Title: When Holograms Attack

Author: Sarge

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   Emma looked at Brennan curiously when she heard Adam call for him and Shalimar. "He doesn't sound too happy," she commented as she watched Brennan stand.

   He looked over at her and shrugged. "We'll see," he replied as he walked out of the rec. room.

   Heading to the lab, he spotted Shalimar coming out of her room. He watched as she suddenly winced as she turned to close her door and concerned, he quickly walked up to her, asking, "You ok, Shal?"

   Nodding, she looked up at him and replied, "Yeah, my ribs are just a little sore."

   "Oh. Well, I'm sure there's something in the lab that we can get you for the pain."

   Shalimar nodded again. "Yeah, but speaking of the lab, we better go before Adam thinks we're not coming."

   "Yeah, he did sound kind of mad," Brennan said just before he and Shalimar walked into the lab.

   "I am mad, Brennan," Adam stated. Undoubtedly, he had heard what Brennan had said to Shalimar before they walked in the lab.

   Neither of the other two said anything.

   "I know that you two didn't tell me the truth about what happened earlier today when I wasn't here. I know this because first of all, you forgot to clean up all the blood on and around the dojo. You see, there was too much of it for it just to be a simple broken nose and a couple of scrapes. Along with the fact that about ninety-eight percent of all the blood was Shalimar's and that there was no blood on the steps," he explained.

   Both Shalimar and Brennan looked confused so Adam continued.

   "Shalimar, you said that you knocked Brennan off the dojo and he hit the stairs on the way down. Well, there wasn't any blood on the steps or really anywhere near the steps. So, I don't think you actually knocked him off the dojo."

   Brennan and Shalimar still remained quiet.

   "Secondly, you forgot to erase your body scan, Shalimar. So, I know that you had a lot more than just a broken nose. You had a concussion, a fractured cheek bone, and two broken ribs to be exact. Now, unless you two were trying to kill each other, I don't think you would have gotten that hurt unless you were doing something dangerous. Now, I originally thought that maybe you two went out and ran into some trouble, but then I remember that I hadn't programmed all the safety protocols into the new holograms. Therefore, if you were to fight with one of them, it wouldn't know to back off when it knocked you down or it wouldn't know to let you pass if you wanted to leave the dojo. I also didn't get the chance to set up the hologram program so that it shuts off when you vocally tell the computer to stop the program. So, if you were to get in a fight with one of the holograms as they are now, you wouldn't stand much of a chance because it would just wear you down until you couldn't fight anymore."

   Shalimar and Brennan seemed to get guiltier looking expressions on their faces as Adam went on.

   "So, after realizing this, I went back over to the computer and found out that the hologram program had been accessed. Knowing, that it couldn't have been me, I realized that it had to have been you two. Now, do you care to tell me that truth or are you going to stick with your story?" he asked before adding, "Because, you know, I can always access the sanctuary's internal security cameras to find out what really happened."

   Taking a deep breath, Shalimar took a step forward. "It…it was my fault, Adam. Brennan had nothing to do with it."

   Adam gave her a 'go on' look.

   "I got really bored and I was kind of…well, mad at you for taking so long that I decided that I would access the holograms even if all the safety protocols weren't in place. It was really stupid of me; I know that now. I thought I could get a quick workout in before you got home, but that's when everything went crazy. The hologram that I chose was that was in the advanced holograms program file in the computer. I thought I could take him, but it turns out that I couldn't. A few seconds into the fight, he had pinned he down and wouldn't stop attacking me. Thankfully Brennan showed up and stopped him from killing me."

   She continued to tell the rest of what happened. When she was done, Adam let out a big sigh.

   Shaking his head and pinching the bridge of his nose, he said, "Dammit Shalimar, you could have been killed. Heck, both of you could have been killed."

   Shalimar quickly looked down at the ground to avoid Adam's gaze. "I know. I'm sorry," she replied very softly as her eyes began to fill with tears.

   Sighing again, Adam opened his arms, saying, "Shalimar, come here."

   She looked up at him and then stepped forward into his arms.

   Adam engulfed her in a big fatherly hug and held her close as she cried softly into his chest.

   Brennan merely stood there and watched. He felt a bit uncomfortable just being there while Shalimar and Adam were having their moment, but he didn't say anything.

   As they pulled out of their embrace, Adam gently wiped away the tears that were still on Shalimar's cheeks before he smiled and asked, "So, what did you think of the hologram? I know how you tend to go for the tall, dark, and dangerous type of guy."

   Shalimar laughed. "Yeah, he was nice, Adam, but I think I would have liked him better if hadn't kicked my ass. Besides, I don't like them so bulky and I tend to go more for the heroes; not the ones doing the beatings. I go more for someone…well, someone like Brennan," she replied as she turned to Brennan and grinned.

   He smiled back and then dropped his head so Shalimar wouldn't see him blushing.

   Adam let out a chuckle before, saying, "Now, look at me Shalimar."

   She brought her head back around to look at Adam.

   "Don't ever do anything like that again, ok?"

   Shalimar nodded. "Yeah ok. I promise."

   Adam smiled. "Good. Now, I want you two to go to the kitchen and stop Jesse from eating everything."

   Both Brennan and Shalimar broke out into big grins.

   Shalimar kissed Adam on the cheek before following Brennan out of the lab.

   THE END!!!!!

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