"I will be back" human speaking.

'but only to have revenge.' human thinking.

"You finally left that horrible village" demon speaking.

'Hahahahahahahahaha' demon thinking.

"Rasengan" jutsu or location

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Chapter 1: Leaving Together, Important Discovery

Uchiha Compound/Midnight

We find Sasuke Uchiha packing as much as he can into his pack. He was getting ready to leave the village to join Orochimaru and gain power to kill Itachi. 'Finally now I can gain true power. This village will only hold me back in gaining power. I will get revenge on you Itachi I swear it.' thought Sasuke. After he finished packing he went on his way to the village gates.

Naruto's Apartment 1 hour before Midnight

Naruto was in his apartment in deep thought. He was thinking about how the village treats him. 'When Oji-san was killed by Orochimaru I lost a very important person to me. The village started to hate me and hurt me more since he died as Oji-san was my only protection from the villagers. Bringing Tsunade back didn't make things better at all. Then there's me being Hokage. The village won't accept me as their Hokage no matter what. When I was a little kid, on every single birthday that I had, I was beaten to near death. I...' he thought before he heard another voice.

"You should leave the village while you still can. It would make things better for you." said the Kyuubi through their mental connection. Naruto then sighed as he went into his mind to speak to the fox. He found himself in a hallway with pipes everywhere on the walls. 'Shut up fox. I need to think about it. I also need more reasons to leave.' thought back Naruto slightly angry.

The Kyuubi then smirked at that. "How about the fact that the Third Hokage kept the secret about who your parents are. I'm sure that that perverted sannin and the Fifth Hokage knows aswell." cleverly said the fox.

Naruto started to get more angrier when he realized that what the fox was saying was true. 'You may be right fox. But that is still not enough.' thought Naruto. "Then pray tell what is holding you back." spoke the cunning fox.

'Sakura-chan. I can't leave the one I love. She...' Naruto thought but was stopped by the fox's laughing. 'Whats so funny you stupid fox!' thought Naruto angrily. The Kyuubi stopped laughing and banged his head against the cage and angrily said, "You are the stupid one. That pink haired bitch is nothing but a steep back. All she does is hit you for whatever reason she can find. She rejects you everytime you ask her on a date. Give it up, she will never go out with you. And besides." paused the Kyuubi as he grew a smirk. "Her mother is one of the main people that want you dead." Finished the fox.

Naruto thought it over a moment. He does remember seeing a pink haired woman always watching him get beaten up with a smirk on her face. She would always be their telling what other people should do to to him. Naruto grew much angrier and he made up his mind. He left his mind and reappeared in the real world. "I'll leave tonight." Naruto said and he started packing. When Naruto finished packing he then thought of something. 'Hmm, why don't I go to the Hokage's Library and find out who my parents are.' Naruto then set his pack on the bed and got ready to sneak in the Library.

Hokage Tower/In the Library

'Huh, that was very easy to get in here.' Naruto thought as he appeared in the Library. Naruto then started looking on the bookshelf. It went in alphabetical order so he quickly went to the U section. He went through the files quickly but stoped at Itachi Uchiha's file. He noticed that it was sealed up with a very low level seal. He easily unsealed it and read the file.

Itachi Uchiha

Family: Fugaku Uchiha(Father), Mikoto Uchiha(Mother), Sasuke Uchiha(Brother).

Village: Konoha Anbu (Now S-rank Missing-Ninja)

Clan: Uchiha

Abilities: Sharingan, Great Genjutsu, Fire Release jutsus.

Secrets: Under the orders of the Sandamie Hokage, Danzo, and the two village elders Koharu and Homaru. Itachi Uchiha must exterminate all of his clan except Sasuke Uchiha to stop a coup d'etat against the rest of Konoha. Was to then leave the village and never come back.

After Naruto finished reading the file, he started to get angry because Sasuke was going after the wrong person to kill. Naruto calmed down, resealed the file and put it back into its place. He then continued down the row and stoped at his file. He noticed that there was a stronger seal on it than that on Itachi's. It took him a minute to open the file but it did open thanks to the Kyuubi's chakra.

He was very shocked when he read the file and he nearly went on a rampage upon discovering everything about himself.

