Chapter Twenty-Five: Changes

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, explicit language

Harry smiled when Lucius pulled a chair out for him, and he placed a hand on his stomach as he sat. Lucius took the seat beside him, and Harry realised the older man probably didn't want so many people seeing Harry sitting on his lap.

'Severus,' Lucius nodded at his best friend, who nodded back.

'Hello, Mr Malfoy,' Blaise said, and Theo smiled hesitantly at the Malfoy Lord.

'Mr Zabini,' Lucius replied, 'Mr Nott.' He smiled at his son as Fred and George walked back into the kitchen. 'Draco, always lovely to see you.'

'How was your day?' Harry asked, and the blond turned to him.

'I got a fair amount of work done,' he answered. 'With minimal yelling on my part.'

Severus snorted, and Harry said, 'Like you don't love yelling.'

Lucius smirked at him and reached up to run his fingers through Harry's messy hair. 'I'm sure your day was much more interesting.'

'I doubt it,' Harry hummed. 'I did some reading, and some eating, before having lunch with Draco.'

'And then he ate some more when we ran into him,' George said.

'I dunno where he puts it,' Fred added.

Harry scowled at the twins and pointed at his stomach. 'Pregnant.'

'As long as you're healthy, you can eat whatever you want,' Lucius said, and Harry smiled at him.

'Aww,' the twins swooned together, and when Harry blushed they snickered.

'Well this is a weird lot,' Tonks said as she walked in, Remus and Sirius following behind. Teddy, who was in Remus' arms, blinked and twisted his head rapidly as he took in all the new people. He recognised Fred and George and almost screeched as he made grabby hands at them.

Fred was closer and he reached out for the boy, Remus letting the red-head take his son. Teddy made himself comfortable on Fred's lap and looked at George, showing him a toothy smile. His hair flashed red, his eyes green, and George laughed.

'You keep getting bigger and bigger, Ted,' the younger twin said and ruffled his hair.

Teddy giggled and grabbed onto George's sleeve before trying to drag the fabric into his mouth.

'Teddy, no,' Remus chastised and sat beside Fred. 'Naughty.'

'I don't mind,' George said and tapped a finger against Teddy's nose. 'Do I, Teddy bear?'

'Goo-wee,' Teddy replied, in what could have been an attempt at George's name, or just a random announcement of his happiness. He tugged at the buttons of George's cuff and inspected them curiously with his green eyes.

'How old is he?' Blaise questioned.

'He's getting close to seven months,' Tonks answered.

'He doesn't really talk yet,' Remus added. 'At least, not anything we can understand.'

'I swear he tried to say Padfoot the other day,' Sirius said from the head of the table.

Harry frowned. 'You mean when he shouted, "Paffoo"?' Sirius nodded. 'Right,' Harry laughed, 'he was definitely trying to say Padfoot.' Sirius pouted and the twins snickered.

'He was,' the Animagus insisted.

'Whatever you say, Paffoo,' Remus smirked at his best friend.

'I hate you all,' Sirius announced and slouched in his seat.

'Nah, you love us, cousin,' Tonks grinned. 'Just admit it.'

'Never,' Sirius replied with a sniff.

'Aww, don't be like that, Paffoo,' George said.

'We love you too, Paffoo,' Fred added.

'Forever and always, Paffoo,' George grinned.

'Seriously, Paf-' Fred began, but Sirius interrupted.

'Okay!' the Black Lord shouted. 'I get, just shut up.'

Fred and George snickered as they continued to play with Teddy, who's hair was now an odd shade of yellow.

'Does he change his appearance often?' Theo asked, looking at the little boy curiously.

'He takes after me,' Tonks said. 'Mum and Dad used to say I started changing my looks about an hour after my birth. I never stuck with a look for long in my childhood.'

'You barely stick with anything now,' Sirius said, looking pointedly at her dark blue hair. It had been green this morning.

'I like mixing it up,' Tonks shrugged.

Their conversation was interrupted by Kreacher, who popped into the kitchen with a crack. He blinked at all the guests, who were sitting around the table, before turning to Sirius. 'Master Sirius, is everyone staying for dinners?'

