Chapter 18

It was the day after Naruto and Sasuke had their spar. Tsunade was doing paperwork, and Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke were in the Hokage's office, about to get a C-rank. Sasuke wore his returning outfit, with a thin vest, similar to a Jounin Vest, without any of the pockets.

Naruto was still wearing the same outfit as when he returned. Sakura was also there, along with Kakashi (usual Shippudden outfits) and standing in front of Tsunade.

"Alright, since you guys just got back, I think a C-rank will help you all get back in the swing of things." Tsunade said, reaching for the mentioned pile, before a Chuunin barged into the room.

"Hokage-sama! Urgent message from Sunagakure!"

Everyone paid attention to him as he gave the letter to Tsunade, who read it. "Change in plans. Team Kakashi, you have an A-rank on your hands. The Kazekage has been kidnapped by Akatsuki." Naruto and Sasuke had somewhat shocked looks on their faces.

"Wait... that means that Gaara..." Naruto trailed off, but earned a nod from Tsunade. Naruto's face hardened. "Kakashi-sensei, give me 30 minutes, and I'll meet the team at the gate."

"What are you talking about?" Kakashi questioned.

Naruto just stared at him, anger and determination in his eyes. "An extra hand that wants a piece of those bastards." Naruto left in a swirl of wind. Sasuke shook his head. "I've got to tell Meru about this. I'll meet you at the gate." He left in a swirl of flames.

Sakura and Kakashi looked at Tsunade who was a little surprised. "Tsunade-shishou, what is going on with those two?"

"They are both fully aware of the Akatsuki and what they're after. And now that Itachi has filled us in with a few things regarding their activities, we know what they're after. We can't let them get it."

Sakura nodded, though still confused. "It's because of Kyuubi, isn't it? This mission is personal for Naruto."

Tsunade nodded.

-North Gate, 30 minutes later-

Team Kakashi was standing there with Rose right next to them. "Why is she here?" Sakura asked, pointing at Rose.

"She's with me." Naruto said. "I told you, didn't I? Someone else wants to get even with Akatsuki for going after me. This is her."

"Can she hold her own?"

"I learned my Kenjutsu from her in the first place. And I'm a Nin-Kenjutsu Specialist. That's why I'm a Special Jounin now." Naruto explained. "She has experience, and a lot of power. You don't have to worry about her."

Kakashi nodded, knowing this already. Sakura hesitantly nodded, and looked at Rose. "See if you can keep up." She said, before they all took out the gate. Rose kept pace with Naruto easily... and he was at the front of the pack.

They traveled for 18 hours, and Sakura was getting slightly winded. They had just traveled 2 days worth of travel in 18 hours. She was winded. Rose didn't even break a sweat, and was looking at Naruto, who shrugged.

They were at the edge of a forest with a Desert in the distance. "We'll rest up here. With that kind of speed, I wouldn't be surprised if Rose could have kept going for another few hours." Kakashi admitted. "We'll set up watch."

"No need." Naruto sat down against the tree trunk. "I'll be able to keep a lookout while resting. Rose?"

She sat down on the same tree trunk as Naruto, and they both closed their eyes. "We've been doing this for 2 years on our own. We don't wake up groggy, or disoriented in the slightest. It's like a snake. It looks calm, but is ready to strike when the opportunity arises. In our case, its an 'If needed' thing. Get some rest. If someone attacks, then we'll take of it."

Kakashi and Sakura were skeptical, but Sasuke nodded, and stated to meditate himself. Kakashi, though wary, still laid his back against the tree he was on.

Sakura decided to get some sleep. She was in no position to argue, either.

-that night-

Kakashi opened his uncovered eye, and noticed that Rose and Naruto had yet to move. "I really wish that Naruto actually acted as Serious as he speaks."

"I am serious, Kakashi." Naruto said, his eyes still closed. "Rose and I can run at twice the speed we have have been through desert sand, wasteland rock, rocky mountains, and snowy fields for 8 days, and 3 hours straight. No resting, or eating. Her stamina matches mine, and she can enhance her blade with Chakra, along with her body and movements. She's got Jounin level control, along with 4 times Kage level reserves. Her usage of Magic kept her coils from deteriorating. She had it, she just had to control it. She kept pace with me the entire time, and after that, she started lagging behind. 8 days and 3 hours is how long the two of us can go our max speed, minus Hiraishin on my part, on a full tank without resting."

"He's right. That event was a test for myself. If he and I were going to do this, I would have to keep up with him stamina wise." Rose said, her eyes still closed. "I've got that covered on more than one front."

"Get some more rest if you can sensei. You'll need it if you want to keep up with us." Naruto said, not moving. After 3 minutes, though, Naruto's ear twitched, before his eyes opened. They were gold with Black slits and a horizontal bar crossing as the pupils. "You feel that, Rose?"

"My sensing Range is not as far as yours." Rose admitted.

