A lodging of some kind appeared as many voices crackled through. Wherever this was, noise was plentiful. A tall mouse, tall mainly because the vantage point was so low, hustled into view, her arms full of furless mice children, three it looked like, and hurriedly set them down at what looked like a table built for mice. There were other little mice on the floor as well. Two were fighting over a toy and another kept biting her tail.

A large male mouse entered the room, his voice booming as he spoke with his wife. In her memory, she remained focused on these two, her arms reached up towards them as if she wanted to be held.

"Brain... I think that's her mummy and daddy." Pinky whispered, as if they were actually watching a movie.

"I concur, Pinky."

"You what?"

"I agree."

"With what?"

The father looked down at her for a second, seemed as if he was going to pick her up, but was distracted by the crying of the siblings who'd been fighting over the toy. She watched him go, then looked back to her mother and repeated the gesture. The mother already had one of the furless babies from the table in her arms, feeding them. Their eyes met.

"Be patient. Your little brothers are hungry. Go play with your sister." The mother told her, turning away to continue nursing in peace.

But all her sister did was bite her, and that wasn't very fun. Checking to see if her father was done with her older brothers, upon looking at him she found that he was sitting down with both of them on his lap and having a talk with them. He wouldn't be done for a while. So she went to go play with the toy they'd left behind, only to have her tail stepped on as her mother crossed the room to fetch something.

The image blurred, reappearing as a snowy white street. The mice were leaving their home, a crack in a house on Birch Lane, and took a walk into downtown. The mother and father were trying to get groceries while keeping an eye on their kids, but it didn't work. The older boys were fighting again. The sister was biting her tail again. The little ones without any fur got to be carried. And she was just trying to hold her father's hand.

"What do you want? No candy before dinner." Was the immediate reprimand, even though she didn't even want candy. "Hurry along then."

It was hard to keep up, so her mother finally carried her. It was uncomfortable having to share the space with the other kids, but it was better than struggling through the snow. Somewhere along the line she slipped, falling from her mother's arms to the ground. She rolled for a bit, then looked up after her family. Her mother didn't notice that she'd dropped her, one of the other babies had started fussing. One of her brothers noticed though. He looked right at her, then kept walking.

Crawling on all fours, she tried to keep up, but they could all walk on two legs ans she couldn't yet. It was easier for them to get through. By the time she turned a corner where she'd last seen them, her family was gone. She looked around, too young to think about searching for their trails.

A bench suddenly appeared, both Pinky and Brain jerked from this transition before Brain realized the memory had shifted. She was under the bench it seemed, and a mouse with big blue eyes was looking right at her. "There, there, little baby snow mouse."

"That's me." Pinky breathed, still unnerved by what he'd seen. "Poit."

Brain tore his gaze away, well-aware of how this next scene would play out. He turned off the machine and motioned for Pinky to grab the mouse from the chair. "Well... we don't know their names, but we have their address... Birch Street. It can't be... too difficult to find fellow advanced mice on a suburban street."

"But Brain..." The shorter mouse turned around to see his companion hugging the child tightly. "We can't send her back there, can we? They didn't even notice she was gone!"

"Well, I'm... I'm sure they've noticed by now, Pinky." That family, while he was in no place to judge really, didn't seem like an adequate living environment for a little mouse who had grown so accustomed to being carried everywhere. Pinky never put her down unless he was handing her off to Brain. She had probably, no, definitely received more attention from the two of them in the past several days than she had from her own family in her lifetime. "Pinky, now that we know where she belongs, it's just not our place to keep her."

"Home is where the heart is!"

Brain blinked, not expecting a true saying to blurt out of his friend's mouth. "Excuse me?"

"Home is where the heart is, Brain! And we have more heart here! We can give it to her!" Pinky pleaded, holding her up so Brain could look at her at eye level. "Puh-leeeeeze! Look at that face!"

He did look at her face. She didn't seem as bubbly as she had earlier. Confusion seemed to be the strongest emotion on her face, and as she looked right into Brain's eyes he also saw loneliness. "Mama?" She wasn't referring to him, thank goodness, but looking back at the screen. So she could talk. "Mama?"

"See, Pinky? She wants her mother." Brain attempted to reassure both Pinky and himself. Even he had some qualms with returning her, knowing this would be her fate.

Pinky whimpered in reply, fighting back tears. The baby mouse turned her head up to gaze at Pinky. "Pah?"

A light bulb went off in Brain's head. She could talk. He snapped to get the child's attention. "Who is this?"

She followed where he was pointing, saw Pinky, then met Brain's eyes. "Pah."

"And who am I?" Brain gestured to himself.

She smiled. "Bah!"

'Bah' and 'Pah' weren't gibberish, she was saying their names! She'd managed to realize what the sounds of their names were and was reproducing them. "Egad, Pinky... she knows who we are."

"I told you she was a smarty like you, Brain." Pinky sniffled, outright crying now. "Ooooh, we can't get rid of a smarty mouse! It's too cruel!"

