"…You are back yet again? I shall admit that I greatly enjoyed our company last time, especially since the heartwarming tale I told was different from the norm of the others preceding it…But know now that my tales won't always end happily. That was a rare occasion, and one that shall not be repeated often. Oh? You already figured that such a thing would be true? You are more curious about the fact that I spoke of the higher-ups and you now assume I'm the third member? Haha, a silly jest, if I must say so myself…No, I was merely able to observe them because they were connected to the timeline itself, even if it was greatly disconnected from the Multiverse Tree. It was not a bad observation though, child of the cosmos."

"Now then, I feel as though delving too deeply into philosophical affairs is unnecessary at this particular juncture, so I will instead talk a bit about the planet that shall be the focus of this next tale. Truth be told, I care little about the affairs of this planet before and after the Elemental Overlords have their time in the sun on there. Such simplicity, such ignorance to the grander workings of the universe truly sickens me, especially when many others have suffered under the shadow of such malicious truths…But there were two events in particular that grabbed my attention as I observed the timelines, and though the second one is not an alternative to events you have or will see the first one shall prove capable of following that way of thinking…So let us take a journey into the past once more, only this time the pendulum shall swing to and fro six times…"

Clash of the Elements What-If Scenario (Gemini's Origin):

The Unrelenting Beast

He was once known as Koopis, a young, yellow-shelled Koopa living a happy with his friends Kooper and Kaylie in a secluded, peaceful village on the eastern side of Toad Town that shared the name of their species in its simplistic title. However, one day a madman by the name of Smithy ordered one of his soldiers to pluck the unsuspecting Koopa away from his home and bring him to a nightmarish, mechanical realm where the whirring machinery was only a constant reminder of the joy he was robbed of having back home. Having been plucked away, Smithy planned to implant a demonic heart in the young Koopa in order to great an electricity empowered demon that would fuel his factory for as long as necessary.

Though a grotesque transformation began to consume poor Koopis' flesh one molecule at a time, he retained enough free will to escape Smithy's grasp with the unknown help of a jester named Dimentio. He was brought back to his village, but was attacked because of his now unfamiliar appearance. Though the pain of this betrayal was hard for him to handle, Koopis survived simply because his friends were able to recognize him long enough for the villagers to stop their attack and give the Koopa a chance to willingly leave until he could fix his problem. A strong will and the luck that allowed him to meet Commander Alpha gave birth to a semi-restored body and the alias of Gemini…Or at least, that's how the story went once before.

As Koopis was recognized by the tearful eyes of his friend Kaylie Koopa, the two kids were blissfully unaware of what a single Koopa was doing behind the scenes. With a ill-willed intent, the red-shelled turtle spoke to a gigantic Bob-omb that he planned to toss at the demonic hybrid in order to destroy him all for the sake of his village. He cared not that the being was once a member of the village he leads, because he knew well enough that if the demon was allowed to live he would become uncontrollable. And though before he was willing to give the Koopa a chance to see his fate, in this particular timeline the red-shelled turtle decided to launch a sneak attack while the demon hybrid was distracted with his friends. But as he would soon find out, there were consequences to his well-intentioned desire to save his people, and by the time the day was through he would find himself wishing he had given more thought towards his plan…

"Ok, so are you ready to go?" The Koopa known as Shindo says to the bulky Bob-Omb standing in front of him. The gigantic, pink bomb was a bit hesitant, his eyebrows arched downward as a steady sweat drop trickled down his rounded girth. "Sir…Are you certain you want to do this?" He asked, knowing full well how suicidal it was to question the authority of the man in front of him. "Yes. We have no other options now…" He said in earnest, his forehead scrunching together slightly as he folds his arms in front of his chest and gives the bomb a stern glare. "…Don't you think we should at least give him a chance to defend himself?" There was a five second pause after that point, for the Koopa tried to contain his emotions by closing his eyelids and taking a deep breath in through his nostrils.

"Did you not see what Koopis was capable of back there? He isn't even fully transformed, and he brushed most of what we threw at him with but a simple gesture. If we let him be fully consumed by that demon, I don't think anyone on this planet will have any hope of surviving his rampage…Not to mention if I do this now, I'm saving the kid a whole mess of pain in the future…" After rationalizing towards the questioning Bob-omb, the bulky explosive says in response "Sir, you sure you aren't just doing this to save yourself?" "….Perhaps I am, my friend." Shindo wasn't going to deny what the bomb was accusing him of, for he knew that he shouldn't lie…Not even towards himself.