Naruto Uzumaki

Family: Minato Namikaze/ the Yellow Flash(Father), Kushina Uzumaki(Mother), Nagato Uzumaki(Cousin), Mito Uzumaki(Unknown), Hashirama Senju/First Hokage(Unknown), Tobirama/Second Hokage(Unknown), Tsunade Senju/Fifth Hokage(Unkown).

Family Alive: Nagato, Tsunade.

Village: Konoha Genin

Team: Team 7- Kakashi Hatake, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha

Clan: Uzumaki

Abilities: Rasengan, Shadow Clone Jutsu, Sexy Jutsu, Academy level Jutsus, Kyuubi container.

Secrets: Naruto Uzumaki is the known son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki both now deceased. The only people who currently know are, Tsunade Senju, Jiraiya of the Sanin, and the Sandamie Hokage now deceased. Naruto is to never know about his parents until he is either 18 or has become a shinobi.

Naruto couldn't believe that he was being lied to. Even Jiraiya and Tsunade knew who his parents were. But he still suprised that he was related to 4 hokages. He then realized that he had a cousin that was still alive somewhere. But he got angry at his own father for having the fox put into him in the first place making his life miseralbe. He put aside his anger for now. After calming down, he decided to keep hold of the file and he found his cousins file right next to his.

Nagato Uzumaki

Known Family: Naruto Uzumaki(Cousin), Minato Namikaze(Uncle), Kushina Uzumaki(Aunt),...(AN: the rest of this list is the exact same as Naruto's.)

Family Alive: Naruto Uzumaki, Tsunade Senju.

Village: Amegakure.

Sensei: Jiraiya of the Sannin.

Clan: Uzumaki

Abilities: All abilities related to the very little known Rinnegan.

Naruto decided to keep Nagato's file aswell. He put both his and Nagato's files into a storage scroll. He got ready to leave and looked at the clock. It read that he had only 30 minutes left until midnight which is when the guards change shifts. So still have plenty of time he decided to go look in the Hokage's office.

When he walked into the office he instantly saw his fathers picture hanging on the wall with all the other previous Hokage's. He walked up to the picture and took it down to get a better look. 'Why would my own dad put that fox into his own son? Why?' Naruto thought. He looked at the picture a bit more and went to put it back up. But before he put the picture back he noticed that there was a small safe imbedded into the wall and it was covered in the place of his father's photo.

He set the picture on the desk and pulled up a chair. He stood on the chair and looked closely at the safe. He noticed that there was a simple blood seal on it. He pulled out a kunai and made a small gash in the palm of his hand. He put his bloody hand onto the seal and it then started to glow. He pulled his hand away from the safe. The safe door popped and he opened the safe.

He reached into the safe and all that was in there was a letter. He looked at the clock and it was 11:50. He mentaly scowled and he put the letter in his pocket. He looked back the safe put the picture back into place and left the Tower. He then ran back to his home, wrote a quick letter, grabbed his pack and jumped out the window.

He jumped from building to building but stoped when he saw 2 people in the road. He instantly noticed that they were his teammates Sasuke and Sakura. 'What are they out here for?' Naruto thought and he sent chakra to his ears and listened to what they were saying.

With Sasuke and Sakura

Sasuke turned around and said, "What do you want Sakura?" with an emotionless face. "I was wondering the same thing. Sasuke-kun...why do you have a pack full of stuff?" She asked when she noticed the pack. "I'm leaving this pathetic village and joining Orochimaru to gain power." Sasuke said with a small smirk. "But then you'll leave me Sasuke-kun. Don't you love me Sasuke-kun?" she said with tears started to well up in her eyes.

"No." Sasuke said carelessly. "Can I come with you then so we can be together." she said whe a slight smile. Sasuke disappeared and reappeared behind her and whispered, "Your annoying." and he knocked her out with a jab in the neck. He then walked on and let her lay on the road like trash.


Naruto was a little shocked to find out what Sasuke was doing. 'So he decided to leave this place to.' he thought and he jumped down onto the road and ran to catch up to Sasuke. He walked past Sakura and didn't even look at her. He catched up to Sasuke quickly and Sasuke jumped away form Naruto when he noticed Naruto walking behind him.

"You to dobe. Are you going to try and stop me from leaving aswell." Sasuke said with a hint of annoiance. "No I was planning on leaving aswell." Naruto said as he walked closer to Sasuke. "What? Why do you want to leave?" Sasuke said with suprise. Naruto thought about it for a moment.

