Author's Note: As people may know, I love Robert Downey Jr. He's just an amazing actor and a great guy, not that I know him personally. This is of course fiction, hence, the names coming from the movie Charlie Bartlett except the girl's name which I made up but I'm sure there's a person with that name somewhere. He's so hot as a teacher, nuff said. I also will be continuing the RDJude fanfic. Just been busy as of lately.

My buzzer went off, my hand searching for the snooze button. I can't stand that noise. First day of school, I realize, I really don't give a damn what day it is. My brain is stuck on summer and I won't move from this spot until my alarm goes off in another 10 minutes.

10 Minutes Later

Alright, alright. I got up and showered and got dressed. I was kind of nervous to be going to school. First day, senior, new teachers, and I'm taking over what Charlie Bartlett left behind. That guy was truly a legend. I also heard the principal quit and went back to being a history teacher. Mr. Gardner, I think his name was.

I drive up to the school with 7 mins to spare. My schedule in hand and being at this school for 3 years has come in handy to my sense of directions. First class, Mr. Gardner. Surprise, surprise. I hope he isn't a stick in the mud. Nor a pain in the ass. I walk into his class, nearly full. "Hello, Ms...?"

"Darrens, Skylar Darrens." I outstretched my hand and grasped his hand. It was gentle but firm. I got butterflies and somewhat sighed, I suppose. I was a little dazed for a second.

"Well, choose a seat Ms. Darrens." Mr. Gardner gestured his hand towards the open seats.