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That night Sam was getting ready for bed when Gabriel showed up sitting on his bed. Sam's face lights up seeing such beauty sitting in front of him like he was meant to know Heaven on Earth. He saunters over to his bed to ask what Gabriel thinks he is doing. "Can I help you with something?"

"Why yes you can Sam. I was wondering if you wanted to help me with something." Gabriel looks Sam over with his lust filled eyes. "I can't seem to get what we did on the couch out of my head. Can we…?"

"Addicted to the sex Gabriel, you are definitely…" Sam can't contain his laugh.

"What? I'm definitely what?" He moves down the bed on his knees. "I can't explain all the things going through my mind right now. I just need to feel it again."

Sam smiles he sounds like he has never felt an orgasm before. "Is this what you want?" He takes his shirt off and throws it over his shoulder and kneels down beside the bed to be level with Gabriel's honey eyes. He pulls him into a passionate kiss filled with need.

Gabriel feels his heart skip a beat when they kiss; this is what it's all about, being with Sam. He opens his mouth to breath in Sam's taste and nearly faints when Sam slips his tongue out and runs it along his teeth. The whole world stops as they are kissing, running fingers over bare skin. When he breaks from the kiss Gabriel moans to feel the warmth leave him.

Sam moves his hands down to his pants and unbuttons and unzips Gabriel's pants, he can't drag this out too much unless he wants Gabriel to take control and snap his fingers making them naked again. Sam wants to strip him instead, it's hotter that way. When they are both in their boxers Sam pushes him down on the bed and pulls his boxers off then his own. When they are naked he straddles Gabriel's legs.

"Enjoying this yet?" All Gabriel can do is nod.

He leans over to kiss him pressing his erection against Gabriel's, it feels so good Gabriel moans and rocks his hips up for more friction. He looks in his lover's eyes and seeing them blown wide with lust making his cock jerk with anticipation. Sam nips at his neck causing a moan to escape as he moves down to his chest giving little kisses trailing down to his neglected cock. When Sam starts jerking Gabriel's cock to a slow rhythm, Gabriel can't get enough contact and pushes his hips into the jerks. "More…need more."

Sam responds with one word "Lube."

With a snap of his fingers there is lube on the nightstand. Sam grabs the bottle and pops it open with one hand while still stroking his cock. He coats his fingers with a liberal amount before putting one finger against Gabriel's entrance, he pushes in slowly. A hiss escapes his lips before he moans in pleasure. Sam enters a second finger, waits a second, pulls out to the first knuckle and pushes back in scissoring his fingers. After a few minutes he pulls his fingers out completely and squirts another liberal amount of lube on his hand and strokes his own throbbing erection. Sam pulls Gabriel's legs up on his shoulders for better access, and lines up his cock to Gabriel's stretched entrance. He thrusts in quick making Gabriel groan from the sudden pressure, lets him get adjusted to the feeling and starts moving after Gabriel moans his satisfaction. "Oh…god…Sam…fuck me…harder." As his prostates gets hit Gabriel bucks his hips. "Oh I…can't…long." Gabriel can't even form a coherent thought as he is being flooded with ecstasy. As Gabriel's orgasm over takes him his muscles contract tighter causing Sam to gasp and pull over the edge of his own, his seed filling Gabriel with euphoria.

When they finish riding out their orgasms and can move Sam lets Gabriel's legs go and collapses on the mattress beside him. "I think you are just too damn hot to keep around unless you plan on getting fucked all the time." Sam can barely believe he said it, but he can't take it back now that he got a glimpse of Gabriel's reaction. Gabriel snaps his fingers and they are both cleaned up.

"Oh I'm not the one being fucked all the time." The smirk only Gabriel can give spreads across his face. Sam gulps. "Oh come on try something new once in a while Sammy. You may like it." Gabriel wiggles his eyebrows and gives him a kiss. "Wanna try it now?"

"No. I mean I need time to recover, I can't go two rounds so close together, I'm not seventeen anymore." He laughs and looks away, nervously. "Ask me again in the morning." Sam shimmies under the covers. "Join me?" How can Gabriel resist such an invitation?

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