"Well about the same reason as you except the part about joining Orochimaru. I won't go and join him."Naruto said as he stood in front of Sasuke. "What about you becoming Hokage? What about your precious people?" Sasuke said. "Don't care about that dream and most people hear hate me anyway so why not leave." Naruto said carelessly.

Sasuke thought it over for a moment and just shrugged. "Hmm. How about we leave together and before I meet up with Orochimarus subordinates we break off and you go on your own way. Deal." Sasuke said as he held out his hand. Naruto stuck out his hand and shaked his hand. "Well right now we only have about two minutes left before the guards change shifts so we need to hurry up or we'll miss our chance." Naruto said. Sasuke nodded and they ran towards the gate.

When they arrived at the gate they saw that the guards were leaving their post and they saw that other two guards were coming down the street. Luckily the guards that were leaving walked up to the other two guards and they spoke for a bit. Naruto and Sasuke saw an opening ran towards the gate quietly.

They easily made it passed the gate and they ran into the forest. When they got into the forest they both smirked and went as fast as they could through the forest.

They traveled almost a mile away from the village, Sasuke had them both stop. "This is where we break off. They are about 200 yards away from here so you have to leave or they will scense you and we will both get in trouble." Sasuke whispered. Naruto nodded and left.

Konoha Morning/8:00

Sakura woke up when the sunlight reached her. When she opened her eyes she jumped up and nearly yelled, "Sasuke-kun!" She looked around and she didn't see him anywhere. She then remembered what happened last night and she instantly ran towards the Hokage Tower.

When she got there she ran past Shizune ran up to the door of the Hokage's office. She banged on the door hard and loudly. "Come in!" yelled a voice from inside the room. Sakura ran into the room and looked at Tsunade. "Hokage-sama, Sasuke-kun left the village last night. I saw him leaving his home and I spoke with him to try to convince him to stay. He said no and he knocked me out and left me on the road." Sakura said leaving out the part where she wanted to leave with him.

Tsunade looked mildly shocked and she yelled out, "ANBU." Not a second later, 5 ANBU appeared out of the walls and floor. "I need you five to get Neji, Kiba, Shikamaru, Choji, and Naruto right this instant. "Hai." they all said togeter and left.

5 minutes later Neji, Kibe, Shikamaru, and Choji ran into the room and all said, "Yes Hokage-sama." "Before I speak we need to wait for Naruto to..." she stopped when she heard a knock at the door. "Come in." Tsunade said. An ANBU walked into the room only holding a small envelope.

"What is that your holding Tiger?" Tsunade asked. "This was in Naruto's room Hokage-sama. It's addressed to you." Tiger said as he handed her the letter. "Well lets see what the brat has to say." Tsunade said as she opend the letter.

The letter read:

Dear Hokage,

If you are reading this then I have left to village. I have given up my dream to be Hokage as most people in the village will won't accept me as Hokage. I also lost interest in that bitch Sakura. She is one of the main reasons why I'm leaving this village. Also I sneaked into the Hokage Library and found my file. I know who I'm related to now and you, Jiraiya, and the Sandamie have lied to me about my family. I also know everything that the village knows about Itachi is a lie. I know the truth about the Uchiha Massacre. Ha. Wait until Sasuke finds out. So to just let you know. They next time I return, Konoha will be nothing but a pile of ashes. Hahahahahaha. But don't worry those who did nothing to me won't die. They will have the option to side with me or die with the rest.

Naruto Namikaze

Every one in the room was getting more and more shocked as she read the letter. But It took everyone but Tsunade to realize what he called himself at the end of the letter 'Namikaze'. When it all clicked in, The 5 genin and the ANBU all simultaniously said, "WHAT?"

"Is it true Hokage-sama?" the pink haired bitch asked. Tsunade nodded slowly and the other six people in the room fainted. Tsunade stood up and yelled so loud that all of the elemental nations heard it. "NARUTO!" and she broke down crying.

With Naruto

Naruto was currently running through the forest and was miles away from Konoha. He paused when he heard, "NARUTO!". Naruto smirked when heard that yell. 'Ha seems like Tsunade got my letter. I already know that Tsunade will send out atleast Jiraiya, Kakashi, and a few ANBU so I need to get to the capital of fire countryquickly and change my appearance.' Naruto said and he jumped from tree to tree to reach the capital. It was a six hour trip to reach the capital.

