"I will be back" human speaking.

'but only to have revenge.' human thinking.

"You finally left that horrible village" demon speaking.

'Hahahahahahahahaha' demon thinking.

"Rasengan" jutsu.

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Chapter 3: One Year Later

One year has passed since Naruto started his training. He stayed in the cave contantly without ever going out. Kakashi went out only to find food and water or them both. All year long Naruto has been training to use the Rinnegan, learing all the elements, controlling the Kyuubi, and much more. Meanwhile the whole world has wondered what happened to Naruto. He hasn't been seen for a whole year. Temari, Killer Bee and his team, and Ao and his partner have been searching all year long coming up empty handed. Some believe he's dead, while others think that he's hiding and training.

Back in the cave, Naruto was trying to finish the current jutsu that he was using. "Raiton: Jibashi"(1)and then lighting surged though his hand and a lighting strike formed and attacked the kage bunshin that he was sparing with. The jutsu came into contact with the kage bunshin and it then poofed out of existance. The jutsu was a complete success.

"Kakashi, hand me the next scroll." Naruto called out but there was no responce. A few moments later he again called out, "Kakashi!" and then there was a responce. "There are no more scrolls. You finished them all in a full year." Kakashi said and Naruto grew a smirk. "So we finally ran out of scrolls with jutsu's on them. Good. Now we can make ourselves known again." Naruto said while he was sitting down.

"What do you have in mind Naruto?" Kakashi asked with a curious look. "I need to start finding bodies to use as my Six Paths of Pain." Naruto answered with a glare towards Kakashi. "Who then?" asked Kakashi. "Two of them are previous Hokages, The Shodamie and my father. You Kakashi will also be one and another one will be the one and only Madara Uchiha. The other two I still haven't found yet." Naruto answered and Kakashi had a shocked face. "Me?" Kakashi asked and Naruto nodded.

"Yes you. You will be my Human Path the one who can read minds. But I have to kill you and then use the Rinnegan to reanimate you. But right now I need you to help me find the other three that I told you. I know that the Shodamie and my fater are in the Hokage shrine but I have no clue to where Madara is buried at. Do you know Kakashi." Naruto said and Kakshi nodded. I do know where Madara Uchiha is. He is buried at the Valley of End in a hidden cave behind the waterfall. The only problem is that only the Shodamie can get to his burial site." Kakshi responded.

"O.K then we need to get the Shodamie and my fater first. Reanimate them both and have the Shodamie get me to Madara." Naruto said and Kakashi nodded. The two then started to pack up and got ready to leave. When they were done they sealed up the cave and made their way to Konoha to get what Naruto needed. Naruto and Kakashi nodded and Naruto grabbed Kakshi's shoulder and they vanished in a red flash.

Seconds later Naruto and Kakashi arrived on top of the Hokage Monument. They noticed that there weren't many people out yet because it was early in the morning. Naruto and Kakshi then started to head to the Hokage Shrine to collect the two bodies that Naruto needed.

When they arrived they hid in a bush just 20 yards away. There was only two chunin guarding the shrine so they shot two kunai at high speed and it killed the two chunin. They then walked into the shrine and killed off all but one of the guards with only kunai while the other was only knocked unconsious. "Weak." They both said in unison and they continued with the plan.

Naruto made shadow clones who lifted the two Hokage's coffins off the floor and the shadow clones disappeared in a red flash. Naruto wrote a quick and short letter on a scroll and set it on the unconsious guard. Naruto then grabbed Kakashi's shoulder and they left in a red flash. A few moments later the unconsious guard woke up and noticed that there was a scroll on his chest. He picked it pu and noticed that it was addressed to the Hokage.

The guard quickly got up and left the Hokage shrine and ran towards the Hokage's Tower as fast as he could. 10 minutes later the guard barged into the Hokage's Office and Tsunade was asleep on the desk with a bottle of sake in her hand. "Hokage-sama!" the guard yelled out. The Hokage lazily got up and looked towards the guard. "Yes. What is it?" Tsunade asked still half asleep. "The Hokage Shrine was robbed." said the gurad.



"WHAT!" yelled out Tsunade and the whole village heard the loud scream. "Who did it?" asked Tsunade now fully awake with a very angry face that was scaring the hell out of the guard. "I-I d-d-don't k-k-know H-Hok-k-kage-sam-ma. B-But t-t-this s-scroll w-was l-left t-there." the guard stuttered and he handed the Hokage the letter and Tsunade read what it said.

Dear Hokage,

I bet your wondering who robbed the Hokage's Shrine. Well I'll give you a hint. I have Blonde hair and my friend here has a silver white. And don't worry I didn't take all four. I only took the first and the fourth. Oh and tell that guard that he was lucky that he was the only one to survive the robbery. We'll see you soon. Baa-chan. Hahaha.

After she finished reading the scroll she told the guard to leave the room and go back to the shrine and the guard left in a second. Tsunade then yelled out angrily, "NAAAARUUUUTOOOO! KAAAAKAAAASHIIIII!" and she broke down in tears yet again for the same reason. Naruto.

Naruto/Secret Cave

Naruto and Kakashi heard a yell that was their names. Naruto grinned widely and said, "Seems that the Hokage has received the letter." Kakashi nodded. Naruto then turned back around and got back to what he was doing. Naruto was over a table that held his father. The table next to his father's had the Shodamie Hokage on it. "Now Kakashi if this works I'll kill you and then reanimate you as one of my Paths. O.K." Naruto said calmly and Kakashi nodded.

Naruto then got to work on his father who he decided would become his Deva Path. Naruto went through the hand seals, closed his eyes and both his body and his father's started to glow. And just moments later there was a huge chakra surge. Minutes later the glow subsided and Naruto opened his eyes. Naruto then looked down and saw that his father was grunting. Minato's eyes quickly shot open and he looked around. His sight first fell on Naruto and Minato having not seen him since he was born thought that it was an enemy.

Minato went into a quick battle stance and stared intently towards Naruto. Minato then scenced another chakra source in the room and turned around towards Kakashi. At first he didn't reconize who he was but then moments later he remembered who he was and spoke, "Kakashi?" Kakashi nodded. "But how? You look older than when I last saw you." said a confussed Minato.

"You've been dead for about 14 years sensei. Don't you remember? You died after you sealed the Kyuubi into your son." Kakashi said. Minato nodded when he remembered about that. But when Kakashi said son Minato broke out into more questions. "My son. How is he? Have you been taking care of him? Where is Sarutobi? Where is Naruto?" Minato asked in rapid succession.

