valedictorian of the year visiting" Kick said as Jackson strapped his helmet on and grabbed a red skateboard.

"Yea well next time you see her be sure to let her know that her ex best friend still exist in this town. I mean Jesus has she gotten so big that she's forgotten the little people?"

"Not all the little people Mckenzie just you. Need I remind you who had a chance with me before Kendall?"

"No I'll just lose my lunch and have to eat again. Besides you'd never be able to handle a girl of my caliber" Angela said chugging a Redbull with Swedish Fish in her mouth as everyone stared at her.

"What I have a sleepover with little or no sleeping tonight and I'm not going to be the first one crashing for the life of me. Last time Brianna took the hand of the first person who fell asleep and stuck it in warm water making them pee".

"I remember that because you screamed at Brianna and said you'd never have another sleepover with her again. Yet here you are again going to a Brianna Buttowski shindig" Kick said as Jackson skated out and Kick followed him.

"Yea well let's just say I have a plan to make Mrs. Buttowski so tired that she'll have to be the first asleep and then I'll exact my revenge on her".

"Good luck with that because you just told the wrong person that you were exacting revenge on their little sister and she will be warned" Kick said leaving Angela and Rachel in a cloud of dust.

"He wouldn't dare warn her because he knows how mean Brianna is to everyone at those sleepovers and he knows as much as I do that she deserves it".

"Yea but what if he does tell Brianna? She's going to be on her guard all night and then you're going to have to target someone else" Rachel said as her wristwatch went off again.

"Fanny I swear if this is about Brianna Buttowski's sleepover tonight I'm demoting you from Supreme Leader to a training agent again".

"Rache all's I'm saying is that if it's an all girl sleepover then why is John, Jackson, Gunther, Kick, and the rest of the boy siblings going?" Fanny asked out of Rachel's wristwatch.

"Have you ever mulled around the possibility that Kick may also be having a sleepover on the same night as his sister?"

"But at the same house face it Rache you've got to admit that it sounds kind of fishy for Kick to have a sleepover the same night as his sister right?"

"Fanny these wristwatches are for emergencies only that's E-M-E-R-G-E-N-C-I-E-S and you wanting to kick Kick's Buttowski isn't a real emergency".

"Fine but I'll be at the party and if all hell breaks loose best believe that wristwatch will be going haywire my friend" Fanny said as Rachel moaned and grabbed a backpack.

"I have better things to do with my Friday night Fan, I mean it's the start of Summer shouldn't we be planning a more adult party? I mean babysitting 6 year olds is not my idea of fun" Rachel said into the wristwatch.

"I promise Rache after tonight we'll do all the things teen girls do but my bad idea senses are tingling and that usually means trouble in the Fullbright household".

Rachel grabbed her car keys and led Angela to her car which she gladly hopped in glad her mom wasn't driving her to the party.

Laney Sanban

Laney Sanban was as excitable, peppy, and happy as Kuki humming Intimate Get Together from Phineas And Ferb dancing around her room packing a bag for Brianna's sleepover tonight.

"Candace Party!

Candace Party!

It's not a party

It's an intimate get together!

Candace Party!

Candace Party!

Don't call it that

It's just a get together!

Candace Party!

Candace Party!" Laney screeched throwing box after box of twelve pack Pepsi into one bag saving another bag for her animals, make-up hair products, and clothes.

"Fanny I'm not going to some snot nosed, needy, spoiled, brat of a girl's party because your bad idea sense is tingling" Kuki said into her wristwatch watching her sister dance around her room to Intimate Get Together.

"Don't spill your drink

Don't drop your food

Don't make the music

In the house go boom

Hey don't use my

Mom's good scissors

And please stay

Out of my room".

"Fan my sister is quoting Candace Flynn from Phineas And Ferb do you know what that means? It means my great idea senses are tingling outnumbering your bad idea senses because my sister also has a great idea sense".

"Kuki I'm telling you this sleepover is bad news. I mean Kick has all of our brother's also coming to the house for a sleepover tonight and that just reeks of bad idea" Fanny said angrily.

"Take your feet off the chair

No running in the house

Put a coaster under that drink

Hey these tchotchkes aren't for juggling

And that's a toilet not a sink" Laney screamed gleefully doing the robot.

"Kuki remember the last time Kick Buttowski had a sleepover on the same night as Brianna? There was confetti everywhere and little girl's with very wet underwear".

"Right and when did that become Kick Buttowski's problem? I mean come on Fanny he's not the bathroom monitor" Kuki said at the end of her rope with Fanny.

"Maybe so but we also found bowls of warm water under every little girl's hands and Kick must have known that'd make them pee" Fanny said as Kuki began to grumble under her breath.

