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"Hey, guess what, everyone? Yaya is going to the Science Fair today!" None other than Yaya herself dashed into the Royal Garden, Pepe floating next to her.

"That reminds me, we get to visit Kairi!" Amu exclaimed.

"Right! Because Seiyo Elementary and Kairi's school are going to participate in it together! And it's going to be in the same building. I can't wait!"

"It will be fun~dechu." Pepe agreed.

"I heard about the fair," mentioned Tadase. "Isn't it today?"

Yaya nodded. "Yup! And it's starting soon!"

Rima gazed up at Amu with big eyes. "Can we explore, just you and me?"

"I believe we're all going to walk around together."

"But I don't want the creepy man to follow us," said Rima, glaring at the purple haired boy sitting next to her.

"I apologize, Mashiro-san, but Fujisaki-kun will have to attend as well," explained Tadase. "He is one of us, you know."

I never cared much for Hotori either, Rima pouted inwardly.

All of the guardians looked around in awe. The projects this year were very educational, as usual. But there were some that were not just your ordinary projects. One of them caught Nagihiko's eye, it had a

'First Prize' ribbon placed on it, and on a white name tag, it had the name-Sanjo Kairi!

I wonder what he could have made, thought Nagihiko.

Suddenly, he felt something tugging roughly on his shirt. He turned around, and saw two boys and a girl who were most likely all fifth graders. He didn't recognize them, they were probably new.

"Hey, you!" the first boy shouted to Nagihiko.

"May I help you?" said Nagihiko.

"Is that your project?" the girl asked.

"It's my friend S-"

"Show us how it works!" interrupted the second boy excitedly. His companions cheered.

"Oh, but I'm afraid I don't really understand-" Nagihiko began.

"Just give us an example. We weren't here when it was presented. Please?" begged the girl.

"But-" he didn't have time to finish, again, for the girl had opened a door in the machine, and two boys had shoved him inside!

From in the machine, Nagihiko heard a switch being flipped and a button pressed.

What DID Sanjo-kun make, anyhow? I hope it isn't dangerous...

He saw a spark fly from one metallic side to another, and immediately felt queasy. A tingly feeling erupted from the tip of his toes and travelled upward.

Finally, he burst out of the machine.

"You're alive!" they all congratulated him, though it only made him feel more nauseous.

He managed to get out a "What happened?" when he heard a creaking noise.

"Hello, Nagihiko..."