"But that is not the main reason as to why I am doing this, that I can assure you of. I'm doing this for our people too…So please, just cooperate with me here and everything will be just fine." "…If you say so, sir." The Bulky Bob-omb, reluctant as he may be, nonetheless agreed to his superior's wishes and stayed silent for the rest of this period of time as he concentrated on the fuse on top of his head as the stout turtle surprisingly manages to pick the bulky creature up from below its body, his arms heaving the bomb high above his head as he peeks out from behind the corner of the house he hid behind and sees Kooper and Kayle standing close to their friend and trying their hardest to comfort them.

"Poor kids…They will hate me for the rest of time for doing this…But it is what it is…" As his heart starts racing and his thoughts swarm inside of him like an uncontrollable hurricane, he focuses all of his might into throwing the girth-y bomb resting against both of his palms above him, the bomb flying through the air in an arch with only the sizzling of the disintegrating fuse providing any warning to the three unaware Koopas. The first to turn towards the bomb in the air is Koopis, who in a panic quickly yells out to his friends "GET OUT OF THE WAY!", but instead of responding to his words with a swift movement to the right or left they turn towards the descending bomb with a hesitant spin of their heads.

Worried greatly for his friend's lives, Koopis quickly forces his bulky demonic arm up off of the ground and swings it out in front of him off to the side of his friends, brushing both of them away from the radius of the inevitable explosion much to their surprise. With the weight of his arm being too much to carry, Koopis lets it sink back onto the ground with a thud as he quickly creaks his head upward and sees the bomb nearly inches away from the tip of his nose. With a slow gritting of his teeth, the demonic hybrid takes the full brunt of the ensuing explosion despite how painful the heat was against his vulnerable, demonic flesh.

The explosion proceeded to unleash a radiant if destructive flash of light that spread out over a hundred foot radius, and though it was blinding Kaylie and Kooper got on their feet and cried out to their friend in sadness and panic. With tears being brushed out of their ducts by the wind coming from the edge of the explosion, they raised an arm in front of their eyes to prevent dust from entering, keeping their thoughts away from their racing hearts and more towards their friend in hopes that he would survive his present ordeal. And as the explosion began to subside and the smoke left behind formed a cloud above a thin crater in the ground in front of them, an eerie shroud of silence covered the village.

Having detonated himself, the Bulky Bob-omb recovers and falls out of the sky beside the man who threw him, both of them looking nervously at the cloud of smoke to see what emerges from it. A shadow begins to appear, and as it becomes more and more clear Shindo can't shake this creeping feeling in his spine that he has made a grave mistake. This feeling increases moreso as the demon hybrid is shown to be alive as the smoke vanished completely. He had some damage and some flames were dying out on his fleshy arm, but save for that the only thing that could hint at the bomb having any effect was the fact that Koopis was now breathing heavily with a hot, gooey sweat dripping out of the afflicted side of his face.

"Who…Who…Did that?" Koopis, weary from the full impact of the detonation, looked around in hopes of finding his assailant but to no avail. His vision becomes blurred slowly as he starts heaving in air by the mouthful in a rather slow and painful manner. He knew right away that this feeling wasn't natural, and as he felt a scratch against his lungs his demonic heart pounded against his chest with enough force that his chest cavity could have been busted open at a moment's notice. "N…No….Not now…No…No….Please not now…" Quivering in place out of fear of what was going on inside of his, Koopis stamped his real hand against his chest and tried to keep his balance with the other one as he slowly felt his eyeballs moving on their own in multiple directions.

With his will power broken by the damage he took from the massive explosion, the Koopa could do nothing to suppress the heart from infecting him even further than it had already. He could feel his motor functions slipping away as his left arm starts vibrating rapidly and a painful sensation rips through the muscle tissue. In a matter of seconds the skin ruptures, and more demonic flesh piles out to replace the previous layers of Koopa flesh that covered his body once before. With a second claw attached to his small body, Koopis can only watch in horror as the new limb unconsciously raises itself in front of his face and spreads its fingers out to reveal electricity charged talons at the tip of each finger.

Each one was imbued with the malicious desire to tear the surrounding areas to pieces. These desires were echoed inside of Koopis' slowly slipping mind, and he loathed each and every one of these thoughts as they came and went by the second. But while he still had an inkling of consciousness left, Koopis forced his head to turn to the right, his spinal bones cracking with each centimeter moved until he can look straight at his frightened, teary eyed friends and scream out to them in a growling, half-demonic voice "GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE WHILE YOU STILL CAN! ALL OF YOU, MAKE A RUN FOR IT BEFORE YOU ARE KILLED!" The pain in his voice was almost not expressed because of how quickly the flesh was digging across his face and into his mouth, but at the very least Koopis knew that Kooper would listen to his warning and get Kaylie out of there even if she went kicking and screaming.