"3 just hit my range. One of them is unconscious..." He turned to the North. "One is not exactly alive, but I know that signature. I have the Shinigami to thank for that one. The last one... I don't exactly recognize. Not one of my targets. I have the Chakra Signatures of all of my targets memorized. All I can say is he has a Bloodline. Possibly deals with explosions. Earth Main. Fire is second strongest. More usage in Earth, and less training in fire."

"What about the unconscious one?" Rose asked, her eyes opening.

"Hmm... it's..." His eyes widened. "I've found Gaara." This earned Kakashi's attention.

"Already? How?"

"I can sense him. He's on the move." he pointed 13* NNW. "He's currently in that direction, heading east. He's about 70 miles out."

"We have to get to Suna first. Kankuro was hit by one of them and was poisoned. We need the story from him." Kakashi stated.

"As inclined I am to agree with you, it's better if I keep an eye on this one. One of them is Akasuna no Sasori. The one to finish off the Uzumaki Clan. He's a target of mine for 2 reasons. One is for the family members he's killed. The other is because of his immortality." Naruto pointed out. "I've got a lock on Sasori. We can find him at any time as long as I'm in the area."

Kakashi nodded. "We'll wait for Sakura to wake up. Keep watch if you can."

Naruto nodded, and closed his eyes, extending his range slightly.

-the next day-

Team Kakashi and Rose were at the gates of Sunagakure. Baki, Gaara's old sensei was there to greet them. "Oh good. You're finally here. Quick. Let's get to the hospital." Sakura and Kakashi nodded. Naruto, Rose, and Sasuke were already gone. Baki Shunshined out, followed closely by Sakura and Kakashi.

Within minutes, they were all next to Kankuro's bed. Naruto narrowed his eyes on him. "Naruto, your glares aren't going to help him at all. Stand..."

"Wait." Naruto said, continuing to look at Kankuro's covered wound. "I have to isolate the poison used on him." Sakura was about to push Naruto out of the way, before he grabbed her wrist without looking.

"There's no need to work on an antidote." Naruto said, before looking at Rose. "Looks like someone managed to recreate Dragon Poison."

Rose nodded in agreement. "It seems so."

"Wait, this kind of poison isn't in any database. We've tried every known antidote..." one of the Suna medics started before he was cut off.

"The reason it hasn't healed is because of Dragon Poison not exactly being natural in the Elemental Nations." Naruto explained, before pulling out 2 vials. "Sakura, take this, analyze it, and recreate it with what they've got here. Rose be ready to hold him down if necessary." Rose nodded, while Naruto gave Sakura one of the vials.

"Sakura, you were trained by Tsunade. I hope you picked up her skill for antidotes. I know you could analyze it entirely within an hour. You're good at that."

Sakura smirked slightly. "I don't know how you know this, but I'll have to see if it works."

Naruto turned to Kankuro, and injected the second vial in Kankuro's neck. His eyes shot open, and he screamed in pain for a few seconds, and Rose was ready to hold him if need be. After he stopped screaming, he was panting. "What... was that?"

"Dragoni Antidote." Naruto replied. "Not really an original name, but it wasn't exactly used in this universe until now. Who hit you with poison, Kankuro?"

"It was Sasori. Akasuna no Sasori." Naruto looked at Rose, who nodded. "And who else was with him?"

"Deidara, the Mad Bomber." Kankuro replied, his voice hoarse. "How long until I'm good to go."

"Give it 10 hours. You'll be fine to move around. You have been entirely purged of the poison, and now happen to be building an immunity to it. That's why it'll take so long. Get some rest. You've earned it."

"What about Gaara?" Naruto looked out the window for a few seconds. "I've got a sensor lock on one of his captors. He's also a target of mine from the Shinigami herself."

Kankuro nodded slightly, and went back down to fall asleep. "Sakura, they'll start working on the extraction soon. It'll likely take at least 2 days to complete. We need that antidote in 5 hours if we want to make it. Sasori has just stopped." Naruto walked over to a map, and made the calculations, before pointing at a point on the map. "Right here."

"What's there?"

"That's where my sensor lock is placed right now." Naruto told Kakashi. "That means that Gaara is there. Sasori and Deidara have Gaara, and they have all stopped at this point. Kakashi-sensei, could you send word to Hokage-sama about back-up? We may need it."

"What do you mean by that?" Rose questioned.

"I've already been cooking up a strategy for this based on known information. If Sakura doesn't have the antidote in 5 hours, then you, Sasuke and I are heading after them ourselves."

"I'm the highest rank in the team. You're not going to go without me."

Naruto shook his head. "Deidara will be a problem for most Shinobi and Kunoichi. Not Sasuke. Remember, he's got a plethora of Lightning Jutsu. Some of them are derived from my Clan Jutsu. And believe me, those are powerful in their own right. Flight or no."

"You expect me to believe that?"