"In that order the answers are: He's fine. No. He's dead. Right behind you." Kakashi answered and Minato had different expressions for each one. When he heard that he was fine he had a happy expression. For Kakashi not taking care of him he looked angry with a little disappointment. Sarutobi being dead, he had a sad expression. And for the final question he turned around and looked at the person he didn't know.

"Kakashi that is not my son. He has yellow hair and blue eyes." Minato said with a confussed expression. "Minato-sensei, that is Naruto. It's just that when he gained the Rinnegan, his yellow hair changed to a red color. But there are still a couple of features that you will recognize." Kakashi answered and Minato looked back at the person who Kakashi says is Naruto. "Prove it." Minato demanded and Naruto nodded.

Naruto pulled down the mask that was like Kakashi's and revealed the whisker marks and Minato said, "Naruto did have those but they could be fake. Anything eles?" Naruto nodded and pulled up his shirt to reveal his stomach. Naruto then channeled chakra to his stomach. Then a seal appeared on it and Minato was shocked and said, "That is you Naruto." Minato said and he walked up to Naruto.

Minato engulfed Naruto into a hug and Naruto hugged back. "One more thing Tou-san." Naruto said. "And what would that be." Minato said releasing the hug. Naruto then punched Minato in the stomach with a chakra enhanced fist."That was for putting Kyuubi in me." Naruto said and backed away from his dad. "Why is that a bad thing son? Aren't you considered a hero in the village." Minato asked after the pain from the punch went away.

"Hahaha. That village did the opposite of what you asked them to do. They didn't see me a hero, but instead the Kyuubi incarnation. I was put in the orpanage and then kicked out of the place when I was three. Every single birthday I was chased by a mob and beaten to near death. I was kicked out of all but one place. I barely got enough food because all that I ate came from the trash. When I got into the ninja acadamy, all but one teacher always avoided my questions. Many kids would tease me or call me names. I had no friends that were my age. The only people who didn't see me as the Kyuubi was the Third Hokage, the owner of Ichiraku Ramen stand and his daughter, and Iruka. That is why I became a missing ninja who is now going to get my revenge for what they did. But there will be people who will be offered sanctuary. The rest, not even I know what I'll do with them." Naruto explained with a smirk at the end.

Minage grew more and more angry everytime Naruto brought up something new about Naruto life. He was angered because of the village not following his last and final orders. Then Minato asked, "What about Kakashi?" Minato asked. "I forgot five years after you told me to take care of Naruto. But I called out to you about who Naruto was but you didn't hear me. Over time I forgot one year ago, a flashback came to me and I remembered what you said that day. I then realized who Naruto was and I left the village in order to take care of Naruto." Kakashi spoke up to answer his sensei's question. Minato just made a small smile and said, "You tried Kakashi I know you did. It was my fault that you didn't know who Naruto was."

A few moments later Minato looked to Naruto and asked, "Is there anything else that I need to know that happened while I was gone?" Minato asked. Naruto nodded and told his dad about him leaving Konoha, the Rinnegan, and how Minato is the Deva Path of the Six Paths of Pain. Minato looked in a small pool of water in the cave to have a look at himself. He noticed that he now had red hair and red Rinnegan eyes.

Minato then finally got around to looking at the cave. His eyes wondered until his eyes fell onto the First Hokage. "Naruto, why is the Shodamie's body on that table behind you?" Minato asked. "Oh I'm going to do the samething that I did to you to the Shodamie. Only he will be given a different power than you." Naruto said as he turned around to work on the Shodamie.

Naruto did the same process as he did with Minato and the Shodamie and Naruto started to glow. Then there was another huge chakra surge that every sensor in the world but only. The Hokage sent out what was left of the Konoha 12, and Akatsuki sent out Itachi and Kisame. Suna, Mei, and Kumo already had people that would investigate the chakra surge.

Meanwhile, back with Naruto, after the glow subsided the Shodamie opened his eyes and started to cough. Then a moment later the Shodamie got a look around his surroundings. "Who are you? Where am I?" demanded the Shodamie. Naruto was the first to answer. "I'm Naruto Namikaze, this my father Minato Namikaze, and this is Kakashi Hatake. You are in a hidden cave behind a waterfall in Taki." Naruto said and the other two nodded.

"O.K. then that answers two of my questions. Now why are we in Taki? Where are you from? What has happened?" the Shodame asked. "We are all from Konoha, but we are missing ninja. You have been dead for many years. After you died we experianced the Second and Third Shinobi World War. Your granddaughter Tsunade Senju is over 50 years old and is the Fifth Hokage." Kakashi answered this time.

The Shodamie looked at all of them and was able to tell that they were telling the truth. "So why did you bring me back to life?" the Hokage asked kindly. "I was hoping that you would open the seal on Madara Uchiha's tomb behind the waterfall in the Valley of the End." Naruto said and the Shodamie had a shocked face. "And why would I do that?" asked Hashirama.

(AN: In case you don't know who Hashirama is, he's the Shodamie.)

Naruto then told him about his life so far. What his childhood was like. Him becoming a missing ninja. Him aquiring the Rinnegan. And finally his plan of revenge. "Your village has become corrupt after you died. The council, mainly the elders who are Homaru, Koharu, and Danzo, have made Konoha corrupt. They even forced Itachi Uchiha to kill of all but one of his clan, which is the Uchiha Clan, in order to stop a coup d'etat." Naruto finished off telling Hashirama about what has happened to his village.

"So the village has become corrupt and you plan on destroying the village, and then build a new village on top of the rubble that is left. Why do you expect me to help you in destroying my village?" said the Shodamie. "Because if someone like Danzo were to take the postions of Hokage, he would make you dreams of peace seem like a fantasy. Would you want that?" Naruto asked looking into the Hashirama's eyes. Hashirama scowled and said, "No."

Naruto nodded. "Good then now I need your help to get another person to become another one of my Six Paths of Pain." Naruto said. "Why my help?" Hashirama asked couriously. "Because you are the only one who can get into his tomb." Naruto said. "You don't mean..." Hashirama asked shocked. Naruto nodded. "Yes. I need you to get me Madara Uchiha." Naruto said seriously.

"Are you crazy he'll..." Hashirama paused when Naruto held up his hand. "Don't worry. He won't do anything wrong. He'll have no choice but to obey me. If he is one of my paths, he will obey me and only me. So he won't go on a killing spree." Naruto said calmly. Hashirama thought it over for a minute trying to find a way to counter, but he couldn't and he sighed in defeat. "Fine I agree." Hashirama said.