As the last bit of flesh crosses his face, Koopis leans forward and snarls in agony, his mouth opening up wide as a torrent of venomous liquid is barfed out against the ground, splattering around in a toxic puddle that bubbles as it melts through the dirt below his face. The creature that existed in place of the former Koopa was unrecognizable now, and the mutated mass of foreign demonic flesh is too ghastly to describe in its current state. The only "normal" part of its body were the eyes, which reeked of bloodlust with the purple irises and yellow pupils glaring through the air and the three nostrils below sniffing into the air to seek the scent of flesh around its new domain.

With the gurgling of liquids inside of its rancid mouth, the demon sprawled its webbed left claw against the ground and turned towards the frightened villagers with two tongues peeling out from the scaly backside of its mouth and an acidic material oozing across the many taste buds littered on the surface. The beast was incapable of speaking, but it did not need to use words in order to express the malicious intent inside of its mind. With a raise of its left claw, it was ready to rush towards its first target like a rampaging dinosaur, and there was only a little time span in which the two victims had to react to his bloodlust.

With a roar, the beast lunges forward, his claws alternating across the ground with the knuckles acting as support for his heavy body until he is but a few feet away from the two Koopas. With a leap into the air, the demon viciously opens its mouth up and raise its right claw into the sky, a single swipe being more than enough to tear through ten Koopas worth of flesh. However, at the last possible second, Kooper wraps his arms around the emotionally broken body of his friend Kayle and quickly tosses himself over to the right, his right arm skidding across the rough grains of dirt in the ground and breaking the skin apart slightly, but at the very least he was alive instead of eaten.

With barely any way to control his descent, the demon collides with the ground with a heavy thud, a plume of debris flying across the sky before he can stick his pointed talons against the dirt and scrape to a stop, his entire body swerving ninety degrees to the right so he can line himself up towards his targets once more. His tail swipes against the ground with enough force to leave a massive, crescent skid mark in place of where he struck. With his eyes bulging outward in ecstasy, the demon lashes his claws against the ground multiple times to rebuild momentum in order to charge forward and take the fallen Koopas into his gaping, fanged jaw and impale them against a nearby tree in order to incapacitate them for further consumption.

But just two seconds after it began to run again, a bomb is launched through the air that explodes straight into its face and causes the body to recoil backwards for ten feet as the head is forcibly swung to the left with no damage done to the spinal cord. As the smoke settled and the flesh was left ablaze, the demon still swung back to see who struck it with no care in its eyes towards the damage done to its body as a frenzied amount of saliva drizzled off of its tongues. Shindo, with a swarm of Bob-ombs standing around him, stamped his front down in front of the beast in stern defiance of its relentless desire to consume those around him. "Get out of here kids, everyone else has already evacuated, and I don't want your lives on my consciousness after I have already screwed so much up already!"

Having to admit to the fact that he was the one who threw the bomb that started this whole ordeal, Shindo was unsurprised when Kaylie got on her feet and yelled out towards him in bitter, tearful rage "Y-You did this to Koopis?! Because of your reckless bomb toss he became fully consumed by whatever it is that's inside of him! So unless you have a plan to bring the real Koopis back, then give me five good reasons as to why I shouldn't just fling you into the beast's mouth right now as an example of poetic justice?!" As the Koopa shut his eyelids and heard the girl tear into him without remorse, he accepted the complaints but also shunned her naivety in this situation, especially since the happy ending she so wished to occur was physically impossible to obtain at this point in time.

"Kid, I don't have much time to explain this to you before the beast becomes fully conscious…But its over for Koopis. That demon has taken over his mind and body completely, and the only path left for him is life or death…And right now, I'm going to make sure death is the one that comes, no matter how much you wish to object to my plans, Kaylie…." As one Bob-omb lights its fuse and leaps into the red-shelled Koopa's extended left arm, he gestures with his right hand as a way of ordering Kooper to get his friend out of there before he causes a distracting ruckus. Though Kaylie was still pissed off and teary eyed at what Shindo was planning to do, she was silenced by Kooper placing his right hand onto her mouth while using his left hand to pick her up and haul her over his shoulders despite how much pressure was being applied to his backside.