Naruto shook his head. "Rose and I can take care of Sasori, but then there's the problem of traps and the like. I may be able to handle them, but I know it will weaken me, even if only slightly. I'll need to be in as high in form as I can... or fly over them. The 3 of us can do that."

"What about the poison? We don't have an effective antidote!" A medic shouted.

"We don't need it." Naruto looked at Sasuke and then at Rose. "Sasuke, Rose and I are already immune to it. Facing down Feyrbrand has its advantages. Out of all Dragons, his poison is most potent. 5 times as potent as the one used on Kankuro, only its in aerial form so it takes longer to take effect sometimes. It really depends on how much gets in. The concentration of it would kill them in 3 days, 14 hours... and 22 minutes if nothing is done to combat it."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "You sure about that?"

"I got the tip from Feyrbrand himself. Dragon Poison can be deadly to the point of insanity, don't start Rose, or as insignificant as a mosquito bite. Feyrbrand, regardless of his strength level, has the most potent Poison. Still, all of them have the same genetic code. If you get immune to one, you'll be immune to them all."

Rose sighed. Kakashi shook his head. "You're still not going until the antidote is made."

"Every second we waste is another minute that is off Gaara's Life... Clock." Naruto blinked a few times, before reaching into his pouch, and pulling out a light pink gem with a White Flame inside of it. "Maybe I'll have a chance to test this thing out."

"What is that?" Sasuke questioned.

"Some of the studies in Kazas were completely intact. The White flame. It has restorative properties. I coupled it with the Moonlight Spell, and had it sealed into this gem. It might revive him... but I'm not sure if it'll work." Naruto explained. "Rose, you remember that, right?" She nodded. "That's when I came up with the idea... Come to think of it, I still have the IF Bomb. I also managed to make it into a Seal."

She shook her head, before looking at Kakashi. "He gives a lot of good points, and even if it doesn't work out, we'll still need to make it in time to actually use it. It's based off of the Angel's Prayer item, which is extremely rare. Those have a 10 minute time limit. If they're dead for longer than 10 minutes, it won't work. This one is completely experimental."

Naruto nodded. "I haven't managed to figure out the Angel's Prayer, and I don't want to use them that much. Both of them I'd rather not use. They're a bitch to make, take it from someone who's been there."

"Alright. You've pointed out their location. If she's not ready at the appointed time, then the 3 of you will go on your own. You're well equipped, obviously."

Naruto, Rose and Sasuke nodded.

They waited until 30 minutes before the deadline. This is because Sakura came in. "They're done." Naruto inspected one of them. "No side effects... 5 minute immunity... near instant eradication..." he looked at Sakura. "Better than I expected."

"How could you tell that quickly?" Sakura asked, a little tired. "It took me all that time to figure out what to make it out of. Some of the materials aren't even found in the Elemental Countries."

Naruto nodded. "I know." This drew everyone's attention. "Why do you think I asked you to make a separate antidote? I knew it would come in handy in case we come across this again."

Sakura nodded, and sat down, exhausted. "How much time until we have to leave?"

"25 minutes, at most." Naruto said. "Sasuke, Rose and I will take a head start. Sakura, you, Kakashi-sensei, and one person from here follow behind at the 5 hour mark. We can clear a path for you, allowing you to catch up faster." he looked at Rose, who nodded, and then Sasuke, who nodded. Sasuke and Naruto's forms shimmered, appearing in their Alternate States. Naruto in Golden Fox Form. Sasuke in Flying Snake Form. Rose glowed dimly, ending up in Dragoon Form.

"Let's do this." Naruto said.

"Right!" Rose and Sasuke nodded.

They all jumped out the window, and flew out towards the horizon.

Towards Gaara.

-2 hours later-

At the Akatsuki base, Naruto, Rose and Sasuke were in front of a rock. "Great. It's got a seal on it." Sasuke deadpanned.

Naruto looked at it for a second. "Five seal barrier. Malicious intent will be stopped. It can't be broken by force..."

"I'm sensing a but here." Rose said, earning a nod.

"I can get through it without opening the other seals." He walked up to it and placed a hand on the rock. The barrier didn't stop him, before he turned the rock itself into mud. "Earth Transmutation. I knew it would come in handy."

The piece of paper was still on a complete piece of rock that slid down the mud. Sasuke activated his Sharingan. They all nodded and charged the statue. Naruto saw the statue, and immediately struck it with a Rasengan.

"Sasori! Deidara! Take care of them!" A hologram ordered.

Naruto looked at the one that said that. "7 hours. That's how long you've been at this, isn't it?"

Sasori launched a few senbon, which went straight through Naruto, as if he weren't there. "What the..."

"You're the leader of Akatsuki, correct?"

"You are a Jinchuuriki."

Naruto revealed where the seal would be. "Do you see a seal? Because I don't." Even after Channeling Chakra, it didn't appear. "So how am I a Jinchuuriki?"