Sirius looked around at the group and got various nods, so he told Kreacher, 'Yes, they're staying.'

The house elf asked, 'What would Master be liking for dinner?'

'Is anyone allergic to anything?' Harry questioned.

He received head shakes, but Theo said, 'I'm actually a vegetarian, but I don't mind if everyone else eats meat.'

'Hmm,' Harry hummed and looked at Kreacher. 'Kreacher, do you mind maybe making lasagna? A meat one and a vegetarian one should do.' He glanced back at everyone. 'Is that okay?'

There were more nods, and Kreacher bowed to first Sirius, then Harry, before starting to bustle about, pulling ingredients and pans out of various cupboards.

'He's much more sane than the last time I saw him,' Severus commented, sipping from his glass.

'He just needed someone to be nice to him,' Harry said. 'Me, Hermione and... Ron, we just treated him with respect.' He hesitated on Ron's name, and more than one person noticed. Lucius shifted his seat closer and wrapped an arm around Harry, and the teenager moved to lean his body against his partner's, his head on Lucius' shoulder.

Lucius pressed a kiss to Harry's hair and Harry smiled up at him.


They were halfway through dinner when Harry remembered Draco's comment earlier that day. The Gryffindor had wolfed down a large slice of lasagna before trying the vegetarian one and finding that he preferred it. Lucius was talking to Severus and Remus when Harry sat up from where he was slouched over the table.

He waited for a lull in the conversation before saying, 'Lucius?'

'Yes, little lion?' Lucius asked, turning to face him.

Fred and George snickered at the pet name but Harry ignored them. 'Draco mentioned something today about your favourite midnight snack.'

Lucius raised an eyebrow and glanced at his son.

Draco, turning away from Blaise and Theo, said, 'He thought my tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches were disgusting, so I told him to ask you what your favourite snack was.'

'There's nothing wrong with what I eat,' Lucius rolled his eyes and took a sip of wine from his goblet.

'What is it?' the Weasley twins asked together.

Lucius realised the entire table was looking at him and sighed. 'Anchovies and tomato sauce on wholemeal bread.'

The entire table stared at him, and finally Harry groaned and pushed his plate further away. 'I'm definitely not having thirds,' he murmured and leaned back, both hands going to his stomach.

'What's wrong with anchovies and tomato sauce?' Lucius asked.

Harry groaned again. 'Please stop saying that,' he begged.

'I told you,' Draco snickered. 'Absolutely disgusting.'

'Everybody has a certain food or concoction they enjoy that others don't,' Lucius shrugged. 'Like Draco's tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches.'

'There is nothing wrong with them,' Draco insisted.

'If you say so,' Lucius shrugged.

'I like cream cheese with carrot sticks,' Fred decided to announce.

'Which is disgusting,' his twin said. 'Cream cheese is much better on toast.'

Harry wrinkled his nose but didn't say anything. After all, his pregnancy cravings made all of this sound normal.

'Theo likes fruit on bread-rolls,' Blaise told them. 'Like, he likes everything with fruit. Dip, salsa, bread, chocolate one time.'

'Hey, the chocolate was a good idea,' Theo insisted. 'But the salsa, I admit, was just horrible.'

'You're all insane and I don't know why I associate with any of you,' Severus drawled.

'Aww, Professor, don't be mean,' Fred pouted at him. 'You know you love us deep down.'

'Deep, deep down,' George nodded.

'Deep, deep, deep down,' Fred continued.

'Deep, deep, deep, deep-' George began, but Sirius slapped him over the back of the head.

'He gets it,' the Animagus muttered.

George pouted dramatically. 'Abuse, that's what that was, Lord Black. Abuse of a young man who's shown you nothing but love!'

'Nothing but love,' Fred insisted, slapping his hands on the table. 'Why must you treat us like this, dear Sirius?'

'Do you two ever get tired?' Draco questioned.

'Never,' Fred winked at the younger blond.

'We run on chocolate and cream cheese,' George added.

