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Pairing:- Emily/JJ

The black SUV rounded the corner at speed, almost on 2 wheels yet perfectly controlled.

'Next turning on the right' JJ said to Emily while holding on to the inside of the car to keep herself stable. JJ was riding shotgun while directing the brunette to the address that they had just received from Garcia, racing there as quick as they could knowing that the rest of the team would arrive after them and they didn't have long left if their predictions were anything to go by. Both JJ and Emily had got really involved in this case, more than usual and had personalised it more than they probably should, after talking to the missing teenagers parents. Marie, a polite, intelligent individual was the 6th teenage girl to be abducted in the space of 2 weeks, with there being of the disappearances in the last 2 days. They could tell that the un sub was becoming less controlled with less of a time gap in-between the kidnap and the murder. The bodies of the first 5 teenagers had all been found abandoned by roadsides, the last one of them less than 12 hours after going missing, so both women knew the importance of getting to un sub's house as quick as possible.

'There. The house on the right. Em, pull over there' JJ indicated to a spot just slightly out of view of the house in question as to not alert the un sub, this could be their only chance to get him. They knew so little about this un sub that is was a mixture of luck and a lot of brain work by Garcia, or the oracle as she called herself, to even link him to this address. The SUV came to a sudden stop and Emily instantly went to check for her gun in her holster belt, withdrawing it so she was prepared, as ever, for whatever outcome could happen. The house was secluded and Emily could see why he had chose this particular one, it was along a street as to not draw attention however it was far enough away from the other houses that he would have plenty of privacy for whatever he wanted to do. Emily went to get out of the car but was stopped momentarily by a hand on her wrist, and she looked up to find JJ looking at her with concerned eyes.

'Em, shouldn't we wait for back up? We don't know what he is capable of' She tried quickly to convince her friend of what the rest of the team would say, even though herself all she wanted to do was go in there and find Marie.

'Jen, they will be right behind us but we can't afford to waste a second. Just think of what could be going on in there' She knew she shouldn't be pleading like that, she knew in her head that she should wait for back up but her heart was pulling her inside. Before JJ could pose another argument, Emily was out of the car and walking over the front garden of the place, gun by her side in her hand ready for anything.

'If we are doing this, shouldn't one of us take the back?' JJ questioned. She wasn't usually the voice of authority in situations like this but with Emily acting like she was, she felt the need to be.

'Yeh I suppose, I'll take the front, start to clear the house and the others will be here any second anyway. You head round the back. Don't enter the building, just make sure that he doesn't try to get away.' Emily pulled herself together to think logically, as logically as she could with the want to just get in the house and save the girl. JJ started to walk away from her and towards the edge of the house. She didn't like splitting up, not after what happened to Spence, but she couldn't see any other way at the moment. Anything could be happening to that girl inside the house and she knew that herself and Emily weren't going to just stand by and wait while they could do something. She heard Emily break down the front door and knew she had started scanning the house. She got to the corner of the house and edge round, she could see the corner to the back of the house coming up and she raised her arm and levelled her gun, prepared for anything as usual. She jumped around the corner, quickly scanning the area and the trees that marked the edge of his land, noticing a track running out into them. There was a 4x4 parked behind the house but no one visible inside, however as she had learnt many times before, it was better to check. She rounded the car and came to the driver's side door, noting that there was no one inside and the keys were nowhere to be seen. However with her back turned to the trees, she didn't see the figure approaching her from behind. She went to look back over the car and to the back door of the house when she heard a stick snap behind her and a heavy footstep fall but before she had time to turn round with her gun raised, everything went black.

Emily was making her way through the house, as she had with many others and had managed to cover the downstairs rooms when she heard the rest of the team turn up. When they joined her in the house, she explained the situation and as she was just about to head upstairs she heard the familiar sound of a car engine starting out the back of the building. Fear raced straight through every part of her body as she bolted from her place on the stairs to the back door, hoping to every god that she wasn't too late. She reached the door to just see a 4x4 moving out of the clearing at the back of the house and through the trees with no sign of JJ anywhere. She tried shooting the tires, anything to stop that car moving further away from her but as soon as the truck reached the cover of the trees it was impossible. Then it was gone, into the distance and Emily could do nothing but stare, completely numb. She knew in her heart that she had gone but she still shouted out JJ's name in the hope that she was around somewhere. She could feel the eyes of the other profilers on her back as she slowly broke down onto the floor. She heard Hotch tell Reid and Morgan to continue checking the house, even though everyone knew they wouldn't find who they really wanted then she felt the figure moving closer behind her until a reassuring hand was placed on her shoulder which she shrugged off instantly.

