A/N: Ahh, gotta love a tattoo covered Edward and his hands all over you. Add in forbidden because of age well that just makes it hot.. Though I'm sure the age difference can be over come... yes... no? Well we will see.

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Summary: Bella was suppose to be the perfect child after his first kid became a tattoo covered disappointment. When she disobeys her father kicks her out and she shows up at her brothers tattoo parlor. Will Emmett put up with the sister he barely knows and will he be ok with his best friend falling for her when they are 9 years apart in age?


The rain hit the roof loud and annoying. I liked the sound of rain. But now when it was so damn loud at eight in the morning. My head was pounding from the unnecessary amounts of alcohol I had consumed last night. I groaned and rolled from my bed. The shop opens in a few hours and I knew there was beer bottles downstairs.

I was shocked to find that we didn't leave the place trashed but as I cleaned up from the night before I seen a heap on the doorstep. It wasn't uncommon to find a homeless person trying to find shelter from the rain here in Miami. I set down the broom to check and see if it really was a person there.

"Excuse me?" I said lifting the coat but jumped back when the person moved. "Sorry, was just checking if you were ok?" She turned to face me. He dark brown hair was soaked and stuck to her face.

"Yea, I'm sorry I was just waiting for Emmett McCarthy." She said quietly.

"Um, yea shop doesn't open until noon. Did you have an appointment or something?"

"No, I'm his sister." I almost choked on the air I sucked in. I knew Emmett had a half sister but I had never met her. She was younger than us and grew up living with their dad. Who apparently was really strict on her since Emmett didn't grow up as planned. I was trying to remember what her name was when I realized she must be freezing.

"Sorry come in. You must be cold." I bent down and grabbed her duffel bag and held the door for her. She hesitated but came in.

"Is he here?"

"No he stayed with his girlfriend last night. I will go call him." I handed her a blanket that Rose had out last night and walked to the back to grab my cell phone. I had to call three times before I got him annoyed enough to answer.

"Dude. Its not even nine what do you want?"

"Yea, your sister is here." Silence.

"Bella. Bella's there? How? When? Why?"

"Yes she is here. I don't know how or when or why. But she looks like she has been sleeping on the ground and well, she looks beat."

"Someone beat her!" I rolled my eyes.

"No idiot. Like tired beat. Moron." He took a deep breath and I heard the springs on the mattress move. 'hmm babe where you going?' Roses voice was in the background.

"I will be right there." And the he hung up. I took a deep breath and went back out to his sister.

"Bella?" She was out cold on the couch that sat at the front of the shop. "Bella?" I shook her lightly.

"Hm, yea. Oh sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep."

"It's fine. But the apartment is upstairs and I was guessing you would like some dry clothes, maybe a shower?" She nodded and stood up. I led her to the bathroom getting her a towel and washcloth. It was a good thing that Rose sometimes stayed because that meant we had girl supplies in there.

Not wanting to go through Emmett's stuff I got her a pair of my basketball shorts and t-shirt. I knocked lightly on the door.


"I just wanted to let you know I'm putting some clothes on the sink for you." She mumbled a thank you and I left her to shower in peace. Fifteen minutes later I heard the water shut off as I played some notes on my guitar. She stepped out looking refreshed but a small jolt in my stomach had me staring.

She stood with the shorts at her hip bone which wouldn't have been a problem but she had tied the shirt into a knot showing off her tanned, toned stomach. The shirt I gave her was suppose to be just a t-shirt but I didn't pay attention to what I grabbed and gave her one of my old cut offs that was open all the way down her sides and all she had on underneath was a sports bra. I'm pretty sure I was drooling.

"Um, is my brother here yet?"

"I, um, no. Sorry." I shook my head of the dirty thoughts I was having. I'm 28 years old. Emmett would kill me. "Can I get you anything? Have you eaten? Not that we have a good selection of food but there is some pizza in the fridge. Or I can make you come eggs."

"Eggs sound good. But I don't want to be a bother."

"Your my best friends sister. Your not a bother." I had just set down the plate of eggs for Bella when the door opened.

"Bells? Where are you?"

"We are in here Em." I shouted back as he stomped through the place to us. Rose followed.

"Hey." She smiled slightly under the confused look she was reciving from Emmett.

"Hey? Really. What the hell are you doing here at the ass crack of dawn in the rain?"

"If it wasn't raining would it have been more acceptable?" She joked trying to lighten the mood but failing. "Dad kicked me out."

"What?" His voice was calmer and he was back to being confused.