"Impossible! A Jinchuuriki that loses its Bijuu is supposed to..."

"Die, I know." Naruto said. "I, however, know of a safe way to remove its power, and transfer the soul. That's what I did, after all. So, judging by the statue.."

"Naruto? Gaara?"

"Oh yeah. Hang on." Naruto launched a Trail of Mana, and stopped the extraction in time. "Time freeze. Gotta love it. Where was I? Oh yeah."

"Judging by the statue, I'd say you're trying to revive the Juubi. The Kyuubi's power is gone. None of its chakra is under a seal anymore, because once the seal was destroyed, the other half of his Chakra was taken into the Death God's Stomach. Now, all of his Chakra is in the Death God's Stomach. You're SOL regarding the Kyuubi. 40% of the Juubi's Youki is gone and sealed in the Death God's Stomach. Last I checked, he was playing Poker with my father and the Sandaime Hokage in there. The three of them have a lot more fun in there than they did here. They always say Paperwork is a bitch to take care of. I don't see the problem."

"You wouldn't say that if you had to deal with it?"

"I'm aiming to be Hokage. I already know the secret to beating out paperwork."

"Your form... You are the new Kyuubi."

"There is no Kyuubi. This is my soul... fused with his." Naruto looked at Sasori, and then the Statue, which started moving again. "Well..." Naruto vanished in an orange light, and ended up on the ceiling, Orange Wings behind him. Sasori fell apart, nothing organic on his body. Nothing held an organic piece in his hand. "So... this is how you did it." He mused, before crushing it.

Naruto turned to Gaara, and froze the sphere with Freezing Ring. A water Spell. Then he charged it. "Hijutsu: Frozen Meteor Strike!" With a single punch, the ice shattered, and Gaara fell to the ground, completely unharmed, Rose caught him.

Sasuke was doing a slightly aerial battle with Sasuke. It wasn't going Deidara's way, because Sasuke had been emitting Large Electromagnetic Pulses throughout the cave.

It didn't last like that, though. Once Sasori was dead, the ceiling collapsed, and in came someone that no one was expecting. (I doubt you expected this point)

"Atomic Mind!" An older wizened voice, that wasn't Haschel, shouted. Naruto and Rose looked at the culprit, who had just struck Deidara.

Deidara was dead. "Hmph. A Weakling. Sill... I wonder why I can't leave Dragoon Form." The man said. He looked at Rose, and his face went into a frown, before landing next to her. "Rose? What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same, Kanzas." Rose retorted.

"As could I." Naruto retorted. "After you passed on at Vellweb, I could've sworn you would've gone over for good."

"Heh. The gaki is still with you, eh?" Kanzas said, giving Naruto a thumbs up. "Kid's good at fighting, I'll give him that. Second only to Korallo when it comes to humans."

"I'm a Half-wingly, Kanzas. Winglies and humans have made up. My presence is only one cause." Naruto shrugged. "Anyway, why are you here?"

"Soa held on to me. I'm part of your reward with your Shinigami. Breaking Soa's Bane Seal caused a breach in the pact. When you kill one of your targets, as pointed out by the Shinigami, one of us will come back. I would assume Belzac is next. Damn softie." Kanzas muttered at the end.

"Belzac just needed something to fight for." Naruto admitted. "He chose Children, because that had the most impact on him. He was an orphan for some time, you know? Diaz found him with his Axe, and took him in. Later on, he gained the Golden Dragoon Spirit. You just loved Bloodshed. You didn't really care about the Insanity. You spilled blood. You didn't care whose it was."

"Heh. Well, at least I got something out of it. Still... it's due to one person that I went out like I did."

"Karina, right?" Naruto asked, earning a raised eyebrow from Rose.

"Why her?"

"Don't get mad, Rosie." Kanzas told her.

Rose, though normally calm, punched Kanzas in the face, knocking him back. "Only 2 people are allowed to call me that without consequences. One of them is my Husband. Say that again, and I'll kill you again."

"Yeah. That's why I liked Karina." Kanzas said, in a daze. "Feisty. Just like her sister. Just less stubborn."

"You would be too if you had a sister like Rose." Naruto said, earning a glare from Rose. "I'm just saying, Rose. Your sister was less stubborn than you. She still looked up to you like an idol. I think it was in her blood. Besides, you're my wife. I'd always love you more than her."

"Pein? This is... troublesome." One of the holograms said. Naruto turned to him, and then 2 others. He pointed to each of them. "You three... whether I'm one of your targets or not, you are on my list of kills. Remember this, for I will kill you three one of these days." Naruto picked Gaara up, and put him over his shoulder, before flying upwards. Rose, Sasuke and Kanzas followed his lead.

"Remember this as the day, you were outwitted by Naruto Namikaze!" The group then flew off at high speed. The group of holograms looked at the plant-like member.

"Zetsu, how did you miss them?"

