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Andrew woke up with a gasp. Judging by the darkness, it was still late at night. The reason he had woken up was because he had rolled over in his sleep, the action aggravating his wounded shoulder and the pain waking him up.

Sighing in frustration, Andrew rolled over on his back, hoping that he wouldn't move again before morning. As he drifted back into sleep, he heard Ben snoring across the room. But there was something else that his tired mind couldn't quite place. Scratching? The sound of paper crinkling? Andrew tiredly let his head roll to his right where the sounds seemed to be coming from.

At first he saw nothing, but then, right before he fell back asleep, his tired eyes just barely managed to see a small figure sitting hunched over in the corner. And then he fell asleep.

When Andrew woke up the next morning, he had completely forgotten about seeing the strange figure.

Slowly sitting up, he rubbed all of the sleep residue out of his eyes and looked around, forgetting where he was for a minute. However, after he saw Ben sitting up across the room, he remembered.

Across the room, Ben noticed that Andrew was awake. "Good to see you made it through the night," said Ben as he swung himself off of the top bunk.

"What?!" exclaimed Andrew, his eyes widening at Ben's comment.

Ben laughed at Andrew's expression. "I was kidding," he said.

"Oh..." muttered Andrew quietly, casting his eyes down.

"So how's your shoulder?" asked Ben as he picked his jacket up off the floor and pulled it on.

Andrew gave a small shrug, but he winced as the action sent a sharp stab of pain through his shoulder. Ben took notice of this.

"Still hurts?"

"Just a bit," said Andrew, swinging his legs over the side of his bed and standing. However, as he stood, he felt slightly nauseated and dizzy as his sore, wounded arm throbbed with pain. Ben saw this and gently pushed him back into a sitting position.

"Better sit down before you throw up," said Ben as he untied the sling holding Andrew's arm. "I don't wanna have to clean that up..."

Andrew rolled his eyes before looking down at his bandaged shoulder. He could see blood soaking through the bandaged. Just the sight of blood made his stomach churn.

When Ben saw the blood, he turned and walked back across the room, picking up a small black shoulder bag. He rummaged around inside for a minute before pulling out a small pair of scissors. He walked back across the room to Andrew and carefully cut the bandages away.

Andrew took one glance at the deep, bloody wound on his shoulder before turning away, feeling sick. Ben's reaction was different, however.

"Well, that's a relief," said Ben as he examined the wound.

Andrew glanced sidelong at Ben. "What are you talking about?"

"Your infection's gone," said Ben as he gently placed his hand over the wound. Andrew winced, but the pain instantly disappeared.

"Just give me a minute," said Ben, concentrating on the wound on Andrew's shoulder. "Deep wounds like this usually take a bit longer to heal..."

Sighing, Andrew glanced around the room as Ben healed him. Now that the room was light, Andrew could see what he had missed the night before: the drawings. Like the room downstairs, there were ink-drawn pictures all over the walls. The drawings varied between the three familiar looking symbols and almost everything else, including pictures of abstract things like buildings burning and things falling into an abyss and faceless figures lying on the ground with inky blood surrounding them. One of the pictures even depicted a human burning to death. Andrew also noticed that some of the more elaborate pictures had red bloodstains on them...

Several of the pictures, ink and blood, looked incredibly fresh. As if the blood and the ink was still drying.

Andrew was so focused on the pictures that he didn't even notice that his shoulder stopped hurting. He did notice, however, when Ben poked him none too gently in the side.

"Andrew, focus," he said. Andrew dragged his eyes away from the drawing and looked back at Ben. That was when he noticed that his shoulder didn't hurt and he didn't feel dizzy or sick. Looking down, he saw that his shoulder was mostly healed. Only a long red scar remained where the wound had been.

"Thanks..." muttered Andrew, his gaze returning to the drawings. "So... what are those?" he asked.

"Nothing you should be concerned about," said Ben, his voice strained as if he were hiding something.

Before Andrew could ask any more questions, however, there was a knock on the door.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Ben called nonchalantly.

The door opened and Jen poked her head through. "Andrew, the twins want to know your last name."

Andrew could only stare for a minute before cautiously asking "Why...?"

Jen shrugged. "They said they found something, and that you should come as soon as possible."

"Okay," said Andrew, standing up and picking up his jacket. Jen nodded and she closed the door.