'As lovely as this conversation is,' Lucius suddenly cut in and stood, 'I've been up quite a while and I need rest.' He looked pointedly at Harry, who blinked before smiling.

'Oh, right, me too,' he said quickly and stood as fast as his pregnant stomach would allow.

Sirius rolled his eyes and Tonks snickered. 'Sleep, right,' the Hufflepuff nodded.

'Remember to put up a silencing charm,' Sirius called as Lucius led Harry from the kitchen.

Harry felt his face burn and shouted, 'Shut up!' over his shoulder.

The groups' laughter followed the couple all the way upstairs.


'Not showering, then?' Harry asked as Lucius pushed him into the bedroom and shut the door behind them.

Lucius smirked and pulled out his wand, waving it once to put up a silencing charm. 'Why bother when I'll just end up dirty afterwards?' he questioned as he stowed his wand away.

Harry groaned and grabbed Lucius by his dress shirt. Lucius let himself be pulled along, his face going to Harry's neck. He pressed delicate kisses up and down the teenager's skin and Harry groaned again, tilting his head to give Lucius more room. He shivered when Lucius' teeth grazed his Adam's apple, and gulped thickly when the blond moved up to his ear, along his jaw, and finally to his mouth.

He caught Harry's lips in a kiss that was gentle as well as passionate. He pulled Harry's mouth open easily and slid his tongue inside, licking at Harry's own as the two shared breath. Harry only broke away to gasp and try to catch his breath, and his fingers went to Lucius' buttons, trying to wrench them free.

Lucius smiled down at him before deciding to help. In next to no time they were both in their pants, Harry laying spread out on the bed with Lucius between his legs. The older man rolled his hips down as he kissed Harry again, and the Gryffindor threaded his fingers through Lucius' long, soft hair. He twisted the strands around his fingers and tugged, wanting Lucius to kiss him harder.

'Easy, little lion,' Lucius murmured as he ghosted his lips across Harry's cheek. He breathed heavily over Harry's ear and the smaller man shivered. 'We have all night.'

'But I want you now,' Harry gasped. He tugged on Lucius' hair again. 'Please?'

Lucius could never ignore that word, especially when it was dripping so deliciously from Harry's lips. He kissed him once, quickly, before sitting back. His fingers hooked under the hem of Harry's boxers and Harry lifted his hips, letting the blond slide them down his legs and off his feet. Harry let his legs fall open and Lucius licked his lips at the sight; Harry looked thoroughly debauched, and they'd barely done anything.

He knew Harry wouldn't last long, and he didn't want to keep his partner up all night; Harry needed his rest. So he leaned forward to press kisses to Harry's neck, his chest, his tongue briefly darting over Harry's nipples before moving further and further south.

Harry's breathing hitched as Lucius' warm breath washed over his erection and he shoved another pillow under his head so he could watch. Lucius wasted no time in licking up Harry's cock, from his balls to the tip, his tongue swirling around the head and cleaning away the pre-come already beading in the slit.

Harry groaned, eyes hooded. His head tipped back and his body arched as Lucius wrapped his lips around the teenager's cock and sank almost halfway down.

'Fuck,' Harry choked out. He tried to thrust his hips up but Lucius held him down firmly, his fingers splayed over Harry's hip. He looked up at Harry and smirked- how he did that with half of Harry's cock in his mouth, the green-eyed wizard had no idea- before dragging himself back up. His lips and warm, wet mouth squeezed so wonderfully around Harry's length, and Harry could do nothing but groan and curse under his breath as he watched Lucius work over him.

Lucius worked slowly but steadily; he moved up and down, swallowing when the head of Harry's cock hit the back of his throat; he tightened his lips whenever he went down and drew back; and he used his tongue to either lick the underside of Harry's shaft, or twirl around the head. He swallowed the steady stream of pre-ejaculate that Harry was leaking, and hummed when the taste rolled over his tongue.