"I couldn't detect them... because they didn't touch the ground at all. They probably flew all the way here from Sunagakure. It is also not through the use of Jutsu. There was no Chakra usage. At all."

"There must be a jutsu at work here." The leader mused. "What else could it be?"

"The brat has taken his father's name... He is more powerful than he let on."

"That is a given." Everyone looked between the two.


Naruto, Sasuke and Rose were standing over an unconscious Gaara. "So, do you think there is any damage?" Sasuke questioned.

Naruto shook his head. "No lasting damage. The seal was penetrated, sure. But it wasn't destroyed outright. Still, the disruption could kill him in a few weeks if its not tended to."

Rose looked at him. "You think you can handle it?"

Naruto smirked. "Already working on it." His eyes closed and sat down next to Gaara.

-Gaara's Mindscape-

Naruto looked around and saw nothing but sand. "Wow. Quite the desert, if I do say so myself."

Gaara then appeared from underneath the sand. "Naruto? What are you doing here?"

"Here as in, "In your mind" or here as in "Right outside your unconscious body"?"

Gaara paused. "Both."

Naruto shrugged. "I'm next to your body after the seal was disrupted by Akatsuki. They had already tried to unseal Shukaku, and the seal on you, though penetrated, was not destroyed outright. I thought I could help you repair it, and then strengthen it. Either that or show you how I got rid of the Kyuubi. Your choice."

"You got rid of the Kyuubi?" Gaara asked, eyes wide.

"Yeah. His soul is still around, but not his Chakra. I also have all of his memories. Anyway, you want him gone, or sealed?" Naruto asked.

"Gone. Get rid of him." Gaara replied. "If it would not harm me, I will gladly take it."

Naruto nodded. "You'll have to lead me to him, then. I know exactly what to do, but my sense of direction in here can be useless if you want it to be." Gaara nodded, and they walked in a straight line towards Shukaku, finding him facing off with the top half of a person.

"If I have to go, then you're going first you asshole!" The giant Bijuu shouted.

Naruto and Gaara raised an eyebrow at this, their forms tense. "You will listen to me you monster!"

The argument made Naruto and Gaara confused. "You're the reason he can't sleep!"

"With that damn seal weakened I actually regained a part of me that you took! That missing part caused ME to go insane! It's YOUR FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE!"

"Blame me for your sins, demon? Let him sleep!"

Naruto's eye twitched. "WILL YOU TWO JUST SHUT UP?!" Shukaku and the half-man looked at him.

"Oh look. It's the one that forced me back 3 years ago."

"Good. He could help me get rid of you."

"At first, that was my goal, but now I want to know something." Naruto said, his eye still twitching. "Why the hell are you here?" He pointed at the half-man. "And what the hell do you have against him?" His finger shifted to Shukaku.

"The damn bastard sealed himself into me, and then when I was sealed into Gaara, he took a piece of me, resulting in my insanity."

"You were always insane, you demon!"

"SHUT UP!" Naruto shouted, before looking at Shukaku. "Shushu, you are disgracing the Guardians! Blaming a human for you letting him get a part of you in the first place. And you..." He turned to the half-man. "Are you even aware of what happens when a Demon and Human merge even slightly?! The result ALWAYS ends in insanity! Take it from someone who's been there."

"Wait, what are you talking about?"

"An idea Kurama had a few years back. That's why I'm free of his Chakra, and Akatsuki now knows about that." Naruto didn't even look at Gaara when he answered. "I took it, and now the seal is completely destroyed, his soul moved, his Chakra recoded to fit my own, potency stretched to fit my own, and then added to my own reserves. Took me 3 days for my body to get used to the new levels."

"Wait, you took Kurama's Chakra?"

"What are you talking about demon?" The halfman questioned.

"Shut up. This is more important than our squabble." Shukaku retorted. "Blondie, if you took his Chakra as your own, then it means you have replaced him."

"No, I have not replaced him. Gaara was unconscious, so he doesn't know where the soul has moved. Besides, he's not entirely gone. It's why he hasn't re-spawned yet." Naruto pointed out. "Did you know that he and Matatabi were friends in a past life, 11,000 years ago?"

"Of course I did. Matatabi and I were friends in this time. Why?"

"Well... during that same past life, he had a friend that lived this long." Naruto paused. "And that friend is now my wife, and standing over Gaara's body."

"Which one? Shirley? Damia? Heather?"

"She didn't tell you about Rose, did she?"

"She did, but she said there was no way Rose would ever go for anyone after what happened to another friend of hers."

"Zieg?" Naruto asked, earning a nod from the Bijuu. "Yeah. He's alive, married and has a son. The son, I'm friends with. Zieg: Pranking buddy. His wife... I'm not getting into that." He shivered. "Let's just say I saw Zieg in a wedding dress because of her."

"Alright, I just know Matatabi would've wanted to see that."

