A song of fire and Finn

A lot of things have gone down sense Jake first appealed to the fire king, and Finn and Fire Princess have taken the damage for it. They have been trapped in the age old story of two people in love that can never be together. Ever since the fiasco in the goblin kingdom Finn has had a hole in his heart, a hole not even princess bubble gum could have come close to making. The moment has replayed in his mind over and over in agonizing detail.

She told him "we are opposites" and "we could never be together". It didn't matter how much she wanted to be with him. "it denies the laws of nature" she told him as a tear of white hot fire trickled down the side of her face, like the wax of a candle. Her hair, inanimate in comparison to what it was while she was terrorizing the goblin kingdom. Her eyes a fire engine red as they overflowed with the harsh harsh reality that existed even in a place as logic defying as Ooo. Every aspect of her appearance showed that this was tearing her apart inside, every word of "we could never be together" burned her-er well froze her normally 500+ digress lips. But then Finn spoke. He whispered the words she wanted to hear oh so badly, "couldn't we at least try?"

Why not give it a go, let's give it a shot, let's try, there's a million ways to say it but it all means the same, and it was what she needed to hear... What he needed to say. He had desperation in his eye, he needed her to at least try, he needed something, anything to happen that could allow them to touch, if it was even for a second it would be worth it.

She responded "u would defy nature for me?" her question was unnecessary, she knew he would somewhere deep inside her inferno of a body, she knew.

"of course I would" then they attempted to hug each other, attempt to deny all laws of nature, logic, common sense, and so many more. His pale skin was scorched to a crisp the instant it came into contact with hers. He held back and surprised the pain as best as he humanly could, past his limits he new he had to. She felt his soft skin char as it laid up against his, and then almost instantaneously char. She knew she was causing him an immense deal of pain even though she was fine and his skin could smolder her she knew for his sake, she had to push away.

"goodby Finn..." she forced out as she pushed him away, almost about to start sobbing a fiery sob. Even though every fiber of her being wanted to go back to him, she repressed it for his own safety. The fire princess went back to the fire kingdom in the deepest depression the land of Ooo has ever been forced to witness.

Finn, his body still charred to a dark black stood there, with his physically pain being completely overwhelmed by his emotional wounds. It was like a scrape vs. being struck by lightning. The pain was now all he had to remind him of her and that would soon be cured by the tears of a cyclops.

It has been days since the incident and he has not spoke. His mind has been occupied by two things and two things only. That fateful event, and finding a way to make it work between them. This would require a great deal of magic, or an artifact, or something, he didn't even no where to begin. And with that thought, he couldn't take it anymore. He screamed at the very top of his lungs the sound traveled from the candy kingdom, all the way to the Ice kings frozen castle. "NO!Why!Whyme!bhuvyddfdtdahhhhhh!" his pent up frustration, sorrow, and even some confusion, all came bursting out at once in a combination of questions and gibberish. Jake his loyal best friend came rushing in to see what was happening to his best buddy. He wrapped his blanket around his fists and he tried to tear it apart, to try and release some of the anger, but eventually he just stopped.

Then a moment later he said in a quiet innocent sounding voice "why me? I have done nothing but serve myself to the land of Ooo, why does my life have to turn into a but al of a sudden?"

Jake had no right answer for his friend so he answered with a promise "don't worry brother, well find a way to make this work, I swear by my love for ice cream, this will work out for you"

Finn found belief in jakes words and said " yeah!"

"do you know what time it is?" jake said with a smile.

"Adventure Time!" Finn replied, comforted by the familiar words from before this entanglement with the flame princess.

"so where do we start?" jake asked.

"let's find the princess first, I don't want to do all this just for things to get all globed up" fin said with a slight sign of doubt in his voice.

"alright then" jake said as they walked out the door.

Jake stretched his legs taller than the trees and almost as tall as the mountains, with Finn on his back they set out looking for the princess.