"…I'm sorry this had to happen, my friend…" Kooper was staying strong, even though a single teardrop trickled out of his right eye, and he ran off in a matter of seconds as Kaylie pounded against his blue shell and tried to get him to stop. As he left the area, both of them along with Shindo had no idea that there was still a bit of Koopis' consciousness left inside of the demonic lump of flesh. It was just a small part of the brain, but it was more than enough to allow the Koopa to see through the foggy purple eyes of the beast and muse to himself about this gruesome situation that he had been put into.

"Oh god…Oh god above…Do something to save everyone…Please…" He looked through the hazy eyes, watching in pain as the red-shelled Koopa arches his eyebrows and throws a bomb straight at the demon as it lunges forward. With an explosion around the chest region launching the demon back through the air with its body falling backwards at the same time, Koopis feels the innards of the mind rumbling around him until the demon regains control mid-air by spreading its wings out wide and sending out a powerful gust that causes the nearby trees to sway outward in various directions. The lung cavities had been set on fire by the incendiary components inside of the Bob-ombs, and the flames caused the creature a lot of pain for a few seconds until he folded his claws in front of his body and underwent a metamorphic process that resulted in armor plating growing over the vulnerable flesh to protect it from here on out.

Back at Shindo's point of view, he sees the demon sprawled out in front of the afternoon sun with his claws spread out as wide as physically possible, the gleaming light piercing the fibrous skin between each finger and the shadows from his face obscuring the changes to his chest. With no idea of what has occurred, the red-shelled Koopa quickly throws a bomb forward through the air as the demon launches itself down in an attempt to swoop its pray off the ground. The bomb collides and explode on the demon's face, but the beast simply charges through the cloud of flames with its claws lashed out beside it and its jaw agape with hunger as Shindo leaps over to the right to avoid being even brushed by the creature's wings while the Bob-ombs surrounding him are swept up by the gust of wind from the creature's descent.

With his ammunition sent flying away from the village and a series of explosions being heard in the forest, the Koopa knew he'd have to resort to his fighting prowess in order to survive. "Its been a while since I've implemented my training…And now is not the time for me to be rusty." He thought to himself as he remembered what he as taught during his time in the M.S.I.. The beast turned around and flapped his wings to try and get the red-shelled Koopa off balance with a powerful gust of wind, but with steel focus he keeps his ground and claps his hands together with his battle stance now remembered and achieved. He then wiggles his hand towards the demon to come at him, to which the creature maliciously obliges to with another dive through the air.

By now the Koopa had gotten used to the beast's repetitious movements and was prepared to counter them with well-timed jumps that allowed gravity to take hold quickly enough for him to descend and kick down against the spinal region of the demon's backside. The blow was precise enough to make the creature screech in pain as it was knocked from the sky and sent against the ground, but not strong enough to put it down for more than a few seconds before it used its claws to push itself back up and swing itself around to face his opponent once more. However, the creature would be surprised to find that his prey had already vanished, and though curiosity gripped its fragile mind it was for but a brief second as it proceeded to sniff the air to detect his flesh.

With a casual spin of its body the creature caught Shindo divebombing him from above his right foot held out as far as his muscles would allow. All it took then was for him to raise his electricity charged talons into the air and launch a barrage of lightning that struck the Koopa in full across his body. The energy from the electricity launched Shindo back through the air, the voltage surging across his singed body to paralyze him for a few seconds as his shell collides with the archway leading into the village and fracturing it down the center, leaving a bit of wood around his body as he lands back first onto the ground, helpless as only a Koopa can be in this particular moment.

With the demon surrounded by static in Shindo's line of sight, the Koopa calmly yet in an understandable moment of desperation tried to get back on his by swaying his body back and forth like a cradle, and he kept himself together even as he knew that the demon had a free shot at his body considering his current position. With his wings spread out and a ring of electricity burning itself into the ground around him, the creature let out a satisfied roar before it leaped high into the air so his helpless prey can get a full look at his body before he dies. However, as the creature lashed its acidic tongues out of its mouth it was quickly struck square in the chest by a quick, glowing red beam of ionic energy, which caused his limbs to reel forward away from the body as the demon flies back through the air and crashes through the roof of one of the nearby houses.