"She did... Her container was there as was Rose and I." Naruto admitted. "I also got a picture of it back in Konoha."

"Why are you talking to this..."

Naruto looked at the Half-man. "And who are you, anyway?"

"He's the reason I went insane in the first place. Matatabi always said I reminded her of a man named Belzac."

"Okay, if you were like Belzac then you're as far from a demon as one would think. Soft off the field of battle, but worse than a Dragon when enraged. Demons can't compare to gods. Thankfully, I've taken on Dragons, including the Divine Dragon, Virages, and a God of Destruction, which I took out in one blast." Naruto shrugged. "Really, it's no big deal."

"You would believe a Demon over your own kind?!"

"Uh, you aren't my kind. I'm only half-human."

"You're a Hanyou, duh."

"Nope. Half-human, Half-Wingly." Naruto retorted. "Have been since birth."

"Living contradiction from what I heard from the girl."

"No kidding. In the old days, it never would have happened." Naruto shook his head. "Anyway, I'm here to propose a deal for you, Shukaku."

"What kind of deal?"

"First, I'll get rid of that idiot over there... at least what's left of him."

"What do I have to do for that?"

"Allow me to turn you into a Bijuu Spirit for Gaara to use, and convert your Chakra into Gaara's. Same signature, and spread out to be as potent as his. You'll also give him your memories, adding on to his own."

"Anything else?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Not really. I just have to give Gaara a little something that Kurama made in said past life." Dragon Horn appeared in front of Gaara. "Gaara, shove that into Shukaku's eye after I get rid of the damn half-man."

"Oh. Is that all?" Shukaku asked. "Kill the bastard first. I won't move when you do."

Naruto just looked at the man, and widened his eyes, making the half-man explode into sparkles. He then looked at Naruto. "Do it, Gaara. Everything's ready."

Gaara then went to Shukaku's left eye, and stabbed it with Dragon Horn. "For what its worth... I'm sorry... Gaara." A shockwave was sent out and the Sand Tanuki crumbled to the ground. A glowing rock in Gaara's hand.

"What's this?" Gaara asked.

"That's Shukaku's Soul Stone. Quite literally, it'll allow you to take the Half-possessed state you used against Sasuke in the forests outside of Konoha. It'll be a more armored version, but still give a boost in physical skill. Make sure you've upped your Taijutsu... Kazekage-sama." Naruto burst out laughing.

"What's so funny, Genin?"

"Try Special Jounin, Gaara." Naruto retorted, while stifling his laughs. "Anyway, you'll have to rest for a while. The new memories will have to set in. I was out for a while when I did that. I'll show you mine when we get out."

Gaara nodded, and both of them glowed before leaving.


Naruto and Gaara woke up. Sasuke and Rose looked at Naruto. "So?"

"Shukaku's gone." Naruto said. "Gaara took my path." Sasuke and Rose nodded. "The others arrive yet?" They shook their heads. "Figures. Where did Kanzas go?"

"Off to kill some sorry bastard." Rose admitted.

"You're not the least bit weirded out by the fact he admitted that?" Sasuke questioned.

"It's in his nature." Naruto retorted. "It may be weird, but for him, it's the norm. I did say he fought just to fight."

Sasuke chuckled. "Alright. So, we waiting here for the others?"

"Might as well." Naruto looked at Gaara, who was silent. "Get some rest, Gaara. You'll need time to adjust to the new memories and Chakra."

He nodded slightly, and passed out.

It took 8 hours before the rest of the team, along with an elder woman came up to them. Naruto opened an eye. "Kakashi-sensei. Sakura."

"How is Kazekage-sama?" the woman asked.

"I don't think I ever caught your name." Naruto retorted, both eyes open. "And he's fine. Just resting to recover."

"You didn't make it?"

"Oh, I made it." Naruto retorted. "The seal just went slightly unstable. I simply removed both problems in the situation. Gaara... is no longer a Jinchuuriki. And he is completely alive." He glanced at Kakashi. "He took my path, Sensei. That's all that you need to know."

Kakashi nodded, realizing what happened.

"What is he talking about?"

"How much was transferred?" Kakashi asked.

"Memories, Chakra, the works." Naruto paused. "The monk was destroyed, though. It caused Shukaku to go insane. That monk was a complete idiot, trying to seal himself into a demon. A Bijuu, no less."

"So, Shukaku was not entirely insane?"

"Shukaku's Insanity was not his own fault." Naruto admitted. "If I could explain it to her without her calling me a liar, I would." He pointed at the elder. "Anyway, when he wakes up, he'll have all the Chakra Shukaku had recoded to fit his own, stretching to fit the potency of his own. It's why I have over 3 times the amount of Chakra the Kyuubi had. Recoded, and potency was stretched to fit. That's why he's out of it. It's the assimilation."

"What about the Akatsuki?"

