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Rikkaidai City, Southern District
April 26, 21:47

With a wave of his hand, Demigod sent the goon flying.

The man slammed into the brick wall and screamed as though the air had been ripped from his lungs. He slumped against the ground, coughed, and then passed out. The gun he had been holding floated through the air towards Demigod. The hero emptied the bullets into his hands, put them in his utility belt, tossed the gun to the opposite side of the bleak alley, and looked for his partners.

Emperor was tying up two men with the help of Master. Gentleman was high in the sky, scanning the area for any stragglers. Tensai, Iron Lung, Trickster, and Ace were walking towards him each carrying multiple guns. They tossed the empty guns carelessly next to the one Demigod had just unloaded.

"How many total?" Demigod asked.

"Six, all from Seigaku," Tensai answered.

Demigod nodded. Seigaku, Rikkaidai City's largest underground mob, was becoming more active. Something was wrong. Very wrong.

Gentleman flew down, landing silently. "The police are coming," he reported. "They're six blocks away."

Master approached the group; Emperor following behind him, lugging six unconscious men who had been tied together with steel cord salvaged from the alley. Emperor set the group of men to the side with ease, crossing his arms as he joined the circle his teammates had formed.

"The police chief will want to talk to us," Emperor reasoned. "He'll try to make us take off our masks again."

"I hate cops and all they're damn rules," Ace muttered. He looked at Emperor. "No offense, Mr. Detective."

Emperor did take offense because that was who he was when he didn't wear his mask. He was a homicide detective, one of the youngest in city history. He would agree that sometimes laws and regulations got in the way, but they kept the streets clean when the heroes couldn't because they had lives, normal lives.

They were vigilantes, normal people who contracted powers from a nuclear explosion as children. They had been taken by a secret organization, experimented on for eight years, but then they escaped. They learned that their once peaceful city had become violent, and they knew they were the only ones capable of cleaning it up.

No one knew who they were. They were the masked heroes of Rikkaidai – Demigod, Emperor, Master, Tensai, Iron Lung, Trickster, Gentleman, and Ace – and they were the only ones who could bring justice to the city.

Sirens roared in the distance, approaching quickly. The heroes looked at one another through their domino masks.

"We have to go," Master said. "The police can handle the criminals without us."

Demigod looked at the unconscious goons. He had wanted a chance to interrogate them, possibly take them back to the warehouse and figure out why Seigaku men were roaming outside their territory. But he didn't have time.

"Agreed," Demigod said ruefully. He reached into his silver utility belt and pulled out a small remote with a yellow button. The others did the same, each holding the remote at their side.

The cop cars rounded the corner and officers ran down the alley, closing in on them.

The heroes pressed the buttons.

Then, they were gone.

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