"Fine if I say I'll go do you promise to stop calling my wristwatch which Rachel said was for and I quote emergencies only and crashing a six year olds sleepover doesn't seem like a very big emergency".

"You and Rachel would make a great ganging up on Fanny Fullbright club you know that Kuki? I mean here I am just trying to protect some very frightened six year old girls and you and Rachel seem to think this is just a walk in the park.

"Fanny I'm pretty sure they're not frightened. I mean what do they have to be scared of a daredevil and KND's finest training agents?" Kuki asked.

"It's not a party

It's an intimate get together

Candace Party!

Candace Party!

Don't call it that

It's just a get together

Candace Party!

Candace Party!"

"They have everything to be frightened of Kooks. I mean John's reaching his potential or so Rachel says of being the assassin of the KND and it doesn't help that Lindsay and I run him ragged every single day".

"And what you think John's going to exact his revenge on every girl at the party or just you and Lindsay? Because I can tell you who'd deserve it but you're already mad so I don't want to make you any madder" Kuki said packing her own sleepover bag.

"Hey my life wasn't all candies and rainbows either Kuki. I mean who's he to plot an attack on Lindsay and I when he's still just a training agent?"

"Fan I sincerely hope John gets you and Lindsay back tonight because you'd deserve it. I mean the poor thing doesn't know how to be a kid thanks to you and Lindsay making him do your chores".

"Hey what's this in this fishbowl?

I said don't play with the remote

Hey close the door

Were you born in a barn?

Which one of you brought this goat" Laney giggled twirling around her room.

"Say John does get even with us but he wants more? Who do you think's next on his list can someone say Brianna and company?" Fanny asked as Kuki put a blanket, snacks she knew John would like, drinks she knew he would like, and games she knew he would like in a backpack.

"Fanny I've become John's Big Sister in the Big Sister Big Brother program in the KND and I have to say he's reprogrammed himself to think like an adult but I'm here to help him get back to thinking like a six year old Irish boy.

"Kuki you are walking into dangerous territory with John my friend, because you may be his make believe big sister but I'm his honest to goodness big sister and I'm going to make sure he has no fun tonight".

"Good luck with that because as luck would have it I know all of John's favorite things and he's getting all of them tonight thanks to yours truly" Kuki said as she saw Fanny's brow furrow.

"If you so much as take one step into making my depressed brother happy we're going to have problems Kuki Eloise Sanban".

"Oops almost forgot the Redbull and soda I mean what's a sleepover without caffeine keeping your little brother up all night?"

"It's not a party

It's an intimate get together

Candace Party!

Candace Party!

Don't call it that it's just a get together

Candace Party!

Candace Party!

We're talking the I to the N to the T-I-M-A-T-E get together


I to the N to the T-I-M-A-T-E get together

That's right

It's not a party" Laney finished putting her Phineas and Ferb CD in her backpack.

"I have to go Fanny my sister just finished Intimate Get Together and that means she's ready to party down" Kuki said rubbing Laney's sweaty hair.

"I just would like to tell you that you are no longer in my friendship circle Kuki. If my brother is all hyped up on sugar tonight I'll know who to blame" Fanny said slamming her wristwatch closed and picking up a duffel bag also heading off to the party with her sister.

Elliot Sanban

Elliot couldn't be more different than both his sisters his black bangs hiding his green eyes, his clothes holy and ripped because that was the way he liked them, and his room a landfill of clothes, dishes, Pepsi cans, and pizza boxes.

"Yes Kick I'm ready when you are dude. I just don't see why you have to force me out of my house tonight" Elliot said hearing Intimate Get Together blare through his paper thin walls.

"The sooner the better I'm not sure I can take anymore pep. I mean my little sister hardly ever cries and my older sister encourages her to not cry".

Elliot grabbed a duffel bag and a box of Pepsi he didn't even knew he had or how old it was and ran downstairs to wait for Kick.

"How much pep can one little girl have? I mean she's never even stouted or pouted once and that has to mean something in Laney Sanban's mellow, yellow, sunshiny world.

The doorbell rang and Elliot ran for it with Kuki and Laney gaining on him every second for a mad dash for the door.

"It's- for- me- peppy- sisters. It's- Kick- and- this- is- a- no- peppy- sister- fly- zone" Elliot said opening the door to Kick, Gunther, and Jackson smiling at him.

"Let's beat it I don't know how much more Intimate Get Together I can stand. Personally I'm glad you came when you did because this is a peppy fest and as we can clearly see I'm not in any way peppy".

"Kick walk with me talk with me. Are you insane to organize a sleepover the same night as your sister? I mean Fanny Fullbright is all over your butt and you don't want her anywhere near your but Buttowski" Kuki said angrily snarling at Kick.

"Yea well I have no problem with her being all over my butt. By the way where's Mushi isn't she still a part of the Triple Sanban Special?" Kick asked throwing a piece of gum into his mouth.