"2 Dead." Naruto showed off the rings. "Now they're down 4 rings. According to Itachi, there are only 6 left in their possession."

Kakashi and Sakura nodded. "There is the matter of how you took them down."

"Simple, really. I stopped the Space-time Continuum around the unsealing, thus putting it on pause. Then we took them out, and made the statue they were planning on moving Shukaku to stop sucking him out. The end result is we now have a Desert Tanuki, in addition to a Death Cat, a Golden Fox, and a Flying Snake. 2 Flying Snakes, actually."

"I see. We'll walk him back."

"Is anyone infected with the poison?"

"We're all immune to it, Sakura." Naruto repeated. "Besides, the only one Sasori tried to hit was me, and the strike went through when I used Lightning Chakra to vibrate the molecules in my body, allowing the senbon to pass through my body harmlessly. You'd be surprised what that can do to a person when adjusting to high speed combat."

"What do you mean, boy?"

"She doesn't know?"

"It hasn't circulated through the other villages, yet." Kakashi admitted. "He's the son of our Yondaime, Chiyo. He's apparently mastered the Hiraishin. He just hasn't needed to use it yet."

Chiyo looked at Naruto. "Son of the Yondaime, while you're the son of the White Fang?"

"Pretty much."

"Very well." Chiyo said. "I thank you for saving our Kazekage, young Namikaze."

"He's a friend, I'd do all that for a friend." Naruto admitted, before looking at Gaara. "Just make sure he has a reason to stay sane. He's got a new ability that he'll need to learn how to control, and fast. I can give him pointers, but that's about it. That same ability amplifies the insanity in a person. Sadly, there's little I can do in terms of individual ability, since his is slightly different from mine. I'll send him a letter when I get the specifics of what should be commonplace between them written down. Just make sure he's careful of what he feels. Emotions and a massive sense of purpose will trigger it automatically. Just be wary of the initial state, and then the second state. I've only used the Second State myself once. Mine is in the shape of my old Bijuu. His would probably be in the shape of his."

Chiyo nodded. "May I see your initial state, then?"

Naruto shook his head. "I don't have the Chakra or stamina to make it work right now. It's why I've been drawing in Nature Chakra and converting it to my own. It's a slow process, but it works when needed. The Chakra in the Air itself helps to refill my Chakra Stores. It's just hard to do without proper training to do so."

Kakashi nodded. "Anything else to know?"

Naruto nodded. "Yeah. Make sure he gets his rest. He's got a lot to assimilate before he can be active. The lack of sleep is probably ingrained in his head so far he'll never be able to sleep." Kakashi handed Naruto a Soldier Pill, which Naruto ate. "That'll help, but it won't do much. But I'll be able to make it back to Suna. I'll have to rest, though... and eat. A lot."

"What about all that talk of Stamina?" Sakura questioned.

"I stayed in my Initial State for almost 3 hours. Regardless of my Chakra levels, it still drains me with long term usage. If I went Second Stage, then I wouldn't be awake right now. The drain on my Chakra is far too much. It's a last resort, sadly one that I can't train."

Rose nodded. "He's right. Though I can use my Second Stage for days on end, it's due to having the time to learn how to control it. Something he doesn't have."

Chiyo sighed. "Though I do not like calling for help... you bring hope for the future. Do good in the world, Naruto."

Naruto nodded, picking Gaara up, and carrying him back home.

It took them 8 hours to get back, and the moment they reached a bed, and Naruto put Gaara on it, he passed out cold on the floor. "Naruto!" That was Sakura. Rose stopped her.

"He's fine. Just exhausted." Rose pointed out, before looking at Chiyo. "Do you mind if we rest here for about 3 days?"

"Why so long?" Kakashi questioned.

"When he passes out dead from exhaustion, he can sleep past the usual 10 hours. Nothing will wake him up until his Chakra is back at 60% capacity. That will likely take 2 days." Rose explained. "In any other case, he never sleeps more than 10 hours at a time. He has tried, but never succeeded. This is one of the times that the 10 hour rule doesn't apply... Though you may want to have a feast ready for when he does."

"He still eats a lot, doesn't he?"

"Only after something like this." Rose said. "He has gotten his eating habits under control in any other situation. You might want something on the level of a Feast for an Akimichi. Kushina's advice, not mine. Trust me, anything less and he'll be begging for more."

"Just don't interfere with him while eating like that. He froze someone who did once just by looking at him." Sasuke added. "I should know, I was there."

"Lisa was surprised when Fester got frozen from a single stare."

"Please, like he could glare like that." Sakura retorted.

"It wasn't a glare." Sasuke and Rose were in sync with that statement. "He merely looked, and the man was encased in ice." Rose continued. "If you don't believe me, then interrupt him about halfway through. See what happens."

-2 days later-

Gaara woke up, finding Naruto in a nearby bed, asleep. "Naruto... Thank you." Gaara whispered, before getting up. Just then the door opened. "Kazekage-sama, you're awake." A medic asked, earning a nod.