When he reached the capital he went into several stores. The first was a shinobi clothing store. He walked in and the person at the desk smiled and waved. Naruto did the same and he started to look around.

He went to find a shirt first. He looked around for a bit until he found something that looked great. It was a short-sleeve-shirt that was skin-tight and mostly grey but at the bottom was black fire with a blood red outline. On the back was a word spelled out in a dark blood red color that read 'Darkness'. He also noticed that the shirt had seals on it and he decided to ask the clerk later. He grabbed a black skin-tight mesh undershirt.

He then moved over to the pants section. He found a pair of black ANBU pants that had a lightning strike going down the outer side of each leg. He then got a pair of standard black ANBU shoes. He also got a face mask to hide his whisker marks. All three had seals aswell. He walked up to the clerk and Naruto asked, "Hey could you tell me what all these seals are on all of these clothes?"

The clerk nodded and looked at the seals. "O.K. then one seal is a durability seal. It makes the clothing more durable so it can last longer that other clothing. The next seal is a fix seal. It makes the clothing be able to fix itself like for example you get a rip in it and instantly it fix it making it seem like nothing happend to it. The third and final seal is a stretch seal which causes it to grow in size as you grow but it always stays skin tight." the clerk finished and Naruto nodded.

"I'll take them then." Naruto said and the clerk said, "Good that will be 8,500 ryo please." the clerk said. Naruto pulled out a wallet that he found on the street and he threw away his frog wallet. Naruto pulled out the required money and paid the clerk. Naruto then asked, "Is there a room that I can change?" The clerk pointed to the back of the room on the left. Naruto thanked him and went to change.

Despite what other people think he actually had a great body. He had a chisled chest, a rock hard 8 pack, bulky arms and strong legs. Its just that his orange jumpsuit always hid his muscels. Naruto changed clothing and walked out of the changing room. He waved goodbye to the clerk and walked out the store.

The second store that he went was a shinobi weapon shop. He looked around and bought a set of 40 kunai and 40 shiruken. He then went to find a sword. It took him awhile but he found what he was looking for. The sword that he found was a long katana. it had a long red handle with black and red jems on it. The guard was in the shape of a three side shiruken but the blade were curved(Look at Itachi's Mangekyo Sharingan). The blace was slightly curved and it was made with black metal. The sheath was the exact same as the handle ot the katana.

He called to the clerk and he came rushing over to Naruto. "Yes what can I help you with sir." the clerk said. "Can this sword conduct chakra through the blade of any element?" Naruto asked. "Yes all except the element earth. That would just make the sword more heavier. And besides the blade is made out of diamonds and was painted lightly enough to keep it hidden at night and to shine." The clerk said. "Fine I'll take the sword and everything else that I have." Naruto said and they both walked up to the clerk desk.

"O.K. then sir that will be 10,000 ryo for the sword and 500 ryo for the kunai and shiruken." the clerk said and Naruto paid the man, put the sword into its sheath, put it on his pack, put the kunai and shiruken in a pouch on his thigh, and left the store.

He went to also buy some red hair dye so that it would be harder to notice that it was him. It took him awhile but he finally found a store that didn't over price their products. He bought the hair dye and left the store. He walked down the street thinking what to do next.

He decided to go to a hotel to stay for the night. He went to the room that he was given and went straight to the shower. He dyed his hair while in the shower. After he got out he dried off put on his clothing. But instead of putting his headband onto his forehead. He put it onto

After he exited the hotel, he walked down the street to find somewhere to eat. While he was walking down the street, every woman that he passed looked at him with lust in their eyes. They all thought that he was atleast 16 or 17 but that was because of his height and muscels. All the men looked at him with envy and sent killer intent towards him. But Naurto just easily shrugged it off ignoring the glares of hatred and lust.

He went to a simple ramen shop that wasn't as good as Ichiraku's but was still good. He paid for the meal and left to go back to his hotel. But not long after he left he noticed that the were several women following him down the street. Naruto went a little faster and they did the same. Naruto then ran and they ran after him. One thought instantly ran through his mind 'So this is what Sasuke fells like. I fell sorry for him.'

