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Night's Eyes

Bella stepped from the shower as steam swirled around her head and beads of water cooled her skin. Echoes of an empty house filled her head. Her senses were keen and sharp. Whether someone or something was there or not, she knew the night's eyes were always there. Deciding to air-dry, the towel served little more than to barely cover her naked body. She came down stairs and with each flick of a switch, light filled the rooms, and she giggled at the revelation nothing was there.

"Imagine that" she thought out loud, though a voice deep inside her head secretly wished something were there, as if it were guardian and gatekeeper of an ache of unfulfilled desire.

Candles were lit and music filled the air, dancing mysteriously along with the flickering light painting the room. The towel dropped to the floor and she laid back, eyes closed, naked on the cool, cotton bed sheet she had mindlessly covered the couch with before her shower. No sooner had she sighed, "I need this", that soothing voice reminded her she needed more than this, and a smile crept across her face. Shifting until comfortable, she settled in prepared to lose her self in this solitary moment.

It wasn't long before that all too familiar, moist, prickly heat radiated from within and she unconsciously parted her legs, exposing herself to the night's eyes. Momentarily lost in the mood she had created, her mind wandered in a dream-state and the unmistakable heat of desire bathed her senses.

Drifting between consciousness and the dream world, she awoke, or so she thought, to a touch so feather soft, it couldn't be real. As a breathless moan escaped her parted lips, she felt a wet flick, but was it her tongue - or that of another? Startled, her eyes shot open to total darkness, excepting the blazing animal-like gaze of a set of red-onyx eyes that instantly silenced whatever protest was about to escape her lips. Closer the dark eyes came until its mouth covered hers and a tongue darted between her parted lips, teasing snake-like. She was terrified and excited at the same time, yet the unmistakable "Mmmmmmm" of satisfaction was all she could muster, and it wasn't the sound of fear, it was the sound of approval.

Thoughts swirled in her head and she wondered silently, "Who, no what are you?"

It wasn't an audible voice, but she heard it distinctly in response, a whisper filling her ears with the message, "You've wanted me many times, but have yet to summon me. We are not to cross this line for reasons you'd never fathom. Yet I know what you want from the deepest, darkest, most inner recesses of your heart and soul. What you cannot say to mere mortals, I hear – and it is time for you to experience what you so desire – complete surrender – and what you do not surrender to me, I will take."

"No, I," she began to weakly protest, but she was taken by a kiss so deep she felt fear dissipate into anticipation and exhilaration as a less gracious but more grateful moan, "Unh, unnngh, mmmmmmmpphhhhh" melted whatever defenses she may have had left in side her. He was full on her, resting between her spread legs, which she consciously pulled further back, beckoning him to find his way inside her now: she wanted it deep, to be stretched and filled completely. Instead she whimpered softly in protest as He slowly rose and hovered above her, the weight lifted from her.

"Your wrists" he commanded, "cross them and present them to me." Trembling she complied.

He took his time and when he completed his task, she tried to wriggle free. It was a matter of seconds before she realized it was in vain as she was indeed bound and helpless. His strong hands reached beneath her and raised her to her feet from the couch as he again commanded, "Close your eyes and turn around."

She felt a soft cloth cover her eyes. Bound at the wrist, and blindfolded, she felt his arms wrap around her from behind. The finger tips of both hands dug into her flesh and moved upward over her tender belly, scissoring across her ribs, until they were at rest on cupping her aching breasts. He alternately caressed the soft underside of the beckoning mound, and caught and twisted the hardening nipples. As he squeezed one breast in his strong hand, the other slid down forcing its way between her soaked thighs, caressing the swollen lips of her quivering mound, until one, two, then finally three fingers nestled inside her.

Gently his body molded itself against her backside and she was caught between his overheated flesh and the coolness of a door, or wall, she figured. He turned her around and although she couldn't see him, she soon felt his strong grip on her wrists and she felt her arms being raised slowly up, until they were suspended and secured over her head.

He fell against her and pressed hard pinning her tight. His breath hot against her neck as one hand found its way up her back, raking his nails up and down the sensitive skin until finally entangling in her hair. Slowly he pulled her hair until her head fell back back, mouth open, and her neck taut.

His tongue traced a wet line up and down, and back and forth, alternately nipping at the flesh with his teeth until his mouth roughly found and covered hers. Part of her wanted to scream and get away and another wanted to just melt and be engulfed and enflamed by the moment.

As if out of body, her mind projected an image as vivid as real life to her. He could see her, but she couldn't see him. She couldn't touch him, yet He could touch her as he pleased and how he wanted.