'What have I done?' She whispered to herself, holding her head in her hands while fresh tears ran down her face. She refused to look up to Hotch, after a few minutes Reid and Morgan had called over that they had found Marie in the basement. From what Emily could tell, although she wasn't really paying attention at that moment, an ambulance had been called and she was very beaten and barely conscious yet she was still alive. It was one thing that Emily could be thankful for, however it didn't help lift her heart even one tiny bit. She had lost her, the woman who had followed her even though they both know they shouldn't have. She finally looked up at Hotch and saw his pained expression, him looking down at the tear marks running all down her face.

'It's my fault Hotch, It's my fault she's gone'

Hotch, Rossi and Emily arrived back to the police station and walked straight into the room that had been assigned to them, Morgan and Reid were still looking around the house for anything that could give them a clue as to where he could have taken JJ and although Emily had at first refused to go back to the station, she was eventually convinced that she would be much more help there. Hotch left after a couple of minutes, the rest of the team assumed it was to update the detective in charge of the case what had happened, where as Emily couldn't stop looking at the board, she knew that there was something that they were missing. She started looking through Jason Lewis, the un sub's file. He was 36, single, unemployed, the list of menial things was endless. She didn't want to but she knew she had to look at the victims again; the clue could be there to where they would find JJ. All of the victims were around 17-25, female, however there weren't a lot of other similarities which made them think that the attacks were more random than specific or planned. They profiled that he may have suffered a loss or rejection from a female figure in his life recently but now looking back over this Emily saw it from a slightly different perspective.

'What if the person that rejected him wasn't a girlfriend or a partner? Think about it, what if it was his mother? What do we know about Jason Lewis's family?' Emily mumbled out quickly before addressing his last question to both Rossi and Hotch. In a matter of seconds they had Garcia on the phone and had tracked down his parents after a lot of digging, finding out that at the age of 23 his mother had abandoned him, when he was 6 and he had been in and out of care through the whole of his childhood. Garcia was working on trying to find out a last address for his mother as they figured that would be their only link to him now but it was proving more difficult than usual as she appeared to have gone out of her way to not be found before she passed away. Emily just hoped that they found something and quick, she couldn't bear to think of the consequences if not.

JJ stirred to the feeling of being manhandled and a throbbing pain in her forehead which stopped her from even opening her eyes, still with no clue as to what was going on around her. She tried to move even slightly to figure out her surroundings but she quickly found that her hands were bound above her head and was unable to move them. Then the fear started to creep back into her as she remembered what had happened and who she was now faced with as she opened her eyes. She felt colder than she should have, then looking down to realise that her shirt was ripped away from her body, leaving her just in her bra and trousers. Just as she looked up towards him, her head was instantly spun to the side as she was struck hard in the face and her whole body recoiled from the man hovering above her.

'Oh I'm going to have some fun with you. And there's nothing that your stupid little friends can do about it' He growled as JJ felt his hands moving down to unbutton her trousers and pull them down her long legs. She thrashed her legs around, hoping that she could do anything to stop him until a cold blade was pressed against her neck.

'I'd stop fighting if I was you, you pretty little thing. You will last longer that way' She could hear the smile in his voice and it made her feel physically sick but she did as she said and stilled her movements. She had seen his victims and she knew what he was capable of, she didn't need to push him anymore. She felt him slowly peel down her pants until she was just lying there on a surface, she didn't know what it was, with just her bra on. He leant down and stole a kiss from her as she tried her hardest to pull away, earning her another smack across her face. She knew she had made him angry but what she didn't expect to feel next was him pushing himself into her hard, tearing a cry from JJ's mouth from the pain it caused her. He quickly built himself up into a rhythm, tearing jagged screams from JJ as all she could feel was pain and him grunting over the top of her. JJ tried her hardest to think of anything else but him, here, she just tried to put her mind somewhere else. She found her mind trailing quickly back to the brunette that she left back at the house and all she could manage to think to herself was that she was glad it was her and not Emily, the woman she cared for more than anything. She felt him still slightly and loose his rhythm above her and she knew exactly what that meant as a single tear ran from her eye and down her cheek. After a minute, he pulled out and stepped away from her, the knife leaving her neck where she could already feel a trickle of blood rolling down.