Then just moments later they all felt 18 chakra signatures outside the cave. Naruto and Kakashi reconized 13 of the signatures. 10 were the remaining Konoha 12, Temari, Itachi and Kisame. "Kakashi yours will have to wait. So for now we'll all go out and say hello." Naruto said with a grin plastered on his face. They all nodded and the headed towards the entrance to the cave. Naruto then unsealed the entrace and they all walked through the opening.

Outside the Cave/Minutes Before the Cave was Unsealed

The Konoha 10 arrived at the cave first. "Are you sure this is where that chakra surge came from Neji." asked Tenten. "Yeah I'm sure." Neji responded. "How much chakra was the used in the chakra surge Neji." asked Ino. "Alot. It was almost of par with the amount that an ANBU has. And there were two chakra surges so that would be double the amount of chakra used." Neji said and everyone looked shocked.

That was when Itachi and Kisame appeared. "This is the place Itachi." Kisame said not having notice the 10 other people that were there. "Why did we have to come here?" Itachi said in a bored tone. "Because Samahada got hungry for more powerful chakra so he told me to come here to feast." Kisame responded. "Fine...Looks like we got some company too." Itachi mumbled. Kisame saw what he was talking about and nodded.

Then Temari, Ao and his partner, and Killer Bee with his team arrived at the place. "Why are all you people showing up to this place?" asked Temari. "To check out the chakra surge/Because Samahada was hungry." came two responses in unison. Then everyone started to study one another trying to keep an eye on each other to make sure no one tried to attack.

"Kisame." Itachi whispered. "What?" Kisame whispered back. "Those two Kumo ninja. The man and the girl with a ponytail. You see them right." Itachi whispered. "Yeah why?" Kisame whispered. "The man is the Hachibi and the girl is the Nibi. Two of the Jinchuriki Akatsuki needs." Itachi said and Kisame nodded knowing what he ment by. Itachi and Kisame were about to attack but stopped when they heard a noise.

Everyone looked towards where the noise was coming from which was behind the water fall. They waited anxiously to see who would come out. Moments later a figure that they had no idea about who it was steped out of the waterfall. "Yo." Naruto said. "Who are you?" asked Itachi. Naruto looked up at Itachi and then at everyone else. 'Hmm. So Suna, Konoha, Kiri, Kumo and Akasuki ninja came here. Probably because of those chakra surges.' Naruto thought.

"I guess most of my features have changed to where no one can recongnize me unless I have my mask off." Naruto said. Naruto then pulled down his mask slowly and once it was completly pulled down everyone saw the feature that only one person in the world ever had and they were shocked to the core. The Konoha group, Temari, Itachi, and Kisame all knew he was from meeting him. The rest only knew him from from looking in the bingo book.

"NARUTO?" everyone said in unison. "Haha. Bingo. Well I already know what Akatsuki wants. So what do the rest of you want?" Naruto said seriously. "NARUTO-BAKA." Sakura yelled as she ran towards Naruto with a chakra enhanced fist. When she was about to hit Naruto in the stomach, Naruto grabbed her fist and squeazed as hard as he could. Everyone could hear a loud pop coming from Sakura.

When Naruto let go of Sakura's fist she let out a very loud scream. As Sakura was just laying there screaming Naruto just smiled like a maniac. "So what are your answers from my question that I asked earlier?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto, Gaara asked me to come bring a message from him. He was wondering he could have your trust and to let you know that you can use Suna as a sanctuary when ever you need it." Temari said calmly. "Well talk later." Naruto said reassuringly. Temari nodded and Naruto turned to the Konoha group.

"We were sent here to see what those chakra surges were. And if we could, get rid of the problem." Neji said in his usual manner. Naruto nodded and looked towards the Kiri shinobi. "You two next." Naruto said and the taller Kiri nodded. "We were sent here by Mei Terumi, the leader of the rebal army, to ask you to help us beat the Mizukage and end the Bloodline War." said Ao. Naruto nodded and said, "I'll talk to you two later aswell.

Naruto then looked to the Kumo trio. "What does Kumo want with me?" said Naruto. "Our leader would like you to join in our ranks." said Killer Bee. "Depends on what he'll use my power for." Naruto countered. "That we don't exactly know. You'll have to meet him and discuss it." Samui said. "Fine I'll talk with him later on. But now I have an offer for all but a couple of you here right now. You can even tell your leaders about this if you want." Naruto said seriously.

Everyone looked towards him with a stern face. "My offer is that all of you can chose wether to join me or be against me. The next time I see any of you, you will give me your choice. And once your choice is made, it's final. But let me go ahead and tell you all who you will go against." Naruto said and he whistled. Three people then came out of the waterfall very fast.

When everyone got a good look at who jumped out of the waterfall everyone was shocked to see two people that were supposed to me dead. Naruto saw all of the shocked faces and smirked. "You will be going against me, my father the Yondamie Hokage, Kakashi Hatake, and the Shodamie Hokage, Hashirama Senju." Naruto said with a huge grin at the reactions. Some were just shocked faces. Some people went pale. There was even a few who were trying to dispeal a Genjutsu even though there wasn't one. "And I will be heading to someplace that I will not tell you to get another powerful person who is dead and I will revive him. Hehehe. I won't tell you who it is either." Naruto said in a dark yet humorious tone.

Some people were sweating bullets when he said that. Everyone calmed down but just enough to not show it. "I will tell you what I have done this past year. So far I have mastered the Rinnegan, gained complete control over the Kyuubi, and much more. Since I have revived the Shodamie Hokage, all of the Jinchuriki would be pointless to use to attack me as the Shodamie can control bijuu. Me and my father with our Hirashin can take down many shinobi by ourselves. And there's Kakashi with his Sharingan." Naruto said. Everyone paled and nearly fainted.

"O.K. then that is all and don't forget to tell you leaders about that offer. Oh and one more thing Konoha, not many people will make it out of my wraith." Naruto said in a dark tone. Naruto then grabbed Kakashi's shoulder and Minato grabbed Hashirama's shoulder and they all disappeared in an orange flash. (Orange Flash = Yellow Flash + Red Flash)

Then just moments after they left, a red flash appeared where Temari was standing but she wasn't there. Then another red flash appeared where the Kiri shinobi were but they were gone too. Yet another red flash appeared where the Kumo shinobi were and they were gone aswell. When no more flashes appeared the Akatsuki duo and the Konoha group left the place to go back to there base/village to report their findings.