"Mind if I come?" asked Ben.

Andrew shrugged as he pulled on his jacket. "Not really my choice, is it? Seeing as you're gonna come whether I want you to or not..."

Ben smiled. "Excellent." He then went to the door and pulled it open, revealing Jen, who was waiting in the hallway.

"Follow me, boys," she said, gesturing for Ben and Andrew to follow her as she walked towards the stairs to Sam and Erika's library. Ben walked out the door, and Andrew started to follow, but he stopped. He glanced quickly around the room one more time before picking his shoulder bag up off the floor and throwing it across his shoulder. He still felt slightly paranoid, and he didn't want to leave his bag just lying on the floor. Then he quickly followed after Ben and Jen, but not before taking one last look around the room. That was when he noticed that the lower bunk bed looked slightly messed up, as if someone had been sleeping in it.

He didn't have time to think about what that meant, however, because Ben called his name from down the hall, and he quickly left the room.

The twins' library looked different in the light. Instead of looking gloomy and ominous like it had the night before, it seemed warm and even cozy. Andrew could see specks of dust floating through the beams of sunlight that streamed through the small dirty windows high up on the walls.

Suddenly, the twins appeared out of nowhere and pulled Andrew deeper into their library, with Ben and Jen following close behind. After a minute, they reached a large wooden table that had hundreds of newspapers spread out over it. One of the twins, Sam, signed something while Erika quickly sifted through the papers. Andrew looked to either Jen or Ben to translate.

"She said that there was something about you that seemed familiar," translated Jen.

Sam nodded, then signed something again, looking expectantly at Andrew.

"They want to know your last name," Ben translated.

"Uh, Sparks. Andrew Sparks," said Andrew with a small shrug of his shoulders.

Behind him, Ben and Jen both gasped, their eyes widening. They looked at each other, their eyes wide with surprise and fear.

"You don't think-" Ben started to whisper, but Jen quickly slapped her hand over his mouth to keep him from continuing and alerting Andrew, who was watching the twins.

Sam and Erika's reactions were similar to Ben and Jen's but for different reasons. They looked at each other nervously for a moment before Erika handed Sam a clipping from one of the newspapers. Sam then slowly walked forward and handed the clipping to Andrew, signing something as she did.

"They want to know if that's you," said Jen, stepping a bit closer to try and see what Sam had handed him.

Andrew couldn't speak. All he could do was slowly nod.

"Yeah..." he finally managed to choke out. "That's me..."

The newspaper clipping was about a car accident that had happened earlier that January. It had happened only a week before the bombings. The paper described the accident involving the Sparks family. It described how their car lost control and flipped. The driver of the car, Andrew's father, had been speeding down an icy back road, a road that Andrew knew led out of the city.

The paper said that everyone in the car had been killed. Andrew's parents, his sister Maria... and Andrew himself.

"This... this can't be right..." muttered Andrew. However, as he said it, he stumbled backwards and collapsed in a chair that Erika quickly put behind him. "I-it says I'm... but... w-what about..."

Andrew stopped talking and started taking deep breaths, feeling as though he were about to have an asthma attack. He could feel his eyes watering as the memory surged back...

It was late at night. Snow had been falling all day, and Andrew was tired from chasing his thirteen year old sister through it. He was sitting in his room with Maria. They were playing their favorite game, where Maria would create a small ball of water using her Grace that let her control water. She would toss the water up into the air, and Andrew would try and turn it to steam with a fireball. The scorch marks on his walls signified all the times he had missed the target.

Downstairs, he heard the phone ring, but he didn't think much of it. However, a few minutes later, his mother, Amelia Sparks, threw the door open and ran into the room, looking terrified.

"Kids, pack up everything valuable," she said frantically.

"What's wrong, Mom?" asked Maria.

"Your father and I will explain it in the car, now pack everything," she exclaimed. "We need to leave as soon as possible." Then she turned and ran back out the door.

Andrew and Maria glanced at each other before quickly jumping to their feet and grabbing their bags. It took Andrew only a few minutes to pack up everything of value to him, and when he had finished, he ran into his sister's room and helped her pack. Then they both carried their things downstairs, where their parents were waiting.

Without a word, their mother knelt down in front of them while their father took their things out to the car.

"Andrew, Maria... listen..." said Amelia. "We're leaving... and we won't be coming back..."