'L-Lucius,' Harry groaned when the blond moved his hand from Harry's hips to his balls, rolling them between his fingers. He tugged gently and Harry swore harshly. His hips jolted off the bed, forcing his cock down Lucius' throat, and Lucius swallowed again. 'Lucius!' Harry shouted and he came suddenly, exploding down Lucius' throat.

The Slytherin calmly and expertly swallowed it all, and only when Harry was done moaning and swearing to Merlin that Lucius was the best thing ever, did Lucius pull back, careful not to stimulate the teen's sensitive dick.

'Did you enjoy yourself?' Lucius asked in a slightly hoarse voice, a smirk playing on his swollen lips.

Harry chuckled breathlessly and reached up. 'Come 'ere,' he murmured and dragged Lucius down for a filthy kiss. Lucius let himself be moved until he was once more between Harry's spread legs, his hands on the bed either side of his partner's rounded belly. He shivered when Harry licked into his mouth, and groaned softly when the Gryffindor's warm fingers slipped under the hem of his pants to wrap around his cock.

Harry broke the kiss and breathed his next words across Lucius' flushed face. 'Hard? Slow?'

'Hard,' Lucius got out, 'a-and fast.'

Harry just nodded and tightened his grip around Lucius' girth before pulling. Lucius groaned and immediately started thrusting into Harry's fist, his eyes closed, his face pressed against Harry's over-heated skin.

'Faster,' Lucius begged.

Harry complied and watched as Lucius slowly lost himself; his hips thrusting, his lower lip caught between his teeth, sweat beading on his forehead and upper lip. Harry couldn't help but lean up and press butterfly kisses all over Lucius' handsome face.

'Come on,' Harry murmured. 'That's it, Luce.'

'Harry,' Lucius managed to grunt before he was climaxing. Harry felt come splash along his stomach and fist, and kept pulling, wrenching every last piece of pleasure from the older wizard before Lucius' hand batted his away.

Lucius groaned and flopped onto the bed beside Harry, panting for breath, his eyes closed. Harry smiled and let his eyes wander over the other man. He really was beautiful, and Harry couldn't believe that this man- this amazing, wonderful man- was all his.

'We remembered the silencing charm,' Harry commented suddenly.

Lucius chuckled and peeled his eyes open, the pale grey depths filled with nothing but warmth. 'Yes, we did,' he nodded.

Harry smiled back and leaned over to kiss Lucius gently. Lucius leaned into kiss, at the same time waving his hand and cleaning Harry's skin. When they settled back down, the two resting against each other, Lucius spoke.

'I've been thinking about the baby's name.'

'Oh?' Harry hummed. 'Me too.'

'I meant last name- though I still like Gideon,' Lucius said and Harry chuckled.

'What about his last name?'

Lucius shifted on the bed until he was partly sitting up and helped Harry do the same. Once they were comfortable he continued. 'I know a while ago I asked that the baby share our last names; Potter-Malfoy.' Harry nodded. 'But I've been thinking about it, and... our son will be the Potter heir, he should have your last name.'

Harry frowned. 'So... just Potter?'

'Malfoy Potter, no hyphen,' Lucius corrected. 'Legally his name would be, for example, Gideon Malfoy Potter. But he can simply be known as Mr Potter, and later Lord Potter. I think it would be easier.'

'Right,' Harry nodded. He could see how it would be easier to go by one surname. Finally he shrugged and said, 'I don't care either way, Luce.'

'Malfoy Potter it is,' Lucius said, kissing his cheek. Harry smiled. 'So you've been thinking about first names?' he asked.

Harry nodded. 'I know you like Gideon, but I'm still not sold on it.'

'Have you come up with anything better than Gregory?' Lucius asked.

Snorting, Harry rolled his eyes and shifted down the bed until he had his head on Lucius' chest. One of the blonde's arms immediately draped over his body, fingers carding through his messy black hair. Harry sighed and Lucius nudged him.

'Um,' Harry hummed as he thought, 'I kind of like Castiel; the Angel of Thursday.'

'Cas-ti-el,' Lucius rolled the name over his tongue. 'Interesting.'