Inside The Cave

There were four simultanious flashes inside the cave where Naruto was before all of the village shinobi arrived. Inside the cave were Naruto and his group, Temari, the Kumo trio, and the Kiri duo. "O.K. then lets get down to business. You first Kumo and lets start off with your names." Naruto said as he sat on a table. The Kumo group nodded and said. "I'm Killer Bee, and this is Yugito Nii and Samui. We were sent here by my brother the Raikage to ask you to join in our ranks." Killer Bee said seriously trying his best not to rap.

Naruto thought for a moment. "What will I be given in return for joining your village?" Naruto asked. "That we weren't told that Naruto-san. We were just to bring you to him. " Samui said seriously. "For now I won't answer until I meet the Raikage. So go back to your village and tell him that I will come within a few days." Naruto said and the Kumo trio nodded. Naruto then grabbed them and used Hirashin to get them out of the cave. Naruto reappeared in a red flash in the cave. Naruto then turned to the Kiri group.

"O.K. then what are your two names and what do you need me for?" Naruto asked as he sat back down. "My name is Ao and this is my partner Chojuro. Our leader Mei Terumi sent us out to search for you to ask for your aid in the Bloodline War. We'er fighting for the bloodline users and against the Mizukage Yagura." Ao said calmly. Naruto nodded. "I understand. Tell your leader that once I'm through with Kumo and Suna that I'll get there and help end the war. Deal." Naruto said handing out his hand. "Deal." Ao said as he put out his hand to shake. Naruto then used Hirashin on them and disappeared in a red flash.

Naruto reappeared and walked towards Temari. "You don't need to explain why you are here I'll go visit Gaara right now." Naruto said and Temari nodded. Naruto then looked towards his three followers. "You three stay here for now." Naruto ordered and the three nodded. Naruto then picked Temari up bridal style whiched caused Temari to blush a little. Naruto then left in a red flash and got out of the cave. Naruto then started to hop from tree to tree that made him seem like a blur. "You can let me down now Naruto-kun." Temari said he carried her. Naruto smirked at the '-kun' suffix that Temari gave him. "I have to carry you for now Temari-chan. I'm too fast for you to keep up and besides I know you like it when I hold you like this." Naruto said with a sly grin. Temari nodded but then blushed a deep red at the '-chan' suffix and that he said that she liked it when he held her like this.

Naruto and Temari have be traveling for only a hour and they had already reached Wind Country. Temari was fast asleep and Naruto was now having to run since there were no trees in the desert. Naruto still looked like he was full of energy while he ran. It only took Naruto 1 more hour to reach Sunaand when Suna came into sight Naruto woke up Temari who mumbled, "Naruto-kun." and went back to sleep. Naruto tried again and this time Temari woke up slowly. Naruto then set Temari down and looked around. "We're here already?" Temari said when Suna came into her sight. Naruto nodded. "Yeah it only took me about two hours to reach here." Naruto said and then the two started to walk the rest of the way to Suna.

The guards at the front gate asked for their IDs and Temari handed them her ID. Temari then told them that Naruto was with her but the guards didn't seem to like it. Naruto and Temari then began to make their way to the Kazekage Tower. Meanwhile in the Tower, Gaara was doing paperwork while thinking about things. 'Temari has been gone for about a year. Naruto hasn't been seen for a year. Hope that they're both O.K.' Gaara thought.

A few minutes later Gaara heared knock at the door. He told them to come in. Gaara was still looking down at his paperwork not noticing who it was. "Yes what is it." Gaara said. "Gaara have you already forgoten who I am." said a familiar voice that Gaara knew all too well. Gaara looked up and saw his sister Temari. "Temari your back!" Gaara said as Temari came over to him to give a hug. "Did you complete your mission? Did you gain Naruto's trust?" Gaara said cheerfully. "Ask him yourself." Temari said as she moved out of the way for Gaara to see his other visitor.

Gaara studied Naruto for a moment and not noticing who it was he just guessed. "Naruto?" Gaara asked. Naruto didn't nod but instead he just went to pull down his mask to show his whisker marks. "In the flesh." Naruto said jokingly. "Good to see you my friend. Now why don't you two sit down and Temari will tell me about her mission." Gaara said as the other two took a seat.

"Well I've found him just earlier today in Takigakure when those huge chakra surges were spread out. It turned out that Naruto has become quite famous because Suna isn't the only village after Naruto. Kumo, Kiri, Akatsuki, and Konoha were all there for a different reason. Kumo want Naruto to join them. Konoha of course want him dead. Akatsuki wants the Kyuubi. And Kiri wants his help to end the Bloodline War in Kiri. Naruto will go to Kumo to talk with the Raikage after he leaves here. Then after that he'll go to Kiri to help them. He chose to go with me first so he carried me all the way to Suna in just two hours after we left his hideout." explained was sitting quietly listening to his sister's report wondering why all of the other villages and organizations want him so desperatly.

When Temari finished Gaara nodded. "Thank you Temari, you can go now. I need to have a talk with Naruto here." said Gaara getting a nod from Temari. Temari then stood up and left the room. "O.K. Naruto how did you end up like this?" asked Gaara pointing out that he was talking about Naruto's current appearance. Naruto then explained about him getting the Rinnegan, his new features, why he hasn't been seen for a whole year, and what he plans on doing now. "So your planning on making a new village after the destruction of Konoha?" Gaara asked and Naruto nodded. "O.K. then now we need to discuss what to do about an alliance with you." said Gaara.

"How about a blood alliance." announced Naruto. "What do you mean?" Gaara asked. "It's where I will get married to a girl of your chosing and when a child is born between me and the girl that you chose the blood of both parents are in the child making it a blood alliance." explained Naruto. Gaara thought it over for a moment. "Agreed. We will forge a blood alliance." said Gaara. "Good. Now all that is left is for you to chose who will be the girl that will marry me." Naruto said looking to Gaara. Gaara didn't have to think it over as he already knew who it was to marry Naruto. Gaara grinned and said, "Temari." Naruto expecting Gaara to say his sisters name just grinned and nodded. "Deal." Naruto said and they both shook hands. "Also I'm going to let you know that I will be offering this alliance to the two other villages." said Naruto. "It's O.K. I understand. You just want a harem." Gaara said with a evil grin. "Uh...eh...no...uh...fine yes that I do, but just don't tell Temari that. Please." Naruto asked beggingly. Gaara nodded and Naruto sighed in relief.