Brain eyed Pinky with some trepidation, his mind was a peculiar one. "Pinky-"


"Stop your blubbering, you're getting your tears everywhere." Brain demanded, though not with his usual bite, as he took the child from Pinky's arms. "Think about it, Pinky- I know it's difficult for you to engage in such an activity, but I'd appreciate it if you tried- do you really believe she'd be better off here living in a lab rather than in her own home with her own parents?"

"Yes." Pinky sniffed without hesitation.

Well then, Brain wasn't quite sure how to respond to such a finite answer coming from his friend. He averted his gaze, finding himself looking into the pink eyes of the baby mouse. She smiled at him, reached out and grabbed onto his nose. Did anyone ever hold her? Before Pinky, even before him... Brain sighed, and pulled her hand away. Handing her back to Pinky, he started walked towards their cage.

"Come, Pinky, we must prepare for tomorrow night."

Pinky followed him, his abject misery short-lived and only just a little unhappy now. "Why, Brain? What're we going to do tomorrow night?"

Brain held open the door for the other two, appearing firm and decidedly determined. "The same thing we do every night, once we take down those fliers and locate a babysitter of some kind... try to take over the world-!"

He'd only just managed to finish his exclamation before being squished into a deadly hug. He was pressed against Pinky as well as the baby, both fighting for breath as Pinky cheered. "Oh, thank you, Brain! Narf!"

"Yes, well... you can thank me by putting me down." He was lowered immediately, but Pinky chose to bend over to continue the less-suffocating hug. "If I find you shirking your responsibilities however..."

Pinky shook his head, releasing The Brain to cuddle with the baby instead, who now seemed to enjoy the affection. "I won't, Brain! I don't even know how to shirk! Shirk!" He laughed, spinning around in circles. "Oh, this will be so much fun!"

Brain coughed into his hand, trying to hide the results of Pinky's infectious delight. "Pinky, settle or I shall have to hurt you."

"Okay, Brain!"


Would he regret this? Most definitely. However, when the pair of childish mice looked over at him with nothing but adoration, he supposed he could put up with it for the time being. After all, he was the future world leader, he needed to get used to people adoring him for no good reason.

"Come, Pinky. If she is to live with us then she must have a suitable name. We can't go about calling her… 'baby' for the remainder of her lifespan. So, now is your chance. Think up a name to call her by." Brain instructed, clearing his throat and averting his gaze, focusing on a rather interesting smudge on the wall opposite him.

"Really, Brain? Oh, goody! Troz! Salami or Fergus or Yogurt or Teapot-" Pinky listed off several other inane names, but stopped himself as he observed the subtle cringing of his cagemate. He glanced down at the baby, squirming and smiling up at him, then decided. "Poit. Why don't you name her, Brain? You're awfully good with names!"

Brain jerked to attention, staring at Pinky in disbelief. "But… no, Pinky, I couldn't. you've been taking care of her all this time. It's only… befitting that you choose what to call her." Even if it was something both he and the child would soon regret.

Pinky shook his head, shoving the baby in Brain's arms so the shorter mouse had no choice but to hold onto her. "She's ours, Brain. Narf! You picked my name, and Romy's. You're rather good at it, please pick hers too."

With a sigh, though secretly relieved Pinky delegated this responsibility to him, and a little guilty as well, Brain acquiesced and looked the infant straight in the eyes. She stared back, then broke out into a huge grin and grabbed onto his nose. "Bah!"

"Well, she shows promise for being quite intelligent." Brain observed, balancing her on his hip as he glanced sidelong at Pinky who watched them expectantly. "Perhaps she will prove to be a suitable heir to the throne once I've taken over the world, seeing as Roman is not all that interested in the position…" Ventriloquism… "In honor of that, we shall name her Cerebral Cortex. It's both feminine and suits her aspiring intellect." He turned to face Pinky head on, taking in the blank expression on his companion's face. "Ah… we can call her C.C. for short."

"Cici! Oh that's lovely!" Pinky instantly swept the pair of mice up into his arms, twirling them about as he laughed. "Cici is a beautiful name, job well done, Brain!"

"Yes, always." Brain felt quite dizzy from all the spinning, unable to bop Pinky on the head to cease the movement for he still held onto the baby. Cici. "Pinky, put us down!"

"'Kay!" He dropped them immediately, Brain just managed to keep her from being jostled too much, though she seemed to enjoy the ride. Handing her off to Pinky, the megalomaniac made his way towards the phone. "Where are you going, Brain?"

He glanced over his shoulder, nodding for Pinky to follow. "To call Roman. I suppose it is time to inform him of this newly acquired sibling he'll have to grow accustomed to."

"Oh! Of course!" Pinky chirped, swooping Cici up and down and all around as she squealed in delight. "Romy will be so happy! Zort! He's always wanted a little brother or sister! …Or was it a dolphin?" As Brain began dialing, the taller mouse sat down beside him with the baby in his lap. "Maybe Romy will babysit for us sometimes! While we go to take over the world!"

Trying to hide the knowing smirk, for the real intentions behind his phone call were being casually observed by his friend, Brain nodded and held the receiver up to his ear. "My thoughts exactly, Pinky."

The End!
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Cici will make several appearances in my fanfics most likely, at varying ages, but mostly as about a human 7-year old (aka 4-5 months).