They're not really sure where the heck she picked this up, but Korra's palm cracks loudly against Bolin's right buttock as she whoops victoriously inside their locker arena.

A flash of a grin. "Good game!"

Mako observes, wordless and hesitating from unstrapping his headgear as Bolin's frame jolts in place when she slaps him, hips jerking away from her, and ruddy features darkening as Bolin let out an unmanly shriek. Korra doesn't seem taken back by Bolin's gob smacked expression or Mako's tensed shoulders. She plants her hands on her hips, sweating and laughing. "What's with the look? We won!"

He would take a subjective moment to choose his words, painstakingly — or risk offending the Avatar in some way, but Mako had a very strong feeling that she honestly didn't care.

"Did… you just grab-ass my brother?"

The delighted manner of Korra's grin never wavers as she regards Mako with those impossibly blue eyes, chest panting lightly within the padding of the uniform.

"Yes, I did!" she announces, boastful even.

Mako's thick eyebrows continue their slow crawl towards his forehead and Bolin wipes at his blushing cheeks frantically, as if trying to rub the heat right off.




Mako's younger brother finally gains back his voice, though huskier and barely above a mumble. "… …I kinda like it when girls get forceful," he admits.

Mako groans aloud, scrubbing a gloved hand over his visor face as Korra laughs a second time, hugging her arms around Bolin's neck.


Legend of Korra belongs to Mike and Bryan - and the next person I hear comparing LoK and YJ as the same thing, I will bean them. Turned a sexy prompt into a cracky one (story of my life apparently). Listened to every song about ass I could find when I started this. No one can tell me I'm not dedicated. Ahaha. Woopwoop! This is the 50th fandom I've written for! And I'm staying!

Korrasexual Prompt:

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