"Why is Naruto in a bed here?"

"He has been asleep ever since he put you in that bed." The medic replied. "He is quite the Stamina freak, apparently."

Gaara nodded. "How is the village? Were there any casualties from Akatsuki's attack?"

"No sir. No casualties. Kankuro was poisoned by Sasori, who is now dead. The proof is that Sasori is now a puppet without a Chakra Source. He is being wielded by Kankuro now as pay back for the poisoning. It is surprising that no one had died because of the attack."

Gaara nodded. "How long until he wakes up?" He asked, before getting out of bed and walking up to Naruto.

"It is unknown. We were told that until he reaches 60% Chakra capacity he would not wake up, but it has been 2 days, and his Chakra levels are beyond Kage level at this point."

"He has 3 times as much Chakra as the Kyuubi no Kitsune did." Gaara clarified. "Someone with his Chakra levels will probably be able to power Sunagakure with his Chakra along for 3 days without passing out."

-Naruto's Mindscape-

Naruto had just been speaking with Soa. "So, any other questions?"

"None that I can think of. Too bad my father can't come back. My mom would freak if she saw him."

"I would not be surprised, Naruto. Still, once you complete the mission given to you, you will have the choice for one revival, no restrictions. Make your decision soon, because I know you can perform what you need to. Remember you are the hero of Endiness. Use what you have, but only when you need it."

Naruto nodded, before bowing. "Thank you, Soa. I am your agent in this realm, after all."

"I only have one more thing to say: Cause Chaos. Lot's of Chaos. The gods always love Chaos amongst humans. It's always entertaining."

"My full name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, though I don't use Uzumaki anymore. I am the living embodiment of Chaos and a bearing of Controlled Insanity. Oh, and could you tell Insanity that I say thanks for the life?"

"With pleasure. Speaking of which... once you get your task done, and your reward is given... I've got a more private one for your wife, should she survive."

Naruto nodded, before Soa left the white area. Naruto had a bar appear in front of him. "43%... I can actually work things out now." he then glowed and vanished out of the pure white area.


Gaara was about to turn away from Naruto's unconscious form, before feeling him wake, and he smiled. "I was wondering when you'd wake up, Naruto." The Medic looked at Gaara, then at Naruto.

"How long since you woke up?"

"A few minutes, actually. I've got a headache, but nothing a Viagra can't cure." Gaara shrugged.

"Isn't that for sex?"

Gaara paused. "For me, it's a counterbalance, if you know what I mean. No sex needed."

"So, you ever hook up with a girl?" Gaara nodded. "Who?"

"A girl named Matsuri. She is... good girl. Just a little crazy at times." Gaara admitted.

"Crazy huh?"

Gaara nodded. "And oddly enough, I like her like that."

Naruto held out a hand. "Welcome to the club, Gaara. I've got an Insane wife and I'm proud of it. She's proud she's got an insane husband."

Gaara shook his head chuckling. "Come. I believe you would be as hungry as I am." He looked at the Medic. "Prepare a feast, please. We're probably going to need it."

-30 minutes later-

Naruto and Gaara were tearing through a 20 foot long table filled with food. One of the Suna Jounin in the room watched, before tapping Naruto on the shoulder.

Needless to say he was frozen in a block of ice the moment Naruto looked at him. Within half a second, he was back to eating. Sasuke and Rose looked at Kakashi. "We told you so." Kakashi hung his head.

"How does he do that?" Sakura asked.

"Clan Jutsu. That's all I can say." Sasuke admitted. "Besides, that's more of an instinctual reaction, as far as I know."

They all nodded, seeing the point made. Once the table was emptied, Naruto and Gaara let loose loud, simultaneous burps that echoed in the hall. "Excuse me." Was the simultaneous statement, before they both looked at each other with a small grin. "So, how does it feel to be free from a burden?"

"Good. How does it feel to be at peace?"

"I am the living embodiment of Chaos and Insanity. I am never truly at peace. Whether I'm calm, or not."

Gaara shrugged. "Anyway, care to spar for a bit?" Naruto shook his head. "I believe we'll have to be back soon. I really should get going. Anyway, if you find Hidan the Jashinist, Tobi Uchiha, or Kakuzu of the Five Hearts, then make sure I know. They have to die. I've got ways to kill all of them. Although, someone would have to go for something insane."

Gaara nodded. "I'll ring you up if we come across any of them, and take him out. All of them are Akatsuki I presume?" Naruto nodded.

"Well, time to get moving." Rose said. "Hey, Naruto? Quick transport?"

Naruto smirked, and made 3 Shadow clones, each of which grabbed Sasuke, Kakashi, and Sakura. All of them disappeared in Green spheres, which disappeared on the spot. Naruto got into a deep throat kiss with Rose, while they left in an identical manner.


Chapter complete.

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