Within seconds Shindo recognizes both the beam and the person responsible for firing it as they calmly walk in front of him with their golden mechanical arms folded behind his back and calm demeanor surrounding him as the right arm converts to a more normal, human-like form despite retaining the golden sheen seen before. "C-Commander Alpha?" Shindo says, recognizing his former Commander instantly as he manages to finally pick himself back up and kneel down behind the above-average sized Goomba. "…I-I don't know what you are doing here, but I assure you that-" "You have the situation under control? The situation YOU started in the first place? I doubt that sincerely, former Lieutenant Shindo…You just sit back now, and me and my men will put this demon down for good."

Alpha's words were filled with subdued anger towards the Koopa at first, but he relaxed himself for the sake of his men as he lifts his left arm in front of his mouth so he can speak into the intercom and give them the order to appear. With a quick folding of his arms behind his back, the sound of whirring blades descends overhead from all sides of the village, as a ring of copters is formed with five soldiers lines up at the edge of the doors with submachine rifles cocked in their hands. They were locked on to the house where the demon had been forced into, and they would keep focusing on that singular point until the creature emerged and they were able to put a steady bead on their target.

Sure enough, after a few seconds of silence the demon leaped out of the house, angered by the attack that managed to successfully dent his chest plate and left the rest of his fleshy body bruised from the impact with the house. It landed on the ground and noticed the assailant responsible for the damage standing far away from him with an air of confidence around his shroom shaped body. However, the Commander did not take solace in what he was about to do here today, since an observation of this area prior to his arrival made him see the being of which the demonic heart had taken over, and Alpha did not consider this to be the grandiose slaying of an uncontrollable beast but rather the cruel robbing of a poor soul's innocent life.

Still, with the beast staring him down, he had little time to lament on what he was about to order his soldiers to do, and thus with a mighty snap of his metallic fingers the men standing above in their armored suits that robbed the demon of a chance to detect them via sniffing their flesh aimed their guns directly at the demon and began to fire down a rain of bullets one salvo at a time. Without ears to hear what was going on around him, the demon was surprised when an overwhelming sensation of pain bombarded him from all sides as bullets tore through his flesh and broke into some of the more vulnerable organs in his body.

The bullets pinned the demon to the ground a couple of times before he began to fight against the pain and used his claws to prop himself back up so he could look out at the Goomba standing by himself with his face expressing no emotion save for contempt towards the person responsible for allowing this demon to exist the way it did. Confused, angered and still hungering for flesh, the demon did what any other beast of its nature would and pushed away from the things responsible for causing it pain in order to rampage relentlessly towards the one source of flesh standing before him, hoping that within his final moments he'll snack down on this last tasty morsel and be drenched in the blood leaking out from the bite marks.

However, the demon's bestial nature had already been taken into consideration by Alpha, and having reacted in the way the Commander expected him to he proceeds to open a slot on his right arm and pulls out a white, rectangular device with two buttons present on both sides. With a steady fling as the beast leaps into the air, the button on the backside taps against the chest plate of the beast and causes the strange device to activate, and with a rather primordial glow preceding the ensuing event the beast is quickly entangled by dozens upon dozens of steel white tentacles. Just inches away from Alpha's body, the demon struggles to fight the binding of his entire body inside of a rather tight chrysalis of steel, but to no avail. Within seconds of attempting to fight the bindings around him, the demon is suspended in mid-air by an anti-gravity aura exuding around the tentacles.

His strength had been depleted by the bullets that rained down upon him, the demon was completely helpless in front of Alpha as the Commander gestured off to the side to get his men to step down for now. With his task now complete for the moment, Alpha folded his arms behind his back and turned to the side as Shindo walked around to see the demon hoisted up into the air. While the Commander was angered by what his former Lieutenant had done here today, the Koopa was clearly in disbelief over the monster that the once innocent villager Koopis had become, and it reminded him of the days of old where he had to put down other innocent people because of a rather similar condition.

Because of the struggle, Koopis is allowed a chance to see through the hazy eyes of the demon once more, and is surprised to find that now he can hear what is going on outside. But he would soon find that what was to come would not be pleasant in the slightest. "…Do you have to do this, Commander? Is there truly no way to save this kid's life?" Shindo spoke in a solemn tone of voice, to which the Goomba responded to in a rather subdued tone "Since its gone this far…No. With this amount of demonic flesh, if I tried to have my men remove it all that would remain of the kid would be his skeleton and a little bit of muscle tissue. There is nothing to salvage in there…"

"That's not true! I can still think, I can still see! I'm still alive in here, just please hear my voice!" For all of Koopis' cries and efforts, the only thing he manages to do is have the demon grumble in a saddened tone of voice, but it is so quiet that it is unnoticed by either party outside. "I still can't believe you did what you did Shindo…I know you hate demons because one of the victims was your old partner, but to rashly attack the kid when he still had enough self-control to prevent the demon part of him from taking over…Honestly, I expected better from you." Alpha spoke to the Koopa with a tone of utter disapproval and disappointment, a dejected sigh being released from his lips soon afterwards before he scrunches the skin between his eyes together with his right hand.