"Now where do I live for the night? I'll leave Suna in the morning to go to Kumo to discuss with them." Naruto asked. "You can live at the Kazekage estate where me and my siblings live. Also tell Temari to come see me next time you see her." said Gaara. Naruto nodded and stood up. Naruto then walked out of the room and headed towards the Kazekage Estate. 'Lets see how Temari will react to having become Naruto's wife. Hehe.' Gaara thought as he watched Naruto head towards the estate.

When Naruto reached the gate that laid in front of the Estate he noticed that Temari was coming towards the gate aswell. "What are you doing here Naruto-kun?" Temari said with a curious glance. "After my discussion with Gaara, he said that I could stay here for the night." Naruto said with a sly grin because Temari started to blush. Temari and Naruto then walked through the gate and went inside the estate.

Temari gave a tour of the estate and to say he was amazed. Every room about as big as his entire apartment in Konoha. There was only three bedrooms so Naruto asked, "Where will I be sleeping Temari-chan?" "Well Gaara doesn't sleep so his room has absolutly no bed, and Kankuro doesn't let anyone sleep in his room, so that leaves...my...room." Temari said with a blushing red face when she realized that Naruto will be sleeping in her room. Naruto just grinned like a madman. "So I'll be in your room then." Naruto said. Temari's blush deepened and she turned away from Naruto. "Y-Yes." Temari stuttered.

"O.K. then I'm going to go ahead and go to sleep. And Gaara has to tell you something." said Naruto and before he left Naruto gave her a quick peck on the cheek and walked back to Temari's room. Temari just stood there in complete shocked. 'N-Narut-to j-j-just k-kissed m-m-me." Temari thought as she put her hand on her cheek. She then started to make her way to Gaara's office.

When Temari got to the Kazekage's door she knocked. "Come in." she heard from inside. She walked in and Gaara looked up. "Ah Temari I suppose Naruto told you to come see me." Gaara asked as Temari nodded. "Yes, he said you wanted to tell me something." Temari said and Gaara nodded. "Yes, well me and Naruto have made an alliance but it's a blood alliance." Gaara started. Temari got a questioning look on her face. "Well the reason why I called you here is because you are the female that I have chosen to be Naruto's wife." Gaara said dropping the bombshell.



"W-W-WHAT?" Temari yelled as it was heard around Suna. "But why me?" Temari asked still a little shocked that she was going to be Naruto's future wife. "Because Temari, your the only one that I can trust to do this. Besides I'm sure that you like him a lot anyway." Gaara said with a grin. Temari blushed and nodded slowly. "Good. But there is something else that you have to know." Gaara said gaining Temari's attention. "What?" Temari asked. "Well Naruto has already planned on asking the two other villages that he will be visiting to forge a blood alliance." Gaara said and Temari didn't look fazed by the revealation. "I don't mind sharing him. Heck I might even fulfill my dream of having a...nevermind." Temari said stopping so that Gaara wouldn't find out her secret desire. "O.K. then that is all Temari you can go now." Gaara said as he got back to doing his paperwork. Temari nodded, left the office and then made her way to the estate.

Temari noticed that it was already dark out now so she ran quickly towards her home. She then walked through the house and walked into her room quietly grabbed her night clothing left the room to go to a bathroom and changed her clothes. She then walked out of the bathroom and into her room. She noticed that Naruto was on the bed on the right leaving a space for her on the left. Temari got into bed and got under the covers. She then looked to her right and looked at the side of Naruto's head. She moved up closer to Naruto and she hesitated for a moment. After that moment she laid her head onto Naruto's chest using it as a pillow and wrapped her arms around him. She laid their peacefully and tried to go to sleep.

Moments later. "So how did it go Tema-chan." Naruto said quietly startling Temari. Temari started to pull away but Naruto was keeping her in place with his left arm. "It went fine. So I'm to become your wife then." Temari said and Naruto nodded. Temari and Naruto then looked into each others eyes. Temari moved up and their face came just inches apart. "So how far do you want to go Naru-kun?" Temari asked. "As far as you want." Naruto said and Temari nodded. "All the way." Temari said and she went though a couple of hand seals that Naruto already knew what they were for.

Lemon Warning

Naruto and Temari closed the distance between their lips slowly. Their lips met and they started to kiss very pasionatly. Naruto's hand went behind Temari's head and he put pressure on her head to deepen the kiss. After a few minutes the broke apart to take in some air and they went back to kissing. They then began a tounge war in which Naruto won. His tounge then began to explore the new territory. As they were kissing Naruto moved his hands up and down her spine massaging it. Temari started to get goosebumps as he did this.

A couple of minutes later they broke off and Temari took of Naruto's shirt. She then started to feel around his tight muscles. Naruto then took of Temari's shirt and began to kiss her again. He then started to make a trail of kisses from her mouth, nibbled at her ear, and continued down her chest stopping just above her breasts. Naruto then reached behind her and undid her bra releasing her massive breasts that jiggled from being released from it's 'prison'. Naruto then looked up at Temari and she nodded and he continued. Naruto grabbed both breasts with his hands and started to massage them which caused Temari. Naruto kissed her as he massaged her breasts. Temari kept moaning as Naruto kissed her.

Naruto then moved down to her breasts and started to suck on one of her nipples. Temari let out a loud moan in pleasure. Naruto then did the same to the other breast while he began to rub the nipple of the other breast. Temari noticed that she was getting wet more and more as Naruto continued. Temari then grabbed Naruto's hair and began to tug on it like she wanted to rip it all off. After Naruto was through he then went down to her pants. He pulled them off slowly to tease Temari. As Naruto was pulling them off he saw that Temari's panties were drenched from her being wet.

After he pulled off her pants, Naruto actually ripped off Temari's panties and threw them on the floor. Naruto started to lick her thighs giving her more goosebumps. Naruto then started to lick her wet pussy and Temari screamed out of pleasure. While Naruto was licking her pussy, Temari had put her left hand on the back of Naruto's head to make him go deeper into her pussy, while her other hand was rubbing her massive right breast. Naruto went as deep as he could whiched casued Temari to arch back. "AH. I'm cumming." Temari yelled and Naruto started to lick faster. Moments later Temari arched back as her jucies covered Naruto's face.

