Author's Note: Inspired by Poe's Hey Pretty. I think it suits this scene quite well. ;) Finals officially started today (:P) so it's slow moving on Don't Fear the Reaper. No worries though, it's still coming along. :)

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Hey Pretty

Taking a nice long drive at night had to be one of Dante's favorite things, especially when he had a smoking hot babe handling a wicked sweet car. Trish and he had filched a Camaro off the side of the road -not like the lawyer vising the whorehouse needed it- and decided to take it for a spin.

Dante glanced over at Trish in the driver's seat. The passing headlights of other cars bounced off her black shades and full lips -which were twisted into a smirk- as she shifted gears and sped up. He noticed her leather outfit seemed to gleam in the dashboard light. She tipped the sunglasses down onto her nose as she gave Dante a feral look.

"Problems?" she smirked, eyes flashing gold.

He gave her a lopsided grin, "Just enjoying the view."

They found themselves in the old part of town they never visited. Trish gunned it, running four red lights and six stop signs, grinning from ear to ear. Dante chuckled as he caught sight of a few faces on the sidewalk. It was understandable to have an awestruck face at the awesome force that just passed them by.

Trish zipped them up some old roads that wound out into the countryside. She took the turns so quick, Dante could feel the pull of gravity behind his navel. She pulled off onto a flat expansion overlooking a cliff. She dropped the E-brake and cut off the engine.

Trish leaned her seat back and faced Dante, "Wanna take a ride with me?" she smiled coyly, tossing her shades into the backseat.

"I thought you'd never ask," Dante grinned, climbing over into her seat.


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