"What happened?" asked Andrew. "Where are we going?"

"I'll explain in the car," said Amelia. "Now we have to go..."

Before they could protest, they were hurriedly ushered through the door and into the car. The second the doors were closed, they sped off.

After a few minutes, Andrew spoke up from the back seat. "Can you tell us what's happening?"

"We need to get out of this city," said Amelia, turning to look at her children, her bright blue eyes glazed with tears. "Actually... it's you two that need to get out of the city."

"Why us...?" asked Maria cautiously.

"Because you're Graced..." said Amelia quietly.

Andrew and Maria glanced at each other before turning their eyes back to their mother.

"How do you know?" asked Andrew. "Who told you that we should leave...?"

"We were... informed..." said Amelia carefully.

"By who?" asked Andrew. "Whoever was on the phone?"

Amelia's silence was the only answer that Andrew needed.

"Mom... who was on the phone...?"

Amelia sighed and opened her mouth to speak, but right at that moment, the car lurched and skidded off the road. Andrew remembered throwing his arms over Maria to try and protect her. Then there was nothing but screams, then the cold, and then darkness.

And then I woke up in a destroyed hospital... thought Andrew. But I didn't die... how did I not die...?

Slowly, Andrew handed the newspaper clipping back to Erika. Or was it Sam? He didn't care at the moment.

"Andrew...?" said Jen quietly. "Are you okay...?"

"I'm fine..." Andrew muttered quietly, blinking back tears. "Y'know, as fine as someone can be when they just find out that the rest of their family is dead..."

Sighing, Jen slowly walked forward and knelt down next to Andrew.

"It's okay," she said. "We all know how you feel..."

Andrew slowly looked up to meet her eyes. "Y-you do...?" he gulped.

Jen nodded, her blue and gray eyes filled with sympathy. "Both of my parents are dead... Ben's parents and his twin are gone... Sam and Erika used to be triplets... Josh used to have three sisters, Christopher's sister is gone, James used to have two kids... We've all lost someone..."

Slowly, Andrew nodded a bit. It at least helped to know that he wasn't alone.

Smiling slightly, Jen grabbed Andrew's arm and pulled him to his feet. When he stood up, however, his bag slid off of his shoulder and fell to the ground. When it hit the ground, the latch popped open and the small wooden box Andrew had found earlier fell out. Before he had a chance to grab it, Sam darted forward and snatched it up before running back across the room to her twin.

"Hey!" exclaimed Andrew as he quickly picked up his bag.

The twins ignored him. They were busy looking over the strange box, intrigued by the key hole and the tag with the number 9 on it. But then they noticed something else...

Taking the box in her hands, Sam slowly walked back over to Andrew. She held the box out for him to take, but she held it upside-down so that Andrew could see the bottom. He was surprised to see that there was something engraved on the bottom of the box.

Find the Keeper...

Andrew stared at the sentence for a moment before noticing that there was something else. Engraved in the bottom corner were the same three symbols.

Slowly, Andrew handed the box back to the twins and pointed to the symbols. "Any idea what those are...?"

When the twins saw the symbols, their eyes widened and they quickly handed the box to Jen, who took one look at the sentence and the symbols before going completely pale.

"N-no idea..." she stammered, quickly handing the box to Ben.

When Ben saw the symbols, his eye widened, but instead of thinking of the drawings, something else came to mind.

"These symbols kind of look like the ones on your necklace, Andrew," he said, handing the box to Andrew.

"Really?" asked Andrew, pulling the pendant out from under his shirt. He looked closely at it and saw that there were symbols encrypted in the pendant. And when he compared it to the symbols on the box, he saw that they were identical, and they also matched the symbols in the drawings downstairs.

Curious, Andrew glanced up just in time to see Erika finish signing something.

"No!" Jen exclaimed firmly.

Andrew looked at her in surprise. "What is it?" he asked.

Jen brushed Andrew's question off with a wave of her hand before turning back to the twins.

"We can't!" she exclaimed.

Sam and Erika looked at each other before quickly and simultaneously signing something.

"But..." Jen stopped with an exasperated sigh. She looked at Ben, but he only shrugged helplessly.

"He was gonna see him eventually..." said Ben quietly.

"Fine..." said Jen, sighing and shaking her head.