"Sure she is but she's also a part of the Party Committee and that means that she's going to have to help Brianna set up and she gets a goodie bag for tonight as a reminder of the work she put into the party".

"You mean like one of these very ordinary looking goodie bags? I swiped one out of a box she had on the kitchen table and let me just say these aren't so special".

"Yea well they are to Mushi and to the others who are working under Brianna. I mean at least they're not afraid to get their hands dirty Mr. I wear yellow sanitizing gloves to look cool".

"I wear the yellow gloves because it goes with the ensemble I wear. I mean you're not knocking the helmet or the jumpsuit are you?" Kick asked opening his stolen goodie bag and handing each of his friends a piece of candy.

"Look Buttowski just watch your back and your front because with Fanny on the prowl so is Lindsay and she's Fanny times a thousand you wannabe daredevil" Kuki said hopping into her car taking Laney with her.

"All right gentlemen let's hit the pavement because we have so much people to pick up and a sleepover with no sleeping and all pranking to plan".

The boys grinned knowing that Kick always had the best pranks just for Brianna and tonight was going to be no different.

John Fullbright

John lied in his bed tossing a Nerf ball off his wall knowing anything harder would make his mom angry and these days his mom and dad were just as bad as Fanny and Lindsay.

"Man I wish fun would instantly materialize from the sky and take me from this tower. I mean I feel like the princess's in those stories Fanny used to read to me before bedtime now it's pulling teeth asking her to read to me" John said sniffling letting the Nerf ball hit his head.

"John hey sweetie did Fanny feed you yet My Little Tiger?" Mrs. Fullbright asked as John saw she was having a good day and ran into her arms sniffling and she took this as her answer.


Mrs. Fullbright opened the door to Fanny's room to find Fanny packing a bag for Brianna's sleepover that night.

"All right one where do you think you're going? Two why is your brother's stomach grumbling seeing I asked you to order a pizza and wings for him?"

"Mom now's not the time I have a mission tonight and it involves the utmost stealth and bullying ever. I mean John's six he can feed himself right?"

"Nuh uh she's going to a sleepover tonight just to make sure I have the most miserable night ever. Lindsay and Fanny both have something planned for me tonight and I would sure like to know what it is" John said as Mrs. Fullbright angrily stared into Fanny's eyes.

"You know I let a lot of things you and Lindsay do to this poor kid slide but your dad and I were talking today and we're not going to let you run him down any lower eldest daughter" Mrs. Fullbright said as Fanny's eyes fell on John and she angrily stouted at him.

"Mama It's fine if I wasn't fed yet because I was invited to Kick Buttowski's for a sleepover tonight and I was wondering if you don't mind that is if I can go to Kick's house tonight?".

"Sure My Little Tiger you can go if you like because you need as much friends as you can muster with Meanie sister 1 and 2 on your tail".

John pumped his fists in the air and ran off for his sleepover bag already packed and ready to go at a moment's notice.

"Fanny fed Lindsay but when I asked for food she threw me pizza crust and told me to dig in. Then she said she was going to make sure I didn't go to the Buttowski's tonight" John said pretending to cry knowing it was always hook, line, and sinker for Mrs. Fullbright.

"Aww you poor thing I'll tell you what why don't you, daddy, and I go out to dinner tonight and then I'll drop you off at the Buttowski's myself" Mrs. Fullbright said hugging John and then walking off to get ready for dinner with her husband and son.

"You know that was almost too easy Fanny. Word of advice fake tears always tugs at mom and dad's heartstrings no matter what Lindsay tells you it's always the fake tears".

"You know if I was to tell mom that there are going to be girl's also having a sleepover in the same house you'd be out of there so fast your head will spin" Fanny said back her shadow covering John and he gulped.

"See I have no idea why the KND even took you on because you're just a sniveling shrimp with little or no combat expertise".

"Say what you want the fact is I got you off my trail tonight because you're going to be so grounded that mom will lock you in your room and throw away the key".

"Yea well you forget I have friends, a manipulated sister, cell numbers, and a nifty wristwatch two way communicator to get people on your trail".

"Good luck with that because when I'm done I'll be the assassin of the KND and you'll be running for your life because I'll have the ability to get rid of anyone I desire" John said smirking and walking out of Fanny's room.

"Yea and once you get rid of me the KND will be so soft people will start calling it a feather pillow. You have no idea how hard I make the KND by making appearances when I can" Fanny said as John laughed hysterically staring Fanny down.

"Rachel did a survey on who the hardest agent was and low and behold Rachel won by a landslide. See the KND are intimidated by power and the assassin of the KND has all the power over the other agents".

"John I'm warning you if you apply for the assassin position I'll make sure you don't get it. You have no idea what I can do to you little brother".

