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Katniss stilled her movements when she saw her prey. A lynx. She could probably get something real nice for Prim with that coat and meat. It looked startled and moved away from her sight and she stalked it on silent feet. She quickly took a rock and pulled it on her string sending it against a tree near the creature. It is slowly herded into a place where she could hit it when a weird sound echoed through the trees. Katniss look up, accusingly, looking for something she couldn't make out.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

A clock? A bomb?

Suddenly fear grips her, I can't die yet! I need to take care of Prim and keep her safe! Katniss screams in her head.

Katniss starts running in the other direction of the noise but it seems to be everywhere. Suddenly a pain starts in the back of her neck and after a second of seeing multicolor trees and stumbling, she pass out.

When she wakes, Katniss notices she's laying on the softest material she has ever felt. It is probably worth a million Lynxes and a couple of fat deer as well. She opens her eyes and she is in some type of sitting room and laying on the carpet with a pillow and a blanket cocooning her. Katniss was laying next to a coffee table that was a light mahogany. There are a bunch of people also asleep all around her and instantly could name a few.

Two sat across from her on a loveseat, one she notices right away as the drunk of District 12, Haymitch Abernathy. Katniss couldn't name the middle aged man sitting next to him passed out with his mouth open and breathing as heavy as Haymitch, though.

Asleep by himself propped up on the floor against the unknown middle aged man's side of the couch, was the Boy with the Bread himself. Peeta Mellark. His blonde locks mused against the armrest and chest rose and fell very peacefully.

Katniss sits up and noticed, surprised, that Gale was asleep on the other side of the coffee table, also peacefully asleep.

She looks to the right of herself and notice a small body curled towards her and immediately she knew it is Prim.

Prim... Katniss chokes, why is she here as well?

Katniss looked passed Gale and noticed something odd. It was a small couch that could fit three people and Finnick Odair, the sex symbol of District 4, sleeps nestled between two pretty ladies who rest their heads on his shoulder. Though his head was resting on a brunette sitting to his left.

Finnick Odair? Why him?

She couldn't name the other six faces but one caught her attention. Her black eyelashes danced on her dark skin making her look like she was excited about something. So pretty, Katniss couldn't help but to think. She reminds me of Prim, she noted with a small smile. Sitting next her is an eighteen year old boy with dark skin like the girl but the similarities stop there.

Then sitting all by herself in a comfortable looking chair is a lovely old lady that looks so sweet asleep, all curled into herself.

Then Katniss spots them. Three books litter the coffee table that is sitting innocently in the middle of it all. And sitting on top of the books is a note.

To all who read this,

You must be wondering where you are and why you are here. Now in your possession is a trilogy of the life of Katniss Everdeen. Now, it isn't just a history lesson, it will show you something you need to know. Something that if not said now, will end disastrous and dangerous to all involved. Lives will be lost and all will be ruined. Try to come up with a more unified way to get your cause out. Starting planning a head of time, more then what you have, and start it all with knowing the future. Use these books to your advantage, and do something about it. Otherwise every single one of you in this room will experience darkness and death. If it isn't your own then its someone you love more then anything. In some cases, both. We brought you here to help you understand what is at cost. Learn from our mistakes and try to eliminate the deaths we had to experience. You were all just hit with a mild sedative that should go away in a few hours, it should wear off by the time you awake. However if it doesn't it will in a couple more hours.

Enjoy reading.

By the time Katniss looked up she noticed a few people were already awake and taking in their surroundings and the rest were beginning to stir. She patiently waited until everyone calmed down from their instant reactions to the kidnapping before telling them of the note and books.

"We should introduce ourselves." Katniss say quietly after a moment of awkward silence. "I guess, I'll start. I'm Katniss Everdeen and dandelion salad is my favorite dish."

"I'm Gale Hawthorne and I'm eighteen." Gale piped up from across from her.

"I'm Primrose Everdeen, I'm Katniss' sister."

"I'm Peeta Mellark, I like painting." Peeta was the quietest of them all so far.

"I'm Chaff and I like Spirit" the middle age man said, who was seated next to Haymitch, loudly. Haymitch laughs and just as loud says, "I'm Haymitch Abernathy and I also like Spirit". They both laugh hysterically and when they calmed down to giggles the introductions continued. They must be still drunk but that means they must have been pretty out of it to be still drunk after being unconscious for at least a few hours.

The little old lady was mumbling so quietly the people who didn't know her only caught her name. Mags.

"I'm Johanna Mason." The girl said to the right of Finnick exclaimed defensively. Not bothering with any other information.

"Odair, Finnick Odair. I like swimming," He said dramatically and the brunette to the right of him giggled. Her giggle was off a little bit, almost as if she was insane. Katniss shivered at the thought.

"I'm Annie Cresta and I like the sea." The brunette said with intense eyes and a grin on her face from the previous giggling.

"Thresh. I like working out." The eighteen year old body builder said from his seat next to the Prim-like girl.

"Rue, I like to sing" The little Prim-like girl said softly with bright brown eyes.

"Great! Now we have gotten our little get together all settled." Haymitch begins sarcastically. "Sweetheart you start, its your life, after all." He said roughly before practically throwing the book at Katniss. Gale, Peeta, Prim, and Katniss all glare at him. But Katniss takes the book and opens it to part one.

"Part One: The Tribute," Katniss said, reading the title within.

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