"Heightened awareness is the delightful companion of sensory deprivation my dear. Tonight, you will do things with me and for me you've only dreamed of – you're surrender is my pleasure – and my pleasure will surely be your pleasure. Do you understand?"

"Yesssss" was her response, sounding more like a hiss than a word. Before another word came out his mouth again covered hers probing, sucking, devouring her, leaving her breathless and moaning in nasal tones. As His lips parted from hers, He commanded her to leave her mouth open, and He placed a soft gag in her mouth. In one last futile attempt at protest, she howled as He slowly and with finality, secured the gag.

Again, He slowly pressed against her, and ordered her to part her legs, further and further, until she was completely exposed to Him. She wanted to cry out and tell him no more was necessary, she was ready to surrender, He could have her anyway he desired. Yet, one by one, as He had deprived her of her senses, and with each caress, stroke, and manipulation of her body, layer after layer of fear, guilt and shame, peeled away.

She whimpered, sighed, and moaned as he reveled in his handiwork – she was completely at his Mercy. His deep soothing voice fanned the flames and fueled the desire. She was able to time and again muster was a deep, gutteral, muted sequence of whimpers, sighs, moans and groans, which to him, was beautiful music. To him, it signaled her complete and total surrender.

She felt one caress, feather soft dancing over her hyper-sensitive skin, and an alternating cold steel, claw raking the exposed flesh, both creating a heightened sense of awareness which drover her mad with desire. Each caress made her struggle in passionate restraint and she wailed unintelligibly in growing lust.

He continued His ministrations until her body's own mechanisms had flooded her system with endorphins. She was experiencing euphoria like no drug could ever produce in her. She wanted to call out to him, and beg him to release her, but the words couldn't come out –so she moaned and groaned and howled her approval in muffled tones.

He covered her body from head to foot, meticulously paying attention to every curve, crevice and exposed piece of flesh. Hands, fingers, tongue, feathers, teeth, and toys were the tools of his trade as he worked her over and over until she slumped from fatigue.

Soon she felt him release her from her suspended position. She collapsed at his feet and he removed her gag, cradling her face in his hand, he asked her what she would do for him now that she was on her knees before him, "Anything" was her near whisper of a response.

"And how do you think a lady who has surrendered as you have, addresses one who has given her such pleasure?" This was a first so He didn't expect much for an answer.

"Master," she said innocently.

Impressed he thought and before his next word came out the words tumbled from her mouth, "Master, please take me completely and totally. Use my body as you see fit. Please I beg you, take me, no fuck me, fill me up, I need it Master, do it now please."

She had yet to finish her words, when she felt him, thick and hard, slide past her lips deep into her open mouth, pushing to the back of her throat. Then slowly he began stroking in and out of her mouth until she realized she wasn't sucking on his cock, he was fucking her mouth with it.

She moaned her approval with each stroke and wished she could gaze up at him as He pumped and stroked in and out, slower and faster until she was literally humming as he satiated his lust with her mouth. With a loud audible pop he pulled quickly from her mouth and grabbed her by the hair, bringing her to her feet.

"Oh my gaaaaaaawwwwwwwwd" she gasped as He grabbed her by the hips and thrust deep inside, while simultaneously his hand came down with a nice crack on her tight ass. Over and over he thrust into her, each one eliciting another groan or gasp of delight. Words tumbled from her, and strange sounds emanated from within as he gave her what she asked for, time and time again.

"I know what you really like" he growled at her.

She didn't really care what he said, she was out there in another world and loving it all and she belonged to him.

"I am going to tie your hands at your side, lay you on your back, tie your ankles and flip them over my shoulders so you cannot get away. Then I am going to give you a good old fashioned hard pounding – I am going to fuck you unmercifully."

She recalled his thick shaft slowly entering her as he lay on top of her slowly stroking, teasing and flaming her lust. He kept most of his weight on his forearms so he wouldn't crush her as he stroked faster and faster, harder and harder until she was wailing as wave after wave of orgasm crashed into her. She was elsewhere in her own head, lost in this moment of animal ferocity, when she was startled by an almost inhuman roar that filled the room and shook her to the core.

He collapsed on her and she could feel his heart thumping in his chest, beating against hers. Still blindfolded, bound and helpless, she recalled being stroked tenderly as she drifted off to sleep, exhausted.

She woke the next day, alone, tucked safely into bed, free of the ties that bound her. She was physically and mentally drained. She smiled weakly, rolled over and slowly began to drift off to sleep again, never really comprehending what was real and what was a dream, nor did she really care.

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