After a couple more minutes of running Naruto noticed that there we atleast 30 girls chasing after him. Naruto then used his only way of a good getaway. He used his wind shunshin to get away from them and disappeared. When he disappeared all of the girls looked on with utter disappointment.

Naruto appeared a second later in his hotel room. He laid down on his bed and tried to go to sleep. But before he did he snapped his fingers and he heard 5 screams and he made a big smirk and fell asleep

Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto woke up to find himself in the all familiar sewerlike place of his mind. He sighed as he walked down the tunnels to the fox's cage. When he entered the room he saw that the Kyuubi was looking at him very intently. "What do you want fox? I'm trying to sleep here." Naruto said in an annoyed voice.

"I came to tell you the first place we need to go to once you wake up." the Kyuubi said which cause Naruto perked up at what the Kyuubi said. "Where do I need to go to then?" Naruto asked curiously. "We need to go to the place where your clan origionated. Uzushiogakure." Kyuubi said and Naruto just asked, "What do you know about Uzushiogakure?"

Kyuubi thought for a moment before speaking. "Well I do know that it is on an island east of Konoha and is a little bit farther off than Wave country. Right now though all that is left of Uzushiogakure are just the ruins of the village. After it's destruction, all of the Uzumaki clan members that survived spread out over the entire world. Which is why you have a cousin in a different country. They were distant relatives of the Senju clan which is why you are related to the first, second, and fifth hokages. The Uzumaki clan were experts when it came to fuinjutsu. They were also known for their long life. They were able to live much longer than most other people. Some even believe they knew how to achieve immortality. Which is what caused the place to be destroyed. And that is all that I know." Kyuubi said passivly.

Naruto blinked once then twice. He then soaked everything in and asked, "How do you know so much about Uzushiogakure?" "Because, both of my previous host were also Uzumaki. Your mother and the First Hokage's wife. You are the third." Kyuubi said. "Oh." Naruto said. "It is also believed that they have all the information about the mysterious Rinnegan and how to gain it. Because trust me, that eye can destroy a village in only several minutes." Kyuubi said with a tiny hint of fear in his voice.

A few moments later Naruto nodded and said, "Is that all that you wanted?" Naruto asked. The Kyuubi nodded and Naruto left his mindscape. After Naruto left Kyuubi thought, 'He looks so much like him.' and Kyuubi fell asleep.

Konoha Council Chambers

In the Hokage's Tower is a room where all the shinobi clan heads, village elders, and the richest civilians gather to discuss major problems that concern the village.

On the left side of the the large table were the shinobi clan heads. Which consist of Hiashi Hyuga the Hyuga clan head. Shikaku Nara the Nara clan head. Inoichi Yamanaka the Yamanaka clan head. Tsume Inuzuka the Inuzuka clan head. Chouza Akamichi the Akamichi clan head. Shibi Aburame the Aburame clan head. The Uchiha clan seat is current empty as there is no official clan head.

On the right side are currently 7 civilian council members which include rich merchants, rich businessmen/women, and high officials. One which include Sakuyo Haruno the mother of Sakura Haruno.

The side to the civilians right are the village's elders. They include the Hokage's advisors who are Homaru, Koharu, and the Sandamie's rival, Danzo. The side to the shinobi's right is where the Hokage sits who which they are currently waiting for.

A minute later the large door opened and Tsunade came into view. She took her seat and the room went silent. "What is that you want Hokage-sama?" asked Homaru. Everyone turned to Tsunade waiting for an answer. "Well last night two shinobi have recently left the village and are now being marked down as misssing ninja." Tsunade answered.

"Who could possibly left the left the village that would be a major concern for us?" as Koharu. Tsunade looked at each and everyone of them and said, "Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha."

Everyone instantly turned pale. The shinobi and elders for Naruto and the civilians and the elders for Sasuke. "How do you know this Hokage-sama?" asked Hiashi as he was the first to snap out of shock. "Well Sakura Haruno caught Sasuke leave and tried to convince him to stay but instead Sasuke said no and knocked Sakura out. Naruto on the other hand did something much more extreme." Tsunade said.

"How extreme?" Inoichi asked. "Well he broke into the Hokage's Library and stole three known files. His file, his cousin Nagato's file, and Itachi Uchiha's file." Tsunade answered. "What could be in those file that was so important to get worried about." asked Sakuyo. "Well for one, Naruto's file hold something that is reguarded as an S-rank secret about him and the same with Itachi's." Tsunade said.