Andrew looked back and forth between Ben and Jen, hopelessly confused. "So... what's going on...?"

"We are taking you to see my brother," said Jen carefully. "C'mon..." Then she walked back out the door. Ben could only shrug at Andrew before following her. Sighing, Andrew put the box back in his bag and tucked the necklace back into his shirt before following after Ben and Jen.

The second they were gone, the twins turned to each other.

His last name... said Sam. Do you think...?

Erika only shrugged. What are the odds? Sparks isn't the most common last name in the world... But then she stopped as if she suddenly thought of something.

But I do remember seeing it somewhere else...

Where? Sam asked, following Erika as she ran off deeper into their library.

Here! Erika exclaimed, reaching behind a large bookshelf and pulling out a large leather-bound book. She flipped through the pages for a moment before stopping with an audible gasp.

What is it? Sam asked.

I forgot! The page isn't here, said Erika, running her hands through her hair in frustration.

Where is it? asked Sam.

It's back in the Library, said Erika, looking at her sister. I left it last time we were there...

All Sam could do was shrug. Then I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens...

Jen quickly led the way down the stairs, walking so fast that Ben and Andrew nearly tripped trying to keep up with her.

"What's going on?" Andrew whispered to Ben.

"I'd rather just let Jen explain," Ben whispered back.

"You know I can hear every word you're saying," said Jen without turning around. Before Andrew or Ben had a chance to defend themselves, they reached the bottom of the stairs that led to the large throne room.

Looking around, Andrew saw that the room seemed deserted. Before he had a chance to wonder where the others were, however, Jen led them to the small dark alcove where Andrew had seen the drawings the previous day. When they entered, however, they saw that the room was deserted. However, there was a bottle of spilled ink on the floor that was still wet. There was also something else. Blood. Only minutes old.

Then Jen started snarling, her fists clenched with rage.

"Josh..." she growled quietly. Then she quickly turned to face Ben and Andrew. "Ben, do you think you can handle everything? I have to find Josh and kick his ass into next week."

Before Ben could say anything, she stormed out of the room, only to nearly run over James.

"Jen, what's the r-"

Jen cut James off with a sharp glare. "Where is he?" she demanded.

"Who? Josh?" stammered James, glancing around nervously. "Haven't seen him in a few hours..."

"You're lying," growled Jen. "Now what happened?"

James gulped, but he managed to keep a forced smile on his face. "N-nothing happened! Everything is smashing! Smashing!"

Jen's glare didn't falter.

After a minute, James' smile faltered and he sighed, looking at the ground. "He's hiding in the watchtower."

Jen didn't wait another second. She stormed up the stairs, screaming obscenities at Josh as she ran.

"Wait!" exclaimed James, chasing after her. "Don't break the telescope again! I just repaired it!"

Ben and Andrew still stood by the stairs, a bit surprised. After a minute, however, Ben shook off his shock and turned to Andrew.

"We better go," he said.

"Where...?" asked Andrew cautiously.

"Upstairs," said Ben vaguely.

Andrew rolled his eyes in frustration at the lack of details, but he followed Ben anyways.

They ascended the stairs in silence. Ben led the way back to their room. Andrew noticed that the door was closed, even though he had been sure he had left it open...

Then he heard the humming. It was the same humming that he had heard the night before, and it still gave him chills.

"Okay..." Ben said quietly to Andrew, "just... please don't freak out."

Andrew took a half step back. "What are you talking about...?" he asked slowly.

Ben opened his mouth to say something, but he couldn't seem to find the right words. Finally, he stopped and simply turned to the door. He held up his fist to knock on the door, but an eerie voice from the other side of the door stopped him.

"I don't see why you bother knocking," said the voice. "The door is never locked..."

Ben sighed and looked at the ground. "You know it freaks people out when you do that..."

"Which is why I continue to do it..."

Ben glanced at Andrew before slowly opening the door and stepping inside. Andrew followed him.

The room was much darker than it had been earlier. As soon as Andrew stepped inside, he heard the same scratching noise that he had heard the night before. Then he saw where it was coming from.

The same dark figure from the night before was sitting hunched over in the corner of the room. The figure looked up at them and slowly stood up.

And then the figure stepped forward into the light.

