"Sherlock and I"

"Did this really just happen?
Have I actually understood?
This bad limp I've tried to ignore and hide
Is not real
but could

Go away with Sherlock
If I move in
So I'll move in…

When I'm with the Sherlock
Once I prove my worth

When I'm with the Sherlock
What I've waited for since: since birth

And with all his great wisdom,
By my limp he wont be blinded
Do you think that Sherlock is dumb,
Or like Andy, so small minded
No! He'll say to me,
"I see who you truly are,
A man on whom I can rely"
And that's how we'll begin,
Sherlock And I

Once I'm with my Sherlock
My whole life will change
'Cause once you're with Sherlock
Everyone thinks you're gay
His Mycroft will abduct you,
With Jam you will pay
All the Met has to love you
When by Sherlock you will stay

And this love of cheekbones
That I have inside
Maybe at last
I'll see why
When we are hand in hand
Sherlock and I

And one day he'll say to me "Jawn
a man of my own ilk,
Shouldn't a man who is like a hedgehog
Go get the milk?
But since folks here to an absurd degree,
seem fixated on my otter-y,
Would it be all right by you
If I was to go get it too?

And though of course,
That's not important to me
"All right, why not!" I'll reply
Oh what a pair we'll be,
Sherlock and I,
Yes what an OTP,
My Sherlock and I

I've just seen Reichenbach,
And I've just had a vision,
Almost like a prophecy,
I know it sounds truly crazy,
And true, the vision's hazy,
But I swear, someday there'll be,
A mourning day, throughout here,
There'll be no OTP…..

And I'll fall there by my Sherlock,
Feeling things I've never felt
And though I barely show it,
By his grave I've knelt,
And so it will be,
For the rest of my life
And I'll love no one else
Till I die
Held in such low esteem,
Hidden under Jim's regime
Half of Greg's favourite team
My Sherlock
And I."