-A Burning Love-


As I lie down on the ground

I wanted nothing more to be left alone and never be found

I just wanted to hide and not make a sound


The dust hates me

But only if he could see

We were never meant to be


As it became real

I went numb, I couldn't feel

I had told the dust I didn't love him and his eyes were like murder, like a kill


I had ran away

After I said what I had had to say

And all I hoped was that the dust would forgive me one day


Now, I stare at the fire and know I was right

I can sleep at night

And know nothing will leave, it's all in sight


One last look and sorrow will sink

I look to the sky lit with pink

And know the fire is my missing link


He has my heart

And I know it's just the start

For he's my missing part


I dream of him and his strong silhouette

But know the dust will never forgive me or let me forget

That even though I fought it, I fell in love with a kittypet