Andrew was actually surprised. The dark, threatening figure turned out to be a child, about the same age as the twins. He was small, only coming up to Andrew's shoulder. The kid had inky black hair, pale skin, and he looked dangerously thin to the point of being emaciated. Andrew could tell just by the way his ink-splattered black and white striped sweater hung off of his narrow shoulders. He looked like he had never gotten a good night's sleep in his entire life, and just to add to his ragged appearance, he was holding a bloody cloth which he would use to stem the flow of blood dripping from his broken nose; Andrew assumed that Josh had caused that particular injury, which was why Jen had been so livid. The ink, however, let Andrew know who drew the pictures on the wall...

The kid was also wearing glasses. Andrew took notice of the glasses because the left lens was larger than the right one. Behind the glasses, the kid had dark gray eyes. That also caught Andrew off guard: the fact that the kid's eyes were the same color. He wasn't Graced.

The kid slowly tilted his head to the side as if he were examining Andrew. He had a tight grip on something that was hanging around his neck on a black chain, but in the uncertain light, Andrew couldn't tell what it was.

At that moment, Ben cleared his throat awkwardly. "I uh... I guess I'd better introduce you guys," he said, turning to the small boy. "This is-"

"I already know who he is," said the boy nonchalantly.

"Of course you do..." said Ben as he turned to Andrew.

"Andrew, this is Caleb," he said, gesturing to the small boy.

Andrew nodded awkwardly. "Nice to meet you..." he said.

"Did you take my strawberries?" asked the boy, Caleb.


"Not important!" exclaimed Ben.

"Where's Jen?" asked Caleb.

"Beating the snot out of Josh," said Ben with a small shrug.

"How... how did she know what happened?" he asked, looking slightly nervous.

"You left a trail of blood all the way back up here," said Ben. "Speaking of which..." He slowly reached out, but Caleb jumped back out of his reach.

"I'm fine, just leave it," said Caleb, slowly moving back towards the corner of the room.

"C'mon, just hold still!" exclaimed Ben, lunging at Caleb. "What is the matter with you?!"

Andrew watched curiously as Ben tackled Caleb to the ground. They had obviously done this before.

After a few minutes, Ben managed to get Caleb to hold still so that he could heal his nose. Once it was healed, they both stood up and brushed themselves off with as much dignity as they could.

"What is with you and medical help...?" muttered Ben.

Caleb only shrugged as he wiped the blood off of his face.

Ben glanced at Andrew apologetically. "Sorry..." he muttered. But then he noticed that Andrew wasn't looking at him. He was looking wide-eyed at Caleb.

"Andrew...?" Then Ben followed his line of sight, and he also gasped. During the little skirmish, Caleb's glasses had fallen off.

And his real eye color was revealed.

Caleb seemed to realize that something wasn't right, and he looked up at Ben and Andrew, his bright green left eye and his bright purple right eye wide. Then he saw his glasses laying on the ground.

"Oh..." he muttered. "Whoops."

"Y-you... you..." stammered Andrew.

"I know, I know," said Caleb hurriedly. He then shot a glare at Ben. "I thought you told him already."

Ben only shrugged helplessly. "I had no idea how to tell him that you're a Seer!"

"B-but I thought..." Andrew stammered, looking quickly back and forth between Ben and Caleb. "I thought Seers were-"

"Extinct?" Caleb finished for him.

Andrew could only nod.

"Yeah, I thought you'd freak out..." said Caleb, bending over and picking up his glasses. "That's why I was wearing these," he said, handing the glasses to Andrew. "Those glasses make your eyes look gray so you can pass off as Ungraced."

Andrew, who had started to calm down from the shock of seeing someone with an extinct Grace, held up the glasses. Looking through them, he could see that they didn't mess with his vision, but when he glanced in the mirror, he saw that his eyes looked gray.

"Okay... these are actually really cool..." he said, handing the glasses back to Caleb. "Where did you get those?"

Caleb only gave a small shrug as he folded up the glasses and put them in his pocket. "Old family friend. I would tell you who, but he's already dead."

"Oh..." muttered Andrew. He opened his mouth to say something else, but Caleb cut him off.

"So why are you here?"