Naruto then came back to her face and kissed her, making her taste herself. "My turn now." Temari said with a grin. Temari then switched positions with Naruto with her on top. Temari went straight down to Naruto's pants and pulled them down. Temari then noticed the bulge hidden under his underwear. Out of pure lust Temari ripped off Naruto's underwear and stared in shock at Naruto's fully erect member. 'Damn Naruto. That has to be atleast nine and a half inches. It's probably because of the Kyuubi...Thank you Kyuubi.' Temari thought but only one word was spoken aloud. "Damn." she said. Naruto grinned when she said that.

Temari then wrapped her left hand around Naruto's member and began to stroke it trying to see if it would become any bigger. Seeing that it wouldn't she started to lick the head of his member and Naruto let out a light moan. Temari then started to to bob her head up and down his member. Temari even atempted to deepthroat it with her only getting down to about eight inches. This lasted for about four minutes and Temari noticed that Naruto wasn't going to cum for a while now. So she decieded to bring in her reinforcements. Temari put Naruto's member inbetween her to massive tits and started to smother his dick. This time it got a reaction out of Naruto and she smiled in glee. As she rubbed her tits against his dick she started to lick the top of it. After about minute of two, Naruto said, "I'm cumming." Temari started to lick faster and right before he cummed she put his dick into her mouth and his cum exploded into her mouth. Temari didn't let a single drop of it fall onto the bed.

Temari then crawled up and positioned her pussy up above his dick. Temari dove down onto his dick with each of them taking the others virginity. Temari moaned out in ecstasy as Naruto went inside of her. Temari then went up and down slowly at first but as she got more comfortable he went faster. Naruto grabbed her hips to keep her up and she reached up to her tits and grabbed them to stop them from wobbling around. After a couple of minutes Naruto flipped them around to where Naruto would now be on top. Naruto then started to thrust into Temari and she moaned with every thrust. "F-F-Fast-t-ter. H-H-Hard-der." ordered Temari. Naruto complied and did as she said. "I'm cumming." Naruto announced a couple of minutes later. Temari nodded and Naruto cummed into Temari. The both let out a moan of pleasure.

After a few moments of recovering, Naruto grabbed Temari and pulled her out of the bed. Temari was started at first but calmed down when Naruto put her into position. Naruto had her completly off the ground with her pussy allined with his dick. Temari then stretched her legs around Naruto's waist and wrapped her arms around his neck. Naruto then penetrated her and started to thrust. Temari had her eyes closed and kept biting her lower lip so she wouldn't let out a loud and pleasurable scream. Naruto then started to go faster and harder. Temari couldn't bear it anymore and she let out several loud screams. After a couple more minutes of intense sex they both cummed at the same time.

"Naru-kun." Temari said. "Yes?" Naruto replied. "One more time. But this time in the ass. And make it as rough as you can." Temari answered in complete lust. Naruto nodded and he and Temari stood up. Naruto then grabbed Temari and shoved her up against the wall. with her back facing him. Naruto then started to thrust his dick into Temari like he was angry and he was taking it out on her. Temari on the other hand was enjoying it very much. She likes to be rough. Temari's eyes look glazed over and had her tounge sticking out of her mouth. It was like she was in her own dream world. Meanwhile Naruto was still going thrusting into Temari. "So tight." Naruto said as he thrusted. Naruto felt that he was about to cum. He noticed that Temari's ass seemed to be trying to squeeze his dick. Naruto then slammed into one last time and he cummed into her ass. Naruto had now claimed Temari as his Naruto took his dick out of her ass Temari came back to reality and they both laid down onto the bed.

Lemon Ends

"That was amazing." Temari blurted out. "Yeah." Naruto agreed. "Good thing that I used that jutsu to make it where I won't get pregant. I'm not ready to be a mom." said Temari. "I'm not ready to be a dad either." Naruto replied. "Well we should get to bed. Night Naru-kun." Temari said. "Night Tema-chan." Naruto answered. Naruto laid onto his back while Temari rested her head on Naruto's chest using it like a pillow. Naruto then covered them both up and they both fell into a deep sleep.

Next Morning

Naruto and Temari woke up when the sun rose into the right position to where light could penetrate through the window. They noticed that it was 10:00 in the morning so they both got up and changed back into their clothing. They then went down the stairs and went into the kitchin. Naruto told Temari to sit down and that he would make their breakfast. 30 minutes later the food was done and Naruto served them both. Naruto made pancakes, bacon, and eggs.

As Temari and Naruto were eating, Kankuro walked in and looked at them intensly. "When did you get here Naruto?" Kankuro asked. "Yesterday." Naruto answered. "Wait aren't you a missing ninja?" asked Kankuro. "Yeah, but Gaara said that I can come to Suna when ever I want. This is like a sanctuary for me." Naruto respoded. Kankuro nodded and headed towards the refridgerator. "So anything new happened?" Karkuro asked. Kankuro went into the fridge and poured him a glass of milk and started to drink it. "The main thing that you need to know is that I'm soon to be your brother in law." Naruto answered. Kankuro went wide-eyed and he spat out all of his milk. "What?" Karukuro blurted out. "I said that I'm soon to be your brother in law. I'm marring your sister Temari." Naruto answered calmly.

Kankuro just stared at them like he saw a ghost. "When? Where? Why? How?" Kankuro asked simultaniously. "Yesterday in the Kazekage Tower, me and Gaara made a blood alliance and he chose Temari to be my wife." Naruto responded. Kankuro was completely shocked. Then Kankuro said, "Hahaha. You got me there. Like you two would become husband and wife. So stop joking around." Naruto and Temari looked at each other and shrugged. They kissed right in front of Kankuro who fainted from seeing the two kiss. Even after Kankuro fainted Naruto continued to kiss Temari. Temari pulled away and said, "You do know that Kankuro had fainted right." "Yeah. So?" Naruto replied. Temari thought for a moment. When it struck her she just smiled. They then went back to kissing each other. They were so deep in compassion that they didn't even know that they fell on the ground. Moments later Gaara walked into the kitchin to see an unconscious Kankuro and Naruto and Temari practicly sucking each others face off. Gaara just stared at the two love birds and thought, 'I need a girlfriend.' and he left the kitchin.

When Naruto and Temari finally broke off they got off the floor that they had no idea how they even got there. "Well I'll see you later Tema-chan. I have to tell Gaara that I'm leaving now." said Naruto while he helped Temari up. Temari nodded and Naruto gave her a kiss on the forehead. And with that Naruto jumped from building to building to reach the Kazekage Tower.