"What are those secrets Hokage-sama?" Hiashi asked curiously. "Itachi's secret concerns the truth about the Uchiha Massacre and Naruto's secret concerns his very powerful family. Both of which I will tell you but it must never leave this room or the ANBU will have permission to kill you instantly. Got that?" Tsunade said while flaring her killing intent to make her point. They all nodded in fear.

"O.K. Itachi was given the order by the Sandamie and the elders to kill the Uchiha clan to stop the coup d'etat that they were planning. Itachi though begged the Sandamie to atleast keep his brother Sasuke safe. The Sandamie agreed. Itachi was to then to leave the village and become a missing ninja." Tsunade said pausing to let them soak it in. They were about to yell out questions but Tsunade held up her hand silencing them.

"Good. Now then, Naruto is related to one of the most powerful clans in the world. They were known for their mastery over fuinjutsu and were said to possess the power to live for longer periods of time. Naruto was the only surviving member of the Uzumaki clan in Konoha. His father is the most powerful man that ever lived in Konoha, Minato Namikaze or as you know him the Fourth Hokage. And since the Uzumaki clan are distant relatives of the Senju clan, he is related to the First Hokage, Second Hokage and me. He is also related to Nagato who is the current leader of Amegakure and is said to possess the Rinnegan." Tsunade finished and looked at all of the shocked face. Even the Elders had shocked faces.

Sakuyo was the first to speak. "There is no way that that demon is related to four of our Hokage's! He's a fucking demon! Why can't you see that Hokage-sama? That is why I have been trying to kill that demon for..." she was cut off when she was hit by a chakra enhanced punch from Tsunade. Everyone on the civilian side were about to yell in anger but stopped when Tsunade glared at them flaring her killing intent.

She went back to her seat and called out, "ANBU take Sakuyo to Ibiki to find out who else were in on trying to kill Naruto." Two ANBU appeared from the shadows and grabbed Sakuyo who started to flail around angrily. "What are you doing? I'm a council member! You can't do this!" she said loudly. "Sakuyo, you are hearby ripped of your status as a member of this council." Tsunade said with a small smirk.

Tsunade then made a pause for a moment and then said, "Now I want all of you to listen. Just because the Sandamie is dead doesn't mean that his laws are dead. They can only be dead if the current Hokage says to. Got that." Tsunade said. Everyone nodded. "And that goes double for the civilian side." she said while glaring at the civilians.

"Now me and the shinobi side only will discuss what to rank the two now missing ninja. First up Sasuke Uchiha." Tsunade said looking towards the clan heads.

"B-rank." said Tsunade.

"A-rank." said Hiashi.

"A-rank." said Inoichi.

"B-rank." said Chouza.

"B-rank." said Tsume.

"A-rank." said Shibi.

"A-rank." said Shikaku.

"Fine then Sasuke Uchiha will be place in the Bingo book as an A-rank missing ninja and will be given to order to either capture on sight or kill on sight. Any objections?" Tsunade finished with a question. They all nodded and she continued. "Now for Naruto Uzumaki."

"A-rank." said Tsunade.

"B-rank." said Hiashi.

"A-rank." said Inoichi.

"A-rank." said Chouza.

"A-rank." said Tsume.

"S-rank." said Shibi.

"S-rank." said Shikaku.

Everyone in the room looked towards Shibi and Shikaku. Shikaku was the one who spoke. "What? He was able to sneak into the Hokage's Library, is the jinchuriki for the Kyuubi, and knows two very high S-ranked secrets about the village." Shikaku stated and Shibi only nodded.

"Well then it won't matter anyway. A-rank was the majoity but he does make a point so he will be given a high A-ranked brand. He will be given the..." Tsunade was interuppeted by Danzo. "kill on sight only order." Danzo said causeing Tsunade to scowl. "Why should we give him that order?"

Danzo smirked. "Didn't you hear Shikaku? He did say that Naruto knows two S-rank secrets. So he needs to be silenced for good or he would tell the world about it. And not only that, he is a jinchuriki." Danzo said and looked on with with success.

Tsunade face paled when he said that and she looked down in defeat. "Fine he will be given the kill on sight order." Tsunade said. 'I'm sorry Naruto. I really am.' thought Tsunade and she dismissed them all.

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