"I'm already working on your friends Fanny. Kuki Sanban packed me a sleepover First Aid Kit as she calls it and it includes sugar, sugar, and yet more sugar man am I glad she's my KND Big Sister" John said smirking at Fanny.

"All right munchkin grab your sleepover provisions and let's get this show on the road. Fanny not that she matters to you or anything but where's Lindsay's torturing butt?" Mrs. Fullbright asked.

"What John didn't mention it? Seems Brianna Buttowski and Kick Buttowski both planned sleepovers on the same night and girls and boys will be together tonight".

"That's fine I'll pick her up when I drop My Little Tiger off at Kick's house. Lindsay most certainly didn't earn her sleepover privileges tonight seeing she got expelled from school for starting a fight with John".

"Mom perhaps you didn't hear me Brianna and Kick are combining sleepovers tonight and that means boys and girls together. Meaning John will be around girls all night long playing God only knows what" Fanny said as Mrs. Fullbright walked out John following her and Mr. Fullbright.

"I know what you're trying to do Fanny and it's not going to work this time. Lindsay and you are in solitary confinement until further notice and John gets to do what he wants for once" Mrs. Fullbright said then she sped off with John sticking his tongue out at Fanny.

Lindsay Fullbright

The first thing Fanny did when Mrs. Fullbright was out of sight was try to escape and when she saw keypad locks all over the house she text Lindsay telling her that they were both in a lot of trouble.

"I can't believe it Brie my brother has turned on Fanny and I. My mom's letting him spend the night here tonight because he's learning to use the crocodile tears I use all the time to let him do things he wants to do" Lindsay said slamming her cell phone closed.

"Personally I'm glad you won't be here tonight because the last time you slept here you snored like a hibernating bear and you yelled at anyone who met your gaze" Brianna said helping Mushi the only sleepover party committee member who showed up hang glow in the dark stars on the walls.

"That was because everyone who looked at me thought it was ok to talk behind my back. Once they did they opened up a fire in me that couldn't be doused with anything".

"Linds as I've said a million times already nobody here talked about you no matter what you think. You're just so quick to blame people that you never gave any of the girls a chance to explain themselves".

"Alright and if nobody was talking about me then why were they whispering when they looked at me? I mean come on Brie I know rumors when I hear them or in the girls cases don't hear them".

Kuki's car sped into the driveway and Laney skipped through the front door in a pink Candace Flynn nightgown listening to her Ipod jamming out to Intimate Get Together.

"Hey Brie sorry about barging in like this but Fanny has a stick up her butt right now and Rachel wants all the legacy girl's here to make sure no trouble goes down between you and Fanny like last year" Kuki said dropping a present with John's name on it on the nearest table.

"Well I'm glad that I have people hear fighting to keep me from leaving tonight. I mean it's great to have friends like you guys" Lindsay said sarcastically and Brianna got on her hands and knees crossing her hands.

"No please don't leave Lindsay Fullbright Queen Of The Sleepover. If you leave however will we get to stay up all night listening to your hibernating bear snore and avoid your fists all night?" Brianna asked as Mushi, Laney, and Kuki giggled.

"I hope all the boys prank you girl's so bad that it traumatizes you for life. I hope they tar and feather you then make you pee your underwear like last year".

"I dare them to pull anything this year because I have a notebook filled with pranks for my brother and his little friends tonight".

Lindsay sighed angrily and sat in the hall waiting for her mom to get there to drive her home.

"Moosh thanks a million you're a really good friend and for being a good friend I'm going to make sure you get whatever you need to have fun tonight" Brianna said helping Mushi step down from a chair.

"You know without me here the boys are going to terrorize you all night. I was the boy repellent for you tonight and you just missed out" Lindsay said as another cars headlights flooded the driveway and Rachel walked into the house with Angela.

"Hey Brie I'm sure Kuki already apologized but I really want to say from the bottom of my heart that I'm sorry for this but the last time Fanny Fullbright was unguarded she messed up your perfect sleepover" Rachel said looking at the decorations.

"Great theme Brie under the stars has never been done for a sleepover before and that's why I like you you're so innovative" Angela said throwing her backpack onto the nearest chair.

"All right in case nobody has noticed yet I'm here pleading my heart out for someone to fight for me to stay. As I said boy repellent and you're going to need it once Kick gets the rest of the gang rounded up".

The doorbell to Brianna's house rang and Brianna ran to answer it to find John with a sleeping bag and a backpack with Mrs. Fullbright angrily staring at Lindsay.

"You young lady are with your sister in solitary confinement until further notice for A beating on your poor, defenseless, lonely little brother and B getting expelled" Mrs. Fullbright growled grabbing Lindsay's arm much to her complaints and forcing her into the car.

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