"Oh!" exclaimed Andrew, remembering his cause for coming. He started to reach into his bag, but a look from Ben stopped him. He didn't know what it was, but the way Ben's eye widened and his face got pale stopped him from pulling out the box. Instead, he pulled the necklace out from under his shirt. When Caleb saw it, his eyes widened and he slowly moved forward, taking the pendant in his ink-stained hands. Andrew thought he heard him say something, but he couldn't be sure what.

"Do you... do you know what it is?" asked Ben, looking over Caleb's shoulder to get a better look at the pendant.

Slowly, Caleb shook his head, no.

"What are you talking about?" asked Ben. "You draw it all the time!"

Caleb glanced over his shoulder at Ben. "You really think I remember those visions?"

"... point taken."

Caleb went back to looking at the pendant, and that was when a strange look came over his eyes. He had a distant look in his eyes, but at the same time he seemed to be looking at something that they couldn't see.

"The Source..." he muttered.

"What?" asked Andrew.

Caleb looked up at him and slowly backed away, moving back towards his corner. "T-the Source... go back..."

"Go back to where?" asked Ben, taking a half-step away from Caleb.

"The Source..." said Caleb quietly, shaking his head a bit. He closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them again, he was back to normal. Or... as normal as he could be.

"Caleb...?" said Ben to get Caleb's attention. "I know I've asked this before, but... what's the Source...?"

Caleb only tilted his head to the side as if confused. A moment later, instead of answering the question, he snapped his gaze back to Andrew.

"Where did you come from anyways...?" asked Caleb, staring Andrew down with his hauntingly knowing eyes.

"Well... I've kinda been-" Andrew started to explain, but Caleb cut him off.

"You were in a coma for nine months, I know," said Caleb hurriedly, getting more anxious as he spoke. "But where did you wake up?!"

Andrew didn't hear his question. "Nine months?!" he exclaimed. "I've been in a coma for NINE MONTHS!"

Ben only groaned. "Thanks, Caleb... We just got him to calm down."

Caleb seemed to not take notice of Andrew's impending panic attack. "Where did you wake up?"

"A-a hospital..." Andrew managed to stammer out.

The effect on Caleb was immediate. He staggered back as if he had been physically hit. Before Ben or Andrew could ask what was wrong, Caleb lunged forward and grabbed Andrew's right wrist, yanking his arm out. He then pulled a long thin dagger out of nowhere and brought it down on Andrew's exposed wrist.

"Wait!" shouted Ben.


Instead of ripping Andrew's good arm open, the dagger connected with something metallic sounding in the air right above Andrew's wrist. Caleb jerked the dagger back and held it up so the others could see. On the end of the dagger, something invisible was throwing off sparks. A moment later, it became visible.

It was a machine; it looked like a small mechanical spider, about the size of a golf ball. The spider's legs were still twitching, but it's glowing red eyes had already turned black. Caleb's knife had gone right through the center of its mechanical body.

Ben and Andrew – who was too curious to continue having a panic attack – could only stare at the strange mechanical spider.

"What... what is that...?" asked Ben, taking a step closer to the spider.

"Spider-bot," said Caleb. "They're invisible unless you know what to look for. They're all over hospitals, even the destroyed ones. Old hospitals used to use them to keep track of patients, but..."

Andrew narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "But what...?" he asked, absently rubbing his wrist where the spider-bot had been.

Caleb lowered his eyes, looking only at his bare feet. "A... a few years go a bunch of them got stolen by Gracebeasts..."

"WHAT?!" exclaimed Ben, his eye widening.

"Yeah, we should probably destroy it..." said Caleb, inspecting the spider-bot, thinking of the best way to destroy it.

"I can help with that..." said Andrew.

Ben and Caleb looked up at him.

"How?" asked Caleb.

Instead of explaining, Andrew simply held out his hand. Caleb shook the spider off of the knife and handed it to Andrew.

"Watch this," said Andrew, taking a step back and holding the spider-bot at arms length.

Then the spider spontaneously combusted. Andrew watched it burn for a moment before looking up at Ben and Caleb. They were both staring wide-eyed at the fire.

"Great..." Andrew muttered. "I'm sharing a room with two pyros."

After a minute, the spider-bot stopped burning. All that was left was a small puddle of molten metal in the palm of Andrew's hand.

"Well..." said Caleb, "I hope that stops any Gracebeasts from finding us..."

Little did any of them know, Warren was sitting in a tree outside, waiting for the right moment to attack.

And he didn't have long to wait.

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