"Whatever…What's done is done…Nothing can be done to fix this mess you made, so I'm just going to remind you of the consequences of your actions here today in hopes that this time around my words will stick…You didn't just force me to rob this poor Koopa of his young life…You have also made me destroy the bonds he may have had with fellow members of his species, you have made certain that the years he could have had left will never come to pass, you robbed a girl a chance at a lover, you robbed a kid the chance to be born into this world, and most importantly you ruined whatever innocent memories this village ever had of this single Koopa…Both you and the heathen responsible for his gruesome transformation will have to carry the weight of these consequences on your conscience for the rest of your natural days in this world…And even I'm not certain whether the villain understood what he was ruining by doing what he did, if he allowed things to go this far already…Leave my sight for now and be with your frightened villagers, Shindo, and be thankful that I can't arrest you for your actions here today…"

Having calmly laid things out for Shindo to consider now and forevermore, the dejected red-shelled Koopa merely stands still in stunned silence for a few seconds before pulling himself away from the scene with a look of depression on his hung low face. As the last Koopa he'd unknowingly ever see left his line of sight, Koopis began to panic as the Goomba turned towards him and moved a few steps closer. "What?! I-I'm going to die?! No…No, that can't be the truth! I don't want to die like this! What would happen to Kooper, to Kaylie…To everyone else I know and love in this world if I was to die?! Please, can anyone hear me out there?! Keep me alive, freeze me in ice if you must until you can find a way to cure me! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!"

Koopis nervously and tearfully screamed out inside of the demon's mind, but everything came out in the form of a tired growl from the mouth of the demon as Alpha stepped forward and folded his arms behind his back while staring up at the demon's grotesque face. But he addresses the creature not as what he appears to be, but rather the proud, innocent Koopa he once was before. "Kid…I know you can hear me deep inside of that demon's mind…" Alpha acted completely different from his usual behavior. Instead of keeping up a demeanor of authority and calmness, he became rather humane in his tone of voice and expression, keeping a neutral position on his lips as to not bring toxicity into this moment.

"I-I have to admit…I may not have known you at all, but from appearance alone you reminded me a lot of my old Commander…Its rather eerie now that I think about it some more, and its makes it even harder for me to have to go through with this…Had I just gotten to you sooner kid, I could have saved you from the demonic flesh, I could have turned you into something that could benefit this planet instead of this grotesque mound of flesh I see trapped before me…You know, my heart feels rather ill right now…As if deep down, I subconsciously know that in another life, another time and place…You and I could have been more than just strangers in the night…You could have been a friend, a comrade…A second brother to me…But instead, it has come to this…And I'm so very, very sorry…"

As Alpha lets out a tiny sniffle, he takes a couple steps forward and moves his hand towards the front button on the device he used to bind the demon and takes one last look up into the eyes of the beast. "NO PLEASE! DON'T KILL ME! I CAN'T DIE YET, I DON'T DESERVE THIS FATE! I-I…I'm a victim…Sniff…please don't kill me…I-I want to be saved…I want to go back to the way things were before…I…I…" As Koopis breaks down over the fact that despite all of his persistent attempts to break through and get the outside world to listen to him, his fate had already been decided just a few short if painful minutes ago. He was going to die, and the impact of his death would reverberate for years to come in the hearts of his friends.

"I'm so sorry…Kooper…Kaylie…." With his final words, Koopis tries to get the demon to close his eyelids, for he didn't want to see what happened on the outside anymore. For once, the creature obeyed his commands, and all that was left was for the noise to dictate what was going on beyond the scaly eyelids. "Rest assured though…From now until the day I die, I will do everything in my power to hunt down whoever did this to you, and I will make them pay in the most cathartic manner possible…This type of incident…Will never happen again." With the final words of Koopis' life heard, the Commander pressed against the button lightly, and all that was left was for a sharp spike to push out from the other side of the device and puncture through the chest plate and reach into the deepest parts of the cavities in order to poke into the heart and kill it just like that. Koopis' body goes limp…His far too short life…Now over…

What-If Gemini.1: The End