'Then there's Leim, spelt L-E-I-M. So it's, you know, kind of a normal name but different at the same time.' Lucius nodded but made no comment, so Harry assumed he didn't particularly like the name. 'I also like Jason; normal, I know, but the baby's a Potter, and we Potters all have normal names.'

Lucius chuckled, thinking back on the various Potters he knew by name. Harry was right, there had been a fair few Potters with very simple names; James, Aaron, Charles, Frederick, Christian, Alexander, Patrick... most Malfoys had odd names, like Lucius himself, Draco, Abraxas, there had even been a Brutus, which was truly aterrible name.

'Gideon is a fairly normal name,' Lucius commented after shaking himself from his thoughts. 'And I sort of like Jason.'

'Yeah?' Harry asked, smiling.

Lucius nodded. 'Yes,' he said and kissed Harry softly.

'I've thought of some other names,' Harry said. 'Um... what do you think of Caelum?'


'It's a constellation,' Harry said, 'and one of your ancestors, and Sirius', was named Ceaser Caelum. I just kind of like the name.'

'Hmm,' Lucius hummed, his head tilted in thought. 'I like it,' he finally nodded.

'Really?" Harry asked.

Lucius nodded again. 'It's different, but not too different. And it seems appropriate to name our son after a constellation.'

'So... it's definitely on the table?' Harry asked.

Lucius smiled and leaned down to kiss him. 'Definitely,' he agreed.

'Good,' Harry yawned.

'Let's get some sleep,' Lucius said, and the two moved about until they were under the covers. Harry turned onto his side and Lucius spooned behind him, one hand pressed protectively over Harry's stomach.

'More sex when I wake up,' Harry stated suddenly.

Lucius laughed. 'Whatever you say, love.'


'Aww, you can't leave now, Professor,' Fred pouted as the black-haired man stood.

'I have to get back to Hogwarts,' Severus said. 'Draco, Zabini, Nott,' he nodded at the three Slytherins, who smiled and waved. Severus' dark eyes turned to the Weasley twins and he said, 'Weasleys,' before leaving the kitchen.

Fred sighed and George nudged his brother. 'What?' Fred asked. George looked at him pointedly. 'Despite what people think, we can't actually read each other's minds, Georgie.'

The younger twin rolled his eyes. 'You're so easy to read for me, Fred, it practically is mind reading,' he muttered. 'Go talk to Snape before he leaves.'

'Eh... why?' Fred asked.

George sighed and rubbed his eyes. 'Ask about the potions we want to use in some of our sweets,' George said, nudging him. 'Hurry up.'

Fred huffed but jumped up and jogged through the house. Luckily, Severus was still in the sitting room, standing before the fire. He was saying goodbye to Remus, but the werewolf smiled at Fred when the red-head appeared (he couldn't know, could he? Fred thought) and said one last goodbye before leaving them to it.

'Can I help you?' Severus asked in his ever-present drawl.

'Erm...' Fred hesitated before steeling himself. He was Fred Weasley, damn it; he didn't get nervous or embarrassed or... anything! 'George and I were wondering if you could help us.'

Severus raised an eyebrow. 'Help?' he echoed.

The younger wizard nodded and fiddled with the hem of his sweater. 'There are some new sweet boxes we want to put out, and we also want to improve our old stock. There are some potions we need, but George and I have never been much good at potions.'

'Yes, I remember,' Severus commented and Fred felt his face heat up. 'I assume you want my help with your projects?' the Slytherin asked. Fred nodded and Severus sighed. 'I'm rather busy,' he said and watched as Fred's shoulders slumped.

'Oh, right,' the Gryffindor nodded. 'I shoulda thought of that. That's... fine.'

'But,' Severus said and Fred perked up, 'I suppose I can find time to help you.' Fred grinned. 'For a fee and a cut, of course,' Severus added.

Fred's grin widened. 'Slytherin through and through, eh?' Severus offered him a very small smile. 'You'll get along with me and Georgie great, then,' Fred continued. 'So, uh... how about you send us an owl saying when you're free, and we'll work something out? I can come to Hogwarts, or you can come to our shop. We've got a back room, pretty big, where you can brew stuff if you want.'