'I might have to keep you for a little longer, you are good' He almost teased as he walked away out of sight to the back of the building as JJ sobbed to herself praying that her team were on the way to save her.

Back at the station, Emily felt her phone ring in her pocket and instantly reached down to answer it and put it on speaker.

'Garcia, you are on speaker, please tell me you have something?'

'I do. His mother never owned a house but I found that she did visit a cabin a lot of the time, and even before she gave him away. Its unused and derelict now. I'm sending the address to your phones now, please go and save my girl' Garcia pleaded, the phone already off the table and the agents making their way out to the car.

'I will Garcia, I promise' and with that Emily quickly slapped the phone down.

They were there before they knew it; it had only been mere miles up the road, and the team all spilled out of the two cars, guns in hand. They all moved slowly until they heard a scream emanate from the building, all of them knowing who the voice belonged to, and before they had chance to co ordinate, Emily was running at speed towards the building before reaching the door and tearing it open. All of the cases that she had been on and all of the images that she had seen didn't even prepare her for the sight when she entered the room. JJ was tied down to a bench, beaten, bruised and bleeding, with the unsub thrusting into her, grunting the whole time. Emily was about to charge at the animal before she noticed the knife pressed to JJ's neck and the pleading look in her half lidded eyes.

'Jason Lewis, Put your hands on your head and step away. I am not afraid to shoot'

'And I will slice her throat open. Your choice.'

'Lewis, you aren't getting out of here a free man. Get the fuck away from her or I will shoot you' The language dropping from her mouth even shocking her. She felt the presence of the other agents around her spreading out in the room but no one was doing anything, they were just standing here watching JJ get abused. He had stilled his movements and pulled out of her leaving JJ sobbing but he still held the knife to her throat. Hotch spoke from the other side of the room.

'If you move that knife even a millimetre then I will put a bullet straight through your head. Believe me, that is a promise.'

Although just as Hotch finished speaking, Lewis moved the blade further into JJ's neck and it was too much for Emily to take. She took the shot and Lewis fell to the floor in front of her. She instantly lifted her eyes to JJ's and saw something she never thought she would see from the blond again, love. But Emily couldn't hold her gaze, she just looked straight down. The rest of the team were gathering around JJ, wrapping her in their clothing to keep her warm as they saw her fall just out of consciousness.

The ambulance appeared just seconds later and they rushed her into the back, the paramedic offered that someone could ride with her and Emily didn't want anything more than to take that place but she just couldn't bring herself too. She had done this and she didn't deserve to be anywhere near the blonde. Reid rode with her instead, she knew that he cared for her like she deserved and she would be in good hands as she quickly retreated to the second of the cars and took to the driver's seat. She knew she should have asked if anyone else was coming with her but she didn't, she needed space, she needed time to think properly.

She just drove, she didn't know where too, just kept driving until she found herself parked outside a bar that she remembered with a smile then quickly wiped off her face. She walked inside and straight to the bar ordering a pint of whatever beer the barman recommended, she really couldn't care less at this moment. She sat at the bar lost in her own thoughts until she felt someone standing un naturally close alongside her and when she looked up to make a comment, she was met with the face that knows more about her than anyone.

'I knew I would find you here' Morgan said, taking a seat next to her at the bar.

'Emily, she needs you' He suddenly turned from normal Morgan to serious, taking in the brunette's features.

'No she doesn't, she needs people who look after her. That is not me' The brunette retorted, not looking up from her beer once.

'Prentiss, I know remember. She needs you as much as you need her, trust me. She doesn't blame you for anything, if anything she is thankful' Morgan trailed off at the end of the sentence when the brunette's fiery eyes met his.

'Thankful?' She almost spat, the anger rising in her throat. 'Because of me, because I didn't listen to her, she was kidnapped and attacked and raped. She does not feel thankful'

'Emily, you need to speak to her, then you will understand. You both need to talk, properly and privately' Morgan was usually the joker of the bunch but when it came down to the feelings of his 2 best friends, he was anything but laughing. 'I'll take you now. Things need to be said Emily and you drowning your sorrows in your beer isn't helping your friend. She has been through a horrific experience and she needs you, whether you realise it or not'. With that, Morgan stood swiftly up from his seat and started to usher Emily to the door and then in turn to the car.