Naruto arrived there in only a minute and he went through one of the windows of the office. In there was Gaara tending to his paperwork like any kage would. "Hey Gaara came to say bye." Naruto said announcing himself. Gaara looked towards Naruto and gave a small smile. Gaara looked back down to his paperwork and said, "So how was your night last night?" "Fine." Naruto responded. "It sounded like you had a great time." said Gaara with a sly grin. Naruto had faint blush. "Yes I had a really great time." Naruto responded. "O.K. then Naruto can you take a seat for a minute." Gaara asked. Naruto nodded and sat down.

"I told the council about our little alliance that we had planned. And they said that they will join your village if you are able to destroy Konoha." explained Gaara. "O.K." Naruto responded. "So until then, you are going to be considered a missing ninja to Suna until Konoha's destruction." Gaara continued. "Eh. It won't matter. Besides I was going to ask you to do that for me anyway. If Konoha finds out that your helping me they would break off the alliance between them and Suna." Naruto replied. "Good then it's settled, I have given the liberty of having you be captured and with a bounty of 1,500,000,000 ryo. That sound O.K?" Gaara asked. Naruto nodded. "Good now leave before I call ANBU." Gaara called out with a smirk. Naruto smirked back and said bye aswell. But before he left he set a strange looking kunai on the table. "If your in trouble just throw this somewhere and I'll be there in a flash." Naruto said. Gaara nodded and Naruto left. Gaara stood at the window watching Naruto leave the village through the main gate and started to head towards Kumo. 'Good luck my friend.' Gaara thought as he sat back down to do his paperwork. 'Damn Paperwork.' thought Gaara.

Meanwhile Naruto was running with full speed while using Kyuubi's chakra in his legs to increase his speed increasingly well. Naruto was going so fast that he reached the Wind Country border in only 30 minutes. When he finally reached a tree line he started to hop from branch to branch to reach Kumo. Naruto judged that because of his speed he figured that he would reach Kumo in about four hours. Naruto smiled as he continued his way towards Kumo. He was going to miss Temari even though that he will see her when he's done with the other villages.

About 4 hours later Naruto was only about a quarter of a mile. Naruto decided to walk the rest of the way to Kumo to not cause disruption. When Naruto reached the maingate he noticed that Samui was standing there. "Sorry Naruto-san but Raikage-sama is away at the moment. Konoha sent him a message and their Hokage wants to have a meeting with him. Killer Bee and Yugito went with him as guards. So until they get back you'll be staying in the village. I've also been given orders to guide you around the village and to keep an I on you to make sure you don't cause trouble." Samui explained and Naruto nodded. Samui and Naruto then began to walk around the village. Naruto however wasn't paying attention to what Samui was saying but instead looking at Samui. Naruto noticed that Samui seemed to be wearing an emotional mask. Like the one that Naruto had when he was young. Naruto decided to hold off about asking her about it and just listened to what she was saying.

When the two reached where Samui said where Killer Bee trained, Naruto decided to use this time to ask Samui about her mask. "Samui." Naruto called out. "Yes?" she asked in a serious tone. "This may be a soft spot for you but why do you have a 'mask?" Naruto questioned. Samui went wide eyed and froze in place. 'H-How did he find out? NO ONE was able to see it. How was he?' Samui thought. Samui quickly went back to her serious self again and asked, "What are you talking about?" 'Hmm. She's trying to hide the fact about it.' Naruto thought to himself. "You know what I'm talking about Samui. Your just trying to hide it. Don't worry Samui I understand going through having a mask. So tell me Samui. What's the matter?" Naruto asked. Samui looked at Naruto for a moment and looked into Naruto's eyes. She saw nothing but pain, suffering, and misery. Seeing that he was telling the truth, Samui's masked came off and she started to tear up.

Half an hour later we find that Samui has her hand around Naruto's neck, and was in his lap telling him her past. (AN: Everything about Samui's past is my idea. Since there is no known past about Samui then I had to make my own.) Samui told him about how people always teased her because she was an orphan and that she lived on the streets. Her parents were killed by a missing ninja from Iwa and she was only 4 at the time. She did say a couple of good things that happened in her life. Like the time that when she was 7, Killer Bee found her and took her in and he became her adoptive father. But because Killer Bee was a Jinchuriki some people hated him for that and they hated Samui aswell because she was being raised by him. Samui went on like this for 30 minutes and during those 30 minutes, Naruto listened carefully to her stroy.

After Samui finished her story she looked up to Naruto. "Well now you know my story. So now what?" Samui asked. Naruto shrugged, "I don't know but thanks for the story though." Samui gave a small smile and looked into Naruto Rinnegan eyes. 'Even though his eyes seem carry so much pain and sorrow. It still shows caring and kindness.' Samui thought. Samui and Naruto looked at each other. Samui started to inch forward towards Naruto face and she also started to blush a little. Naruto also inched towards her face with a blush aswell. In mere moments, their faced were only an inch apart. They closed their eyes and their lips touched. Time seemed to flow slower. Naruto and Samui kissed very passionatly. After a few minutes of kissing they broke off to take in some air.

They noticed that the sun was begining to set so Naruto asked, "So Samui-chan where will I be sleeping for the night." Naruto asked. "I guess you can sleep in my house tonight Naruto-kun." Samui replied with a blush. Naruto smiled and nodded. "O.K. then show me the way, Samui-chan." Naruto asked with a grin. And with that they left to go towards Samui's place. They walked through the streets very closelyand both of them were talking ingnoring the different glares going towards the two lovers. All of the men that passed looked at Samui with lust but when they saw that she was walking very closely with another person their looks of lust turned to looks of envy towards Naruto. The same with the women. They were staring at Naruto with lust and Samui with envy. All in all they were sending as much killing intent when they became jealous. But Naruto and Samui both being strong ninja, they just shrugged it off.

When the two arrived at Samui's home they entered the building and ate some dinner that Naruto made. After eating they each took a shower and got ready to go to bed. Naruto went around looking for a place to sleep with Samui right behind him. All of a sudden Naruto was pulled into a room by Samui and Naruto was slightly startled. After the door closed Naruto looked around the room and realized that it must have been Samui's. Naruto turned around and he was tackled by Samui who jumped on him and started to kiss him. After a few moments of collecting himself, Naruto started to kiss back. Naruto and Samui fell over onto the bed with Naruto on the bottom. They kissed for what seemed like hours but was actually on 30 minutes. After growing tired of making out. Samui just laid there on top of Naruto trying to calm down. "Good night Naruto-kun." Samui said. "Night Samui-chan." Naruto replied as he kissed her on the head.