Severus inclined his head and said, 'I'll check my schedule.'

'Great,' Fred beamed before clearing his throat and trying to tone down the smile. 'I mean, that's good,' he nodded. 'I'll, uh... see you soon, then?'

It was clearly a question and Severus nodded. 'Soon,' he echoed, and Fred beamed, said goodbye, and disappeared through the house. Severus blinked slowly and furrowed his brow as he turned to take some floo powder from the pot on the mantle.

What in Merlin's name was that about? he wondered as he headed back to Hogwarts.


'Oh, hello,' Draco said, rather startled when he found Sirius Black sitting outside in the dark. The Black Lord grunted and Draco just raised an eyebrow before lighting the candles that lined the windowsill. The back porch flickered into light and Draco sat, pulling out his cigarettes and lighting one with the Muggle lighter he'd taken to carrying around. It was just so much easier than using his wand.

'What are you doing out here?' Sirius asked. 'You seemed to be enjoying yourself with...' He trailed off, and Draco realised he'd forgotten the other Slytherins' names.

'Blaise Zabini and Theodore Nott,' Draco said, and Sirius nodded. 'Yes, I was enjoying myself,' he nodded. 'Until the twins and Blaise started discussing all the pranks they can pull on the poor, unsuspecting public.'

Sirius snorted and looked out across the dark lawn.

'Blaise is talking with Fred and George Weasley about investing in the twins' shop,' Draco continued, taking a drag of his cigarette. 'Blaise has always enjoyed pranks, and Theo was talking to Severus about Hogwarts, as well as his homework. He studies at home, like me, Harry, and Blaise.' Sirius nodded and Draco glanced at him. 'You seem to have calmed down where my father and Harry are concerned.'

Sirius sighed and Draco wondered if he'd said the wrong thing, until the older man said, 'I realised I was being a bastard.' He looked at Draco, who raised a blonde eyebrow. 'I have you to thank for pointing it out. I hadn't realised just how awful I was making Harry feel. I apologised to him, and though I'm still not one-hundred percent comfortable with the situation, I've made my peace with it. Lucius is good for Harry, and vice versa, I have no right to stand in the way.'

Draco nodded slowly. 'Okay,' he said.

Sirius looked back at him. 'What?' he questioned.

'Well, I just didn't expect you to listen to me,' Draco admitted. 'Not only am I my father's son, but I'm a Slytherin, and...' he hesitated and closed his eyes. 'And an ex-Death Eater,' he murmured.

Sirius looked the teenager over carefully before sighing. 'Harry was right,' he said. 'All of that's in the past. He's spoken to me- just a little bit- about what you went through.' Draco opened his eyes and looked at the older man. 'I can't say what I would have done in your position,' Sirius continued, 'and I'm amazed you came out sane.'

Draco offered him a small smile. 'Maybe I didn't.'

Sirius chuckled. 'I think you're the sanest of the lot, actually,' he admitted. 'Definitely less crazy than me.'

'I'll take that as a compliment.'

'It was one,' Sirius said. 'You're a good guy, Draco, I can see that now. Thanks for telling me I was being a bastard.'

'No problem,' Draco replied.

Sirius smiled warmly at him, and Draco found himself smiling back.

Author's Note: I was hoping to keep this close to the vest, as they say, but since I've gotten so many questions/complaints about it, I'll address it here. Yes, I've decided to pair Draco with Sirius. So if you dislike that, stop reading now. Though I won't go too in-depth into their relationship, the pairing will feature in the story. So again, stop reading if you dislike that. I do hope that some people will stick around to read regardless.

Also, I just wanted to say that Sirius and Draco are second cousins. And Orion and Walburga Black, Sirius' parents, were second cousins too, making them Sirius' second cousins once removed, as well as his parents. And Regulus, as well as being Sirius' brother, was technically his third cousin once removed. So, really, it's not that weird for Sirius and Draco to get together; kind of Black family tradition, really. Them Blacks be crazy!

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed the chapter and continue to read.