The next morning there was a girl's voice coming from the outside of Samui's door. "Samui?" called out the girl. Hearing no sound from inside she said again, "Samui you in there? It's me Yugito." Hearing no voice from inside she opened the door and walked in. She looked towards the bed first and saw Samui and Naruto in the bed with each other. Yugito started to freak out she couldn't believe that Naruto Namikaze a Konoha missing ninja was in bed with her best friend Samui. The first thing she did was look under the covers. When she saw that they had all of their clothes on she calmed down a bit but to double check, she sniffed the air and completely calmed down when she smelled nothing unusual.

After calming down, she decided to wake the two up by shaking them. They both woke up at the same time and looked at each other. Not noticing that Yugito was there they kissed each other on the lips in front of Yugito. After they separated Naruto looked of to where Yugito was and went wide-eyed. Samui wondering what Naruto was looking at looked in the same direction as Naruto and went wide-eyed as well. They both laid there looking at Yugito and Yugito started to get uncomfortable. "O.K. then I'll be going now." Yugtio responded and left the room. Naruto and Samui looked at each other and Naruto said, "This is going to be very troublesome." and Samui nodded. Naruto and Samui then got out of bed and changed back to there usual ninja attire. Samui and Naruto both didn't care that the other was in the room though which ment that Samui saw Naruto muscles, and Naruto saw Samui in only her bra and panties.

After getting dressed the two walked down the staris with Samui in front and Naruto a few feet behind. Downstairs Killer Bee was talking with Yugito and Yugito was talking about what she just saw. When Samui and Naruto came down the stairs Killer Bee and Yugito just stared at them. Naruto and Samui tried to avoid their stared but it was difficult. "So how was your night Samui?" asked Killer Bee. Naruto and Samui looked at each other and they said in unison, "Fine." Killer Bee nodded. Decided to change the subject Naruto said, "So is the Raikage here now." The tension in the room seemed to drop but not all the way when Naruto said that. Yugito and Killer Bee nodded. Naruto made a small smile. "So can I go see him now?" Naruto asked. "Yes he has been expcting you for a while now. So you can go us three will be in the room also." said Yugito. Naruto nodded. "Well I'm going to get this over with." Naruto said and headed towards the front door. Samui caught up with him and stood beside him. The other two just followed the couple to the Raikage Tower.

When Naruto reached the door to the Raikage's office Naruto knocked and he heard a voice said to come in. Naruto and the four walked into the office the Raikage looked up at them. His eyes first fell onto Naruto and he said, "Naruto Namikaze welcome to Kumo." said Ad. Naruto nodded and the four sat down. "So why don't we go ahead and get down to business. Will you join Kumo, Naruto?" asked A. "No." quickly said Naruto. A face looked angered. "Why not?" asked an enraged A. "Because when I've finished making my revenge, I'm going to destroy Konoha, and rebuild a better village on top of the rubble." Naruto said with a grin. A looked at Naruto angrily. "Then why don't you go ahead and leave. If you don't want to join our village then leave." questioned A. "I'm not going to leave until I get done with a different proposition." explained Naruto.

Everyone in the room looked towards Naruto. "What proposition?" asked A. "That we make an alliance." Naruto breifly explained. A seemed to become less tense at that, but only less. "What kind of alliance?" asked A. "The same one that I have with Suna currently.A blood alliance." Naruto proposed. 'It is a good alliance. The thing that makes if difficult to break is that if the child between the two are killed or that the if they separate from each other that it breaks of the alliance. Fine I'll accept.' thought A. "Fine I accept." A said. "Good now who is the girl that will be the other half of the marrige?" asked Naruto. A thought for a moment until what two certain people were doing to where only he could see it. Behind Samui, Yugito and Bee were pointing at Samui and they were mouthing, 'Samui. Pick Samui.'. A then decided to go with their decision. "My choice is...Samui." A said and Naruto turned around and looked at Samui and gave her a gentle smile.

Naruto turned back to A and said, "There is one more thing that I am wanting to tell you." A gained a curious look. "What?" A questioned. "I'm actually going to give Kumo a gift because of the alliance." Naruto said with a grin. Everyone perked up at what he said. "What kind of gift?" asked Killer Bee. "I'll give you a hint. It's something that Kumo has wanted for a long time now." Naruto hinted. Everyone in the room began to think. It took them several guesses with saying things like money(Bee), power(A), and boys(Yugito). All three were wrong and Naruto looked to Samui. "Well what do you think it is Samui-chan?" Naruto asked. Samui went into deep thinking. It only took about a minute for her to answer. "Is it the Byakugan?" Samui asked. Naruto smiled and he nodded. Everyone else in the room face faulted for not remembering.

"So how do you plan on getting us the Byakugan?" A asked. Naruto looked at him with a grin. "I'm not going to give you the Byakugan, I'm going to give you the entire Hyuga Clan." said Naruto. Everyone else in the room went wide eyed and nearly fainted. After recovering from the shock, A asked, "So how do you plan on getting the Hyuga Clan to join Kumo?" "Well even though I'm going to destroy the village of Konoha to get my revenge, there are several people that will be able to join me and avoid me killing them. The Hyuga clan for example is one of them. So they're going to need a place to stay and I chose Kumo to be their new home. So that means that your going to have to make plans on building them a compound for them to live in." Naruto explained. "Hmm. That is not such a bad idea. Well if that is all that we have to talk about then you can go." A said and Naruto nodded.

They all were about to stand up until a Kumo jonin barged in. "Raikage-sama, Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki have been spotted coming towards the main gate." the jonin yelled. Everyone but Naruto looked shocked that those two were here. Naruto looked curious. Before anyone else could speak Naruto held his hand up. "I know exactly what they came for." Naruto announced with a sinister smirk. "What. What are they here for?" asked A. "Follow me and find out." ordered Naruto. Naruto then got up and walked out the door. Everyone had a confused face as they all followed him.

Naruto walked down the street towards the main gate. Everyone that he walked by looked at him in fear. Fear because of his grin on his face that he had on him as he walked. The four that were following started to feel tension rise as Naruto walked closer to the main gate. When Naruto managed to reach the gate he came face to face yet again with Itachi and Kisame. "Kisame, Itachi, to what do I own the pleasure of you two coming here?" Naruto asked with his devilish grin. Itachi and Kisame stood there passively looking into Naruto eyes. Every Kumo ninja and civilian looked between them waiting for something to happen. To everyones suprise that caused most people to faint was what Itachi and Kisame did. The two bowed down and said, "We serve you Naruto-sama."

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